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Leicester City 6 v 0 Ipswich Town
Barclays Premier League
Saturday, 17th November 2012 Kick-off 15:00
itfc94 added 17:01 - Nov 17
It's obvious where the problem lies. -25 goal difference is simply embarrassing or whatever it is now after that thrashing!

I listened to the game on Player or BBC Radio Suffolk if you like, and I'm absolutely stunned how Henderson is still in goal, how Chambers still gets picked, how Murphy is even considered to be a Championship player. The defence needs re-shaping! We need a born leader at the back, someone like Richard Keogh from Derby who I think we missed out on in the summer. Alex Mathie brings nothing to commentary as ever, saying we need a central midfielder, where have you been all summer?

Sign centre backs, a classy quick winger and a top goalscorer and I may become slightly more optimistic! Address the issues that are popping up after every game.

For me, we miss the flair and grit from Paul Taylor, we need venom and an injection

tallguy6767 added 17:12 - Nov 17
this is getting very embarrassing ! a miracle is needed to save us from oblivion

Mullet added 20:25 - Nov 17
Before kick off there was no one under any illusions that a point today would have been a great result, by full time there was no one under the illusion that a result was never going to happen. Another game, another loanee thrown into the mix with Orr a rarity in a town shirt as a right sided full back alongside Chambers, Higginbotham and Cresswell in front of Henderson. N’Daw and Coker were flanked by Edwards and Martin with a front two of Murphy and DJ. It was of no use.

Town started with a tentative brightness, a childlike optimism but no real edge. Leicester meanwhile seized the initiative with their greater mix of confidence and counterattacking verve. It was to be an afternoon of contrasts and nothing could be more fitting than the luck which broke the deadlock.

Having seen Cresswell block an early drive with his body it was damning that Town would lose possession on the halfway line on the right and the rapid Dyer would charge past a confused and generous Orr and Higginbotham; only to have the ball plucked from his feet by a sliding Henderson. With two hands on the ball the keeper was bemused to watch the acrobatic winger flip over his own feet and hit the deck. The ref without looking at either incident or penalty spot signalled for a kick.

The man with all the authority of a UN envoy failed to produce a card, making a mockery of his decision and himself a hypocrite in the process. Nugent was in no mood to vindicate the calls of Town fans about how he spends his alone time, smashing home from 12 yards easily.

Town endured. Our play was stilted and revolved around N’Daw. Typically we failed to slam the back door shut. Some nice crosses from Cresswell failed to make use of the Jordi Cruyff of goalkeeping’s ability to flap like a wounded bird as no Town player attacked the ball. Lee Martin had a half decent shot cutting in from the left like a paramedic’s scissors on a tramp’s trousers, he swaggered a drive against the legs of Wes Morgan. It was probably enough to beat a weakly dive finishing long after the ball looped into the stand.

The foxes lived up to their name as they ran at our team full of headless chickens. A second was always coming and for it to be so crushingly depressing was reassuringly familiar, like the hands of a zealous steward upon entry to most away games. Cutting in from the right, a shot-cross steamed past the Town backline, stock still like condemned men on the gallows of the 18 yard line. Henderson palmed the ball straight into an onrushing Nugent. It bobbled over the line without the striker knowing anything about it. The villain was in fine fettle, but a touch early for panto season.

The third came again from the speedy Dyer. Tormenting our right hand side with unfathomable speed and all the structural integrity of a Chinese lantern, he was only an exhalation away from going over at any given moment. Ironically he caused more sharp intakes of breath amongst the large away contingent than an asthma attack.

Skipping past Orr who seemed not to know what he was doing there with all the sincerity of a fading star in an outback studio, the winger left him for dead as he skipped towards the byline, but opted to shoot from a not so tight angle instead. Having seen the space open up he went for glory from a few yards out and found it.

It was to be Dyer again who would humiliate a lacklustre Town. Cutting the ball back across for the two Leicester players queuing up on the penalty spot to slot home, it was like a night out in Blackpool, all too easy. Our CB’s watched on from another ten yards away, it was telling that minutes after he made it 3-0 the threatening Nugent was rested and replaced by Vardy. Fifteen minutes after that it was Dyer orchestrating a fourth before half time, all our old frailties were brought to the fore.

Losing is not a habit, it’s a culmination of habits and ours include static defenders, poor communication, lack of intent and lack of interest across the side. Our pathetic attack was neutered by the ref’s decision to allow Whitbread to assault a struggling Murphy in the air every single time. Loose balls fell to Martin who spooned a shot wide when the deficit was still at three and N’Daw who was quickly charged down.

I’d like to think Mick didn’t have to say anything at half time; I’d like to think that if he did no word was beyond four letters long, excluding surnames and portmanteaus of obscenity. The second half saw no changes in line-ups and little changes in football.

The hosts sat back with the building menace of the cold plastic seat I returned to which tormented me with a fear of bum grapes being squeezed slowly out of my twitchy colon.

As Town prodded again it was but a predictable ploy to counter. A fifth was threatened when Leicester smashed a header off the foot of the post as Town watched on. It was Dyer who cut it back from the byline again like a relentless kestrel above a pigeon coop.

Waghorn got his reward from an extravagant defence. He’d worked hard to garner a fifth goal with his smart drive past a stranded Henderson, who did manage an admirable smother from his feet in similar circumstances.

Town made some changes soon after with the youthful sacrifice of our own Hyam and JET in place of the borrowed N’Daw and Murphy. They made some impact of sorts with the hosts now sitting back on their laurels and Town hardly able to still muster much.

Hyam’s bite cut out some of the sloppy play where toothless Town had previously struggled to piece together two passes. Often a ball swept out wide would be returned to the hosts as colleagues wandered and Town fans wondered. JET skipped and danced on the edge of the area, he made a little chink of light which closed up as he released his drive onto the legs of a defender to no avail.

It was JET who would really mark out the fruitlessness and futility of the afternoon with a NRC won free kick. Waiting for ages to strike the ball being tendered by a Carlos and Cresswell guard of dishonour, he smashed it unceremoniously off yet another defender. Futacs would in the meantime close off the debacle in the last ten minutes with a great finish past the Tractor statues.

Hyam did find Edwards who bounded down the flank to find JET at the back post with a lovely cross. It was too hard and wild to be tamed from the onrushing youngster or the newly introduced Chopra. A similar chance had already come from out wide. The loose ball would bounce out to the Arsenal trainee and again be too unpredictable for him. Studding it into the turf awkwardly was all he could manage.

Chopra gave us all some glee slotting home from a yard offside it was some sense of childish defiance in a match where Leicester didn’t really have to work for the plaudits. They are like the Katy Perry of the Championship. Hard work and exposure keeps them near the top rather than the modicum of talent they can call upon. They certainly aren’t all that too look at, beyond the hype.

It was comforting of sorts to hear a raging Mick snarling at us on Radio 5live, you’d like to think his office will be like the tyrannical Headmaster’s on Monday morning. The boys lined up outside having been shown footage of their crimes against Suffolk-bred humanity. For those thinking that we’d bounce back with a new man in charge, you must remember every bounce requires a violent crash to earth – hopefully we saw the impact today. I’m off to attack my whiskey stash like a one man Irish wedding.

cbower added 20:46 - Nov 17
A 210 mile round trip for me and this defeat ranks up there with the dismal performance I witnessed at Turf Moor Burnely this time last year. It was an abject, spineless and gutless capitulation once the first goal went in. Orr was ripped to shreds by Dyer on his debut and Henderson must take a hard look at his performance between the sticks for the first two goals.

Optimism was apparent amongst the 1000 or so away fans before the kick-off as MM made the expected changes - Orr for Smith (Chambers moving from right back into the middle) and Lee Martin replacing the departed Wellens (who failed to make the final 18 for the Foxes!) The opening exchanges were fairly even, neither side looking especially threatening. However, Orr had the chance to clear a ball down the right of the Town box but elected to let the ball run through to Henderson. Unfortunately, Henderson was not on the same wavelength and was slow to react, apparently pulling down the advancing Leicester player for a spot-kick on 9 minutes. Hate-figure Nugent dispatched with applomb and thereafter we folded with alarming ease. Before long, the Foxes took complete control and Nugent was gifted his second. Henderson palmed a long range shot from the left of the Town area straight into Nugent - the ball hitting him and rolling into the goal. Basic error for me. Keepers should push the ball out to the angles, not straight out! Heads went down and Orr was getting done time and again as the Foxes midfield played neat, fast triangles around a static Blues midfield finding runners applenty down the Town right. Edwards gave the debutant absolutely no protection and before the half was over it was 4-0 as the Foxes ran riot (thankfull, by this time Nugent had been withdrawn!) Their total domination included one decent save from Henderson down low to his left. His kicking was shaky too! So called leaders on the pitch, Higginbotham, Edwards and especially Reo-Coker were anonymous and when the ball did go forward, it just didn't stick. Edwards worked some space down the right on a couple of occasions but nobody got on the end of his deliveries. Murphy won little with his inept challenges and total lack of physical presence. Big Wes Morgan and Zak Whitbread simply dominated the big but powder-puff Irishman. Campbell ran around but got nothing and Martin just didn't get into the game at all. Having said that, he did have one effort blocked and another go narrowly wide during the first 45. Whilst not exactly emerging with credit, N'Daw did look like the only "player" we really had on the pitch. I have never witnessed a more dispiriting 45 minutes as a Town fan for quite some time.

Mick chose to send out the same eleven for the second period, all of the substitutes having spent the entire half time break out on the pitch. Mind you, I don't blame them, would you have wanted to be in the Town dressing room? The game was well and truly over and I would have brought Murphy off there and then and replaced him with Moshni - at least he feels he has something to prove and might have give the Foxes back line a bit more of a physical challenge. Those Town fans hoping for a bit more effort and pride after a half-time rollicking were quickly let down. The home team continued to tear the Blues right side to pieces and soon struck the post. They continued to dominate and MM replaced N'Daw with Hyam and Murphy with JET around the hour mark. Town had a bit of the game with JET striking the wall and a couple of promising positions came to nothing. The home side had taken their foot momentarily off the gas but two more goals came all too easily and in truth it probably could have been even more. Chops replaced Campbell with ten to go and managed to get the ball into the home goal but he was (correctly) adjudged to have been offside. JET volleyed a decent chance into the ground that Chopra was only able to deflect over late on. Thankfully, six was all that the home side could manage and trust me, we were very fortunate to get away without even greater humiliation. At the final whistle, most Town players lamely applauded the remaining fans from the relatively comfortable distance of the centre circle. Some respect must go to Edwards who came to the edge of the area but fans reacted much more positively to Luke Chambers who came right over to us, stayed and applauded in a genuine (still embarrased)manner.

There is absoutely nothing positive to take from today. Not one single thing I'm afraid. Read on if you want my views on each of the players but I guess many of you will rightly not wish to go any further!

Henderson - I'm not partiularly a fan of Loach (injured today I know) but this guy really is no better than OUR OWN keeper.
Orr - totally and utterly exposed. The Foxes played around him and Edwards just left him exposed over and over as nobody tracked the runners when Orr went tight on his man.
Creswell - probably one of our better performers but everything is relative. Like Edwards with Orr, Martin did nothing to help protect Cressy today
Higginbotham - exposed for pace and not dominant in the air. Today showed why he is not getting in the Stoke squad anymore.
Chambers - great to see his heart and respect at the end but just not good enough in any department of his game today.
Edwards - some promising positions that came to nothing. See above for his lack of assistance for poor Bradley Orr
N'Daw - quite surprised he went off as he was probably our best performer during the first half
Reo-Coker - did nothing at all. Saw him jogging on many occasions and once it went 3-0 he was going through the motions. I know he can play but there was no bite at all from him
Martin - nothing at all really. Two strikes on goal but not even the usual 100% effort from Lee that we have come to expect.
Murphy - If he is the best we have then that says it all. Within five minutes Daryl decides if the opposing centre back has got him in the air. If he has, then Murph is as good as useless with high balls. A token jump is all you get. A big man up front is supposed to be able to hold the ball up (he doesn't) or flick it on for the runners (he doesn't and from midfield there aren't any runners anyway!)
Campbell - plenty of running but not a sniff of anything today
JET - comparatively, looked more threatening than Murphy
Hyam - he is OURS and gives 100%. At one point, Luke was chasing (probably quite stupidly and aimlessly to be honest) balls going across the Foxes back four and back to thier keeper. At least this showed effort!
Chopra - many think he has been a massive let down (and to an extent he has). However, Chops needs a proper partner up front if he is to thrive. Until we have a player that compliments him up top, he will remain a disappointment.

Well done if you have finished. I really do fear for us big time with a performance like this. It was truly awful. Devoid of passion or pride. I don't advocate fouls but I don't recall even one really firm, crunching tackle from a Town player for the entire game. We seemed to just want to shadow-box rather than land a good punch! Mick has a bigger job on his hands than I think even he anticipated. Good luck, the future of our club may be at stake!

htb added 10:55 - Nov 18
Embarrasing its a shame and even more annoying that norwich beat man u :(

Fatcatevans added 16:25 - Nov 18
There's an excuse for being clueless but not for being gutless and spineless.

runaround added 21:22 - Nov 18
24 hours on and it seems worse now the it did at the time. We were poor for the whole 90 mins and the starting XI was poor to a man. From where I was sat it looked as though Dyer dived for the penalty but it wouldn't have happened if Henderson and Higginbotham hadn't got in a muddle whilst for the second goal Cresswell and Reo-Coker fell asleep at a throw and once again Henderson could have done better. After this Leicester cut through us at will showing pace, desire and incisive moves whilst our players ball watched, complained at each other and failed to put in any decent moves.
Against Palace 5 - 0 was harsh on us, 6-0 today was NOT harsh on us. I was at the 9-0 Old Trafford in 1995, we were far worse yesterday than 17 years ago.
Henderson, Murphy and NRC(I didn't come here to be made to look a fool, no Nigel you came here for the money!) quite obviously dont want to be here and should be sent back immediately, in fact I would send back most or all of the loanees and play our on players. They couldn't do any worse could they? And at least they may show some passion as Edwards, Hyam and Chopra did yesterday.
I really fear for us unless Mick can turn us around and get a few confidence boosting results on the trot, we must still be in touch with safety come January.
One final word for the 990 of us ITFC fans yesterday, we were a credit to the club and really got behind team. We deserve so much better. Also credit to Leicester fans who made a good noise from more than one stand and had a number of different songs, shows what can happen when visiting fans are near the more vocal home fans but unfortunately I cannot ever see the powers that be at ITFC allowing that to happen.

Surco72 added 10:42 - Nov 19
Have only just calmed down enough to be able to comment .
This is the worst performance i have seen for years .
Henderson,Murphy , Reo Coker should not play again for us .Murphy has one good performance every five games send him back north .
Henderson is certainly no better than Loach who was doing ok apart from a couple of live sky errors which everyone jumped on the band wagon .
I would also drop Higinbotham he is making errors every week get Smith in with Hyam ,Carson out wide at least these boys would show some passion to the club . Chops up front with Campbell .
Mick needs a major sweep out in and replace with young hungry lower league players ,experience means nothing if you simply dont care .
That will be my last away game for some time

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