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[Blog] No Goalie - Panic or Not to Panic?
Written by Blue041273 on Friday, 22nd Jun 2012 22:10

This seems to me to be an appropriate discussion item given that Tomasz Kuszczak has signed for Brighton and that there seem to be few goalkeeping alternatives on the ITFC radar.

Many contributors, whose views I respect, argue that we should not be unduly concerned at this time as a) there are still two weeks before the start of pre-season training; b) there is still eight weeks before the league season commences; c) there is a full ten weeks before the summer transfer window closes, and d) if all else fails the emergency loans system will allow us to sign appropriate cover.

However I would suggest that until we get a goalkeeper of some substance we will struggle to make progress.  All good teams have a goalkeeper who is not only reliable but regularly saves points by pulling rabbits out of a hat with quality saves.  A reliable goalkeeper reinforces the defence giving the defenders confidence to play rather than requiring them to resort to kick and rush.

Our need of an undisputed No 1 goalkeeper has been apparent for a long while.  No disrespect to the goalies we have used in recent seasons, and in truth there have been far too many, but we need the security of the likes of a Paul Cooper, a Craig Forrest, a Kelvin Davis, ie a fixture in goal over a period of time.  I like ALB and think that he has not been best treated in the last couple of years but I cannot think of him as our permanent No 1 for next season or beyond.

Most fans have opined continuously over the last couple of seasons on the need for reinforcements in certain positions, none more so than goalkeeper and right-back. Paul Jewell has confirmed that additional playing resources are not just desirable but necessary.  Yet, although we only have one goalkeeper (ALB) on the books, another keeper option has passed us by with alternatives seemingly thin on the ground.

Therefore the primary question is -  Does Paul Jewell have other goalkeeper options in mind? Secondary questions would of course include; can we get him in any time soon? Or are we going to get another temporary fix with a loanee with ALB filling in when the loanee is inevitably recalled?

Given that the keeper situation is so important and has been inadequately resolved during Jewell's tenure as manager, how much longer must we wait for this matter to be properly addressed?  Some of the contributors to this forum preach patience. Fine, but I, for one, am starting to get somewhat stressed over the lack of progress in this critical area.

There may well be time to acquire a new goalkeeper but are there any signs that there are any quality keepers available and if there are, that we have any chance of getting them?

On balance, although against my natural instincts, I tend towards the 'we're doomed, panic now' mentality (ie get someone NOW) as opposed to the Mr Micawber attitude that something will turn up.

Hopefully, I am wrong and Jewell has everything under control and that something will be announced soon thereby allowing me to sleep properly again and look forward to the season with some sense of confidence.

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gibbo added 22:46 - Jun 22
We are still 8 weeks before the start of the season but we still have pre-season warm up games to play with one goalkeeper, two centre backs one of which has not played many games the other has not got the best injury record and only 2 forwards as Scotland has not signed yet.

IamSpartacus added 09:46 - Jun 23
I am also in the camp of 'starting to get concerned'. Add in a little of the 'Jewell panic bought at Derby in a couple of transfer windows, panic bought for us last summer and is likely to keep tradition in panic buying this summer too' and we have a tasty pie of worry.

We currently have 19 first team players. 8 that Jewell semms to trust, 5 that he doesn't(Bullard, Hyam, Carson, Ainsley & Lee-Barrett) , 3 that have never played a first team game for us (Elliott, Whight & Cormac), 2 that he has said can leave (Peters and Ellington) and Scotland that hasn't bothered signing up for next season yet.

We effectively have no keeper Jewell trusts, no immediate cover for DC, No striker than will score 20 goals in a season (whatever about his workrate, Chopra has only ever done it once in the Championship and misses way too many chances) and a right back that can't defend- again, no-one can question Carlos' workrate but the times he is found out of position is painful.

I'd make the 20 goal a season striker and solid keeper positions most important. I'd ask why Jewell is on holiday now when he has already stated that very little deals are done early in the transfer window- why not holiday in late-May/early-June then?

Whoever the keeper is they must not be a loan....

Garv added 13:14 - Jun 23
Where do you suggest we get a 20 goal a season striker from? It's not gonna happen, accept that.

Fred added 14:54 - Jun 23
Well I agree with much of that and have the same concerns that you speak of.
Whatever the reason - cash limits, wage restraints, location etc. etc. Town are just not getting the quality that is required to consolidate a top position in Div 2 with a team visbly capablle of pushing for promotion (I hate the play off system).
So Town look presently to be doommed to mid table mediocrity in Div 2.
Who knows, IF by chance the lad Hewitt makes a full recovery, Delaney is sold, a good sidekick found to play alongside Smith & the holes a the left side of defence are well & truly plugged ALB may gain confidence and do a good job bcause there is no doubt the problems in defence are much greater than just a new GK.

HARRY10 added 14:58 - Jun 23
More worrying is the possible reason why we ae in such a desperate position s far as the squad.

Yes there is very little money available. Season 2010/11 we received over £11m in transfers (Walters/Wickham) - so far this season, nowt. If the pile of rubbish that we bought last summer is the best we could get with that sort of money available (?), then what will we get this summer ?

Lack of a good keeper is not the real problem, it is merely a reflection of a far, far deeper problem.

DutchTownFan added 17:13 - Jun 23
I'm afraid Harry's point is a good one, let's just hope PJ can prove he has learned from his mistakes and can prove him wrong.

dommyboyblue added 17:16 - Jun 23
this reminds me of the duncan era, which is alas not a good thing. I wonder if Ron Fearon is still around?

ChrisFelix added 17:30 - Jun 23
Unfortunately Keane wasted several millions of Evans money on Leadbitter, Fullop & Priskin.
There probably not much left for Jewell to waste after Bowyer & Ellington.
Its a pity that Jewell didnt search the lower divisions which is what got the likes of Norwich & Blackpool to the top flight.
As you say we need a John Lyall to arrive

Garv added 18:09 - Jun 23
Harry what 'pile of rubbish' did we pay money for last season?


jclark20 added 21:23 - Jun 23
I am one of those who is not 'unduly concerned' yet over the keeper situation.

While obviously signing a new No1 remains paramount, we do indeed have plenty of time still left - and although it is desirable that this be done before pre-season, it is not essential. It will take longer than just pre-season for a new GK and a new CB or two to gel. Regardless who we get and when we get them, I feel that we are in for another shaky defensive start, similar to the one we saw in the the season just gone. But with time, this can only get better.

In terms of ALB, I strongly agree that he has been treated unfairly by the fans. He has most often been great cover for us, and I hope he will continue to do so.

But I'm optimistic as I think we have plenty to look forward to this season. We were 5th joint top-scorers last season (on par with champions Reading!). I feel that we can improve on this next season as LM and JET have now found their feet in the team and have become strong attacking threats. Despite his problems and reduced training, Chops scored 14 goals which is still impressive. JS has proved to be a good late sub for Chops and contributes with many late goals. If the link is true and we sign Davies, he should be a good addition to the squad as his height would be welcomed up front. I would preffer him over Baldock given that we have no tall strikers!

If we can stop conceding so many goals then we should be a much stronger force next season!


Dozzells_Bobblehat added 16:43 - Jun 24
Garv - ditto

obviously HARRY10 doesnt rate Chopra, JET or Cresswell.
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