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Player agents - signings
at 22:09 16 Sep 2021

Burns, Coulson and Chaplin are all on the books of ICM Stellar Sports

as is Celina, which might have helped us signing him

not sure if there others, as not all players list their agents
as bad as Man Utd
at 21:48 14 Sep 2021

they also lost 2-1 to a bunch of youngsters tonight as well

some Swiss team
Gove - this will upset the 'wokeys'
at 16:42 13 Sep 2021

One of the noticable things about the endless Mary Whitehouse type whining from the righties is how the once ubiquitous political correctness (gone mad or not0 has now been replaced with the word 'woke'.

But fear not, these mouth frothing obsessives can see it in everything that happens. So it will be curious (or not) to see how much spittle flies onto their screens when they see the reaction to Goves previous comments. His comments reflect the views their 'betters' had about most of these righties, as he expressed. And no doubt still holds to, but is a little more guarded now.
be any surprise

For those of an earlier generation it might be of interest to hear how these types behaved back then - for others, the utter contempt for the idiots who doffed their cap to them will not be of any surprise.

Well worth a listen

Nothing he said then should come as a surprise - nor should the wails from the 'wokeys' that it is wrong to re-visit the past
If 80's duo Wham were football
at 17:42 12 Sep 2021

then we have been landed with Andrew Ridgely while Wigan have George Michael

maybe someone could wake me up when Cook is a go go
any thread on the tennis ?
at 23:15 11 Sep 2021

if so, here's another one
Highlights (!)
at 19:42 11 Sep 2021


some might want to look away now
confidence...... nonsense
at 19:36 11 Sep 2021

The current excuse is that the players lack confidence - a nonsensical excuse

The players who succeed and are valued are those who keep themselves fully committed, irrespective of what has happened, or is happening. Go back to players like Holland and you will see the difference.

Unfortunately these kind of players cost, for the obvious reasons. And despite the talk of multi pound signings much of the squad are those from Cook's address book. Just as the coaching staff are.

And many of the signings are no better, than what Cook inherited. And Hladky is certainly worse, hence Walton.

Heaven help whoever eventually inherits this squad.

a bit breezy out there
at 20:42 29 Aug 2021


meanwhile, over in the west


Trump has previous;y said climate change was "created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive"

Are we flouncing ?
at 19:54 28 Aug 2021

However bad the result, however bad the situation there is always one of the 'flounceys boys' who pops up and accuses everyone of ....... flouncing.

Well if being concerned about how things are, and posting thoughts on here about said concerns is ....... 'flouncing'

then so be it.

However I cannot really predict how things will pan out from here, where we will finish or whether Cook will still be here by Xmas - but I am sure as hell this is not where I thought we would be after 5 games, 6 if you count being dumped out of the League Cup by a L2 club.
Highlights (look away now)
at 19:25 28 Aug 2021

Ronaldo to Man Utd ?
at 17:19 27 Aug 2021

why not ?

must be loads of old merchandise they can hunt out and flog
Paying off the loan
at 22:19 22 Aug 2021

............or at least making the interest payments, as I presume what was spent on buying the club is seen as a realisable asset - as with the players.

The capital borrowed appears to be anything between £40m - £50m, which at an interest rate of 7% per annum would be around £3m*.

Promotion to the Championship adds an extra £7m to our income. However if nearly half of that goes in interest payments, where then the budget to upgrade the squad.

Of course interest payments can be deferred, but for how long ?

Clubs who have recently been promoted, and sent heavily Fulham, WBA came straight back down again - meaning their parachute payments will most likely not cover the cost of staged transfer payments and the wage bill. That's why so many 'fall by the wayside' once relegated.

The only way I can see money generated to the level needed will be through the transfer market. Cue Mike Aston and Webster, Bristol to Brighton.

* approx figures to make the point, not any claim of absolute accuracy
at 19:53 21 Aug 2021

Not what we thought
at 18:44 21 Aug 2021

or maybe not what some had led themselves to believe, more like.

The money spent doesn't appear to be anywhere near what some had imagined, as our net spend doesn't appear that high. As with the wages, where we cut a huge amount of deadwood in the playing staff has been taken off the wage bill.

The backroom staff don't suggest picking the best available - more case of picking those off PCs speed dial list.

And 2 points out of 12 and out of the League Cup after one game be what was expected on the pitch.

However, much if the expectation was fan driven. Believing that almost 20 years of neglect and mismanagement could be dealt with almost instantaneously. For every pound spend on repairs to the stadium and a 'new' pitch, is a pound less spent on the squad. There is only so much money - despite the rather silly delusions among some. But there certainly is much that needs fixing.

The entitlement among some 'fans' some 2500 fewer turn up today than for the first league game. Heard idiots booing at the finish. Booing what ? The game saw good football played, with no lack of commitment from either side. How long before these self righteous cretins start waving their numpty banners ?

If one or two new signings wonder what they are doing here when they hear their own 'fans' booing I would not be surprised. We are not going to walk the league, we never were. But we are not going to get the togetherness (as a club and supporters) we have been constantly bemoaning the loss of, if there is this type of hostility this early on.
[Post edited 21 Aug 18:58]
useful domestic tricks to know - number 94
at 23:05 18 Aug 2021

if you get cat hairs on your clothes

get a long piece of Sellotape.....

.... and wrap it round the cat
Two winnable games ?
at 15:16 18 Aug 2021

MKDons and Wimbledon would have been thought a guaranteed six points in the bag, when 'project pss the league' was in full swing.

PC needs to show he can turn things round during a game. Last night we went ahead and it was 'when will the second goal' come. It didn't, and three points were lost.

It will take time to judge individual players - but Cooks game management is in question. What was Jackson doing on the pitch ?
gissa job
at 22:12 17 Aug 2021

"Craney had the role of kitman at Wigan but joins the Blues as a first team coach and, linking up with Cook again, will work alongside Francis Jeffers and Gary Roberts - all four coaches hailing from Liverpool.

An article on Accrington Stanley's website, published in April last year, states that Craney was working in his family bakery before he linked up with Cook in 2019."

"Gary Roberts, 37, is set to take his coaching badges this summer"

This talented foursome have given us -

Six goals conceded in two friendlies

Six goals conceded against three clubs who were non league a few seasons back

Knocked out of the League Cup by a team who were non league, last season

So expect Stan Boardman with his cutting edge wit to join us next week

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