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No more heading the ball ?
at 15:58 16 Jan 2020

"Last year a study by a team at Glasgow University found that former professional footballers were three and a half times more likely to die from dementia and other serious neurological diseases."

the wheels falling off already
at 10:56 14 Jan 2020

"He refused to rule out the UK and the EU failing to reach a trade deal by the end of this year."

Still, at least he has sorted out social care

"Johnson was unable to explain to Walker why he was taking so long to publish his plan when he claimed in July last year, on the day be became PM, to already had a plan. In his first speech from No 10 Johnson said: “I am announcing now – on the steps of Downing Street – that we will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.”

and any changes would not come into effect until 2025 at the earliest - so there was not 'a plan' last July, just as there is no plan for any trade deal outside of the EU, just waffle, bluster and lies.
20 years ago
at 22:07 13 Jan 2020

after 24 games we had 43 points - 0-0 Boxing Day at Fulham

followed by games against Stockport, Port Vale and Swindon (who they ?)

we ended on 78 points and beat Barnsley in the play offs
Safe journey back
at 17:30 4 Jan 2020

for all town fans heading home - 260 miles and over 5 hours (plus any breaks) journey time

Accrington Stanley to look forward to next week

they especially, and we, deserve better than this
Goals/lowlights here
at 18:29 29 Dec 2019
Be careful what you wish for
at 18:03 29 Dec 2019

As PR seems to have become a graveyard for managers.

Perhaps given the number who have failed it might not all be down to them. We are told that Evans is 'pumping in £6m@ every year, to no avail it would appear.

Do all the club's above us run at this suppposed level of loss ? Do they have gates as high as us ? Have they received the same level of incoming transfer money the same as us ?

How are we getting it so wrong time after time ?
Johnson 'bottles' it.....again
at 11:07 11 Dec 2019

Dodges an interview by hiding in a fridge

do sing along
at 21:15 10 Dec 2019

an extra murder a week with Labour
at 13:19 9 Dec 2019

claims Tory Home secretary Pritti Useless.

Which follows my thought that the Tories will come up with even more desperate and stupid claims in the run up to Thursday.

That they do is perhaps more of a testament to how thick they regard their voters as, believeing that they are so gormless as to swallow any old sh ite.

Meanwhile we have the sight of a 4 year old boy lying on a hospital floor waiting for a bed. That is the reality. The reality of years of cuts, and the certainty that this uderfunding will continue if Johnson is allowed to get his hands on the NHS.
Crumbling schools
at 18:56 8 Dec 2019

"Nearly one in five school buildings in England require urgent repairs, a Guardian investigation has found, leading to warnings that they are “crumbling around teachers and pupils”.

Almost 4,000 schools across the country have been judged by surveyors to be in need of immediate restoration work, and many more were found not to have the paperwork required by law, including electrical test certificates, fire risk assessments or asbestos management plans."

I wonder how many of them are private schools which dodge tax by claiming charitable status. And I wonder how many half witted Tory voters will be sending their children to these unsafe buildings.

The above report should make anyone with an interest in the future generations ask themselves why are they prepared to accept this ?

Man City fans
at 23:35 7 Dec 2019

Clip of them abusing Fred

watch the cretin in red shirt - 18 secs

Marco Silva, eez gorn
at 20:44 5 Dec 2019

We could be heading to Goodison next season if things stay as they are (as well as Carrot Road)
Andrew Neil
at 19:49 5 Dec 2019

Just watched his interview with Farage.

Plenty of huff and puff from our 'man of the people' but Neil didn't see too minded to 'get out of second gear' as Farage came across as way out of his depth.

The iusual spin and confused thinking which undoubtedly will be seen as a master at work, much as a dog shoving draughts pweieces wityh his paw might be regardde as a chess grand master, if you are not too bright.

What was really cutting was Neil's piece to camera lamenting Johnson's ducking of an interview, and his pretty blatant explaination as to why.

When this link works then you can catch that pretty damning few minutes by fast forwarding to around 27 minites.

FA Cup fun in London
at 19:58 2 Dec 2019

Chelsea, Fulham, Brentford and QPR all at home

Fans coming down into Euston - Villa, WBA, Stoke

Fans coming down into Kings Cross - Leeds, Derby, Forest

Fans coming down into Paddington - Swansea, Newport

and I'm not sure if Huddersfield, Luton (St Pancreas ?) and Weds have to pass through Kings Cross on their way to the south coast

8 London ties should keep plod busy !

Women don't trust this man
at 10:34 28 Nov 2019

or better still, as advice

Woman, don't trust this man

The looks on thei faces and body language tell you all you need to know about how these nurses regard 'fatty the liar - though it is worth hearing what they say

So, the NHS is up for sale
at 11:20 27 Nov 2019

Which has a certain irony to it, as the very folk voting folk for it....elderly Tory voters are the very ones who will suffer through rising drugs costs.

And with the numbers on non UK medical and care staff leaving the UK that particular problem is only going to worsen.

Cynics might suggest this is merely a ploy by the Tories to cut the costs by wthdrawing care and treatment for the elderly. Hard faced gits might add that they will have brought it upon themselves.

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