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Lamberts five year contract
at 02:07 27 Jan 2021

Maybe some on here should ask themselves what was the intent behind that contract.

Could it be that Lambert put it to Evans bluntly, just how much of a mess the club was in, and that it could not be turned around in a season ?

Could it also be that whatever has been agreed has a longer aim than instant success, that some feel is our birthright ?

Fifteen players are out of contract in June, and a good many of them will not be missed But the idea that with the clock running don on those contracts appointing a new manager is the best idea to decide who to keep is farcical.

Or maybe Ramsey and Robson achieved success over night. Or maybe Hurst was able to transfer his success elsewhere to us, over night.

Our rebuilding is going to take time, and no little foot stamping and bedsheet waving will change that.
Brewdog 'scam'
at 02:04 23 Jan 2021

A few weeks back the above were offering 4 cans for the cost of postage

I had forgotten about this and put it not turning up down to being lost/drunk in the post ......... hey ho, move on

An email today states that they have only now begun brewing the stuff, and they will begin sending the offer out 'sometime' after 8th Feb
Dover closed
at 11:27 21 Dec 2020

How come the EU members can close their borders ?

Surely Farage etc could not have been lying to the simple minded brexiteers, about the UK not being able to control its borders ?
Xmas hasn't been cancelled.......
at 23:46 20 Dec 2020

..........................it is still on the 25th December, as ever

What has been cancelled is the 60,000 lives lost, who may not have been too concerned about a few current restrictions were they to have been asked.

You may not be able to meet up with family and friend, but this time will pass. In the meantime make the most of what you do have, rather than what you think you should have.

Who knows where next Xmas will find any of us, but there will undoubtedly be something to worry about then, if you want to.

So best to recognise you can always find something to moan about, if you want - and you can always find something to enjoy, if are you able to see the bigger picture.
[Post edited 20 Dec 2020 23:50]
you're nicked
at 22:06 18 Nov 2020

more Tory corruption
at 12:18 18 Nov 2020

"The mismanagement, the incompetence, the reckless waste – all of this is shocking. But worse, perhaps, is the brazen cronyism involved.

The National Audit Office report on Personal Protective Equipment procurement is a searing indictment of this Government's incompetence."

A truly shocking state of affairs where even if it can be said to be incompetence rather than corruption, those involved need to be held to account.

However, anyone reading the link (below) will see that incompetence may have occurred, but the overall appearance of 'snouts i the trough' is what stands out.

[Post edited 18 Nov 2020 12:20]
The brexit shambles continues
at 11:58 11 Nov 2020

"A “haulier handbook” to prevent Brexit border meltdown on 1 January has been delayed and will not be ready for another month, it has been revealed. The guide to the mountain of new red tape required to transport goods was promised in early September – but will now not be available in full until 7 December, little more than three weeks before it is needed."

"The vast new port checks will be necessary even if the UK and the EU strike a trade deal, because leaving the single market and customs union will end the free-flow of goods that takes place now.

When the 2016 referendum was held, Brexit campaigners repeatedly denied such checks would be required – but they are now described as inevitable, under the prime minister's clean-break plans. "

another day, another brexit lie exposed


[Post edited 11 Nov 2020 11:59]
Brexit ......... the bluff has been called
at 17:33 9 Nov 2020

" Fishing cannot wait, as key European states would veto any deal without it. Britain must compromise. As for regulatory alignment, some supervision is unavoidable if two neighbouring countries wish to trade at all. The EU is in the right. It is also bigger and stronger and has less need to compromise, and appears to have the US president-elect, Joe Biden, on its side. The EU can replace most of its trade with Britain. Britain cannot do the reverse. There are no compensating trade deals with the rest of world. They are a fantasy."

read the full article


it makes for harsh reading, as many of us have been focussed on the US election, and have perhaps lost track of the reality that it is now a matter of days left
Highlightswww.skysports.com/football/sland-vs-ipswich/430940Red card - s
at 22:59 3 Nov 2020


Red card - tackling with studs showing

Penalty - hits his arm

The latter may now be the 'letter of the law' but the hand ball rule was NEVER intended to penalise something like that.

Should never be a penalty
House to let
at 21:54 3 Nov 2020

Open plan, spacious, with plenty of room for development, it offers easy access to the rear garden and boasts a spectacular view of the night sky

It is a period town house with three stories - all at one level for ease of convenience

[Post edited 3 Nov 2020 22:15]
Johnson the Incompetent
at 00:10 3 Nov 2020

Taken from todays FT, it is a worthy read, which can be read by those not willing to bypass its paywall

" It always seems to be too soon. It was too soon for the UK to lock down in early March, when other European countries had already done so. It was too soon for Boris Johnson to reimpose national restrictions in September, when scientific advisers privately called for them.

Now the UK prime minister’s allies tell us it is too soon to judge his government’s performance. They may be right. We don’t know how the pandemic will end — and other countries, including France, Italy, Spain and Scotland, which manages its own health service, have suffered similar peaks and troughs to England. If the UK government has erred, others have too, in different ways.

Yet it is not too early to judge the performance of Mr Johnson himself because we have already seen the pattern. His missteps over coronavirus have closely followed those he made over Brexit. In both cases, he insisted on seeing what he wanted to see. He saw a world where the British economy would blossom by shunning its largest trading partner, and where a virus would disappear while he shook hands with its victims. That world did not exist.

Mr Johnson went beyond patriotism to embrace British exceptionalism. As coronavirus spread in early February, he mocked the idea that it would affect the global economy, insisting that the UK was “ready to take off its Clark Kent spectacles”, and act “as the supercharged champion” of free trade.

If you are not Superman, taking off your spectacles just leaves you blindly optimistic. With Brexit, Mr Johnson insisted “Global Britain” would defy the laws of trade gravity; with coronavirus, it would build a “world-beating” test-and-trace system. Mr Johnson is not one for details. There was no sense of how these goals could be achieved — and they have not been. His global rhetoric only exposed his parochialism.

Futile promises are a hallmark of Mr Johnson’s leadership. During the campaign for Brexit he said the Irish border would be “absolutely unchanged”. Running for the Conservative party leadership he said the UK would leave the EU on October 31 of last year, “do or die”. With Covid-19, his pledges were less cynical, but still beyond his control. He suggested that the UK would turn the tide by June and, in July, said there would be a “significant return to normality” by Christmas. Some people are born to mislead.

Mr Johnson has been most at ease attacking the proposals of others, then stealing them. When his predecessor Theresa May came up with a Brexit deal that avoided a hard border on the island of Ireland, he likened it to a “suicide vest”. When Labour leader Keir Starmer proposed a two-week “circuit breaker” lockdown last month, Mr Johnson dismissed it as offering endless “misery”. In both cases, he ended up adopting the bulk of the proposals that he had lambasted.

His favoured tactic has been to wait until the last moment before U-turning. Whatever the political merits of this strategy, its real-world effects are likely to be disastrous. As Brexit talks drag on, businesses do not know what trading arrangements with the EU will be in two months. Thousands more Britons are now forecast to die of Covid-19 than would have been the case had lockdown been implemented in September.

Mr Johnson has his strengths. This time a year ago, he began an election campaign that made even some Remainers believe Brexit could be swiftly solved. After leaving intensive care in April, he gave an inspiring tribute to the medical team who had treated him for Covid-19. He is an ideal salesman of ideas, which is why his interest in climate change is so welcome.

The problem is that he does not stick to an idea. His signature on any topic is incoherence. He is pro-individual liberty and pro-public health. He likes low taxes and a big state. He wants to boost business, while refusing to listen to it. He does not want a culture war, but he doesn’t stop his government from fighting one. He wants to be the hero and expects everyone else to do the work.

Democratic accountability is an art, not a science — and not a very sophisticated one. Some leaders are punished for events on their watch for which they bear no blame. Some escape the blame for their misdeeds.

Mr Johnson may get lucky with Brexit: while voters now think voting to leave the EU was a bad idea, their minds are elsewhere. But he can have no complaint about being held responsible for the UK’s pandemic failings. He has made the same mistakes at least twice and now looks unlikely to remain in office beyond 2024. Whatever challenge faces him before then, he will probably make the same mistakes again. "

Wetherspoons - 99p pints until Weds 10pm
at 23:46 1 Nov 2020

The signs read: 'Ahead of the four-week lockdown, rather than waste real ale, it has been reduced to 99p per pint.'


What better way to celebrate the demise of the odious Trump
[Post edited 1 Nov 2020 23:47]
Children in Need - cancelled
at 23:56 27 Oct 2020

Children in Need has been cancelled this year as the government has pointed out that kids were given over £47 million last year

If they have spent it all, without paying heed to the need for money in 2021 -they should to take responsibility for that spending, and apparent shortage.

Had the money been assigned to the private sector instead of to charitable do-gooders, it is certain that there would have been money available for this year (after administration costs).

In this light the government will be bringing back this event in 2021, as 'Children should not be in Need', which will focus on the private sector educating children of feckless parents .how to manage their money and live within their means.
[Post edited 28 Oct 2020 7:18]
FA Cup draw - Ist round
at 21:57 25 Oct 2020

Has eight former winners - if you include AFC Wimbledon

Would have been nine, but for Bury going bust

See if you can name them, if so please don't post up the clubs just yet

so as to give others a chance to 'add a bit of excitement to their football' lives'

......... or just testing their football knowledge
Frank Bough RIP
at 21:16 25 Oct 2020

Dick of the week
at 20:07 25 Oct 2020

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