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US - truly the stupidest nation on earth
at 11:01 10 Mar 2020

Bernie Saunders went on Twitter to make clear that, in the event that a coronavirus vaccine is made available, it should be free to all.

"You’d think that most people would believe that healthcare is a human right and the idea of a free vaccine would be completely uncontroversial. But of course, this is America we’re talking about. (You know, the land “of the free” where absolutely nothing is actually free).

Depressingly, Sanders has inundated replies by angry Americans who think that the vaccine shouldn’t be free. This seems pretty suspect seeing as we already know around 20 million Americans don’t have health insurance. Sanders was called a "communist" for insisting that any future vaccine should be free. "

{i}"Food is more important than vaccines. What’s next are you going to condemn grocery stores for charging people money to eat? " {/i}

The same nation where Republican congressman Matt Gaez mocked precuations being taken against the virus - On Monday, he was told to quarantine himself after learning that he came into contact with an attendee at CPAC, a major conservative conference, who tested positive for Covid-19.

A nation where the righties cannot quite grasp that the 20m or so US citizens who do not have health insurance will not receive the vaccine. So whatever Mr Bigot-Righty does there will be 20m possible carriers of this virus mixing with the rest of those with some kind of pet care plan insurance.

It may not worry him, but it sure will worry other countries about having a US (virus) carrier moored across the water.

And yes righties.... these are your people. They think and act like you.
a nautical theme
at 22:44 9 Mar 2020

coming our way as the next three games has us up against the pirates of brizzle, the bell ringing sailor of pompey and ending with the shrimpers of sarfend

bolton follows that lot but they are already sunk ...... but will probably beat us

and if it had not been for coventry the cod army would have made it four in a row
Johnson's suppressed Russian report
at 19:01 9 Mar 2020

"Russia has been accused of hiring a network of British politicians and consultants to help advance its criminal interests and to “go after” Vladimir Putin’s enemies in London, MPs who drew up the Russia report suppressed by Boris Johnson were told.

In secret evidence submitted to parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC), the campaigner and financier Bill Browder claimed Moscow had been able to “infiltrate” UK society by using well-paid British intermediaries.

Some had “reason to know exactly what they are doing and for whom”, Browder told the committee. Others “work unwittingly for Russian state interests”, he said."

"Browder argues that the Russian state and organised crime have in effect merged. Money stolen from the budget and private companies is used to enrich senior officials – including Putin – and to finance “black ops and special projects”, he told the ISC."

Boris Johnson has defended playing a game of tennis with the wife of one of Vladimir Putin’s ex-ministers in return for a £160,000 donation to the Conservatives. According to Electoral Commission records, she also made four other donations in addition to the one for the tennis game in 2017, amounting to an additional £87,250 given to the party. n 2016 there were five donations to the party from Ms Chernukhin altogether, totalling £77,912.

hmmm, I wonder why that report has still not been made public
Drugs, some sense at last
at 17:11 9 Mar 2020

"A community activist will risk arrest to set up a safe injecting facility in the back of a van for addicts in Glasgow....................It will offer clean water, needles and swabs, as well as supplies of naloxone, the potentially life-saving drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdose, as a means of combating the soaring drug deaths and HIV infection rates across the city............People who use drugs like heroin are injecting in squalid conditions in alleyways and parks, there’s a risk to public with injecting equipment strewn everywhere, and an ongoing HIV outbreak amongst addicts. We are trying to provide a safe place for people to come, but also give them an opportunity to engage with outreach workers, who can give wound care, harm reduction advice or referrals to other services.”

please note this is in reference to addicts NOT those using what are regarded as recreational drugs
Dear Mr Lambert
at 08:09 8 Mar 2020

As discussed before there will not be any magic wand available to instantly clear up the mess of the previous 15 years, or more, mismanagement.

You will not be able to clear out those players who are not 'up to it' - either through lack of ability of self motivation. Many will have contracts for the next season or two as well so you are stuck with them for a while.

Best of luck dealing with the virtual non existent investment in the stadium - bar some turnstiles being painted somewhile back.

The academy and our involvement in the community have been cut to the bone, so you will have to see what can be done there as well.

I've enclosed a pair of ear defenders so you don't have to listen to the the over excited numpties as they shreik and holler while waving bedsheets, that our club should be back to a level .........they will not have seen us ever play in.

For them Rome was not built in a day, it was completed in an afternoon.


M Eavens-Above
Brexit, worse by the day
at 12:21 2 Mar 2020

From today -

"This is the best case scenario for a US/UK trade deal a rise in GDP of 0.16%. Compared with govt estimates that 5% will be knocked off GDP growth over the next 15 years under a "Canada-style" trade deal with the EU. 8% off under WTO model" FT

But fear not there's always a Tory at hand to lie

"This is a huge opportunity for both Britain and our single biggest trading partner, the United States" Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Is shen really that thick that she doesn't know that the trade with the US is way, way below that of what it is with the EU (one sixth to be exact) ?

Or does she think we are all so thick as to not know ?

However the real point here is that yet more evidence is emrging that the 'sunny uplands' guff was just that, guff. And given how long these figures have been known the Leave politicians were lying through their teeth when they were claiming that the UK would be better off.

I expect more of what a sh it show it all is during the day.
Coronavirus - is it time to panic ?
at 09:20 27 Feb 2020

Should the government issue guidelines, even a timetable of the level of panic required ?

The Daily Mail has jumped the gun already with warnings that not only could concerns about the virus cause cancer, but far worse could lead to a fall in house prices.

It may have been ok for previous generations to have a few 'Keep calm and carry on posters', or handwritten signs next to bombed shops saying 'business as usual' but this is the 21st century.

Is it safe to eat pot noodles, or rice ?

Should the channel tunnel be closed to stop infectious germs blowing through

Leyton Orient ? Should the ground now be closed ?

This was all predicted by Nostradamus who wrote'

a pestilence shall appear
terror shall strike the land of Albion
and shall take away many lives
at 21:35 26 Feb 2020

Sentences where you cannot insert the word random.

Are there are they any, and if so would they be random sentences ?

Or would they just be sentences ?

And is this a random question, or just a question as it once would have been ?
Lambert is going nowhere
at 18:25 25 Feb 2020

There appears to be a belief among some on here that Lambert will leave this summer if we are not promoted. Some clause in his contract it would seem.

So why the extension to his contract ? Why commit him to a contract that can be ended barely six months into it ?

I presume the original contract did not have such a clause so why sign a new contract that foes ?

It is hardly going to enthuse him to plan ahead, look to develop players when a narrow defeat in the playoffs (say) will mean an end to things.

This should tell you what Lambert is expecting

"“We’ll try everything and they’re still developing some of them, the older lads are probably at the wrong age of 30, and you can never defeat time, that’s always going to be there, and that has to change at some point,” Lambert said.

“Once that decision comes that you have to retire it isn’t great, but you have to get your head around it and then you finish, and then the future generations take it on."
Jan 2020

as those are not the words of someone looking at the next 6 months only.

And is there really a manager out there who could come in and immediately transform the squad into what's needed after so long a slide ?
Not enough incentive ?
at 18:53 22 Feb 2020

I wonder what the bonus level is for us to go up ?

That might sound a bit heretical to some who imagine that the players play for the badge, for the sheer love of the club etc

But I have to wonder how much more committed they would be were promotion to be worth a half a million each. Not blaming them, just speculating how some teams seem far more fired up than we often do.
today's highlights
at 18:45 22 Feb 2020
Another Tory loon
at 18:49 16 Feb 2020

It is often said that most 'righties are either mad, sad or bad. This one seems to fit all three.

Recently apppointed as the new special advisor Andrew Sabisky seems to have said aloud what many of these types think in private -

' giving all children modafinil, a drug that cuts the need for sleep by two-thirds, even at the cost of “a dead kid once a year

" It is still unclear to what extent FGM represents a serious risk to young girls, raised in the UK, of certain minority group origin"

that women's sport is more comparable to the Paralympics than it is to men's

suggested more black people are “close to mental retardation

and that

the young to undergo compulsory contraception to prevent a permanent underclass'

Any progressive party and there would be loud calls for his dismissal from that party - whereas not only is he welcome in the Tory party, he is given a job in number 10 advising them !

[Post edited 16 Feb 18:52]
Long term view
at 18:57 8 Feb 2020

I suspect Lanbert told Evans that there is no short term fix for the - not just the squad.

We have been allowed to druft for far too long and the rot us fairly we ingraine.. This something we have to adjust to. More so those who thought relegation would be the blow that then saw us spring up from the canvas, gain a easy promotion and continue our long climb back.

The number of youth players out on loan suggests we are now properly building for the future. Though there's a fair bit of dead wood to be cleared out of the squad. Unfortunately at this level it's not so easy to shift on unwanted players.

So Lambert is here for the long term The one positive is that I doubt he would have comitted himself to the club if he did not see any possibility of long term improvement.

So as they say 'we go again'.
Good report - Guardian
at 18:33 8 Feb 2020

Not often we get much(noticed) from the nationals
What a great idea
at 09:37 7 Feb 2020

I know this does not address the huge problem of the waste we produce - or why folk live in such conditions

I Norway thye have a scheme whereby money is paid to those who collect metal cans. Being Scandinavian they have even put collecting rings around the bins so collecters don't have to rummage in the bins.

And given

'Last month the global temperature was warmer than any previous January on record, according to the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service.'

'A massive hole has been discovered in the Antarctic’s so-called doomsday glacier suggesting it may be melting even faster than scientists have long feared.

The massive Thwaites ridge would send sea levels surging by up to two feet if it dissolved completely – enough to submerge major coastal cities across the globe. Because the UK-sized chunk acts as a barrier protecting the vast West Antarctica, its melting would also destabilise the entire region by exposing it to warmer waters.'

'Antarctica has logged its hottest temperature on record, with an Argentinian research station thermometer reading 18.3C, beating the previous record by 0.8C. The reading, taken at Esperanza on the northern tip of the continent’s peninsula, beats Antarctica’s previous record of 17.5C, set in March 2015.'

with those being stories from two papers this morning

[Post edited 7 Feb 9:39]
another brexit loon
at 20:20 5 Feb 2020
Reading newspapers
at 10:17 3 Feb 2020

To keep myself reasonably well informed I buy a range of newspapers to peruse.

What I do not do, and I am totally against is to copy the behaviour of some naughty folk who use the firefox browser. Whereby they use an add on called Github to by pass newspaper firewalls.

Or so a friend tells me.
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