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Maxwell - 20 years
at 19:47 28 Jun 2022

Out just in time for the 2042 World Cup
Scottish Independence
at 19:21 28 Jun 2022

Will it be a case of Jocks away, or even one of see you Jimmy ?

and is three threads enough ?
Good news women
at 22:58 27 Jun 2022

"and sheriff’s deputy was asked during a campaign stop in Stafford County what she thinks Congress should do if the ruling was to be overturned.

She said she supports new restrictions on the state level, adding that “the left will say, ‘well what about in cases of rape or incest?’ I’m a law enforcement officer. I became a police officer in 2011. I’ve worked one case where as a result of a rape, the young woman became pregnant”.

She was then asked: “I’ve actually heard that it’s harder for a woman to get pregnant if she’s been raped. Have you heard that?”

That should be shocking, but given the ridiculous shi te and lies righties constantly spew out it is not.

She is a police officer
Jumping ship
at 19:48 27 Jun 2022

"Two high-profile Conservative rebels have denied that they plan to defect to Labour after reports that as many as six MPs could cross the floor.

Caroline Nokes was one of the first Tories to submit a letter of no confidence in Boris Johnson over the 'partygate' scandal, while Dehenna Davison opposed Mr Johnson in the confidence vote earlier this month.

The Sunday Times quoted Labour insiders who claimed that at least six Tory MPs were considering whether to defect after last week’s by-election defeats in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton."

meanwhile elsewhere in todays Telegraph we have

Three Red Wall Conservative MPs are in defection talks with Labour, The Telegraph can reveal. Labour sources told The Telegraph that the three male Conservatives, first elected in 2019, have entered formal discussions about crossing the floor to join Sir Keir Starmer’s party.

Those familiar with discussions said the MPs had slim majorities in Red Wall areas in the North that have historically voted Labour and believed they would lose their seats at the next election if they did not defect.

It is understood the three have felt dissatisfied with Boris Johnson’s leadership in recent weeks and were pushed towards the decision after a confidence vote in which 148 Tory MPs did not back the Prime Minister. One source who has spoken to the MPs said they were frustrated with the “ideological direction” of the Conservative Party."

Is this part of Starmers attempt to move the Labour Party more towards a becoming a social democrat party, and so take more of the middle ground from the Tories - as Johnson takes them ever further right.

Maybe it is already too late for the Tories, and the damage has been done.

Where's the Wally ?
at 17:23 17 Jun 2022

One of the constant, whines from Tories has been that any mention of his lying to Parliament distracts, and stops, Johnson from focussing on the other problems that beset the UK.

So where is he today ? Campaigning in Devon or Wakefield ? Trying to sort out the rail strike, school meals, Rwanda, housing shortage, rising energy prices, or perhaps even attending a meeting of 'Red Wall' MPs ?

Nope, gone AWOL, yet again. I wonder what he will have to say this time.

Blame the EU for Russia invading in 2014. The same EU that Ukraine is now joining. Or maybe he will talk about the money he received from Putin, and what it was for - a game of tennis he claims...... arz it was.
Well, who woulf have guessed ?
at 15:54 14 Jun 2022

"Conservative MPs have urged the government to use its Brexit freedoms to ditch the EU’s cautious approach to making sure pesticides are safe for human consumption.

A new report authored by right-wing Tory MPs urges ministers to “peel back” the EU’s “precautionary principle” so that chemical companies can experiment"

Which will mean goodbye to UK fruit/veg exports to the EU

Anyone still think UK farmers won't soon be a thing of the past, unless of course the new trade treaty (when it is ratified), will mean the UK exporting lettuces to Aus/NZ.

And it won't be long before the regulation banning hormone growth, and bleach washing of carcasses will be demanded.

And dim witted brexiteers told us there were no plans for any of this....'master knows best'
NHS, petrol and inflation
at 14:26 9 Jun 2022

In a bid to prolong his stay (surely, promote himself as a competent PM) Mr Johnson announced a number of bold new initiatives in the Commons today

NHS - to tackle the chronic shortage of beds, and the increasing waiting lists hospitals will now be able to sell off beds. With fewer beds, will come less demand and so the NHS will be able to match demand to the number of nurses available - removing the need for more nurses.

Fuel - The Tories plan to reintroduce Green Shield stamps. Which as well as giving 'something aback' to the motorist, will also give a much needed boost to the small gift industry

Inflation - Haggling is to become part of the shopping experience, along with barter. The reduction in prices should soon see inflation under control

Electricity - Many of the giant windmills that blight our countryside, and seas, will be switched off to save the cost of powering them to go round

Airports - To reduce the waiting time, aircraft will be able to increase the number of standing spaces inside the aircraft, along with the reduction in the amount of time spent training pilots. Those with a PSV will now be able to apply for a pilots licence.
Latest poll
at 14:34 31 May 2022

Has the Tories on 31% and Labour on 42% - which would translate into 220 and 339 seats respectively - and that is without any tactical voting. A loss of 145 plus Tory MPs.

Should focus a few minds

the figures can be collated here
What next ?
at 12:10 27 May 2022

A concern expressed by Tories that Labour is setting their agenda begs the question... what next

After weeks of whining that any help would cause a greater rise in inflation (it hasn't done so in Europe as previously pointed out), Sunak this morning " insisted his £15bn cost-of-living support package will have only a “minimal” impact on inflation"

It was the same when the lie was being peddled that a levy would stop investment by the oil companies. That lie only stopped when it was stated,by an oil company chairman, that would not be the case,

However, we now have certain Tories whining that it is 'un-conservative' to be thought to be looking after all of its citizens. Nothing wrong with furlough for businesses, but 'handouts' to the poor are totally against what they stand for.

Still what is conservative is allowing those with second homes to get a double payment, and money for a third or even fourth.......

As with the latest shooting in the US, cap doffing righties over here will spout any nonsense (Mail front page) if it is seen as defending their betters. The fact those bleats are then (regularly) shown to be a lie does not seem to bother those said cap doffers.

So to answer the question posed. I would suggest you keep an eye on the NI protocol as despite all the huff and puff, and the bloaters little foot being stamped, nothing threatened will follow there.

A hapless government, stumbling from one crisis to another leaving a constant stream of failures in its wake.

Reichstag 1933
at 22:44 21 May 2022

" she warned the ageing estate could burn down "any day"
Sanity, decency and fairness is on it's way
at 16:52 19 May 2022

2,196 UK adults, 13-15 May
Tory 34 - 241
Lab 41 - 321

The only movement is a slow widening of the gap over the past 6 months - Starmer remains ahead of Johnson on the 'Best PM' metric for the 6th month in a row.

A Parliament of over 400 progressive MPs - with 140 or so Tories facing losing their seat

The thought is that tactical voting will increase Lab by 10 seats, Con down 10 seats, and as long as gut bucket stays I suspect it will be even more

So Hooray for the walrus of waffle - he is to the Tory party, what rabies would be to Battersea Dogs Home
[Post edited 19 May 17:08]
about time too
at 20:46 18 May 2022

now let's see the twts banned from all airlines
Lie after lie after Johnson
at 12:28 18 May 2022

When will Starmer stop waffling and rip into this liar ?

One example being his blatant lie that taxing the EXCESSIVE profits of oil companies would stop them investing

"But when asked by the Times how much of this investment BP would ditch if it had to pay a windfall tax in the UK, the chief executive replied:
"There are none that we wouldn't do".

He can't help himself
at 12:56 15 May 2022

it would seem

After making an absolute c*** of himself over his comments that the poor do not know how to cook, and a meal can be made for 30p, this odious cretin has now libelled food writer Jack Monroe

Let's hope he goes the 'full Hopkins' and goes to court.

However, what is it with ignorant Tories, that they feel the need to re-affirm that ignorance regularly ?

Dorries displaying her lack of basic knowledge re CH4/CH5. Mickey Fabb (MP for Wig On), Patel, the stick insect, the ex porn watching MP contemplating making a comeback, Eustice/own brands, Swayne/Covid

it is disturbing to think that these people are among us, not the MPs themselves but nutjobs who believe them - or maybe the earth is flat, man did not land on the moon, and COVID, according to Johnson

"dismissed Covid as “the new swine flu” in February 2020 and joked Chris Whitty should inject him with the virus live on TV"

Maybe society really can be divided into those who rely on reasoned thought, and those who depend upon superstition - and we have to recognise that no one has lost out politically, or financially, by pandering to the latter.
Cheapo mobile deal
at 14:40 12 May 2022

I needed a phone for an elderly relic

Found this for around £4 per month, no contract, unlimited calls/texts, 10gb - might be of use to anyone needing just a basic phone (sim only)

and a big thanks to J2, added £20 to my paddy power account, then withdrew and was rewarded with a £15 ASDA voucher

nothing spectacular, but enough to add a small bit of joy to my life *

*don't tell Joy what part of her I have
It's not getting any better........
at 13:37 10 May 2022

..................... in fact, it is getting worse if anything

As the aggregate of polls as of 8th May has the Tories on 34% and Labour on 41% which would result in 241 and 321 seats respectively in an election, as

Whilst the usual caveats apply (events, dear boy etc) these figures have been fairly steady for 6 months now.

What they don't factor in either, is the amount of tactical voting that could take place, as with 1997, when Majors government were seen as not only sleazy but incompetent. The same sense of 'get them out' was apparent last Thurs, in the local elections.

And it's worth looking at the Tory MPs who would lose their seats on current polls - never mind any tactical voting. They certainly will be looking.

So the question is how long can the Tories stick with bloater who is a clear liability - 73% unfavourable v 23% favourable. And can they repair the damage he continues to cause, given the economy is only set to get worse ?
90 years on from Kinder Scout
at 20:21 8 May 2022

"The Guardian joined protesters on Sunday as they walked for a few hours in the sunshine and had a quiet, litter-free picnic in a field next to a conifer plantation."

It is heartening to see there are still those who do not doff their caps to their 'betters', and who recognise that protest is vital to retain the freedoms that were previously fought for, and won.
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