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Bible question
at 12:24 26 Feb 2019

Who was the first man named in the bible to own a motor cycle ?

.................. answer later
Paul Hurst seems to have really hit the skids
at 15:33 31 Jan 2019

He seems to be on a terrible downward slide
FA Cup draw 5th round
at 18:40 27 Jan 2019

Yes, I know we are not in it but it does not stop idle speculation.

Newport to go through and draw fellow 'taffs' Swansea.

Wolves v WBA

QPR v Barnet/Brentford

two Mancs play each other

Wimbledon against one of the Mancs

Millwall at home to Chelsea !

as you can see it's local 'rivalry' that interests, though i don't begrudge any lower league club a good pay day as there's also £30m to be divied out this year in prize money

plus £250,000 to the the club from each of the lower leagues who go the furthest - welcome money if you are in L1 or L2
today's highlights
at 18:10 19 Jan 2019
It's all down t Hurst....or is it ?
at 17:27 5 Jan 2019

Just like the drunk who falls down the stairs blames it on the last pint he had.
Because nothing in our previous decade had suggested this was where we were heading ?

No clues, no indication. Just wallop. A successful club riding high suddenly found itself dumped on the floor without the wherewithal to get up.

Yep, that avoids accepting that we have been on the slide for years. We have ran up an extra £60m or so of debt to achieve what. What current player would fetcha decent fee ? As those who would have long gone.

A right back who could get into a L1 team. Strikers that are clearly out of their depth in the Championship. Nine signed players out of contract in the summer ...all down to Hurst ?

How any times have we seen player's contracts run down ? Any wonder so many 'jump ship' and head to more secure clubs.

Today's sickener is the end product of a long line of incompetence from having a non football owner and CEOs. Lumping all the blame on Hurst rather overlooks that the other managers struggled as well under Evans.

Maybe that's where the real clue can be found.
£10m war chest in January ?
at 19:20 2 Jan 2019

"Meanwhile, the The Sun on Sunday claims new boss Lambert, who was appointed yesterday on a deal also until 2021, was tempted to take the job at Portman Road by a £10 million January war chest."

mind you it was the Sun
Should we be a bit more grateful ?
at 18:25 1 Jan 2019

After all doesn't Evans 'pump money into the club' (insert random figure here) ?

Surely all the blame lies at the feet of Hurst who having been given huge sums (insert even bigger figure here) chose to waste it all on lower league failures. Just as MM did.

Look how the club spoiled Evans idea of a CAT 1 academy, even after Evans allowed fans to contribute towards that cause.

He gave us Simon Clegg, a footballing genius who was so proficient at his job that he was simultaneously able to organise Mr Evans Olympic ticket sales.

And then that other footballing guru, Ian Milne. A man who came up with that clever wheeze of moving all possible money out of the club into another Evans account so as to earn more interest. Sort of pumping money out of the club, some might say.

Hooray for Evans should be our watchword
How strange
at 20:49 30 Dec 2018

Six out of the top nine clubs in League One have won the FA Cup

with a seventh, Luton, being in a final
Seven of starting line up
at 16:57 30 Dec 2018

...yesterday are out of contract in June

Gerken, Spence, Chambers (c), Pennington, Kenlock, Chalobah and Sears

with two on the bench Bishop and Knudsen also out of contract in June.

We lose Ward and Adeyemi and any loanees

So do we cash in where possible ?

However at least if we do go down then we will not have too many 'heavy' contracts to fund.
How many points to stay up ?
at 22:14 26 Dec 2018

If we take 45 points as being a minimum to hit 21st or above then that's another 30 points.

If we draw a blank at Boro then that leaves us with 21 games to get those points ie 1.4 points a game.

A tally that would have us in 11th place were we to have achieved that average in the first half of the season. You can change the variables but another 30 points over 22 games - as opposed to 15 over 24 games so far, looks to be a fair bench mark.

Wen need something from two thirds of the final games.
at 18:58 26 Dec 2018

Watch Spence on 20 secs, total disinterest

Why blame Hurst ?
at 17:05 9 Dec 2018

He seems to be a convenient scapegoat to mask years of 'mismanagement' by Marcus Evans.

How much were the signings he made down to the limited funds made available ? We did not simply become a struggling club last summer. The downward spiral has been pretty much par for the course under Evans.

Yep it might have been two steps forward, one back at odd points. But mostly it has been one step forward and two back. We are where we are now because of that long term decline. Not the actions of one unsuitable manager.

Whatever PL does will be against the backdrop of Marcus Evan's running (ruining) of our club. Nothing suggests that decline will not continue.

Depressing times.

Would relegation see us shot of Evans ?
at 00:03 21 Oct 2018

As we are gong nowhere, and have been pretty much for all of his time here.

If we stay up thiss eason (and it is still early on) then what ? We supposedly raised £12m plus in transfers and a good deal in wages this summer. So if what we now have squad wise is a reflection of that then what next summer.

What money can we raise then ?

The club has been falling apart for years. From the infrastructure to the state of the pitch. Milne is hardly heard from, ticketing and communication is a shambles - usually due to lack of staff.

If it takes us to go down one step to get our club back then so be it. Because the longer we carry on in this dying fashion the longer we face losing folk like Klug and Dozell, long term supporters and any decent player we have.

In fact if we put the whole squad up for sale in January, how many would (as it stands) raise any decent, or in fact, any money ?
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