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Another Tory loon
at 18:49 16 Feb 2020

It is often said that most 'righties are either mad, sad or bad. This one seems to fit all three.

Recently apppointed as the new special advisor Andrew Sabisky seems to have said aloud what many of these types think in private -

' giving all children modafinil, a drug that cuts the need for sleep by two-thirds, even at the cost of “a dead kid once a year

" It is still unclear to what extent FGM represents a serious risk to young girls, raised in the UK, of certain minority group origin"

that women's sport is more comparable to the Paralympics than it is to men's

suggested more black people are “close to mental retardation

and that

the young to undergo compulsory contraception to prevent a permanent underclass'

Any progressive party and there would be loud calls for his dismissal from that party - whereas not only is he welcome in the Tory party, he is given a job in number 10 advising them !

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Long term view
at 18:57 8 Feb 2020

I suspect Lanbert told Evans that there is no short term fix for the - not just the squad.

We have been allowed to druft for far too long and the rot us fairly we ingraine.. This something we have to adjust to. More so those who thought relegation would be the blow that then saw us spring up from the canvas, gain a easy promotion and continue our long climb back.

The number of youth players out on loan suggests we are now properly building for the future. Though there's a fair bit of dead wood to be cleared out of the squad. Unfortunately at this level it's not so easy to shift on unwanted players.

So Lambert is here for the long term The one positive is that I doubt he would have comitted himself to the club if he did not see any possibility of long term improvement.

So as they say 'we go again'.
Good report - Guardian
at 18:33 8 Feb 2020

Not often we get much(noticed) from the nationals
What a great idea
at 09:37 7 Feb 2020

I know this does not address the huge problem of the waste we produce - or why folk live in such conditions

I Norway thye have a scheme whereby money is paid to those who collect metal cans. Being Scandinavian they have even put collecting rings around the bins so collecters don't have to rummage in the bins.

And given

'Last month the global temperature was warmer than any previous January on record, according to the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service.'

'A massive hole has been discovered in the Antarctic’s so-called doomsday glacier suggesting it may be melting even faster than scientists have long feared.

The massive Thwaites ridge would send sea levels surging by up to two feet if it dissolved completely – enough to submerge major coastal cities across the globe. Because the UK-sized chunk acts as a barrier protecting the vast West Antarctica, its melting would also destabilise the entire region by exposing it to warmer waters.'

'Antarctica has logged its hottest temperature on record, with an Argentinian research station thermometer reading 18.3C, beating the previous record by 0.8C. The reading, taken at Esperanza on the northern tip of the continent’s peninsula, beats Antarctica’s previous record of 17.5C, set in March 2015.'

with those being stories from two papers this morning

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another brexit loon
at 20:20 5 Feb 2020
Reading newspapers
at 10:17 3 Feb 2020

To keep myself reasonably well informed I buy a range of newspapers to peruse.

What I do not do, and I am totally against is to copy the behaviour of some naughty folk who use the firefox browser. Whereby they use an add on called Github to by pass newspaper firewalls.

Or so a friend tells me.
Coronavirus is now in the UK
at 09:36 31 Jan 2020

first two cases announced

flee.... take to the hills
[Post edited 31 Jan 9:37]
The're only making plans for Nigel
at 17:11 30 Jan 2020

In another display of his astounding organisational powers the ever thirsty Mr Farage has lined up a party to remember in Parliament Square tomorrow night.

Nigel Fuhrer had " promised comedians, bands and fireworks to mark January 31st." Sadly the only 'comedians' are now to be Dim Martin, Ann Widdiccombe and Julia Micro-Brewery. Although only a few hundred yards down Whitehall, Mr Johnson will not now be attending as was previously stated.

There will not be fireworks either, nor will Big Ben bong ... and "alcohol will be banned from the event as part of strict licensing rules for holding an event in a public place."

A case of not being able to organise a pi ss up with Julie Hartly-Brewer some wags might suggest..................or Farage just shouting his gob off then being unable to deliver.

An apt summary of brexit, it would seem
Re nationalising trains
at 14:12 29 Jan 2020

The Northern rail franchise is to be renationalised, the government has announced, with the state operator of last resort taking over the running of the struggling network from 1 March.

The decision means that the Conservatives have nationalised two major rail franchises in less than two years, after taking over the East Coast line in June 2018, now run as LNER after the collapse of Virgin Trains East Coast.

Shapps last week admitted that the future of another, South West Railway, was in doubt, after the First Group-MTR joint-venture said it was running out of cash. Questions also hang over the TransPennine Express and West Midlands Trains franchises.

Shapps admitted that the privatised model was not working, saying: “We know change is needed and change is coming.”

Unsurprisingly the latter was not mentioned during the election campaign

So what next ?

As the UK lags behind the rest of the EU for ultra fast broadband perhaps the UK government will look to fund a faster roll out. You know, one where the majority of households are connected - on the basis that long terminvestment is better than short term profit when it comes to national infrastructure
Good on yer, Ben (Stokes)
at 22:01 24 Jan 2020

warning - article contains extreme words
just how good is this - bowls
at 23:20 22 Jan 2020
deals on wheels
at 18:48 22 Jan 2020

"Donald Trump has promised to sign a trade deal with Britain "very very quickly" as he told Theresa May: "There is no country that could possibly be closer than our countries."

Mr Trump said: "We will do a very big deal, a very powerful deal. Trade will be a big factor between our two countries." 8 July 2017

"US treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin has threatened new tariffs on UK carmakers after the chancellor defied pressure to cancel a new tax on tech firms.

Former UK chancellor, George Osborne, told the BBC that he thought the government would be wary of provoking the US over the new tax.

"It will be a very brave British government that walks into a trade war with the United States at the very moment when centrepiece of its economic policy is to strike a trade deal with the United States," he told the Today Programme." 22 Jan 2020

This is the reality of things. One where the UK will have to accept what the bigger nations dictate. One where they will seek to shift the balance more in their favour as the UK comes to recognise it needs them more than they need the UK.

So expect to see this not as a one off, but a continual process as the boot will now be on the other foot and previous concessions and benefits of EU negotiated trade deals are lost. Just as the 'big boys' (supermarkets are able to put the squeeze on their suppliers ?

The UK has still to leave the EU and yet so much of the delusion and false claims have already been dumped and swept away. Not looking good for the fantasy that was promised.
No more heading the ball ?
at 15:58 16 Jan 2020

"Last year a study by a team at Glasgow University found that former professional footballers were three and a half times more likely to die from dementia and other serious neurological diseases."

the wheels falling off already
at 10:56 14 Jan 2020

"He refused to rule out the UK and the EU failing to reach a trade deal by the end of this year."

Still, at least he has sorted out social care

"Johnson was unable to explain to Walker why he was taking so long to publish his plan when he claimed in July last year, on the day be became PM, to already had a plan. In his first speech from No 10 Johnson said: “I am announcing now – on the steps of Downing Street – that we will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.”

and any changes would not come into effect until 2025 at the earliest - so there was not 'a plan' last July, just as there is no plan for any trade deal outside of the EU, just waffle, bluster and lies.
20 years ago
at 22:07 13 Jan 2020

after 24 games we had 43 points - 0-0 Boxing Day at Fulham

followed by games against Stockport, Port Vale and Swindon (who they ?)

we ended on 78 points and beat Barnsley in the play offs
Safe journey back
at 17:30 4 Jan 2020

for all town fans heading home - 260 miles and over 5 hours (plus any breaks) journey time

Accrington Stanley to look forward to next week

they especially, and we, deserve better than this
Goals/lowlights here
at 18:29 29 Dec 2019
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