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Taffy come home
at 13:04 19 Oct 2020

"A temporary national lockdown will be put into place in Wales, the Welsh first minister, Mark Drakeford, has announced.

The Welsh government believes a two-week “firebreak” – from Friday at 6pm until Monday 9 November – is vital to help bring the virus under control. "


who is next ?
It's never too late
at 21:51 18 Oct 2020

....................... to score. as a few teams found out this w/e

Chelsea concede late to draw

Spuds hit with a late draw

Palace the same with their rivals

Villa grab a late winner at Leics

Man Utd grab 3 in the last few minutes to win - their last looking like Hursts in 1966

and even the scum get in on the act, though Herr Klippity Klopp misses out with one of the stupidest offsides I have seen

(thankfully we 'got our business done early', so another welcome 3 points)

EU calling Johnsons bluff
at 19:48 15 Oct 2020

"Downing Street reacted in dismay as Emmanuel Macron led EU leaders in warning Boris Johnson that he must swallow the bloc’s conditions, in what appeared to be taken as a direct challenge to the British prime minister’s threat to walk out on the talks."


The sensible thought would be to agree another year or so extension, so as to allow all sides to focus their energy (and money) on dealing with covid.

Sadly, the dyed haired buffoon has talked himself into a corner with his sh it about oven ready deals and 'get it done' that he is stuck in this headlong dash to the cliff edge.

However, other than the usual loons howling to the moon, I would venture that most would accept the need to focus on the virus, and see such action as that of a statesman.

So now's your chance fatboy - by doing something right for once in your life.
the Great Barrington declaration (covid19)
at 21:57 13 Oct 2020

After 42 Tories rebelled over lock down in Parliament tonight, some may be wondering if this is now the way forward -

"An international group of scientists has called on governments to overturn their coronavirus strategies and allow young and healthy people to return to normal life while protecting the most vulnerable.

The proposal, drawn up by three researchers but signed by many more, argues for letting the virus spread in low-risk groups in the hope of achieving “herd immunity”, where enough of the population is resistant to the virus to quell the pandemic.

" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/06/scientists-call-for-herd-immunity-

Trump falls further in poll
at 13:59 4 Oct 2020

This from the Telegraph - 4 October 2020 • 1:44pm

'Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the US election, has extended his lead over Donald Trump in new poll following the President's admission to hospital.

The poll found that 51 per cent were backing Biden, while 41 per cent said they were voting for Trump.

Mr Biden's 10-point edge over the sitting President is 1 to 2 points higher than leads Biden posted over the past several weeks.

Almost two thirds Americans were also found to agree that "if President Trump had taken coronavirus more seriously, he probably would not have been infected."

Only 34 per cent said they thought that Trump has been telling them the truth about the coronavirus, while 55 per cent said that he was not and 11 per cent were unsure.'
Austerity kills
at 03:46 2 Oct 2020

Grenfell Tower

"condemning the deep austerity cuts that he said led to 10 building inspectors with 230 years of experience between them being replaced with a single new graduate at about the time the refurbishment was taking place. “I don’t believe that was the correct way to run a department,” he said.

After two days of evidence in which Hoban admitted not checking drawings properly, failing to read the specification and not understanding the combustibility of proposed materials"

"the cuts to staff between 2013 and 2017, which the inquiry heard were signed off by council leaders, were not the correct way to run a department."

"Hoban tried to set the failures that led to Grenfell in the context of wider deregulation of building standards. He said: “If we had a regulatory body like we had with the Greater London council and the regulations and building act and bylaws we had at the time, and a support network of experts that administered the regulations, I don’t think we would be … here talking about people that lost their lives and all these buildings with flammable cladding and the stress and uncertainty that leaves with people living in those buildings now.”"


no prizes for guessing where the priorities lie with this lot - Robert Jenrick MP

"The law was broken. There is no argument. At a dinner, a planning minister, Robert Jenrick, sat next to a developer who attempted to lobby him to allow a gigantic £1bn project in London’s Docklands. He then reversed a public decision of his own department, and he expedited it to save the developer, Richard Desmond, some £40m in local levy."


[Post edited 2 Oct 3:49]
Pubs to close at 10pm
at 17:20 21 Sep 2020

that'll learn 'em
Where's Boris ?
at 18:42 18 Sep 2020

As the rats desert from the sinking sht, their excuses make for fun reading

None more so than this odious little turd - Toby Young

A friend emailed me earlier this week in despair about the Prime Minister. ‘Boris reminds me of a hereditary king — Edward II or Henry VI — who is so staggeringly incompetent that he must be removed before doing too much damage,’ he wrote. ‘I felt the same way about May but Boris is worse.’

He is not the only person feeling like this. It pains me to say it, but I too have given up on Boris. The final straw was hearing him talk about his plans to create an army of ‘Covid marshals’ last week — Britain’s very own, curtain-twitching version of the Stasi.

What on earth happened to the freedom-loving, twinkly-eyed, Rabelaisian character I voted for? Oliver Hardy has left the stage, replaced by Oliver Cromwell. His government has even said it wants to lower the speed limit on motorways to 60 mph. Didn’t Boris once say that voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3? Where did that guy go?

Some people think it’s all to do with his bout of coronavirus. As one person put it to me, surviving a near-death experience can affect people in one of two ways. Either you become more devil-may-care, thinking it could all end at any moment so why not live life to the full; or you become super-cautious, having been left feeling vulnerable by your brush with mortality. According to that armchair psychologist, Boris has gone through door number two. A less generous theory is that the disease actually damaged his brain in some way — and there is some evidence that cognitive decline can lower your appetite for risk. Whether the damage was psychological or physiological, the implication is clear: he’s no longer fit to be prime minister and should step down as soon as he’s got Brexit done.

This explanation is attractive to former Boris enthusiasts like me because it lets us off the hook. It’s not that we overestimated him; rather that he’s changed in a way we couldn’t have anticipated. But the difficulty with those theories is that his mishandling of the crisis predates his battle with Covid-19.

Few would dispute that he failed to give the pandemic the attention he should have done in January and February, time he could have spent devising an effective containment strategy. Come March, he was just buffeted by events, one minute saying we should ‘take it on the chin’, the next imposing a full lockdown. His lack of engagement with the detail, both before and after his spell in intensive care, means the government’s response has been led by others around the cabinet table, like Matt Hancock, who seem to be wholly captured by a small coterie of scientific advisors who decided early on that Sars-CoV-2 was ‘the big one’ and have been unwilling to abandon that hypothesis in the light of all the evidence to the contrary.

Boris’s supporters cannot claim they were unaware of this risk. His inability to focus on anything for very long was constantly flagged up by those who’d worked closely with him, most recently at the Foreign Office. My response when this was put to me by his detractors was that he had been preparing for the role of prime minister all his life, had a heroic conception of himself as a world-historical individual and wanted to be installed in the pantheon of immortals as one of Britain’s greats. So even if it was only for vainglorious reasons, he would apply himself in No. 10 in a way he never had before. Hal would become Henry V, not Henry VI.

Unfortunately, Boris’s critics have been proved correct. Funnily enough, one of the most prominent, Michael Gove, is now de facto deputy prime minister. Four years ago, when justifying his decision to knife Boris in the Tory leadership contest, Gove said it was because, having seen him operate up close, he’d concluded he lacked the character for the top job. Not lazy exactly, but not serious enough. At the time I took this with a pinch of salt, thinking Gove was exaggerating to make it sound as if he was motivated by public-spiritedness rather than personal ambition. Now I think he was right.

Hope followed by disappointment is a familiar story in politics, a cycle as old as history itself. I should have been better prepared. In future, I will not be so naive.

Toby Young is associate editor of The Spectator.
Written byToby Young

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Trump - not to be sniffed at
at 22:28 16 Sep 2020

Anyone who has been watching Trumps 'town hall meetings' tonight might wonder why he is just gabbling on nineteen to the dozen

Note the dry sniff at 2.42

or at 4.23

you heard it here first

[Post edited 16 Sep 23:06]
a (far) right Charlie
at 12:55 15 Sep 2020

two years

The Magnificent Seven film now banned
at 13:14 14 Sep 2020

.......................along with Snow White and the seven dwarves

even 7 Up* could be withdrawn, so as not to encourage rule breaking

*not the subtitle for the latter film
so that's Christmas cancelled
at 10:04 11 Sep 2020

.............. thank god
US - truly the stupidest nation on earth
at 11:01 10 Mar 2020

Bernie Saunders went on Twitter to make clear that, in the event that a coronavirus vaccine is made available, it should be free to all.

"You’d think that most people would believe that healthcare is a human right and the idea of a free vaccine would be completely uncontroversial. But of course, this is America we’re talking about. (You know, the land “of the free” where absolutely nothing is actually free).

Depressingly, Sanders has inundated replies by angry Americans who think that the vaccine shouldn’t be free. This seems pretty suspect seeing as we already know around 20 million Americans don’t have health insurance. Sanders was called a "communist" for insisting that any future vaccine should be free. "

{i}"Food is more important than vaccines. What’s next are you going to condemn grocery stores for charging people money to eat? " {/i}

The same nation where Republican congressman Matt Gaez mocked precuations being taken against the virus - On Monday, he was told to quarantine himself after learning that he came into contact with an attendee at CPAC, a major conservative conference, who tested positive for Covid-19.

A nation where the righties cannot quite grasp that the 20m or so US citizens who do not have health insurance will not receive the vaccine. So whatever Mr Bigot-Righty does there will be 20m possible carriers of this virus mixing with the rest of those with some kind of pet care plan insurance.

It may not worry him, but it sure will worry other countries about having a US (virus) carrier moored across the water.

And yes righties.... these are your people. They think and act like you.
a nautical theme
at 22:44 9 Mar 2020

coming our way as the next three games has us up against the pirates of brizzle, the bell ringing sailor of pompey and ending with the shrimpers of sarfend

bolton follows that lot but they are already sunk ...... but will probably beat us

and if it had not been for coventry the cod army would have made it four in a row
Johnson's suppressed Russian report
at 19:01 9 Mar 2020

"Russia has been accused of hiring a network of British politicians and consultants to help advance its criminal interests and to “go after” Vladimir Putin’s enemies in London, MPs who drew up the Russia report suppressed by Boris Johnson were told.

In secret evidence submitted to parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC), the campaigner and financier Bill Browder claimed Moscow had been able to “infiltrate” UK society by using well-paid British intermediaries.

Some had “reason to know exactly what they are doing and for whom”, Browder told the committee. Others “work unwittingly for Russian state interests”, he said."


"Browder argues that the Russian state and organised crime have in effect merged. Money stolen from the budget and private companies is used to enrich senior officials – including Putin – and to finance “black ops and special projects”, he told the ISC."

Boris Johnson has defended playing a game of tennis with the wife of one of Vladimir Putin’s ex-ministers in return for a £160,000 donation to the Conservatives. According to Electoral Commission records, she also made four other donations in addition to the one for the tennis game in 2017, amounting to an additional £87,250 given to the party. n 2016 there were five donations to the party from Ms Chernukhin altogether, totalling £77,912.

hmmm, I wonder why that report has still not been made public
Drugs, some sense at last
at 17:11 9 Mar 2020

"A community activist will risk arrest to set up a safe injecting facility in the back of a van for addicts in Glasgow....................It will offer clean water, needles and swabs, as well as supplies of naloxone, the potentially life-saving drug that reverses the effects of opioid overdose, as a means of combating the soaring drug deaths and HIV infection rates across the city............People who use drugs like heroin are injecting in squalid conditions in alleyways and parks, there’s a risk to public with injecting equipment strewn everywhere, and an ongoing HIV outbreak amongst addicts. We are trying to provide a safe place for people to come, but also give them an opportunity to engage with outreach workers, who can give wound care, harm reduction advice or referrals to other services.”


please note this is in reference to addicts NOT those using what are regarded as recreational drugs
Dear Mr Lambert
at 08:09 8 Mar 2020

As discussed before there will not be any magic wand available to instantly clear up the mess of the previous 15 years, or more, mismanagement.

You will not be able to clear out those players who are not 'up to it' - either through lack of ability of self motivation. Many will have contracts for the next season or two as well so you are stuck with them for a while.

Best of luck dealing with the virtual non existent investment in the stadium - bar some turnstiles being painted somewhile back.

The academy and our involvement in the community have been cut to the bone, so you will have to see what can be done there as well.

I've enclosed a pair of ear defenders so you don't have to listen to the the over excited numpties as they shreik and holler while waving bedsheets, that our club should be back to a level .........they will not have seen us ever play in.

For them Rome was not built in a day, it was completed in an afternoon.


M Eavens-Above
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