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Come back Lambert
at 18:31 28 Nov 2021

After 20 games last season we had 35 points
at 00:17 24 Nov 2021

14.26 and the Lord spoke unto Wiles and said 'go forth with the ball toward the defence and yea it shall open up before ye

14.27 and the defence parted, and even the Egyptian could not stop the force

14.28 the Lord looked down and was pleased, and Cook spoke to the multitide, who were sorely displeased, "have faith for I shall deliver ye unto the promised land" and the multitude cried out "go forth and multiply, you false profit"
Worse tha last season
at 08:30 21 Nov 2021

After 18 games we had 32 points and were in 5th place

However, that does reflect the two differing starts we had to each season.

My Cod, what a goal
at 18:57 20 Nov 2021

1.10 sec

pee poor attendance for what was a local derby - 3545
at 18:50 20 Nov 2021
our next four league games
at 19:18 30 Oct 2021


the four current play off teams

6 points ?
at 19:04 16 Oct 2021

apologies, already up
[Post edited 16 Oct 19:05]
Not the nasty party, at all
at 17:41 7 Oct 2021

Out of touch - Peter Bottomly "described MPs’ pay packets as “really grim”, despite their wages putting them in the top 5 per cent of earners in the UK."

Lying shtbag - Nadine Dorries " Universal Credit cut will not push anyone into poverty."

Fck the poor - Terese Coffey captured singing " I’ve had the time of my life” only an hour after the £20-a-week cut to universal credit came into force.

no win is ever a bad win
at 20:56 5 Oct 2021

not three points, but maybe a chance to progress in this cup

and a ten grand bonus

better than a kick in the nadgers
reasons for Cooks failure
at 08:14 3 Oct 2021

1. Long injury list, crippling the squad

2. Too many players from previous managers

3. No funds to strengthen the squad

4. CEO, directors etc not 'football people'

5. Disinterested owners

6. Wrong kind of rain on the pitch

err, that's all ...............for now
Highlights - no singing in the rain
at 21:34 2 Oct 2021

and keep an eye out for the Accrington Ultras flag
If it had not been Doncaster on Tuesday
at 17:23 2 Oct 2021

but had been Wigan, Sunderland or Plymouth, we could now be sat in bottom place

still early days and the fixture list can distort things with who it throws up - so the results are not a sole defining judgement at this stage, though they are perhaps an indication

and a common thread seems to be that a good first half is followed by a bad second half, which might suggest the opposition have sussed us out and made the necessary adjustments, something Cook has seemed unable to do

it is not the mathematics of reaching a play off place, or even an automatic spot that are the real point of discussion, but whether we are actually good enough

Turkey shortage ?
at 00:37 27 Sep 2021

With 79 million turkeys about to join the EU (Farage et al) there should be no shortage come Xmas - and their visas will all expire on Christmas Eve, at the latest, as well.

Now out of the EU, the UK can scrap their oppressive rules and regulations and allow anyone who wants to, to drive a lorry - providing they hold a provisional licence as a minimum. And the governments 'drive 'til you drop' campaign will see lorries on the road for far longer.

Abandoned festival tents will be set up next to fields in East Anglia to allow red wall brexiteers to join the great 'pick for Britain'* campaign, to ensure there are sprouts a' plenty come the festive day (that should get the wind farms going eh folks, Boris).

And to keep down the (ever rising) costs, folk will be able to buy meat direct from the farms - though they will need to slaughter the animals once they have got them home. Instructions can be found on youtube (in Polish).

Boris Johnson - a man of ideas and action, eventually

* another of Johnsons bright ideas - I wonder what happened to that ?
[Post edited 27 Sep 10:26]
Highlights (look away now Bailey P-F)
at 19:00 25 Sep 2021
A false dawn
at 18:46 25 Sep 2021

Lincoln suggests it may well have been, as today was set to be the beginning of the promotion push -and the best I've heard people say is 'well we were better than the Bolton game'.

Bar a few inches offside and a silly keeper error, we would be sat bottom. However we might have snatched it at the end and been two places higher. And over the 8 games so far it has been about last minute goals, which have sort of evened themselves out.

But there have not been the performances that suggest we can even make the play offs, never mind automatics. Weds have stumbled of late, and these are games that we would have been expecting to win previously. Games we actually need to win.

You succeed by grinding out results on bad days - they are where the difference lies come the end of the season.

Winning the odd game here or there is what has put Weds and Lincoln mid-table, and not winning is why we are where we are now. We are not battling to stay in the top two, or even the play off places.

We are struggling to get out of the relegation zone - and nothing today really suggested we will do much more than perhaps win that struggle, but that is all.
Player agents - signings
at 22:09 16 Sep 2021

Burns, Coulson and Chaplin are all on the books of ICM Stellar Sports

as is Celina, which might have helped us signing him

not sure if there others, as not all players list their agents
as bad as Man Utd
at 21:48 14 Sep 2021

they also lost 2-1 to a bunch of youngsters tonight as well

some Swiss team
Gove - this will upset the 'wokeys'
at 16:42 13 Sep 2021

One of the noticable things about the endless Mary Whitehouse type whining from the righties is how the once ubiquitous political correctness (gone mad or not0 has now been replaced with the word 'woke'.

But fear not, these mouth frothing obsessives can see it in everything that happens. So it will be curious (or not) to see how much spittle flies onto their screens when they see the reaction to Goves previous comments. His comments reflect the views their 'betters' had about most of these righties, as he expressed. And no doubt still holds to, but is a little more guarded now.
be any surprise

For those of an earlier generation it might be of interest to hear how these types behaved back then - for others, the utter contempt for the idiots who doffed their cap to them will not be of any surprise.

Well worth a listen
Nothing he said then should come as a surprise - nor should the wails from the 'wokeys' that it is wrong to re-visit the past
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