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England fined £100K and to play next game hehind closed doors
at 17:50 18 Oct 2021

Unfortunately events like this now attract those who will attend anything if they think it is important.

It is wrong to say there were only three days to sort it. The fixtures were known in advance, so planning for any eventuality should have been in place.

Away from the ground, you had the clueless bloated buffoon encouraging the pubs to open - 9am (?) on the morning of the game. Only a gormless halfwit desperate for popularity would not have understood what would follow.

A thought must also be, how many like the OP have not actually read what the ban related to - which makes you wonder how much of what is put out as news is actually understood.
Genuine question...
at 17:25 18 Oct 2021

That does seem to suggest it being the case. If so it begs the question of why not ?

One of the certainties some have been harping on about is that we are chequebook town, a club where money is no problem. Yet in the latter signings it has been a case of 'I signed because it was Paul"

Which rather suggests that having failed with a few others, the thought was

"I know what about 'so and so', I'll give him a call, he must have finished his bread round by now"
'Once the sunshine starts it never stops.'
at 17:12 18 Oct 2021

It shone for a fair few years from Evans backside, as far as a few on here were concerned.

Meanwhile a suggestion for Cook

Might be better to keep your utterances to a theme of

" it's a bloody hard league to get out of, the lads are, and I will make sure they, sweat blood to get us nearer to where we belong"

anything else suggests a distraction
Cook: I'd Love Norwich at Home in the Third Round
at 17:06 18 Oct 2021

Clearly Cook hasn't the slightest idea of where we are, who is who in this region, and what is currently important.

If he is thinking of a 'big game' in round 3 then I think Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham would rank higher - genuine PL clubs who apart from one have not been to PR for a couple of decades. Teams with world ranking stars.

As to big, then get us to the top and every game will be big if you can keep us there or thereabouts.

And as to big, the scum are at Stamford Bridge on Sat we have friggin' Fleetwood. From a town the size of Felixstowe.

We may not be celebrities, Cook. But it's time you got us out of here.

Less talk, more action.
This is miserable and disappointing to see,
at 16:51 18 Oct 2021

eh ?

they would have found a way of buying an away ticket just to

"there was one on the hand dryer in the toilets for the terrace too "

perhaps not on here, but hopefully this cretin will be named and shamed
Whether you're a Cook In or Cook Out
at 20:53 17 Oct 2021

If we don't go up, and he stays we could be welcoming him back to PR next season, when we are at home to Cardiff

and as the Cardiff fan said when he heard he might be visiting PR

"about time too, Dai'
I’ve still got the Faith in Cookie!
at 20:49 17 Oct 2021

Play off s would mean us beating three of the top five over the next elleven games, as well as winning the other five games against the teams that are not in the top five

as to

"sort this defensive frailty out"

that is an effect, not a cause on its own

an effect of having players who cannot give 100% for the whole game, and cannot dominate for the whole 90 mins - if it was that easy to do, it would have been done some while back

perhaps the squad isn't as good as some think
at 20:41 17 Oct 2021

I heard there was a bit of a falling out with PC and Jeffers
Do any of you think Cook will get us promoted this season?
at 15:55 17 Oct 2021

if it were only down to wishful thinking

as to 'despondency'

I am as tall as I will ever be, recognising that does not make me despondent.

perhaps though given that there are probably fewer years left in me than I have lived I could shake off this 'despondency' by telling my self there are loads more years left in the world to be lived

still, if the below helps

Do any of you think Cook will get us promoted this season?
at 15:40 17 Oct 2021

eh ?

Might be an idea to reply to what I actually said
Pompey getting dicked 4-1 Good or bad thing for Tuesday ?
at 15:07 17 Oct 2021

The old 'confidence' guff regularly gets trotted out

Players at this level are usually there through having the mental strength to give it 100% every game - they are not some quiet best man about to give his first ever speech
Do any of you think Cook will get us promoted this season?
at 15:02 17 Oct 2021

What changes, off the field, that will take time, will eventually see us promoted

much as with on the field

what is it that after 15 or so competitive games the squad is still lacking ?

Perhaps it is Peter Reids input at Playford Road, or Morsy s need to gel. Could it be that the keeper we signed as first choice is not ready yet.

The pitch, perhaps when that is replaced, and all the light bulbs that don't work have also been replaced ?

The recruitment team have only just recruited the missing component, or the coaching staff are still getting used to coaching in a new (to them) training ground.

Or in the real world, where we are failing is on the pitch, via a dozen or more players who have been playing football for 15 years, as a minimum. What is it about playing for us that requires them a full season to be able to play to the level we were told was to be not only expected, but almost guaranteed ?
Do any of you think Cook will get us promoted this season?
at 14:52 17 Oct 2021

and only 5 points off relegation

squad quality is reflected in that position
Home to Oldham
at 13:34 17 Oct 2021

No long costly journey for the team, to take a share of a pss poor gate receipt
In three games' time ....
at 13:13 17 Oct 2021

Six points from tge next three games is not so much a breathing space - but an absolute minimum given we play the top five five times out of the following eight (half way point)

20 points after a third of the season points to around 60 points total

However best judge us after the next eight, taking us to the halfway point. We need around another 24 points from these eleven games, which include six games against the top 5.

If judged on league position alone, I doubt many could make a case for Cook staying when the transfer window opens. It will be how well the squad are playing. Whether they can grind wins out of draws, and look like their lives depend on each game.

As up to now they do not have that killer edge that puts points on the board week after week.
Do any of you think Cook will get us promoted this season?
at 21:21 16 Oct 2021

". We should be winning games like this with ease. We can’t because I worry the players bought are not as good as the hype"

That pretty much nails it

We had the same guff last season where supposedly we had the strongest squad in L1. Where are they now ?

They need a bit of confidence.....bollox. A poor exvus for a player not fully committed. The players are training and playing together throughout the week. This gel stuff was yet another tired excuse.

If there was any genuine improvement, today should have seen us totally dominate Camb, and certainly not concede another two goals. The concern is that teams can work us out and so have a better 2nd half against us. So what happens when we play them next time.

A problem that has previously befallen us. Start the season well, then fade in the 2nd half.

There is little that suggest we have the mindset to grind out results week in week out.
FA Cup draw tomorrow
at 20:50 16 Oct 2021

Odd fact, there are seven former FA Cup winners in L1

name them if you want to test yourself

first time we didn't play in the 3rd round last season for decades - let's not have us go out in the first round this time
2 things to say after the game today
at 20:36 16 Oct 2021

And a huge number defended Evans right to the bitter end - which is a measure of the self delusion some of our lot have

And this magnificent run of 5/6 games was against teams outside of the top ten, the one that wasn't we drew.

So what part of the damage that affects on field play cannot be reversed in months. ?

We have a new manager, new coaches a whole new squad.... pretty much everything is new, and at the standard we were told would walk the league.

What is it precisely that we are not doing, other than winning enough games ? Why were we not told that it would take more than a few minths ?
at 19:04 16 Oct 2021

apologies, already up
[Post edited 16 Oct 19:05]
Part of the problem is we've constructed a Championship squad
at 18:31 16 Oct 2021

Whereas most of the problem on here is that too many are seeing things through blue painted specs - as was last season, where the 'strongest squad in L1' was dismantled and then most barely stayed at this level.

The squad has shown that most are bang average, as the table shows. And most have been signed from Cooks phone book, rather than them being any much sort after player.

Whiney nonsense about confidence is just that, whiney nonsense. Cook signed these players. If they are not able to give 100% every game, then why are they here ? Why did the 'recruitment squad' not identify those flaws before signing them.

At the moment, none of us really have the slightest idea of what fees were paid, nor the wages either. I would suspect however that we could offer more than Accrington, Fleetwood, Salford etc without any increase in expenditure so there is not much there to go on.

What counts is having total commitment on and off the pitch. The latter being something that Morsy was supposed to address. A clear recognition of the failings of Cooks squad up till then. This is not some lapse either. Too many games we have let slip, suggesting that there is a lack of a dogged determination to see games out.

Bringing in the likes of Peter Reid and others points to a failing that needs to be addressed. Why ? The thought was that with the best manager, endless funds for a new squad and a top recruitment team, all the parts would be in place ready for the start of the season.

Clearly not, and it shows
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