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An Appeal to All Ipswich Town Fans
Written by itfctrent on Thursday, 9th Mar 2017 20:43

Following Tuesday night’s dire performance and result against Wolves, I think that I speak on behalf of the majority of Ipswich fans here when I say enough is enough. Positive action is required and necessary if we are to oust Mick as manager.

We started this season with real confidence that we may be able to push on towards the Promised Land that is the Premiership. We signed some good promising young players in Grant Ward and Adam Webster, and in the first game of the season we played some really attractive football and won 4-2. Several mistakes were made by us, but there was a lot to build on. How things have changed.

We lost Daryl Murphy, our main focal point in attack who had almost single-handedly pushed us into the play-offs just over 12 months before, for £3 million to Newcastle. Several rumours flew around that we had made million-pound bids for strikers. If that is true or not we will never know, but nothing came of it. Instead, we signed Tom Lawrence and Joniesta on loan, and brought in panic-signing Leon Best to replace Murph.

Lawrence has been a truly inspirational acquisition; Williams came injured and made a couple of appearances before getting injured again. Best showed very very little enthusiasm and fortunately, will not play for us again under Mick (or let’s face it any other manager). A success rate of 33 per cent is not great.

We have been subjected to some real abject performances this season, sandwiched in between the odd promising performance where we thought 'let’s kick on', but we didn’t.

We went six games without scoring in October and we didn’t look like scoring either. I recall our match against Huddersfield where we chanted “We’ve had a shot”, that should not happen in any football match!

This is all down to Mick. He has been in the job for four years now and so cannot shirk responsibility for the fact that Tommy Smith, Luke Chambers and Luke Hyam are the only survivors from the Paul Jewell era. This is his team, plain and simple.

Bar performances, the issue of team selections often sparks mass debates on this site as well. For a long period of time, we had to cope with the dull duo of Cole Skuse and Jonathan Douglas in a 4-4-2 formation. With two defensive-minded midfielders playing week in week out, home and away, it was no wonder our goals tally is so low.

We are the fifth lowest scorers in the league and putting it in to context a bit, we have scored the same number of goals away from home this season as Newcastle have won away from home (13).

Setting a team up to get a point every game is not acceptable, especially if you are playing teams who are massively out of form and are there to be knocked out the park (Rotherham at home). Fortunately, after our QPR defeat, Mick dropped Douglas and has not featured in the league since.

He changed from a flat four to a 3-5-2 and has brought in Toumani Diagouraga and Emyr Huws who have added something to the midfield that we have missed for so long - goals! By changing formation, this has enabled players who have been played out of position for so long to go to their rightful positions. Both Chambers and Freddie Sears have looked happier and have played better, and to some extent, so have we.

However, whilst our performances have improved somewhat of (could they get any worse after Lincoln and Derby?), it is not enough for Mick to stay in his job. If it were not for the sheer brilliance of Bart and Tom Lawrence this season, we would either be in the bottom three or fighting for survival.

Mick McCarthy’s teams have always been very resolute and hard to break down, especially against the bigger teams in the division, however, when his teams have played those who are in a similar position or lower in the table than his own, the plans have failed.

When his teams have been favourites to win and have been expected to win by a distance, things have often come up short. This was somewhat apparent in 2014/15 when we finished sixth, and has become more evident during last season and especially this year. Our players look devoid of confidence going forward. I believe that this is because the attacking natures of our players have been bled dry by Mick, simple as.

Mick has stated that he will wait until the end of the season to decide if he will remain our manager or not, and fans opinions of him will play a part in his final decision.

Therefore, from my point of view, it is simple for us fans. If you are unhappy with the way this club is being managed, take positive action and vote with your feet. If only a few thousand renew their season tickets, something will click in Marcus Evans’s brain to make him think that something has to change. Only then will Mick be out of a job. If this is not the case, then League One beckons for us next season, along with crowds of 10 or 11,000 at the most. In my short lifetime (I'm 17 years old), I have never recalled us have attendances lower than 14,000i-sh.

So to sum up (and perhaps sound like a dodgy advert), are you tired of lacklustre performances, low scoring matches and footballs spending more time in the air than on the ground? Are you tired of 1970s defensive tactics and a stubborn arrogant manager?

Do you miss that feeling going to Portman Road on a Saturday afternoon looking forward to watching another team swatted to one side? Do you miss leaving Portman Road with a smile of your face? Do you miss the Ipswich Town way, the young players coming through the academy and being the poster boys? Do you miss the 'We will score more than you' mentality? Of course you do!

How can this be achieved? Simple! Be proactive and please,
Do not renew your season tickets until Mick has decided if he will leave or not!

Thank you for reading.

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Bloots added 20:52 - Mar 9
Please don't tell me what to do.

Many thanks.

BasingstokeBranch added 21:12 - Mar 9
I'll renew or not as I see fit!

Blue041273 added 21:54 - Mar 9
Of course you are entitled to your opinion but please don't presume to tell us what to do. I for one will be renewing come what may. If MM remains in charge so be it. If a new man comes in, then ok too. But whatever happens I intend to be there to support my team. Hopefully thousands of others will be too. When it's in your blood it is difficult to walk away. If you really support the club you may well come to learn this too.

Northstandoldie added 22:36 - Mar 9
Oh dear..

itfc_steve added 23:57 - Mar 9
Blue041273 accidently down arrowed you!!

Ps. This is awful. Ill follow my team whoever is the manager, but thanks.

lincolnshireblue added 02:16 - Mar 10
No. We will be renewing our season tickets thanks. We intend to be there to support our team.

TR11BLU added 07:48 - Mar 10
100% agree although I came to this conclusion several months ago.
I will not return next season with the dinosaur in charge - if that marks me out as not a real fan then so be it, I have reached that tipping point having followed home and away for five decades.

warkthelint added 09:28 - Mar 10
Agree totally with your sentiments and we are being bled dry.Worst footballing team in the land and playing a "style" of football that makes one lose faith in the beautiful game and I think mm's time was up after the Portsmouth FA Cup debacle personally and I think most know that his time is up..and his body language shows that he too knows it is time to go.We are a shadow of the force we once were...

BYRNE_16 added 12:26 - Mar 10
Epic fail. I think you should've left your age off the blog, I'm sure fans are grown up enough to make their own choices!

osborne added 12:30 - Mar 10
This childish effort makes me wish you could down-arrow blogs! Football in the 70s was pretty good as I remember it, but my memory could be fading. I'll support my club, my team and my manager through thick and thin - have done for over 50 years. This blogger is 17 - go now before you become a real fan - I've heard Chelsea are a good bet this year.

hogster1970 added 14:22 - Mar 10
well ive been supporting town since i was 5 some 41 years ago, but like a awfull lot of fans and supporters ive had a gutfull of MM, im at about 70 % sure i and my mum and daughter wont renew next year, my mum has been a supporter for atleast 65 years and even she has grown tired of how we are playing, the reading and leeds draws was quiet exciting to watch and the anticipation was emense in those games and it was like the days of old how ever they are so few and far between, so i feel its big descion time for alot of people.

and please dont bag the poor young lad he may only be 17 but atleast he watches itfc unlike alot that comment on here and is entitled to his opinion, and unforchantly they will be alot of fans agreeing with him aswell.

personaly i cant see us changing unless MM goes, and we bring in some one fresh and will actually adopt the 5 point plan rather than playing his average at best mates even if they are playing pants.

and remember i and alot of people who still goes had to endue John Duncan days but they wasnt as bad as this and he dint have a pot to wee in neither but he also didnt have the bosman rulling neither which helps these days for players to go on a free but then can negociate better wages.

and yep they may be spelling mistakes but who cares its friday

cat added 15:14 - Mar 10
Brave post itfctrent, good for you. I completely agree with the football points you make and the fact it's been going tits up for 2 seasons now. Although I cannot understand why some fans are CONTENT with the ways things are, everyone has a right to a opinion and to choose if they watch ITFC or not. A mass boycott would be catastrophic, gradual fallen attendances are not sustainable, so actions will have to be taken, hopefully sooner rather than later.

cat added 15:18 - Mar 10
Hogster1970, marked you down by mistake, apologises

joepublic added 19:33 - Mar 10
Fair play for expressing your opinions and contributing to TWTD.

There are clearly many issues at Portman road and many things need to change.

A boycott will not be everyone's choice but it is clear that attendances are dropping and even current season ticket holders are not even turning up to every game.

If thats not an indication of the terrible situation we find our club in I dont know what is.

One things is for sure slagging off a young fan for daring to express his thoughts and ideas just because of his age is not the answer.


cat added 19:51 - Mar 10
Well said joepublic, there's a couple on here who should be questioning there posts, complete tw@s imo!.

Daleyitfc added 21:26 - Mar 10
Mostly moronic responses from the 'keep the fafe' brigade : strewth.

Lightningboy added 21:55 - Mar 10
I feel your pain - i've been a fan for 30+ years.

Unfortunately some will continue to choose to stick their heads in the sand - you can tell by some of the responses that they're quite content with MM - this is why we'll be stuck in this division for years (at best).

Not saying people shouldn't go to PR OR renew their season tickets (eventually) But unless our owner is given a wake up call over the next couple of months then it'll be even worse next season under MM.

For now the most effective way to shock Marcus Evans out of his slumber is to sell virtually no season tickets.

Wallop added 22:25 - Mar 10
Fair points. I don't think anyone can say they are happy with what ITFC have become both on and off the pitch. Change is needed throughout the club. I don't think there's anyone out there to buy Marcus out, given the level of debt and then investment needed on top of that. So we're stuck with him. I just hope he has the energy, desire and drive to oversee such change....

northblue added 08:03 - Mar 11
I shall be renewing my season ticket. We talk about MM but if you are not given the money to buy decent players and make do with what you can get then I say Evans sell to someone who is prepared to invest.

Wallop added 08:30 - Mar 11
So we need someone to take on £86m of debt and invest say £20m in transfers and wages.

Who out there would be prepared to put over £100m down for ITFC?!! Not going to happen..

OsmansCleanSheet added 13:07 - Mar 11
Well said! Those that have been so unfairly critical of you will still be renewing their season tickets and 'happy clapping' the rubbish produced on the pitch when we are in league one.

Palestine added 15:05 - Mar 11
Well written lad. Agree with you in the main. I wouldn't pay to watch this all year. Those getting upset because someone suggested a course of action, now now, it's ok.

I'm wondering at 17yrs old what a town fan's greatest town moments are? I feel pretty sad to think you haven't really had any...

Palestine added 15:05 - Mar 11
Well written lad. Agree with you in the main. I wouldn't pay to watch this all year. Those getting upset because someone suggested a course of action, now now, it's ok.

I'm wondering at 17yrs old what a town fan's greatest town moments are? I feel pretty sad to think you haven't really had any...

OsmansCleanSheet added 18:06 - Mar 11
Palestine, apologies marked you down by mistake.

bohslegend added 13:00 - Mar 13
FIFA17 expert.
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