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I Think I Need Some Help (Pt 1)
Written by cornishblu on Sunday, 7th May 2017 21:59

Well this horrendous season is now officially over and it is one that I know I and many supporters will want to forget very quickly.

However, it will bode us all well to try and pick over the bones and determine where it has gone wrong and what could be done better.

What baffles me though is that throughout the season we have become a divided forum, some still very much in the Mick camp whilst others (myself included) have been very anti-Mick for quite some time.

Why are we so divided, why can't we agree on the state of our club and have a united opinion?

I get easily frustrated when people don't understand what I believe is there 'plainly to see' and so therefore would like to try and understand why people think the way they do. It might well be that my opinion gets changed so to understand is what is needed.

I would love to sit down and talk through with someone who actually believes that Marcus Evans is doing a great job for this club. For me it's the same sort of wish to sit down and just talk to someone who thinks that driving down the middle lane of the motorway, regardless of traffic and of how many other motorists flash them to get out of the way, is perfectly acceptable. That get frustrated when flashed at, yet appear to be completely oblivious (or just plain ignorant) to the impact it has on other drivers.

So Marcus Evans. He came in with a plan to splash money and get to the 'promised land' despite being warned that this approach might not work, and since the master plan has failed has year on year and continues to fail our club.

I just don't understand why. In his defence, Mick and increasingly the press and so-called experts keep rolling out the fact that he sustains the club by putting in around £5 million per year, so therefore we should be extremely grateful .

As per the Sunday Times Rich List, our fantastically generous owner is the 167th richest person in Britain with a wealth of approximately £800m, therefore the annual injection of money he puts into our club is approx 0.75 per cent.

I am an average wage earner, taking home £1,600 a month, I get to go to about 10 games a season and due to location spend approximately £1,000 per year doing this. I have no savings due to salary so my investment in supporting our club is five per cent of my 'wealth', proportionally nearly seven times that of Marcus Evans.

Yet as a supporter putting in the level of my wealth that I do in comparison to Marcus Evans, all I currently see is my once proud club in fast decline, only able to attract a growing number of players from non-league or no club, seeing supporter numbers dropping and playing a style of football that previous servants of this club have called inept, embarrassing and just plainly not good enough. And my reward for that is to get told that matchday prices will continue to rise, asking me to proportionately put in more of my wealth for a product that is getting worse and worse.

So please help me understand, why do you think he is doing a good job? Look at the headline figure and applaud him for his support.

If Marcus Evans truly cared as much as we did why doesn't he reflect and say he'll match the investment that the supporters of the club do in proportionate to their wealth with the proportion of my wealth, an annual investment of fiv per cent would be £40 million. I just then wonder whether supporters would take him seriously and believe that he has the club at heart or is the owning of a football club just 'good idea of his', one that he can use as a tax off-setting venture, one where he rarely turns up so is oblivious to the impact that he is having?

You can keep driving on the middle lane Marcus , we keep flashing at you and telling you to pull over, as in my opinion your investment is not even in the slow lane, you should get into the hard shoulder and pull over into the next service station and take a break. You are ruining our club because you just aren't interested. Someone please help me to understand.

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Palestine added 00:28 - May 8
I quite like this.
Also you should factor in both your relative DISPOSABLE INCOMES. When you look at it like this your relative investment becomes much higher than his.

DurhamTownFan added 07:18 - May 8
Or if you count your assets like house, car etc then it goes down a bit.

Loved the analogy of the middle lane driver though. Clever and quite applicable! You can say that MM is a bit like that also, and we know it is always an old person in an outdated car in the middle lane: just like Micks football!

TR11BLU added 07:41 - May 8
Good blog.
Hopefully Pt 2 will focus on the dinosaur issue. ME can pump more cash in but would you trust old Dino with it?

Mick out

leahcar88 added 09:04 - May 8
I may like to Evans and tax off setting that also advertising of his company across our shirts.

Bring back Greene King as we errnt very good with Fisons

kozmikken added 15:15 - May 8
personally I think MM could get us up with £20m to spend!

Swn98 added 08:29 - May 9
Dont bother with Part 2

cornishblu added 08:50 - May 9
Swn98 ....thank you for the constructive comments ..."help me understand" ironic that you didn't ...still you obviously don't mind people laughing AT you ....where as I would find that embarrassing

........unless of course you are one of those middle lane drivers...because now you are making me understand a bit clearer

Swn98 added 07:51 - May 10
Cornìshblu I have a very good sense of humour perhaps those that are laughing at me are so far into their own opinions they don't realise I'm taking the p out of them.
Have a good close season next one will be better.
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