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We Should All Be in This Together Now - Fans, Local Media, Everyone
Written by MikeDove33 on Tuesday, 8th Jan 2019 15:58

Do our local media outlets not have a responsibility to be that extra avenue of positivity in addition to Paul Lambert during one of the most worrying times in our history?

I’m as angry, disillusioned and scared as any other Town fan with our current situation. I could scream at certain things that are going on at our beloved club.

However, the current wave of negativity and loaded journalism from some elements of the local media has reared its ugly head again and then in turn, the very small section of ‘keyboard warrior’ Town fans are back in force abusing everything any anything.

What does this achieve, other than a pretty nasty atmosphere and feeling of negativity? It’s tough enough as it is right now.

We know it’s far from great right now at the club, but we don’t need it rammed down our throat with an added twist of negative personal opinions, or agendas designed to gauge a reaction.

We can deal with the real deep-rooted issues in May, but let’s not add to the pressure now, whilst we can still save the season. The uneducated abuse towards the club, some players and even Paul Lambert on certain social media platforms, from people who honestly have no idea beggars belief.

Do our local media outlets not have a responsibility to be that extra avenue of positivity in addition to Paul Lambert during one of the most worrying times in our history? I know the media everywhere need their angles or a sniff of controversy to sell papers, gain listeners and viewers, but surely from our club and town’s point of view we should all be in this together now (fans, sponsors, media, club staff etc) and give these lads, the manager and the club absolutely everything they need to perform and be feeling as good as possible about themselves right now?

Yes, maybe this will make for slightly less sensationalised headlines or articles, but for now surely that’s a good thing? Let’s focus on the few positives, be totally unified and hope for better fortunes. There is enough positivity coming from Paul Lambert and certain players to be writing about.

I understand totally that this is essentially papering over the cracks, but isn’t that what we need to do until May if we are to stay in the Championship? Paul Lambert is the best thing that has happened to us in a long time. Let’s give him the support he needs to achieve the first main objective and then start the rebuilding process over the summer. The support from fans on match day is phenomenal but it needs more right now and that’s having everyone on board.

It’s a tough enough job right now as it is, without some of the negativity being thrown around. I fully appreciate all fans and media are entitled to an opinion and everyone deals with frustration differently, but how does it benefit them when a very small minority are abusing them from behind a keyboard, throwing in the towel and saying our club is dying? Can’t we forget that for now and focus on us staying in the Championship?

It’s only my opinion, but I truly believe we can stay up. In Paul Lambert I believe we have a manager who can drive us forwards next season. We are very fortunate as a club to have the most amazing, loyal and passionate fan base. After the Millwall match it would have been all too easy to turn on the players but oh no, not Town fans. I told my kids at the final whistle how proud we should be of that, even though I was seething at us for throwing that game away.

However, the usual problem is social networks and some of the media. The negativity from a very small minority of fans and certain elements of the local media is just draining and sad to read. Unfortunately this spreads the current negativity due to the results even further and has a totally counterproductive effect in between matches. I hope to God the players don’t read it, but I fear that some do.

This culture of being incredibly abusive through social media to certain players, the club, the managers and the owner is getting worse. People with little or no knowledge of the bigger picture sit behind a keyboard and spout abuse based upon their own opinion rather than any kind of fact. What is their endgame? Something to have a laugh about with their mates or count their retweets and likes? What do they achieve from this, other than making a tough situation even worse?

Also, why oh why are there still so many ongoing references on social media and occasionally in the media about Mick McCarthy? The section of fans who wanted him gone got their way, but they are still going on about it to this day, even some fans who wanted him to stay are still referring to it. Does it give them some kind of pleasure?

Move on for God’s sake, I bet you Mick has. Personally I didn’t want him to go and liked him a lot. It didn’t take a genius though to work out that due to a total lack of support he was holding it all together with essentially nothing, even though it wasn’t the most fun football to watch. However, it also wasn’t hard to acknowledge that his relationship with some fans and possibly some of the local media was beyond repair and totally broken.

We have a great new manager now and we’re facing our biggest challenge in years. Can’t we focus on that now and be positive until such time that we have nothing to be positive about, which we pray never comes?

With regards the local media specifically, I am not for one second, professing to know your industry and wouldn’t be so arrogant to do so. However, I’m fairly sure I’m right in saying that you have a big influence on people's thought processes and their general feeling towards the situation we find ourselves in.

You bring us all the very latest hot off the press news from the club. As I have mentioned before, can’t it be just about ‘Mission, keep the Town up’ rather than putting an extra spin on stories? Headlines like “The day that hope died”, “Writing looks on the wall”, “Ipswich playing in the third tier now looks an inevitability” and “This looks sadly to be the day that hope died” are not facts yet and hopefully never will be, but my god they create a pretty depressing picture.

These quotes were all from just one issue of a local paper. It becomes a bit draining after a while. Sure the clubs fortunes need to improve in a big way and that is down to them, but why be so dour? It can’t be fun writing this kind of content? As Paul Lambert said we ALL need to be pulling in the right direction.

We all know far too well what is happening right now and don’t need it being rammed down our throat every minute in the papers and their respective social media outlets. Why not buck the trend for once and try to bring the whole community together through positivity for one thing only, success on the pitch for Ipswich Town on a long term basis? The town will be buzzing, we will all be happy and the subject matter for all to report on will great and enjoyable to read, listen to or watch.

We must ALL, fans and media alike get behind the team at every turn to ensure we keep our great club in the Championship and then go from there. It must hurt be hurting the players as much as anyone that things are still not happening for them.

Every time I chat with fans at matches they totally agree that our fans our nothing short of amazing, but the very small minority and some of the local media have too much of a negative impact. They seem to be the same minority of fans who think that the negativity and rumour-mongering from some quarters of local journalism is correct, warranted and needed. Through these all too numerous conversations I’ve had, I know I’m far from on my own with this view. We all want the same thing don’t we?

I for one am in a total state about our current situation, but choose not to air my huge frustrations and opinions in public at a time when we need more than ever to be as one, to keep our club where they need to be! Then the bigger issue at hand can be dealt with by the people directly involved.

Here’s hoping for a united front from ALL Town fans between now and May, a bit of positivity, even if it’s just to make us feel good and at the very very least a 21st place finish. I know my summer will feel a whole lot happier!


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Class_of_81 added 16:02 - Jan 8
100% Agree. Portsmouth and Sunderland have got behind their teams we need to do the same.

LimitlessBlue added 16:14 - Jan 8
Lets all bend over, take one from Big old Marcus and be relegated in silence! lets not allow ourselves to think or act negatively until we are relegated and then we can ask questions... move on please....

linhdi added 16:23 - Jan 8
Great blog. A huge effort of support could make a big difference.Lambert is absolutely the right manager for this crisis.

Marshalls_Mullet added 16:26 - Jan 8
Stay away from Twitter, FB etc etc.

Trac70 added 16:28 - Jan 8
Spot on LimitlessBlue. I'm 110% behind Paul Lambert. I've regularly said/posted that I really hope and pray that he stays when (and unfortunately it is when) we're relegated. I think we have a chance of bouncing back with him as manager. It's Evans I have the issue with and even Paul Lambert has now started to mention the way the club has been run regarding contracts loans loans loans ect. I'd like Evans to come out and face the media (nit an in house staged event) and tell us all exactly what his plans are for the future?? Truths NOT utter garbage. If we aren't careful this could spell the end of ITFC as a club. Sad and worrying times and the silent owner STILL remains faceless!!

rickw added 16:54 - Jan 8
I don't blame the local media - I think they are just trying to report the truth and represent the feelings of fans, and at the moment a lot of fans are blaming Marcus Evans.

If the journalists were reporting nothing but "We're playing well" and "We're going to get out of this" then they'd be accused of just being ITFC propaganda. Sometimes when things aren't going well owners/directors/managers/players can't not be criticised....

AlanG296 added 18:10 - Jan 8
Ah the old negativity doesn't help, let's all be positive and everything will all turn out fine argument. It's never been the job of local media to act as cheerleaders, I've been critical of local press in the past for ignoring things the club has got wrong. Only the players, backed by management and coaching staff, can save us from relegation. If they are affected by what others are saying then they haven't got the mental strength to be a pro at this level, and I've sung my heart out for the lads over the years to know that it makes no difference to performances, it's just that people like to think it does.

Felstow1978 added 18:45 - Jan 8
The ME PR department must be getting paid by the word. Worthy effort but woefully misplaced sentiment. The role of the media is to hold up a mirror to Evans and his huge "achievement" in destroying the soul of our club over the past ten years or so. Someone needs to tell the Emperor that he's standing on the centre spot, stark ballack naked.

Felstow1978 added 19:19 - Jan 8
Apologies AlanG meant to upvote you x

Kingfisher49 added 09:41 - Jan 11
Whatever the thoughts are of the past, it all needs to be parked and all the energy put into the present and the future. The squad is what it is and PL will bring in replacements as he feels they are needed. So as supporters we must do the same give him our support and believe he will get us upwards and onwards. The players do not go out to fail the club, with full support they will react to positive vibes and try their best. What In essence that is needed is a positive attitude looking forwards without going back over the past which has gone. Certainly PL is a manager with those credentials and let us all back him. COYB.
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