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Gove comparing Prince Charlie to Hitler been done yet? 19:25 - Jan 18 with 3057 viewsartsbossbeard

Corbyn, Spence & Knudsen's fault, no doubt.

Please note: prior to hitting the post button, I've double checked for anything that could be construed as "Anti Semitic" and to the best of my knowledge it isn't. Anything deemed to be of a Xenophobic nature is therefore purely accidental or down to your own misconstruing.
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Gove comparing Prince Charlie to Hitler been done yet? on 07:12 - Jan 20 with 222 viewsjjblue84

He’s always wanted to be Jimmy Carr and now he’s finally getting noticed!
Gove comparing Prince Charlie to Hitler been done yet? on 09:55 - Jan 20 with 159 viewsartsbossbeard

Gove comparing Prince Charlie to Hitler been done yet? on 11:21 - Jan 19 by GlasgowBlue

Oy vey!! Where to start?

What we have here is a thread, and series of replies, designed for no other reason than to bait, silence and discredit a man of Jewish descent, who has a half Jewish wife and children with Jewish blood, because he is a vociferous critic of the rising tide of antisemitism in the party who may well form the next government in this country.

Top work fellas. Goebbels would be proud of your work.

I’m away this weekend, and Mrs GB gets the raving hump when I am distracted by talking to what she calls my “imaginary friends” (see she understands irony despite living here all of her life). So rather than get bogged down in a ten pager I shall address the points that I have read so far. After that I shall get on with the rest of my weekend so you will all have to continue your soft antisemitic* w@nkfest without me

ABB. The Gove clip was discussed on here in 2016 when it first started to surface. You have also brought Corbyn into the discussion so let’s discuss the context of what Gove said and what Corbyn has said and done with regards to the subject of antisemitism.

Firstly Gove. is not a politician making a political speech and throwing in a joke at the expense of 6 million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. This is a wannabe comedian delivering a monologue on a Mary Whitehouse Experience-esque comedy show he co presented with David Baddiel. This aired around the same time as The Day Today and other shows which dealt with dark humour.

Is holocaust humour acceptable? My view is no. I don’t enjoy Holocaust humour when delivered by Jewish comics such as Joan Rivers, Mel Brooks or Larry David. When a non Jew does Holocaust humour then I find it completely unacceptable. And for that reason I unequivocally condemn Give for delivering the monologue. I also found the mocking of suicide distasteful in the monologue. It was a cheap joke aimed at what was the

But as I say, I am condemning a rubbish comedian. Not a politician. If Frankie Boyle, who has made jokes at the expense of the disabled amongst others, decided to give up comedy and pursue a career in politics then should his past jokes be held against him? An honest answer please.

Moving on to Corbyn, and the points made by both ABB and Bluesquid.

Jeremy Corbyn did not pursue a former career in comedy (Although some may say he has succeeded in that respect considering his performance as Labour leader).

As a politician he has shared a platform with and associated with some of the worst anti-Semites, blood libellers and holocaust deniers that the world has seen. Not because he desires peace, as his fan club may claim. But because he agrees with their aims.

He hasn’t made one inappropriate joke. He has:

Called for the release of two convicted bombers who set of explosives at a London building that housed Jewish charities.

Praised Hamas, a group who murder Jewish civilians, and referred to them as his “friends”. Of both Hamas and Hezbollah, he stated “It is our job to support those people”.

Hosted an event on Holocaust Memorial Day which compared the actions of Israel with that of the Nazis. That is a violation of the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

Sponsored a bill in the hoc calling for the elimination and replacement of Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK.

Gave support for an antisemitic mural to remain on display.

Defended the Rev Stephen Sizer over a series of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Praised Raed Salah, who has been convicted of spreading antisemitic blood libel. Corbyn said to him “I look forward to giving you tea on the terrace [of the HOC] because you deserve it.

Appeared on Iran’s propaganda channel and promoted anti-Israeli conspiracy theories. On another appearance he referred to convicted bomber as his “brother”. The bomber had murdered seven innocent Jews.

Othered the British Jewish community by saying that at some point British Jews had been driven into Zionism and that despite living here all of their lives they still didn’t get English irony.

Regularly attended events organised by self-confessed Holocaust denier, Paul Eissen, despite being aware of his views.

Laid a wreath at the grave of the mastermind of the Munich massacre whilst stood next to the leader of the PLFP, a terror group who have carried our numerous murders against Jews, including a British Rabbi.

Been a member and participant of two secret antisemitic Facebook groups,

That’s just a few examples. I haven’t even got onto how he has badly handled the anti-Semitism crisis that has gripped the Labour party which has seen the British Jewish community organise two marches on Parliament Square in protest.

So I’m afraid you comparison with Gove’s appalling and disgusting joke doesn’t wash. Perhaps we can discuss the reasons why I am so vehemently opposed to antisemitism and why you find the need to constantly challenge me on the subject. I feel that sometimes things can get lost in the written word and it's much better expressed face to face. So I am inviting you to a friendly chat over a pint at the Wigan game which I am attending next month.

Oh, before I go, I can’t leave out Back To Russia.

Mate, year of self-confessed weed use has fcuked your memory.

i) I never mentioned right wing propogandists having information on Corbyn. I said that Tory Central office will be compiling a file of all Corbyn’s past associations with terrorists and other unsavoury characters to use against him.

The thing is, if you don’t hang out with murderers and terrorists whilst supporting their aims then there isn’t a file to compile. It’s not as if they need to make anything up. Most of his misdemeanours are a matter of public record.

ii) The “antisemitism stuff” didn’t start after “spygate. That story came out just under a year ago. I have been highlighting Corbyn’s antisemitism since early 2016 when it really started to become an issue. Ryorry won’t be able to comment in this as she is no doubt on here way to the match, but she has confirmed a couple of times in the past that I have been speaking out against antisemitism (from all sides) for over ten years. It’s just that the issue in the Labour party has been so huge that there is far more of it to highlight.

*Yes antisemitic. What would you call the constant questioning of my motives for raising this issue when fully aware of my family background? Think about this.

Would you constantly call in to question the motives of a man highlighting Islamophobia in the Tory party, who has a surname that identifies him of Muslim descent, who has a wife who is half Muslim and kids with Muslim blood? If the answer is no then take a good look at yourselves.

I've just took the time to read your reply and as much as I'd be up for a chat and a pint with a fellow town fan:

a) We're not playing Wigan at home next month, we've played them already.
b) That's a little deep for me on a match day. Can we look at funny WhatsApp videos instead?
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Please note: prior to hitting the post button, I've double checked for anything that could be construed as "Anti Semitic" and to the best of my knowledge it isn't. Anything deemed to be of a Xenophobic nature is therefore purely accidental or down to your own misconstruing.
Poll: Raining in IP8 - shall I get the washing in?

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