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Tyger Smalls 10:12 - Mar 3 with 2001 viewsitfc48

Does anyone know if we had any interest in Tyger Smalls? Rumours are he's set for Arsenal's academy after being spotted playing for Haverhill Rovers.
Tyger Smalls on 10:14 - Mar 3 with 1980 viewsWeWereZombies

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Tyger Smalls on 10:19 - Mar 3 with 1945 viewsTheTrueBlue1878

That goal is a moment of genius.

I suspect we have seen him though, with Toby Egan being there.

My friend Jemel Fox is playing there with him, will ask the question.

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Tyger Smalls on 10:21 - Mar 3 with 1926 viewsDoctor_Earman

No idea, but what a name though!
Tyger Smalls on 10:34 - Mar 3 with 1870 viewsfabian_illness

Any relation to Biggie?
Tyger Smalls on 11:40 - Mar 3 with 1773 viewsSWGF

Tyger Smalls on 10:34 - Mar 3 by fabian_illness

Any relation to Biggie?

Derek's grandson

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Tyger Smalls on 12:41 - Mar 3 with 1677 viewsScuzzer

No...but his brother Washme is in a spin.

Established 1968

Tyger Smalls on 12:46 - Mar 3 with 1648 viewsjeera

Tyger Smalls on 10:14 - Mar 3 by WeWereZombies

At least those don't look a tight fit.

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Tyger Smalls on 13:00 - Mar 3 with 1592 viewsclive_baker

It's highly unlikely that we wouldn't be aware of him.

Although you never know with the state this club is in.

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Tyger Smalls on 16:58 - Mar 3 with 1399 viewshaughleyblue74

Tyger Smalls on 10:14 - Mar 3 by WeWereZombies

He has a young brother whose name is Magic who is even better by all accounts, we are aware of them as they are a Newmarket based family but from what I hear their mother has always tried to get the boys into London clubs.
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