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Story of the Season book
at 16:00 21 May 2024

Apologies to Phil if I've broken any rules here, however for those like me who are rapidly building up a collection of promotion mementos, Town fan Marcus Parrott has just launched pre-orders of his latest book. I bought the last one and absolutely loved it. Great price as well!
Promotion Merchandise
at 10:23 9 May 2024

Why didn’t they just use the same graphics as they used for social media - whatever effect they’ve stuck on the merchandise looks a bit naff.
Home Ticket Priority
at 15:29 7 May 2024

I don't envy those that have the job of working out how the home ticket priority should work for next season. I remember last time we were in the Premier League a ballot system was in place which worked ok from what I recall.

As a long-time member, I would like to think loyalty is rewarded however I do recognise the importance of getting the new young fans hooked. I certainly don't expect to go to more games than I have been attending during an average season but would like to have some priority over those that have been to less games. I wouldn't be too chuffed if every game was on the luck of the queue and I expect there will be plenty of away fans by membership and trying to get tickets if some sort of points system wasn't in place.

Am also expecting some sort of price rise but hopefully a sensible one - I've seen some horror stories from other clubs. I've no reason to doubt our ownership though as they've been great so far.
Morgan Rogers
at 15:25 30 Jan 2024

£1m to £16m in 6 months. Now there's some player trading that will get Mr Ashton envious. I think Villa have grossly overpaid there - he didn't look anything special against us. The likes of Burns and Hutchinson must be worth a pretty penny if you compare them directly.
at 11:05 4 Dec 2023

Thought they had some nice combinations at the end of the game. Certainly gave us a nice amount of control.

I was surprised when McKenna didn''t go that way at West Brom when they were dominating the midfield. Certainly looks like a decent alternative against certain teams.
Second goal
at 12:23 14 Aug 2023

Apologies to Wes Burns and Kayden Jackson if I'm doing them a disservice here however I thought the second goal was a great illustration of the excellent coaching we now have. Would the old Burns have been so composed in picking out Jackson? I get the impression the old Burns would have taken a touch and then tried to blast it towards the edge of the 6 yard box. Instead, he was calm and waited to pick a great option.
Would the old Jackson have intelligently peeled off like that? He's always had the pace but not necessarily the quality of movement to match.
at 09:56 13 Feb 2023

It's blatantly obvious that we have to work a lot harder to score a goal than the opposition do to score against us. I'm sure the statto's new favourite metric xG will back this up.

Saturday was a great example - was incredibly underwhelmed by Wednesday as they seemed content at hoofing the ball up to two frontmen and living off those scrapes however they managed two goals using this tactic. Plymouth a far superior footballing side to Wednesday IMHO.

We love a cross. Lots of lovely intricate passing to shift the ball wide only to find a defender's boot or head. I wonder when teams are setting up like Wednesday did if it's worth going with Hurst and Ladapo to try and convert a few more of these crosses. Given the physical nature of these games, Chappers making way for the 2nd striker would be the option. He was anonymous first half and was fairly anonymous at Cambridge as well.

Don't get me wrong there are games that suit Chappers down to the ground however we need a plan b for when the bus parking timewasters are in town.

Shape on goal kicks
at 11:45 16 Jan 2023

We seem to have a specific set-up for our goal kicks designed for playing out from the back which does seem to work well most of the time.

However, this Saturday we faced a clued-up Plymouth team who were very well set-up by Schumacher. He'd obviously worked out, we like to do this and that we're quite a small team in comparison so would mostly be second favourites in an aerial match-up.

My concern is we didn't seem to adjust our shape enough when going long which meant Ladapo was isolated. The nearest player was often 20+ yards away meaning the chances of winning the second ball were slim.

Credit to Plymouth they crowded the midfield and stifled our passing game for much of the match. I did think Plymouth looked slow and a bit shaky at the back so it's a shame Jackson's pace wasn't utilised. Plymouth would have then had to decide whether to keep gambling with the high line or drop a bit deeper which would have given our midfield more space to play.

Overall it was a scrappy game at best. I think we have more talent in our squad however they seem to have a very effective system for this league.
New Kit Pricing
at 10:36 17 Jun 2022

Our kits are a relative bargain compared to the big boys of the premier league. £70-£75 for an adult shirt and £55 for a junior shirt is quite frankly scandalous in the current climate. They seem to forget their fans aren't on Premier League wages.
at 11:25 9 Jul 2021

I see Bristol City have gone with Hummel for their kit which must have been an Ashton deal. I wonder if we'll go the same way? Personally, I'd love a Hummel ITFC shirt.
[Post edited 9 Jul 2021 11:26]
The Goal
at 09:06 27 Jan 2021

Watching last night's goal felt like a sense of deja-vu. This season we've seen numerous chances and goals come in the exact same fashion and the coaching staff and players have yet to come up with a solution.

1. Ward gets caught up field with the ball played in behind him
2. McGuiness has to cover the left back postion which is the correct thing to do.
3. Woolf gets attracted to the ball. For me this is Woolf's weakness. They were playing one striker up top and as the other centre back he should have been his priority. In the end Wyke peels off him and Woolf ends up in a nothing position.

This all leads to a massive gap that Wyke exploits. For me Dozzell isn't really a defensive midfielder, I think we miss Skuse here as he would spot the danger earlier and fill in for Woolf. The other question is should Chambers have the shuffled across to close the gap? It's a gamble given the man at the back post but the striker in the centre of the goal surely has a higher chance of scoring.

Anyway, I'm no coach, however, for me, it's unforgivable this keeps happening time and time again.

On a positive note, the lads defended well apart from that blip.
Cambridge United test event
at 13:12 8 Sep 2020

Just to highlight the popularity of the EFL trophy, I've just seen on Twitter that Cambridge still haven't sold out their restricted allocation of 1k tickets for tonight.
Tyger Smalls
at 10:12 3 Mar 2020

Does anyone know if we had any interest in Tyger Smalls? Rumours are he's set for Arsenal's academy after being spotted playing for Haverhill Rovers.
Luke Matheson
at 16:09 31 Jan 2020

Rochdale looked to have sold him to Wolves for around £1 million.

Looked decent against us and is only 17. Imagine the meltdown on here if we sold a player like that for that little. He must be in a similar bracket to Downes and Wolfy in terms of potential.
Rod Stewart
at 09:34 25 Jul 2019

For those wondering what sort of money the Rod Stewart gig might have made us, Bolton made £40k. Surely we'd have made more than that?

Jack Lankester
at 20:40 12 Jan 2019

Wise beyond his years. Anyone else notice that when he saw Dawkins was about to come on he sprinted to the left wing to get as far away from the dugout as possible.
at 10:13 29 Nov 2018

Looked closely at the defending last couple of games. I've been shocked by the general lack of technique. I'm not a fantastic footballer by any means however I had a decent colts coach and he taught me the basics of defending. I found a few key issues.

Getting tight - For their first two goals Spence was nowhere near tight enough to the winger. When you give a winger a couple of yards it's not hard to make an angle for a cross. I also noted for the second goal Spence managed to get squared up which made it easy for the winger to make that half yard he needed. He then also inexplicably tried to stop the cross with his left foot. If he'd used his right foot it would have probably been a corner instead of a goal.

Body positioning - For the first goal Knudsen's body positioning was terrible. It's a lot harder to defend when angled towards your own goal. Had he opened his body up he'd have had a better idea of what was around him and any clearance would have gone away from the goal and not straight at Bart who then fumbled.

Showing inside/outside - Another basic of defending is deciding whether to show the attacker the inside or outside. I could not understand why Knudsen showed Barnes the inside basically inviting him to shoot. If he's showed him the outside yes they may have scored from the cross however we'd have been far better equipped to prevent an attempt on goal.

I just find it baffling players can make it to this level with such obvious technical deficiencies.

Attacking throws
at 08:51 29 Oct 2018

There was a clear change in tactic with attacking throws on Saturday with every throw going short. Now I know we are trying to keep the ball more and Milwall are good in the air however given our toothless attack surely it would have made sense to get our three centre backs into the box every now and again?

at 08:45 3 Oct 2018

Is there really any point us playing wingers when we can't get bodies in the box? Got to go two up top.
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