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You wouldn’t know there’s a game today.. 13:31 - Sep 19 with 321 viewschrisswailes

The level of general apathy is so apparent at the moment (myself included).

Is it due to the lack of crowds do you think? Bigger issues than football currently? PL? Probably a mixture of all 3 for me, but mostly the third one.

I feel almost guilty and hypocritical for watching us as the moment because of my dislike of PL, although I suppose that’s more down to my own issues and sense of not belonging with anything!
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You wouldn’t know there’s a game today.. on 13:35 - Sep 19 with 283 viewsIllinoisblue

It still doesn’t seem like a real season. I’m more excited about my U11 team having our first game of the season today. Even if we have to travel 25 miles to another county for our “home” game.

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You wouldn’t know there’s a game today.. on 14:13 - Sep 19 with 190 viewsSwansea_Blue

Yeah I think it’s the lack of fan participation. None of us are getting ready to go to the matches and so you don’t have all that build up. It’s whole day event for an lot of away games, so you’ll have people posting the days before about which pubs to meet in. You’ll have others posting as they set off, or while travelling. It’s a 90 minute event now that you only have to get ready 5 minutes before. And that’s only if you have a stream.
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You wouldn’t know there’s a game today.. on 14:16 - Sep 19 with 175 viewsStokieBlue

I'm quite looking forward to the match, it's nice to have football back even in a limited way such as we have.


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