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No subject 21:08 - Jan 26 with 406 viewsKropotkin123

The most frustrating part of our current freefall is everyone and their dog saw it coming, except Mr Hopeful Green Shoots. We could have got someone in when we were still in a fairly decent position after beating the divisions "lesser" teams. Instead we have wasted this season. Opportunity cost evidently means nothing.

This is likely to be our sixth loss in seven home games. Normally you'd say that the players are playing in front of a toxic environment. Reality is, we just have a poor manager and a poor owner.

Lambo delenda est
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No subject on 21:09 - Jan 26 with 345 viewscatch74

Plus looking at the last two games, two very beatable teams - both challenging for play offs.

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No subject on 21:11 - Jan 26 with 297 viewsjeera

The club's skint.

The younger players are being paid in maize according to Mills.

Well it looks like a duck, it sounds like a duck. Nope, dunno what it is.
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No subject on 21:15 - Jan 26 with 234 viewsTractorWood

gIvE HIm TwOo WeAKss

I know that was then, but it could be again..
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