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Def Info
at 21:35 26 May 2018

Bart to Liverpool.

My mate, who might know someone in the know that has a surname that rhymes with flop... says he needs a keeper that can catch
If Jack Ross joins Ipswich this board is going to be like...
at 13:54 17 May 2018

Article from a while back
at 09:05 29 Apr 2018

I haven't seen this before. Great read. Great to hear the passion and confidence in Ipswich. Talking about a philosophy to get us promoted.

Great to see us really go for it against a poor team. Rather than set up not to lose, lose by an odd goal and hear about how they don't deserve to be down there. So refreshing to see us breaking with pace, take people on.

The manager is key to how we get the best out of the influx of talent coming through from the youth system that MM, Klug, ME have re-established. I think Burley is right. We need to go out of our way. Make an offer that Mogga can't turn down and continue this positive and refreshing approach to games.
I've been thinking...
at 19:37 1 Apr 2018

Although Kieron Dyer will likely be our manager, I can't top thinking that perhaps Luca Wrightman would be a better option. There is something about him that makes him seem perfect or the job.
Rumour has it...
at 10:36 31 Mar 2018

Hristo Stoichkov has applied to be the next manager, outlining he wanted to join a club were the fans demand to see attacking football.

Would you be keen on Stoichkov?
The Next Manager Is…
at 19:50 29 Mar 2018

Yep, you guessed it... Kieron Dyer. And here’s why

1. Budget: Kieron has proved he can work on a shoe string budget. In the academy Kieron has had to rely on his own wits to get his team playing football. He doesn’t buy in the best talent, he coaches them to be the best.

2. The Highest Level: You don’t get much better than international football for the national team. This kind of experience will be crucial in pushing people to be the best they can be.

3. “The Ipswich Way” aka entertainment: Kieron gets his team playing great football. He knows what the fans want, as he played here before with that attacking intent.

4. Experience: Kieron has learnt from the best. Sir Bobby Robson and George Burley have both imparted their wisdom. Not to mention the high calibre international managers. He seems like he’s taken that on-board with the wisdom he recently imparted.

5. The Rooney Rule: Kieron was against this, as he knows he is the best, and doesn’t need a rule to help him. Give him a chance and he will prove he is great - again.
at 17:01 26 Aug 2017

As statistics shown this morning demonstrated, only one club has won more than 4 in a row, at the start of the season, since Fulham at the turn of the millennium. Our run was an excellent one, particularly when many put us down as relegation contenders. But it had to come to an end at some point, and many thought it would be this weekend.

By the end of the season we may well be relegation contenders, but our opening few results suggest were are above that level this season. Perhaps an upper mid table side, which will certainly be a more entertaining prospect than last season. Our football, even if we get outplayed at times, should also be much better, based on the performances we’ve seen so far.

For the first time this season we failed to score. But this is already way better than last season, when we had racked up 3 blanks, including against home tie against Stevenage, by this stage. It took us until our 4th from last game to win two games in a row last season! We have already got 4 in a row.

Seeking to justify their own club’s poor starts, many have looked at Cardiff, who admirably continued their winning run, and Ipswich with jealousy. Many fans have claimed that if they had our start, they’d be undefeated. On today’s showing, perhaps Fulham fans might be right. But this game could just be an outlier. A point where we look back and say, actually, if we had two centre backs, we would have had a platform to build upon.

Whilst Fulham boosted their claim on the theoretical, it was Norwich’s turn to prove that they couldn’t emulate us. “Credit where credit is due” I hear you cry. Fine… Norwich made rapid work matching our goals conceded at The Den. They valiantly let in 3 goals in 42 minutes, before deciding to try and match our goal scoring prowess. Unfortunately for them, they failed, losing 4-0.

Elsewhere, another of our early season opposition showed that they were no mugs today, by smashing former premiership side Sunderland 3-0. Brentford held third placed, and a much respected and touted Wolves.

Early on in the season, teams can just play the wrong sides on the wrong day. A good way of judging those unlikely to do more than struggle, after 5 games, is to see which teams have conceded the same or more than the games they’ve played. At a glance, Burton -5, Bolton -6 and Norwich -6, look to be the truly terrible teams. The good news of course, is that we still have 2 game to play against these poorer sides.

So what is the reality? The reality is this is football. It always has been a game that surprises. Of course not so much that you can just pick up a terrible manager from the 4th tier of German football and expect him to run a championship side anywhere but into the ground. But surprising nonetheless.

Will we be as outclassed as those that went to the game today are say we were. Probably not. We should still expect to see a much more competitive season, one that is much more enjoyable than the last one. We should expect last season’s inners and outers to put it all behind them and base their observations upon what they see this season.
My Grandad...
at 10:30 25 Aug 2017

I didn't actually realise he organised the civic receptions for Ipswich, until this article. Pretty obvious now I read it though. Never one to boast about his achievements, but we obviously found out what he did for the town as we were growing up. I think the article has described him and his life well.

It still hasn't sunk in for me. He was making solid progress, after an operation. It's good to see they got his season ticket count in there! I feel really fortunate to have lived alongside him for 31 years. My Dad's dad died when my dad was 10, which emphasises how fortunate I have been.
A New Fan's Perspective: Millwall v Ipswich
at 18:20 16 Aug 2017

So, I went to my first game of the season last night and had a great time. I wanted to write a little review through the eyes of my girlfriend. She’s a Korean Canadian and this was her first game in the UK and her only game as an adult. She wanted to come to a proper football game, rather than a top side, so she could see football through British culture.

We have recently moved to Canary Wharf, so what better game to go to than Millwall away. Close by and a cultural experience, lol. We met up in London Bridge with my uncle, cousin and his girlfriend, who was attending her second game, after a bit of a failure at Fulham away last season.

We necked a few pinks, and my uncle stepped it up by suggesting a round of shots. In amongst all this we set up Super 6. It is round 3, and only my girlfriend and I had missed the first 2 rounds. She had no clue, so I showed her the table, and she picked some scores.

She got her first brush with British football culture when we were on the train, noting that it was livelier than normal. This was followed by surprise at the amount of guys peeing in bushes and random chants on the way to the ground.

We managed to get there in time for another beer and enough time for me to explain what “16 years in the championship, we’re still famous and you’re still ****” and for her to get out her phone and record some of the shenanigans.

We were out on the terraces long enough to take some seats that weren’t ours, and to see the huddle. At this point I had to explain why we called ourselves “blue army” when we were supporting the team in red, and that we would be standing the whole game, even though there were seats provided. Stuff like this made me think we don’t exactly make it easy for newcomers.

I had prepared her for some chants like “the referees a ******”, but credit where credit is due, the ref had a solid game, so she couldn’t use the full extent of her new found repertoire. The crowd were pretty “rowdy” for the first 40secs, and then in astonishingly bad fashion we conceded a terrible goal.

I must admit, at this moment in time, I thought I might regret bringing her to the game. My mind flashed back to what I think was Millwall away, when they crossed it, it went in, and we played out a tedious loss or draw.

But moments later they showed why they have been tipped for relegation, conceding an equally bizarre goal. I haven’t seen a replay, so I don’t know if the shot was deflected. If it wasn’t what was the keeper doing!

With the crowd back on track the fans could crack on with baiting Millwall. She didn’t miss a moment to join in. And posed some more cracking questions. “why do they have more fans than us?” and “why are they so quiet, when they have so many more fans”.

On the pitch we kept giving them the ball, a decided not to really test their dodgy keeper. But the strikers were keen to run at Millwall, when we finally stopped heading it, and put it at their feet in front of them. It was exciting at times. Our pressure was rewarded with a goal. Instantly “We are top of the league” went around.

Moments later Millwall had pulled one back and they were singing “Top of the league, you’re having a laugh”, much to my girlfriend’s amusement this was put down with “championship, you’re having a laugh”.

The game seemed to be heading in all square, so my girlfriend went to the toilet, and we followed soon after to get a beer. The plan was to catch her as she went back. But the confusion around the bar – They ran out of pint glasses and then ran out of beer (?!?!) – meant we missed her. I must admit that receiving her text “where are you, you ******!” filled me with a certain level of pride, given the environment she was in and the songs she had heard.

I went back and grabbed her just in time for us to see the goal on the TV, and the downstairs to go crazy during the break. During the break she said that she was having a great time, and she likened it to being at a concert, albeit a more aggressive one, as there was a competition. She proceeded to break out with “backstreets back alright…” … “…”.

With that firmly behind us, we went back up to some more seats that weren’t our and watched 35mins of overtly defensive tactics. They inevitably scored and my cousin summed up what most of us were feeling in the moment – “That’s his fault” pointing at MM. Millwall were a bad team, and we should have kept pressure on them.

Luckily it just set us up for an even crazier end to the game. My uncle said to my girlfriend that she needs to get out of the way quickly if we score because he would go crazy. We did, she did, he did, and I followed into the stairway. We resumed baiting Millwall fans, and stayed until the first pump. She like Chambers, particularly after I had to explain why fans were singing “One ****ing Chambers”.

After exiting, we stayed in the caged area, waiting for the gates to open. We then turned our attention back to the Super 6… “***”… My girlfriend is top of our Super 6 league. Not just the round, but the whole month. Out of the 6 games, she got 5 results correct, including 2 of the scores. One of those was the Hull/Wolves game. Like we said “***!”, lol.

We rounded off the night with a pint back in London Bridge and then made our way home. This morning she has been watching her videos of the night, and humming and singing “ole, ole”. She observed that “it was not very high quality, compared to World Cup matches” but it was “a lot of fun”.

For 55mins we played with intent, and even if it wasn’t the most talented game of football, it was exciting. My girlfriend said she “would go again”. Honestly, we won’t be regulars down at Portman Road, we have more things to do in our spare time, and don’t get me started on those train prices! But this game won over a new fan. Someone who will pay to see our club again, and I think that is worth noting.

Given all the negativity, it is good that the management has recognised that they have to entertain to keep old fans, and attract new ones. It looks like Millwall will be relegation candidates, but that shouldn’t take away from the change in attitude towards playing football. I just hope we stick to that 55mins of intent, and not the 35mins of inviting the opposition to score.
[Post edited 16 Aug 2017 18:36]
BBC Goal Vote
at 10:32 1 Aug 2017

Apparently there is a vote going on each day until the start of the season. With Beckham currently in the lead in this section and Yeboah just behind my question is, is Beckham's goal really that good? I had Yeboah first and Beckham in 4th or 5th. It was good vision and a good shot, but a big part of the goal was the keeper's mistake and there is no challenge on him. Where a the others and particularly Yeboah's who is going to stop that? And there is people obviously impacting the build up to their shots.

So, am I missing something or is it better than the others?
[Post edited 1 Aug 2017 10:37]
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