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Tables Since Oct 7th
at 14:42 8 Mar 2020

R Team Pts
1 Rotherham 47
2 Portsmouth 47
3 Coventry 47
4 Oxford 44
5 Peterborough 41
6 Sunderland 40
7 Fleetwood 39
8 Doncaster 38
9 Gillingham 38
10 Wycombe 36
11 Burton 32
12 Accrington 29
13 AFC Wimbledon 29
14 Blackpool 26
15 Lincoln City 26
16 Rochdale 26
17 Milton Keynes Dons 25
18 Ipswich 25
19 Shrewsbury 25
20 Bristol Rovers 24
21 Bolton 22
22 Tranmere 20
23 Southend 15

Points Per Game
R Team PPG
1 Coventry 2.04
2 Oxford 1.91
3 Rotherham 1.88
4 Portsmouth 1.88
5 Peterborough 1.71
6 Fleetwood 1.70
7 Sunderland 1.67
8 Wycombe 1.64
9 Doncaster 1.58
10 Gillingham 1.58
11 Burton 1.33
12 AFC Wimbledon 1.26
13 Accrington 1.21
14 Blackpool 1.13
15 Lincoln City 1.13
16 Rochdale 1.13
17 Shrewsbury 1.09
18 Bristol Rovers 1.04
19 Milton Keynes Dons 1.04
20 Ipswich 1.00
21 Bolton 0.92
22 Tranmere 0.91
23 Southend 0.63

Let's not do the last 10 games
Break News
at 21:48 4 Mar 2020

... title fail, lol
[Post edited 4 Mar 21:49]
at 23:24 15 Feb 2020

Great to have him back behind the sticks. Huge kick for the 2nd goal. Route one for sure, but they couldn't deal with that pressure. Great assist.
Majority my...
at 20:31 16 Dec 2019

As you know, before the election I claimed that I didn’t recognise the forthcoming result because I argued it was undemocratic. I congratulate the Conservatives on their victory, it is a real coup! Jokes aside, if you are a Lib Dem supporter or a Labour supporter, you only have your own party to blame.

Labour governed from 1997-2010 and decided not to bring in a form of proportional representation. The Liberal Democrats decided that a 5-year coalition without a referendum on proportional representation was worthwhile.

Moreover, the parties read the election landscape incorrectly and were tactically naive. I was told that political parties are like buses - You get on the bus that takes you closer to home. So was it worth agreeing to vote on a new bus route, when we had one two years earlier? There was massive anti-Corbyn sentiment prior to the election that was obviously going to end in tears.

Conservative Majority?
Like most of you I woke up to the news that the conservatives had won a landslide victory (I no longer do all-nighters watching it). The initial results looked impressive - 365 seats - a sizeable majority even before SF tell the UK parliament to do one.

I was rather less impressed when I saw their vote share increased from 42.3% to 43.6%. Even in a month of Sundays a 1.3% increase transitioning into a 47 seat increase is unbelievable. That is before we even point out that 43.6% is not a majority.

If a child told me 43.6% was a majority, I’d question the education system. The fact that adults swallow this rubbish is beyond me. It is theft. The majority that is claimed is stolen. But stolen from who?

Liberal Democrats have a bad night? And other misrepresentations.
It was claimed that the Liberal Democrats had a “bad night”. Afterall their leader lost their seat. But as much as the board takes its collective joy from Bluefish’s suffering, the election system stole his vote. It decided that Bluefish’s votes was not worth the same as others.

The Liberal Democrats increased their vote share by 4.2%. That’s an increase of over 3 times the Conservatives. What did the Liberal Democrats extra 1,324,562 voters get as a reward for casting their vote? -1 seat. This was a misrepresentation of -65 seats, which was an increase of misrepresentation from their -36 seats in 2017.

The environmental movement increased their vote share, but still only received 1 of their 18 seats. The Brexit Party got 642,323 votes and no seats, which was a misrepresentation of -13.

A mandate for independence?
Another party claiming they had a mandate from the people was the SNP. With 1.2m votes, they had a misrepresentation on a UK level of 22 and on a Scottish level of 21. With 45% of the Scottish vote they claimed to have a mandate to have a second referendum. Bizzare to say the least.

North of the border the conservatives fell victim to the system, losing 9 seats. This also highlights how bad the misrepresentation was in England. Labour also lost 10 seats they deserved here and the LD 2.

A broken system
With 47million registered voters, one third of voters thought the democratic system wasn’t worth their time. You can tell from my contemptuous tone, that I was one of them.
[Post edited 17 Dec 2019 9:55]
This Country is not democratic
at 10:28 7 Dec 2019

and I do not recognise the forthcoming election results. They are rigged in favour of increasing the majority's share over the minority.

Last election it took roughly 40k people to vote in one conservative MP. Whereas it took almost 200k to vote in a Liberal democrat MP, 550k to vote in a Green MP and UKIP didn't get a single seat with 600k votes.

Based on a 650 seater house, the Conservatives got 42 MPs more than the population wanted. Labour got 2 MPs more than they deserved. Liberal Democrats got 36 less than they should have, Greens got 10 less than they should have and UKIP should have had 12.

This will be repeated time and again because the main benefactors each time don't want a democratic system. They want the system that maximises their position.
Corporation Tax in Europe
at 10:09 7 Dec 2019

Country %
Isle of Man 0.00
Hungary 9.0
Montenegro 9.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10.00
Bulgaria 10.00
Kosovo 10.00
Macedonia 10.00
Moldova 12.00
Cyprus 12.50
Ireland 12.50
Liechtenstein 12.50
Albania 15.00
Lithuania 15.00
Serbia 15.00
Romania 16.00
Belarus 18.00
Croatia 18.00
Switzerland 18.00
Ukraine 18.00
Czech Republic 19.00
Poland 19.00
Slovenia 19.00
United Kingdom 19.00
Estonia 20.00
Finland 20.00
Iceland 20.00
Latvia 20.00
Russia 20.00
Portugal 21.00
Slovakia 21.00
European Union 21.30
Sweden 21.40
Denmark 22.00
Norway 22.00
Turkey 22.00
Euro area 23.30
Italy 24.00
Austria 25.00
Netherlands 25.00
Spain 25.00
Luxembourg 27.08
Greece 28.00
Belgium 29.00
Germany 30.00
France 31.00
Malta 35.00

Sorry if this has been posted before. My colleagues were banging on about how high corporation tax is.

1. It is evidently comparatively low.
2. Raising it to 26% is a bizarre number to choose, as it puts us above countries like the Netherlands that we compete with.
3. Somewhere between 21-23% seems fair

Side note: If companies like Starbucks and Amazon don't pay tax, then they can do one. We don't need them. Other companies will take their place as other companies will want to make the clear profit available in that space.

If anything, these companies should pay higher tax than smaller companies, in the same way higher earners should. A small start-up is more vulnerable than a company like Starbucks.
Round Four: Eagle
at 16:10 14 Oct 2019

Introduction And Recap
Just been watching the highlights of the top six
at 09:53 6 Oct 2019

Peterborough's attack is too good for this division. Some how Wycombe score one penalty and came away with a 3-3 draw. I see Akinfenwa was given one, but looked like two OGs to me. Wycombe didn't look bad in defence, Peterborough just have good strikers.

Ipswich looked to be the better team in the highlights with a couple of nice moves. Jackson's control and ball through to Norwood was great. Norwood needs to find a bit more confidence in front of goal. Maybe he's playing within himself with the injury. Fleetwood didn't seem up to much. A couple of half chances. Should have been 2-0 with the bad penalty miss

Coventry City
Shocking defending. Zero communication. If you watched that game in isolation, you expect them to be in the bottom six. It was really was that dreadful.

Play on Monday

Lincoln were by far the better team. Big mistakes at the back. Should have been 4-0 from the highlights. A missed penalty and a certain goal denied by Lincoln's own player blocking the shot

I was really surprised at how bad the teams were at the back.
phewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Great job
at 16:59 5 Oct 2019

Says they didnt have a shot on target all game. well played Town
red card... what happened? (n/t)
at 16:55 5 Oct 2019

Ipswich fans cause traffic jam travelling to Fleetwood
at 17:32 1 Oct 2019

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