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Kieron Dyer Podcast
at 10:44 2 Jun 2021

Roughly 30mins in. Such as good response, a really genuine fan verses professional moment. Don't want to ruin it with specifics, for those yet to listen/watch.
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Tennis and the Media
at 19:10 31 May 2021

"Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open after refusing to do news conferences"

Tennis athletes are forced to talk to the media within 30mins of the match. Questions deemed to be counterproductive to establishing a winning mentality.

What do people think? I think I'd take a Kimi approach to media duties if people asked stuff I didn't like.

I feel it is different to football, which is a team game, where the responsibility is somewhat shared.

Interesting that mental health was brought up and the French tournament was essentially "we give help for that" and "you are fined 15k".
BLM: Founder stepping down
at 08:25 28 May 2021

It reportedly has nothing to do with this - "The 37-year-old activist's finances came under scrutiny last month after it was reported she owned four homes."

According to press releases, she owned two of the houses before BLM received any sort of significant financial contributions and the is no organisational money linked to any of the four houses.

I find it interesting that when someone is financially successful and playing the capitalist game well, they are discredited because of it, when the try and make social change.

And on the other side, when you don't have money and you try and make change, you are also targeted for your lack of wealth as a way to discredit you. XR were called "crusties" by the PM BJ for example which characterises the protestors as unwashed and homeless.

So I guess my question is: How much wealth should one have to be able to pursue socio-political justice? Really looking for a bracket here.

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Countries that Don't Exist
at 10:52 27 May 2021

Keno's post also got me thinking about countries that don't exist that could have been really powerful if they existed today.

What do you think would be the most interesting country in terms of changing the political landscape today?

Guidelines are... Try and pick countries that existed for a bit of time of have some cultural ties, as opposed to winning and load of wars and imploding soon after. So yes to the Polish-lithuanian commonwealth but no to nazi Germany.

I'm going for Lotharingia, as it incorporates the "European corridor" that encompasses many of the most profitable cities in Europe.
at 10:41 27 May 2021

Following on from Keno's post about British battles...

France is often percieved as cowardly when it comes to wars. But the reality is they got smashed in WW2 because the German's went through neutral countries, where France had not made sufficient defenses and they were I'll prepare technically and financially to have a drawn out war.

They put up over a million soldiers, many times greater than ours at the same time. They didn't have a sea around them to cover their inadequate preparation. They continued to fight back with one of the largest resistance movement s (circa 250k). They also suffered the biggest initial losses.

Many people just remember this war and don't realise that France has been involved in the most wars in Europe and had the most battle victories.

With this in mind, what are the most significant French battles?
at 14:32 26 May 2021

What do you make of this? This is the "silver pourer" that I linked you to when we were chatting about silver. He's not buying silver this year. As a producer of silver items, a "stacker" and a big name in the silver community, I thought this was pretty significant. Are you still of the same thought-process or having a re-think for the short-term?
Would you support the banning of heading a football?
at 08:40 20 May 2021

Would you support the banning of heading a football?

Your Vote:

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Most promising Town player who didn't make it...
at 13:47 17 May 2021

Personally I remember Nabil Abidallah was a Dutch international at multiple youth levels and at the time I expected him to break into the team, but he didn't go on to have a decent career.

Who did you think was going to be the next big thing for us?
I want my money back...
at 08:24 17 May 2021


Linked XI
at 22:08 16 May 2021

Is this where we are up to on the rumours? Have I got people in the right positions? Is this the basis of a good team at this level?

GK: Benjamin Siegrist
D: Sonny Bradley
D: Cedric Kipre
M: Callum Connolly
M: Sam Morsy
F: Owen Dale
F: Martyn Waghorn
F: Joe Dodoo
S: Conor McAleny

M: Lee Evans
M: Jermaine Anderson
M: Erhun Oztumer
S: Jordan Rhodes
S: Kieffer Moore* Opting for him over Bart in terms of likelihood
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Any Canadian Blues Out There?
at 15:16 13 May 2021

Relocating in a couple of months. I have a Wise (ex Transferwise) account. I have a Canadian bank account on it. But it says I can only receive money via EFTs... Domestic wire transfer, OBT and SWIFT are not yet supported, as it has only recently been added.

Struggling to understand how companies commonly pay staff and whether getting an additional bank account should be a priority. So thought I'd try my luck on here, as google and YouTube are failing me.

Any ideas?
All the Best Freddie
at 18:49 11 May 2021

Not sure if this has been posted. Just came up in my feed.
at 17:56 11 May 2021

We'll wait until we're back in Europe for that one, ha ha.*

*Blue Monday / TWTD interview reference
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