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Falling birth rate in interesting
at 11:42 15 Jul 2020

It's sad that this is the reality and in my age generalisations I obviously miss situations like yours.

For me, I'm saving to live outside of the country too. Canada in my case. I've lived abroad for 2+ years before and in less than 5 years I'll be gone for good.

To be completely transparent, my family unit (grandparents, parents, and siblings) have all permanently left the UK. So it is not as if I'd even be leaving anyone behind at this point.
Falling birth rate in interesting
at 10:43 15 Jul 2020

Thank you.

Thank you for openly recognising this and offering up a real-world example of the differences we face.

Too many people in your situation don't get it and simply try and pass it off as not being an issue, something a little graft would solve.

I appreciate it.
Falling birth rate in interesting
at 09:52 15 Jul 2020

The declining populations is what the article is focusing on.

Frankly, it is an economic issue for the majority of people in their 20s-40s. My partner and I would like to have 2-4 children. Realistically, we'll probably have 2 and that will be a struggle. My boss, of a similar age, is in the same situation.

- Wages have been bad for over a decade
- Job security has been bad for over a decade
- The rental market is horrendous for people trying to save for a home
- When you do get a home nowadays (which happens latter in people's lives) the mortgage is higher.
- Even if you can save the deposit, getting a mortgage is often impossible for people because of the x4.5 ruling most lenders follow.
- Cost of raising a child has massively increased, so you put it off longer.

People can argue against this all they want, but it doesn't change the reality, or more importantly, the perception of this age group. This is evident in the fertility rates, which can't just be passed off as healthcare and education.

It is the same in other nations. In Korea, people in my age group called it a glass ceiling.

Thinking back to when I returned to this country. An estate agent proudly boasted that the landlord owned over 250 properties and could, therefore, get different furniture for me if I preferred. Nobody should be able to own 250 residential properties, it is simply killing futures.

* The rant isn't at you, your statement just provided a nice springboard to express my thoughts.
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Book Restoration
at 08:03 15 Jul 2020

Thank you, that would be awesome.
Book Restoration
at 16:35 14 Jul 2020

Because of the condition of the book, I don't really want to entrust the delivery to a third party. So I'd prefer to go somewhere in the London area, so I can deliver it in person.

I appreciate the offer though and if I don't have any luck I will DM you. Thank you.
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Fans view on Lambert in case the club still aren't sure
at 16:31 14 Jul 2020

This poll won't get that many participants. It will be interesting to see what he gets from the Osborne 1.0...
Book Restoration
at 16:23 14 Jul 2020

I'm in the London area and had a family book from the early 1800s returned to me by a randomer via a family tree website. It was out of the family for a good 40-50 years and has been returned in poor condition, so needs proper care and attention.

Has anyone done this? Can anyone recommend a place from personal experience? I feel somewhat out of my depth!

... Already use google, so don't need a lmgtfy!
But can we call it Fascism yet?
at 12:39 13 Jul 2020

Trump isn't a fascist.

The biggest mistake with labelling him a fascist is not understanding fascist economics - Corporatism, Autarky. The closest Trump gets is crony capitalism and protectionism.

The other key difference is around the notion of the individual vs the state. Trump undermines and devalues the state, whereas fascists promote unity through the state and actively try and strengthen its control through all walks of life.

I read someone saying call a duck a duck. But for me it is like calling a goose a duck. sure they resemble each other. But they are not the same and recognising the differences are important for opposing the unique issues both produce.

The other thing is that Trump gets a huge amount of blame. He is a right-wing extremist, a racist, an authoritarian and more. But America's problems didn't start with him. He is exploiting the wide-ranging institutionalised issues in American politics. Eg, he didn't give himself the power to pardon his mate, that already exists. The Democrats didn't seek to remove it, they used it too.

America's issues should also shine a light on issues in this country. But no one is prepared to document and address them, particularly when it threatens their access to power now or in the future. Corporate clientelism, accountability, systems of voting, the list goes on.
Who was our most ‘natural goal scorer’ over years?
at 10:25 12 Jul 2020

Most natural rather than most regular...

Stewart and Reuser. Both had the ability to score goals out of nothing. I think natural indicates a range of different goals that others wouldn't necessarily even try. Or they would take a shot before others expect them to because they can be that accurate.
today I was shocked to discover
at 19:11 11 Jul 2020

First he has his garden stolen by the queen and now your reporting him for abuse. A man can only take so much in a day!
today I was shocked to discover
at 19:10 11 Jul 2020


I could stomach her signing off the bills of parliament. But owning your garden is one step too far. We should disolve the monarchy and liberate your land.

Everything can be solved by signing a petition nowadays, so link me when you've set it up.
I see the woman who was told by police to cover up her anti-Johnson T-Shirt...
at 08:23 11 Jul 2020

I get both side of the discussion. My personal viewpoint is that if the police had simply said "could you cover the profanity on you t-shirt, as you are away from the rally now" then it would be okay. Even if you think it is an overreaction, the request is not a bad one.

But the big issue for me is the police quoting whatever laws they want to try and apply undue and unreasonable pressure. To threaten her with arrest is a massive breach of power and they should be held to account for it, as they have.

It is part of a wider issue of policing around protests. For example using anti-terrorism laws to limit the scope of protests when we all know protestors aren't terrorists.
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As many as a 6th say no to C-19 vaccination?
at 16:12 7 Jul 2020

For the record, I'm pro vaccinations. Those who opt out of our established vaccinations are irresponsible.

But lets not deny that there is legitimate and genuine scientific concern that in the effort to find a vaccine quickly the "red tape" around testing has been cut and it is a risk. Many prospective vaccinations along the way are discarded due to failing important safety steps and to cut corners is concerning.

Our attitude to vaccinations is very reactionary, until the formation of CEPI. For some time it has not been something governments take seriously. Upping their commitment and funding only when the potential big virus comes along, and instantly slashing funding when they realise it isn't.

If we (human civilisation) had continued to invest in vaccines for past coronaviruses, then we would be in a better position in regards to testing now. For example, the one being pushed through testing at Oxford was from a previously stopped coronavirus.

In sum, the lesson is to invest in proactive vaccination research, not reactive. The point is we are now cutting corners and people have the moral right to be concerned in a manner that they don't normally in regards to other vaccinations.
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Sir Bob
at 14:46 1 Jul 2020

Nah, sorry, I can't accept that! Brazilian Ronaldo (BR) is not in the same tier as Christian Ronaldo (CR) and Messi (LM). World class? Yes. But not the top bracket of world class. Not a big enough impact over a long enough period of time.

CR has had a massive impact on his club and international sides. In the Champions League he is the top scorer with 128 in 169 games. LM is second with 114 from 141. BR doesn't even make the top 50. Even midfielders like Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard make the top 50.

Don't get me wrong, he had seasons where he was the best in the world - 97/98 and 01/02.

You highlight BR's international success, when he was the best player in a great Brazilian team. But his club honours are okay for a world class player. A UEFA cup win with inter and 1 league win from his time at Barcelona, Inter and Real Madrid combined. That's nothing compared to CR (5 league wins, 5 champions league wins) and Messi (10 league wins, 4 champions league wins).

Both CR and LM were surrounded by far worse players in their national teams than BR. And CR won Euro 2016 win Nani as the next best player on the pitch. No offence to Nani, but he is no Bebeto, Rivaldo, Dunga, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Aldair or Ronaldinho. A front 3 of Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho in the 2002 World Cup win. Most countries didn't even have one player as good as any of them.

When BR was on form over short periods of time, he was immense. But I feel that he didn't have the same dedication to fitness that CR and LM had and this was compounded by injuries. Most complete? Perhaps. But in many ways, a wasted talent.
Twtd cyclists
at 10:14 29 Jun 2020

when you cycle without clips you naturally rest the foot you are not using to push the pedal down. Therefore you are working against yourself

- When you have clips you should start pulling up, meaning you are now using energy on the upwards movement.
- You no longer fight against your resting foot, saving you energy on the downwards rotation
- You also use less energy by maintaining a more consistent rotation and rhythm.

Therefore, as people say, it is more efficient. Although it takes some getting used to. It is weirder using no clips after getting used to clips, as you will start accidentally lifting your feet off the pedal.
[Post edited 29 Jun 10:17]
Twtd cyclists
at 09:57 29 Jun 2020

A lot of the pedals have resistance adjusters. Check that they aren't too tight. you usually need an Allen key to adjust them.

If you do adjust it, consider that you can accidentally clip out if you pull too hard and are slightly to the side. So when going up a tough climb, remain seated in a low gear until you've got your sweet spot.
nuvva song for secton 6
at 11:26 26 Jun 2020

It's good, but needs the standard x6 p's in ipy to make it work. I think the second verse loses direction though. Perhaps this is more reflective of the steak slice balance we crave?

we love the handsome blueeeeees
we love that they are nice
we love the balti pieeeeees
but they should sell steak slice

we love our team so muuuuuuch
they are so big and strong
sell me ****ing steak sliiiiiice
I've been waiting far too long

Songs with animals in the title
at 07:22 26 Jun 2020

Why is PMQs a thing?
at 12:49 24 Jun 2020

They whole set up is broken, it encourages questions intended to point-score, rather than improve policies. And as you say, questions are never answered, only deflected, ignored or turned into a propaganda exercise.
Kieron Dyer for Ipswich manager
at 08:13 24 Jun 2020

Aside from 33 England caps, 12 years as a Premier League player and 5 seasons, 33 caps and 5 goals as a competitive European player... He wasted his career with a lack of application.

Thankfully we have Chambers and Skuse who have never played topflight football and have been relegated to division 3 three times between them. What a winning personality, glad they applied themselves so well and demonstrated such impressive capabilities. Good job they didn't waste 12 years of their life as a topflight footballer, playing alongside some of the best players in the world.

Dyer got into coaching, with the intention of getting into management in 2014. He spent 5 years within the Ipswich youth set up, learning the trade. But no, let's give it to Chambers and Skuse, as they have applied themselves more. *Eyeroll*
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