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Looking Forward to Games Again
at 11:27 4 Mar 2021

Few changes

- Really hoped we would comeback against Accrington, when before I didn't care either way.
- Looking at the table, I'm looking at how we can make gains, rather than how far we could potentially fall.

Gill has put us right back in the mix and I'm really excited to see if we can still make the top two.

With that all in mind, what a rubbish week this week is. Highest positioned team for the teams above us is Lincoln at home to Crewe (11th).
The Penalty Vs AS
at 12:28 3 Mar 2021

I've watched it a few time this morning and I'm surprised they feel hard done by.

- We were one-on-one with the keeper.
- Their player slid in recklessly
- They made no contact with the ball ( the reason it goes off to the side is because our player hits it with his hand as he goes to ground)
- He was the last defender

I get that in the moment you could see it as their player hitting the ball and making a good challenge. But they said they watched it on a monitor, and he clearly didn't hit the ball.
7 pts off 6th with 0 games in hand...
at 16:54 20 Feb 2021

If only Mr Hopeful Green shoots had woken up earlier.
Boring, boring Ipswich
at 09:45 17 Feb 2021

Average goals per game: 22nd, 2.19.

Imagining witnessing that as a season ticket holder? Tough luck, home excitement is lower: 22nd, 2.00.

If you see us score in one half, you might as well pack up and go home. We've only managed to score in both halves 4 times in 26 games.

The one caveat to our boring persona is the Blackpool rule. 20% of our goals scored have been against them, which is surprising, as they have the 7th best defensive record. To put it another way, we account for 23% of the goals they've conceded.

At least we're 4th in possession stats and 2nd in sending-off stats.
Looking forward to today's game
at 13:55 13 Feb 2021

after all, "We’re in the mix to get in the play-offs, that’s for sure."

[Post edited 13 Feb 13:56]
Traders: Robinhood CEO Answers Retail Trader Questions
at 16:19 10 Feb 2021

Thought this would be of interest to some.

Interviewer: Andrei Jikh - Just a guy who is interested in finances and built YouTube following from there.
Interviewee: Vladimir Tenev - CEO of Robinhood.
Topic: How Robinhood responded to the AMC issue

Vrs Top 7
at 21:03 9 Feb 2021

9 loses out of 9...
"One loan player will have to be left out of matchday squads" -Who should it be?
at 10:27 2 Feb 2021

"One loan player will have to be left out of matchday squads" -Who should it be?

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All these loans have got me thinking...
at 21:18 1 Feb 2021

Could we loan a better manager until the end of the season? We could offer PL out on loan to some desperate club, to save some costs and PL would get some experience at a lower level too.
[Post edited 1 Feb 21:20]
Who would you prefer to be our next manager?
at 16:41 1 Feb 2021

Who would you prefer to be our next manager?

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Sorry for not being as enthusiastic as the rest of the posts I'm reading...
at 14:15 1 Feb 2021

I think this is a gamble and a waste of resources. Much like when we threw money at loan players when getting relegated, throwing resources at loan players now isn't likely to suddenly change things.

Parrott is 18, he has scored zero goals in 13 games for Millwall. Once again, we are taking on a loan that is for the benefit of the player and the contracted club, whilst limiting the opportunities of our own players, who have simply been mismanaged.

Parrott is our third loan signing of this window. If ME doesn't trust PL to buy new players, then he needs to go.
Propaganda War: Positivity, Negativity and Inconsistencies
at 00:48 31 Jan 2021

Let's get a few things straight.

It is unjustifiable to accuse the fans and the press of being negative

The forum isn't negative. Our situation is negative.

Negative Situation: The team is worse than the sum of its parts
Positive Interpretation: The current players are capable of automatic promotion

Negative Situation: We have the third worst manager in ITFC history (by win %, excluding caretakers)
Positive Interpretation: There are many better managers out there for us to mount a serious promotion challenge next year.

Negative Situation: We lack sufficient footballing structure for the modern game
Positive Interpretation: A core issue is identified, which can be addressed, without breaking the bank.

Negative Situation: Fans keep complaining
Positive Interpretation: Fans care. ITFC has a passionate support base, which, behind the right manager and a dedicated chairman, can assist in catapulting us up the leagues.

Negative Situation: The local press are writing articles against the management
Positive Interpretation: The local press are engaged and passionate, despite us being in the third tier of English football.

There is an inconsistent evaluation of our situation dependent upon the speakers agenda

Our hierarchy accept that things aren't good enough, but they look forward to a brighter future. Our manager thinks everything is positive and the players can't do any better. Our players apologise as performances and results aren't good enough.

The Hierarchy
Marcus Evans said he saw "green shoots" and he is "hopeful".
ITFC said they want "to turn those frustrations into celebrations".

The Management
Paul Lambert vs Crewe (1-1) - "I thought we were the better team".
Paul Lambert vs Sunderland (0-1) - "The guys, they gave me everything, I can't ask for any more".
Paul Lambert vs Peterborough (0-1) - "I thought we were really good, I couldn't ask for any more".

The players
Chambers said - Town’s current position is "not acceptable for this club" and it "not good enough. Not good enough".
Edwards said - "obviously it’s frustrating and disappointing with the results"
Downes said - "We know we have to play better at times".

There is a sustained assault on the press

The management have really tried to turn the situation into a club verses the press to avoid taking responsibility for their own inadequacies. Every time there is a legitimate question about our current situation, the management attacks the press.

- Phil Ham is unjustly banned
- Lambert told the EADT/ES - “I don’t read your stuff because your opinion doesn’t matter to me. But I hear about it. I couldn’t give two damns about it, I’ve told you that before. - when they simply asked if a couple of wins might cause an uplift in the mood.

You're Being Negative

Next time you hear this accusation I simply ask you to question, is our current situation acceptable? If the answer is "no", then you are not being negative, you are just addressing a negative situation.

NB: I was originally writing this in reply to Coco's thread, but thought I was kind of hijacking it -
Forum seen as 'negative'? by Coco 30 Jan 20:59
Does that mean the opinion of all at the club is that the majority of fans are positive and the vocal minority are just venting on forums?

Fans will flock back in droves to support when allowed to?

Did that one game with fans fuel this opinion?

Fans have no way of voicing opinion so this indicates we are not being heard. If fans were able to attend Lambert would be vilified like nothing PR has ever seen before. Evans would be destroyed. Fans are being held in utter contempt by those who are currently untouchable.

The club seems to forget we are in division 3. Yes we have 'no divine right' to win games but it is your job Mr Lambert to make us win games. I am so angry with everything at the club right now.

[Post edited 31 Jan 0:50]
No subject
at 21:08 26 Jan 2021

The most frustrating part of our current freefall is everyone and their dog saw it coming, except Mr Hopeful Green Shoots. We could have got someone in when we were still in a fairly decent position after beating the divisions "lesser" teams. Instead we have wasted this season. Opportunity cost evidently means nothing.

This is likely to be our sixth loss in seven home games. Normally you'd say that the players are playing in front of a toxic environment. Reality is, we just have a poor manager and a poor owner.

New Year's Resolution: Digital Clean Up
at 19:43 14 Jan 2021

I have other resolutions, but I've been cracking on with this one for now

- I've deleted thousands of emails
- I've changed all passwords to randomly generated ones using this - https://passwordsgenerator.net/
- I've been deleting random unused accounts

Anyone got any ideas of other things I can do as apart of this?
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