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Midfield Goals
at 18:55 30 Sep 2021

For a long time now we've been aware that Ipswich have lacked goals from Midfield. Aside from a Gwion flurry at the start of the season, it was consistently bad.

We obviously have a small sample to go from, but we are up from .43 goals per game (gpg) to .66 gpg. Over the course of a season, that would add an extra 10 goals to the team.

You'd hope, and expect, that gpg figure to increase, as the players improve their understanding of each other and what is required of them.

Fingers crossed it's onwards and upwards
Isaac Asimov's Foundation
at 17:55 23 Sep 2021

Just seen the advert for this series (It's on Apple TV). Anyone else excited about it coming out? I think I might get a monthly sub and then binge watch that and Ted Lasso when all the episodes are out.
Missed Days
at 22:00 31 Aug 2021

Had my head down here, looking for a new job and getting out and about. I haven't really checked in on Ipswich much since Friday. I missed the game, as I woke up late and saw we conceded in the 95th minute. Gutting.

Just popped on again and see we have signed three more players.

I think with Celina coming in, Dobra going out on loan and getting a seasons worth of experience is needed. Would hate for him to end the season here, having only started five games.

The keeper looks like a welcomed addition. For whatever reason, Hladky doesn't seem to be cutting it. He looked great at Salford, so not sure why he hasn't performed so far. The two goals at the weekend looked soft.

Interesting that the ownership still back Cook to bring in new players on a permanent basis, despite the results.

Fingers crossed for an upturn in results.
Can't hide my disappointment
at 23:48 17 Aug 2021

I definitely think PC is a good manager and he is right, we do need more time. We haven't even played our first choice centre-backs together yet.

With that said, we have one point from two newly promoted teams. One of which had just as big a change as us in terms of player personnel.

As per my prediction league, I think Burton will be challenging for the play-offs this season, so that result wasn't exactly a surprise. But one point from the opening three is gutting. Predominantly because getting a half way middle of the road start (four points from nine) would have settled a lot of nerves (players and fans).

Don't get me wrong, this isn't a flounce, I just wish we were doing better and I'm disappointed that we're not.

Fingers crossed for a win against MK Dons.
FAO Bluefish
at 15:54 12 Aug 2021

Was originally writing this in another thread - the flouncing one - but separated it, as I didn't want it being perceived as having a negative angle, as that really isn't my agenda. I'm just interested in your thoughts on the following...

I know you supported MM pretty loyally when he was manager. When did you change from let's see how he does to this guy has my backing.

We were obviously in the relegation zone when he joined and he got the team ticking then. So was it pretty much straight away. Or when he started clearing out non-committed players in the summer? Or later?

In addition to that, did MM automatically get more leeway as he as in the division above? We evidently lost and drew to teams of a lower standing when he was in charge, but I don't remember you having a going at him, as he had evidently proven something to you. Is this my selective memory? Or was there a reason for this?

What does PC have to do before you would view him in the same way you view MM?

Is one of the differences the way you view this league? The way I see it is we had a load of players that had
1. Got us relegated
2. Finished mid-table two years in a row.

As much as I would like them to be good enough and think most proved themselves to be substandard for our aim of promotion. Players like Chambers were obviously better when younger, they were no longer up to the challenge of promotion (and you know I said he was POTY last season, so that isn't a dig at him).

With PC, I see him clearing out players that weren't good enough. We still need work in the CB position. but from what I can see player-wise, I think he has brought in a group that any manager would be keen on working with and for me that is the progress I'd like to see by game one.

What target are you setting PC? And how long are you giving him for this?

Personally I would be unhappy if we're weren't Top 6 by Christmas and within touching distance of the Top 2.
[Post edited 12 Aug 15:55]
Racist Tropes
at 20:09 10 Aug 2021

Calling Aluko a 42yo, because he is Nigerian. It's a racist trope and is unacceptable.

Also, what is with people putting lol on the end of Nsiala's name? Just grow up.
at 15:50 9 Aug 2021

If Coulson and Morrell sign, that leaves just a CB, right?
at 23:27 8 Aug 2021

I keep checking to see if this game is a midweek game, but sadly every time I check it still says I have to wait until Saturday.
at 17:50 8 Aug 2021

Still busy with house, so was only able to do the chat for half the game. The passing on this one for our first goal is very encouraging.

Obvious issues with the defenders backing off, and no one standing tall. Looks like we need a decent CB for things to really click.

Sooner we get a settled back line, the sooner we can improve communication too, which is part of that problem involved in the first goal.
More on banning heading...
at 18:27 2 Aug 2021

"[I think we are well past the point] where we say the evidence is sufficiently strong where we should consider a sport without unnecessary head impact".

As those of you have discussed this with me before know, I agree with this stance.

The article goes into more detail, identifying defenders as those with the worst health impact.
Cup Competition
at 13:58 30 Jul 2021

Barely any teams consider the League cup to be worthwhile. Increasingly the FA Cup is going the same way.

If we want a change in how teams approach the cup, then I think we should make some dramatic changes.

- Fold the League Cup.
- All leagues change to 20 teams
- FA Cup games removed from current schedule and played at the end of the season.
- League season finishes earlier to accommodate
More Incoming...
at 09:16 30 Jul 2021

Interesting that yesterday Ashton said our transfer business isn't done yet. So I guess we can expect more.

PC said 4231 was his preference. He likes the adaptability. Sometimes we will need to play 2 up top (assumed 442).

Think the main areas of with this in mind would be

CM - Think we are currently asking too much of our CM and I don't know how much PC rates Nolan. If he rates Nolan and think he can get the Shrewsbury play-off final player out of him then I think this becomes less of a concern.

LB - No surprises here, we are on pause with Coulson, who would seem like a great addition at this level.

CB - Three players for one position at the moment and I think both Woolfenden and Nsiala are capable at this level. Personally I would prefer us to either bring in a stand-out defender, or wait until next year and just utilise the loan market if we need to. Quality over quantity for this position now. I don't believe there is a rush.

What do you think the priorities are?
[Post edited 30 Jul 9:18]
Family Tree Charts
at 12:25 21 Jul 2021

Recently made on myself for a family member for canvas, but eventually want to do a circular one for myself.

Are the any decent visual display software, where I can generate a jpeg.

I guess what I'm aiming for is something like the Gramps one below (not my actual tree). But the Gramps one is super ugly, has no customisation feature for the charts and they cut off info, as they aren't scaling.

I am good enough at Google Sheets to take a GED file and make a standard tree. I've not tried to make it look nice, so it is a bit ugly. I'm not sure the limitations I'd face in googlesheets.

Anyone done a circular display on canvas before? Or any recommendations on better software to display?
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