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Any Canadian Blues Out There?
at 15:16 13 May 2021

Relocating in a couple of months. I have a Wise (ex Transferwise) account. I have a Canadian bank account on it. But it says I can only receive money via EFTs... Domestic wire transfer, OBT and SWIFT are not yet supported, as it has only recently been added.

Struggling to understand how companies commonly pay staff and whether getting an additional bank account should be a priority. So thought I'd try my luck on here, as google and YouTube are failing me.

Any ideas?
All the Best Freddie
at 18:49 11 May 2021

Not sure if this has been posted. Just came up in my feed.
at 17:56 11 May 2021

We'll wait until we're back in Europe for that one, ha ha.*

*Blue Monday / TWTD interview reference
[Post edited 11 May 17:57]
Prediction thread
at 11:48 10 May 2021

Looking for the predictions thread from the start of the season, but can't find it. Can anyone who remembers what it was called link me?
Ed Sheeran Sponsorship Effect
at 10:45 7 May 2021

So I was just chatting to my sister. She lives in the states, is married to an American and has a kid. She says she is going to get them all town tops when the Ed Sheeran one is released.

My wife, not a town fan, has already asked me, no prompting, "are you going to get us both Ipswich tops".

So that will be five town tops purchased for three people who have never owned a town top and two for fans who haven't bought one since Green King adorned the shirt.

Anyone else in a similar position to me and my sister?
[Post edited 7 May 10:48]
Wasn't a fan of their management services...
at 22:33 6 May 2021

But I disliked MARCUS EVANS on the shirt.

Am I doing this correctly?
The Next Chapter
at 14:50 28 Apr 2021

Feel like I just watched a movie trailer O_o

I should have read Phil's article first
[Post edited 28 Apr 14:54]
At this point...
at 16:10 24 Apr 2021

I actually want this team to blank for another 140 mins. It would be a fitting honour for them to hold this club record. Far more deserving than the current holders.

That side played Man Utd, Spurs and Leeds away in the top flight and it contained hard-working players like Stockwell, Milton, Mathie, Marshall and Forrest.

This lot are doing it in League One against Bristol Rovers (79mins, 24th), Rochdale, (90, 21), Milton Keynes (90, 10), Wimbledon (135 so far, 19), Charlton (90, 8), Northampton (90, 22) and potentially Swindon in 23rd.
[Post edited 24 Apr 16:10]
Champions League reform looks rubbish...
at 20:49 21 Apr 2021

Should have just let them go and expelled them from the league.
Just been thinking...
at 12:51 20 Apr 2021

Can the government nationalise the six breakaway clubs? Nationalising companies has occurred before when they have created monopolies. Is this different? If so, please explain why
New Song
at 14:01 17 Apr 2021

We'll score again
Don't know where, don't know when
But I know We'll score again
Some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away
I've woken up on the right side of the bed today and realised...
at 08:15 14 Apr 2021

I'm actually really happy that the players have no fight and are doing badly. It would be much worse if they had galvanized themselves for the last ten games, got into the play-offs, lost, but done enough to secure a contract.

At least this way we know they don't care and we can just have a clean break in the summer.
Paul Cook Said...
at 21:40 13 Apr 2021

That this game would define our season and it really has for me. Can't wait to get rid of a load of these players. Good riddance.
Clean Sheet...
at 19:16 5 Apr 2021

Chamber's fault

Carrying on from the Flag Thread...
at 12:45 4 Apr 2021

I saw one of the side points was children should be singing the national anthem in school assemblies. This got me thinking about the national anthem more generally. I think the time has come to change it.

"God save our Queen". The premise being twofold. One, that we believe in God. Two, that we agree with the monarchy.

According to latest data*, more than half of the UK don't associate with a religion and this number is reported to be as low as 1% amongst 18-24 year-olds.

A similar pattern of decline is happening in relation to the monarchy**. Support for the monarchy amongst the 65+ is 84%, whereas amongst 18-24 year-olds it is down to 42%.

I don't believe the solution to this is to try and indoctrinate children by introducing the national anthem in schooling. Rather, to use this decline in both areas as a catalyst to change our national anthem to something more reflective of our societies values and making it more future-proof. Something that celebrates the nation, rather than archaic and increasingly irrelevant institutions.

* https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/11/uk-secularism-on-rise-as-more-than

** https://www.statista.com/statistics/863893/support-for-the-monarchy-in-britain-b
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