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Cup Competition
at 13:58 30 Jul 2021

Barely any teams consider the League cup to be worthwhile. Increasingly the FA Cup is going the same way.

If we want a change in how teams approach the cup, then I think we should make some dramatic changes.

- Fold the League Cup.
- All leagues change to 20 teams
- FA Cup games removed from current schedule and played at the end of the season.
- League season finishes earlier to accommodate
More Incoming...
at 09:16 30 Jul 2021

Interesting that yesterday Ashton said our transfer business isn't done yet. So I guess we can expect more.

PC said 4231 was his preference. He likes the adaptability. Sometimes we will need to play 2 up top (assumed 442).

Think the main areas of with this in mind would be

CM - Think we are currently asking too much of our CM and I don't know how much PC rates Nolan. If he rates Nolan and think he can get the Shrewsbury play-off final player out of him then I think this becomes less of a concern.

LB - No surprises here, we are on pause with Coulson, who would seem like a great addition at this level.

CB - Three players for one position at the moment and I think both Woolfenden and Nsiala are capable at this level. Personally I would prefer us to either bring in a stand-out defender, or wait until next year and just utilise the loan market if we need to. Quality over quantity for this position now. I don't believe there is a rush.

What do you think the priorities are?
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Family Tree Charts
at 12:25 21 Jul 2021

Recently made on myself for a family member for canvas, but eventually want to do a circular one for myself.

Are the any decent visual display software, where I can generate a jpeg.

I guess what I'm aiming for is something like the Gramps one below (not my actual tree). But the Gramps one is super ugly, has no customisation feature for the charts and they cut off info, as they aren't scaling.

I am good enough at Google Sheets to take a GED file and make a standard tree. I've not tried to make it look nice, so it is a bit ugly. I'm not sure the limitations I'd face in googlesheets.

Anyone done a circular display on canvas before? Or any recommendations on better software to display?
Luke Prokop - NHL
at 00:02 20 Jul 2021


I'm not on twitter, I saw this on the BBC. It would be great if our club could support/has supported this. Hopefully it will help pave the way for gay footballers in the men's game to come out, if they were in two minds.

Edit: Can you tell I'm not on twitter! Feel free to send me a link that people can see!
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Unofficial Ipswich Town Vancouver Supporters Club
at 15:29 19 Jul 2021

See there is one for Canada, but Canada is massive and I can't even find anything about it online. Thinking of doing an unofficial Vancouver supporters club... even if it just ends up being me and my dog.

Anything I should be considering, excluding a name change, if I go ahead and do it?
Ranking our signings so far
at 21:36 14 Jul 2021

For me the top 5 are all class, and then I'm a little bit more cautious about the next three.

1: Scott Fraser
2: Vaclav Hladky
3: Joe Pigott
4: Lee Evans
5: Wes Burns
6: Rekeem Harper
7: Macauley Bonne
8: Matt Penney

How would you rank our signings?
at 20:14 14 Jul 2021

Does the acquisition of Fraser, end our interest in Crooks?

Current Team

GK: Hladky
RB: Vincent-Young
LB: Penney
CB: Nsiala
CB: Woolfenden
DM: Evans (c)
DM: Harper
FL: Bonne
FC: Fraser
FR: Burns
S: Piggot

El Mizouni

Bold players seem relatively safe bets to start the season.
Player of the tournament
at 11:25 12 Jul 2021

English: Phillips. So close for me between him Sterling and Shaw. But Phillips just gets it for me. He completed the most successful tackles, 15th in ball recovery (3rd for DMs) and he covered the second most distance - 83km across 665mins.

Non-English: Jorginho. Another DM. Only player to cover more distance than Phillips in the tournament. Tied with Akanji for ball recovery and a bit better with the ball than Phillips, allowing the likes of Insigne, Immobile and Chiesa to break quickly and present a constant threat.

Who's your stand-out player? And why?
Racist abusive / fight on the tube
at 23:55 11 Jul 2021

Just got the tube back from London Bridge. Some guy was racially abusing another guy on the tube. Mediterranian looking guy, who supported England, but was smiling at something on his phone was the target of racist abuse.

I stepped in, squared up to the racist and put him in his place. Another guy, squared up to me. But his mate stepped in and told him I wasn't the aggressor and the other guy was being racist.

Mrs K very upset because she felt vulnerable and the other guy was bigger (would have Ko'd him, don't worry people).

Thing simmered down and then when the guy was getting off at West Ham, he stood up and started laying into me verbally. I told the racist where to go and at this point a large group of ripped black people where standing right behind him and had my back.

Mrs K then laid into me at Stratford for causing and issue and putting us in a vulnerable position. Some random girl then said I did the right thing and she was just drunk.

Had a good chat with the guys who originally thought I was the aggressor. West Ham fans who had been all around London today and even let off flares at Wembley. They fully supported me in the end and I Wished them and Creswell well for the new season.

Rather a sad end to the night, but hey, the guy I stood up for really appreciated it and others said well done after things calmed down.
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The Italian job
at 18:36 10 Jul 2021

Wife sent it to me. Can't find the original, so has the weird grey on it.
Pubs in London for the final
at 18:39 8 Jul 2021

I'm in Leyton and usually pop into the Old Kings Head in London Bridge for England games. It's a popular away pub for games at Millwall.

Feel like this is my local. But a load of part-timers have booked it out for the final. *Crying*. Entered a couple of ballots at boxpark and Trafalgar. But chances are slim to none.

Best option I have atm is a walk in around Walthamstow. Anyone got any bright ideas/recommendations?
The Final: "Football verses Anti-football - Forza Italia"
at 11:39 8 Jul 2021

This just came up on google from some "activist reporter"

What planet are some people on this morning? I get it, people wanted Denmark to go through as they were the underdogs and had a terrible thing happen to their star player. It would have been a great story arch for them to go on an win.

But let's be clear. Denmark were cynical, they committed over 20 fouls, we committed 10. We had 20 shots, they had 6. We had 53 passes in 2m30 in extra time, they were trying to get to penalties.

And as for the Italians being "football"...

Silenzio Bruno!
No subject
at 01:06 8 Jul 2021

Has anyone clipped England keeping the ball in extra time? Want to watch that again. Great stuff. 2m33 and 53 passes apparently. Felt like we held onto it for a lifetime.

Just read that we completed more passes in extra time against Denmark tonight than we did in the entirety of our match against Germany in 2010. Such an improvement in quality, and highlights how far we've come in the last decade... Particularly since Southgate took over.
Great stuff right now.
at 22:34 7 Jul 2021

Exactly what we should be doing
England - Yellow Cards
at 10:43 30 Jun 2021

Overall, our discipline has been pretty good this tournament. No attacking player has picked up a yellow. Currently we only have the following four players on one yellow...

- Phillips (360 mins)
- Rice (312 mins)
- Foden (134 mins)
- Maguire (180 mins)

Yellows get wiped after the next game. Meaning if these four players avoid a yellow, no one would from England would be banned for yellow cards this tournament.

So, if you were Southgate, would you drop any of these players?

I wouldn't have any issues with Mings filling in for Maguire either this game or the semi-final, if Maguire picked up a suspension. Perhaps, I'd play Mings so Maguire had a bit more of a rest before potentially a semi-final.

I don't think Foden would be recalled instead of Saka.

Philips and Rice have been a big part of our current set up. Would I want Henderson starting after only 48mins this tournament. I'm not sure. But I wouldn't want him coming in against Denmark in a semi-final either, particularly if it was forced on us and we couldn't sub him for a DM, if they were suspended.

So, yeah, what are people thinking?
at 22:32 29 Jun 2021


She has a Swedish friend and wanted penalties
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