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We Ipswich supporters have a right to be cautious… 12:06 - Jun 21 with 354 viewsTieDyedIn95

Although I am sure we will get 11 first team players in before the new season starts I do think we Ipswich supporters have a right to be cautious about this level of change. I have seem some upset at those who are asking the question whether or not all this change is right and I thought I’d offer some balance to the discussion.

The reason the concern is justified is the last two men to really tear apart squads in such a revolutionary way were Roy Keane and Paul Hurst, both of which are arguably our worse managers ever. In both cases we saw squads torn up, and players released we were told were no good go onto to do better things and that memory still lives with most of us. Clearing out the “deadwood” is all very good when you can afford to replace it with better, under Evans this was never the case that’s for sure and we watched many decent players get the elbow from terrible managers to be replaced by worse on freebies and loans most of the time which is why we are where we are. Mick was able to recover the club in some way by finding a core of players to work around, and who were reliable and that did work for him, Lambert largely did the same thing but with less success in a poorer league so being conservative can also bite you in the backside.

On top of that if you look at the Dozzell sale, which I personally do think is best for him and us, you look at his age and you do think that had he been kept maybe Cook could have got something out of him with the right coaching because he was by no means a bad player at this level. You can see why some may be concerned at the sale of Dozzell and the potential sales of Wolfie and Downes because lets face it, over the past 2 seasons they were all decent enough for us in this league under Lambert and you have to wonder who we can realistically bring in who’d be better. I think it’s a fair concern to have.

As for Chambers, Skuse, Sears, Judge and Ward I think we have fewer complaints about them moving on because of their age, although I think out of those Chambers and Judge, although that might be an unpopular opinion, may feel a bit hard done by in this case because again they weren’t terrible over the past 2 seasons.

My personal thought on all of this is, we’ve been stuck in decline for so long we have to try something to shake it all up. It seems Alan Lee confirmed what many of us either assumed or knew through the grapevine anyway, in that Marcus Evans was a disastrous owner who played the fiddle as the club burned down around him. I am happy the new owners have imposed a structure, we have experienced football people in the top positions at the club in our new Chairman and CEO, we have a full staff again so for me that’s all a step forward. We had to change, we have to take a risk to save this club. I also am not expecting promotion immediately. I will accept a top 6 finish next season, along with a decent showing in all three cups where we are competitive even if we don’t win them and actually take some pride in ourselves and what we do. It’s going to be a tough league, it may take a season or two to find the right players and make it work and I certainly don’t want to see managers change every season just because the success isn’t instant.

Anyhow, I renewed and whatever happens I will be there.

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