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Posh lad at work.. 16:44 - Jul 19 with 2099 viewsstrikalite

He said that Reading(first game of the season away)have given Pboro ST holders tickets for the same price as their own season ticket holders..

Is this a new thing?
Posh lad at work.. on 16:50 - Jul 19 with 1975 viewshomer_123

Ade Akinbiyi couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo...
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Posh lad at work.. on 21:10 - Jul 19 with 1399 viewsSitfcB

No it has happened before, should be more of a thing!

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Posh lad at work.. on 21:49 - Jul 19 with 1210 viewsDanny_G

They’ve done it for years because they have to. A lifetime’s membership at Reading costs £5 and gets you £5 off all match tickets so every home fan gets the discount. Football league rules state the following:

‘where the Home Club provides a paid membership scheme for Home supporters that provides discount on match tickets, that discount must be made available on a similar basis to supporters of the visiting Club, unless the discount provided is proportionate to the price paid for the membership.


By similar basis we mean that the discounts should be offered to season ticket holders and (where applicable) members of the visiting Club membership scheme.

The basis on which proportionality is applied to the discount given on match tickets against the cost of membership is calculated by working out how many matches a supporter would need to attend to recoup the cost of the membership. On this basis the League considers a minimum attendance of 3 matches to be reasonable. For example if the cost of membership is £6 and the supporter receives £2 discount on the price of a match ticket, this would be deemed proportionate, however, if the supporter receives a £3 discount on the price of a match ticket, this would not be deemed proportionate.’
Posh lad at work.. on 21:50 - Jul 19 with 1195 viewsStochesStotasBlewe

Is the lad at work called Tarquin?

We have no village green, or a shop. It's very, very quiet. I can walk to the pub.

Posh lad at work.. on 09:07 - Jul 20 with 761 viewssolemio

Posh lad at work.. on 21:50 - Jul 19 by StochesStotasBlewe

Is the lad at work called Tarquin?

I would hope so. I wouldn't dream of mixing with anyone who didn't on their trips to India travel Port Out/ Starboard home.
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