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I posted yesterday about loving my job.
at 16:21 22 May 2019

I do, genuinely, but today is one of those days where one's patience is tested, tested and then tested some more!

What does it take for a company to lose its licence then?
at 11:01 22 May 2019

Cadent fined £44m (£20m into a fund)

Lost recordds of 775 high-rise blocks of flats. Ofgem found no issues over safety but I hope HSE do properly enforce over and above financial.

Ofgem said Cadent also had no records of 775 high-rise blocks of flats.

That discovery was in part prompted by an information request from a council in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The company offered an "unreserved apology" to customers who were without supplies for 19 days on average.

"We aim to put customers' needs at the heart of everything we do, and we acknowledge that in the past, we have fallen short of customers expectations and the higher standards we have now set ourselves; for this, we are sorry," said Steve Hurrell, chief executive of Cadent.

Cadent, previously known as National Grid Gas Distribution, is involved in the final leg of piping gas into people's homes.
Do not track. Back on the table for the US.
at 15:57 21 May 2019

Does anyone else 'love' what they do for a living?
at 12:32 21 May 2019

I genuinely do - and feel that I am probably in the minority.

Don't get me wrong, there are frustrations, annoyances and days when it's stressful etc. but I really do love what I do.

Anyone else?
Jamie Oliver's restaurants out of business then
at 12:16 21 May 2019
Norwood - a FGR fan review
at 13:35 17 May 2019

I've distilled a conversation with a FGR lifer on Norwood:

1. Knows where the back of the net is
2. A player you want in your team, not one you want to play against
3. Late developer but constantly improved over time at FGR (surprising many)
4. Work ethic is good (does the dirty stuff quite well)
5. Mid Championship player would be his top level but felt League 1 and 2, he will be seriously dangerous
6. Build a team around him though to get the best out of him, not that he's a primadonna but if you create chances for him....well, see point 1.
7. Can be sometimes, utterly frustrating, has the odd game where he looks nothing like the player you've seen over the last few weeks, this did become less and less over time but sometimes he is literally a different person
8. Should be a very good signing for us
[Post edited 17 May 13:40]
Political disengagement
at 12:09 14 May 2019

Just looking at Political Party membership numbers:

Source: Electoral Commission for 2018

The Labour Party has around 540,000 members, as of April 2018, according to an unconfirmed estimate published on the LabourList.
The Scottish National Party has just under 125,500 members, as of August 2018.
The Conservative Party has 124,000 members as of March 2018.
The Liberal Democrat Party has around 99,200 members, as of August 2018
The Green Party (England and Wales) has 39,350 members, as of August 2018
UKIP has around 23,600 members, as of August 2018
Plaid Cymru has around 8,000 members, as of August 2018

Now, compare this with membership in the 50s
Source: House of Commons Library

Conservatives were reported to have had aound 2.8 millions members
Labour had around 1 million members

That is a huge difference! Labour can 'claim' to have grown their membership over the last few years (we can discuss the reasons for that another time!) but membership alone indicates a significant drop in political engagement.

In some respects you can argue that Brexit has actually been a positive, from purely the angle of actually generating debate, passions and interest - because apathy had (and probably still is) set in to UK politics.

I'm not sure the fault can be surely laid at politicians but it's more of a collective. We have a mindset in this country now of focusing on our individual needs without being able to fully see a bigger picture or to think of others. It appears many are happy to not get involved if they get their own way.

What would it take for you to be more involved in politics either locally or nationally? Is anyone here already involved? What are the barriers?
O'Neill: We've Learnt From This Season
at 11:05 14 May 2019

With my, slightly, negative hat on - I'm struggling to believe this.

We've spent how many years in the Championship - with a generally slow/ poor recruitment and retention approach over many years. We certainly haven't learnt from that.

Still, time will tell.
A long but worthwhile read
at 12:26 13 May 2019
Freddie Starr has eaten his last hamster then. RIP (n/t)
at 08:59 10 May 2019

Football is still boring. (n/t)
at 08:02 10 May 2019

Isn't football boring. (n/t)
at 08:02 9 May 2019

Season ticket packs
at 08:15 26 Apr 2019

Has everyone received their renewal packs?
Two things
at 16:21 25 Apr 2019

1. It's taken them this long?!
2. Common sense?
This is utter bollox of the highest order
at 13:09 20 Apr 2019
Worth 5mins of your time
at 07:06 20 Apr 2019
World Press Photos - 2019
at 15:18 16 Apr 2019

Worth a look
I call 'bullsh*t'
at 13:47 16 Apr 2019

Wayne Hennessey did not know what Nazi salute was - FA panel
If you are going to build infrastructure, don't mess about, just get it done
at 10:17 15 Apr 2019

Only started in 2016......2016!

The scale and speed at which they get sh*t done is like nothing we see here. I completely understand there are (sometimes) very good reasons why things here take longer but they really don't mess about do they.

Working with a company that is involved in HS2 I can tell you, even though money is being thrown at HS2, it's nothing even remotely like this.
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