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Whether we are within or out of the EU has little to no bearing on our current
at 20:52 15 Jan 2019

ills as a nation.

Under investment in the NHS
The widening social mobility gap
Increased house prices
Low wages

We, as a nation have control over these issues and have done forever. Over the last 40 years and well before.

We, as a collective, as a nation, have chosen or allowed us to be led into a situation where we have accepted the underfunding and slow privatisation of the NHS, we have allowed the gap to widen between the haves and have nots. We've allowed Universities to charge fees for education. We have allowed the housing market to become so ridiculous that barely anyone can get on the housing ladder.

Sod European politics and whether we should or should not be part of the EU. Let's take a long hard look at ourselves, our country and what sort of country we want to live in.

Let's deal with these issues. We've let ourselves down...we have let things get so bad. Certainly being part of the EU hasn't forced or helped us deal with these problems and nor should it. Exiting the EU will have little bearing either.

We can choose to address these issues or not and so far no one on leave or remain has evidenced how either approach will help us address the above.

Stating being in the EU is commercially better than being out is not an argument here. We've been part of the EU for 40 years and we have let things slide.
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Just spare a thought for a minute. This is awful and harrowing.
at 20:30 15 Jan 2019
Hats off to Pennington
at 19:54 12 Jan 2019

The number of times he got his head or body on or in front of the ball second half, superb.

Collins was excellent but Pennington was my MOTM.
Well, that's possibly the worst we've played under Lambert.
at 19:31 12 Jan 2019

Utterly disjointed, really struggled to break down a very poor Rotherham side.

A single shot on target all game? We played way better than that this season.

WHO CARES!!! We only went and FU*CKING won a game!
FAO Phil
at 20:11 7 Jan 2019

So, with these further two signings, is this the 'major' investment you mentioned the other day?

Are we to expect more in terms of numbers and/or quality?
I like Lambert, he's clearly getting the club in order
at 17:41 5 Jan 2019

As much as he can. And he wants us to play a certain way, clearly wanting us to play some passing football.

That's great, laudable and it's football we all want to see.

However, there is a reality here. Right now, we need results, we need points of the board and to try and build a modicum of momentum and confirdence. So far, it hasn't happened.

We've not been able to impose ourselves over 90 mins and whilst the football has definitely been better and easier on the eye, the results are not, yet, coming.

Lambert doesn't want us to grind out results but I am beginning to wonder if this approach isn't helping us. We don't have the personnel to play our way out of this and it could be argued that we don't have the personnel to grind out results.

The Jan transfer window might be too little too late.

In hindsight, appointing Lamber in the summer might have been perfect but I am just beginning to question if he was the right appointment for our current situation.

I hope we don't find ourselves in a situ where he's the right man at the wrong time.

Today's result leaves us back at square one. Our inability to take chances coupled with not being able to hold the ball up and ease the pressure on the defence is causing us huge issues. Is one up top really helping us allows us to pack the midfield but we are not supporting our lone striker, neither of whom are really target men. Why has Lambert not attempted, at least today, two up top? In an attempt to give us a little more presence? Is he that concerned about Skuse being out?

I like Lambert, his approach to football and generally what he is doing. Just a touch concerned we've missed an opportunity with him not being appointed earlier.

I hope Chambers comes on for 15 mins at the end
at 15:09 5 Jan 2019

It's important for the fans, especially the Accrington fans, to see him play.
Will Keane be better than Keane? (n/t)
at 22:37 2 Jan 2019

Lankester, Downes and Bishop
at 18:17 1 Jan 2019

Some lovely football at times in the first half.

Great skills, taking players on, some nice interplay and passing. Gliding past the odd player or two.

Lovely to see.

Dozzell is being a little left behind isn't he?
As good as we were in the first half, the second showed why we will go down
at 17:48 1 Jan 2019

A sudden gap between the the midfield and our forward, a lone forward by this point as well, and a complete inability to keep possession again meant we were put under pressure. Low and behold mistakes happen and we capitulate.

After such a bright first half, to watch the second was simply painful.
I've always said cheese is evil.....happy 2019 y'all
at 07:49 1 Jan 2019
All the best for 2019.
at 21:18 31 Dec 2018

Listen more, listen well and listen properly.

Be good to one another and treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself.
So, Lambert wants half a dozen players including 2 strikers
at 16:16 31 Dec 2018

Couple that with Chambers calling Evans out.

This is going one two ways.

Either Evans really does loosen the purse strings or Lambert goes and we lose all squad and club integrity.
Something more positive from football...
at 19:24 30 Dec 2018
We really do look and feel like a team doomed to relegation.
at 15:55 29 Dec 2018

When you are the bottom things like this happen and generally you don't get the rub of the green.

We played ok, again, but with little to show for it.

COYBs second hal, give it a real go.
Some decent pics from 2018
at 10:40 29 Dec 2018
Shopping, as a past time, it's just plain wrong. (n/t)
at 16:58 28 Dec 2018

It's going to be an epic FA Cup run is year. (n/t)
at 17:22 26 Dec 2018

Always have been and always will be an unwavering Town fan.
at 16:56 26 Dec 2018

But by heck this is tough.

I'm off to have a beer. Play nice everyone.

If we don't get 2 or 3 in the door in the first week of Jan, then we really are
at 16:22 26 Dec 2018


Typically we never seem to, here's hoping for a minor miracle as we really need some fresh bodies and ideas ASAP.
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