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Barry Cotter
at 14:27 5 Dec 2019

How did he play last night?
Before anyone goes OTT on the Brexit angle
at 16:03 4 Dec 2019

Worth noting that quite a % of the fund is within Retail. Which has been having significant issues well before Brexit came along (and will continue to do so irrespective of the Brexit outcome).

Also, worth noting that in terms of commercial office space - there is likely to be a situation in the very near future where this is going to be less required - with flex/ home working becoming the norm.
The Irishman
at 12:15 2 Dec 2019

Very good but blimey it did not need to be that long.
After the Tory Twitter debacle....they've now gone and
at 22:48 28 Nov 2019

Caused a stir on Facebook editing BBC News material.

Aunty isn't happy...
Well done North Stand last night
at 12:03 27 Nov 2019

Applauding Akinfenwa after you had taken the piss and getting a top response from him.
Dear Voter
at 11:15 27 Nov 2019

You have the right and opportunity to shape the future of your Country by voting in the upcoming general election.

Your options are:

Ankle deep in shi*
Knee deep in sh*t
Up to your neck in sh*t
Clusterf*ck levels of sh*tness
Monster Raving Looney party
Irrespective of the ref, we should have been a goal to the good
at 09:16 27 Nov 2019

before the disallowed goal last night.

AS Roma - hadn't realised they were doing this - not only that but it's
at 10:58 26 Nov 2019

proved successful as well!
Anyone swayed by tonights QT?
at 22:33 22 Nov 2019

If we are talking Labour and Tory....JC certainly came across far more sensible and sane than BJ....though NS does what she does so well.

If we could remove Momentum or Cummings(?) Would that make either party more palatable? Or even remove the incumbent leaders.

Interesting to see what the Tory manifesto looks like.

The other thing that struck me this evening...just how scared people seem to be with a potential left socialist government...yet the same fear doesn't come to the fore on the right. Wonder why that is?
It was a well taken goal
at 13:24 20 Nov 2019
So, the ITV Political debate - did it sway anyone at all?
at 08:00 20 Nov 2019

Just wondering if anyone was influenced by last nights debate.
Kieffer Moore
at 19:22 16 Nov 2019

Becoming a proper focul point for Wales.

Pleased for him.
Labour's nationalisation of BT...not so bonkers after all?
at 21:25 15 Nov 2019

An interesting article drawing on the current governments own research.
Friday afternoon question
at 14:44 15 Nov 2019

I am genuinely struggling who to vote for in the GE.

I live in a Tory stronghold - in many respects my vote will make no difference (sadly).

I cannot, in good conscience, vote Tory. The thought of BJ continuing and with a majority is unthinkable and unpalatable. They called the referendum in the first place, austerity to the nth degree etc etc etc

However, I cannot say that I really want to vote for Labour either - again, the thoughts of JC as PM is equally disturbing. Not only that but it's a party controlled, in many respects, by Momentum - which is not healthy at all.

Lib Dems/ Green - feels like I am doubly wasting my vote!

Any help and advice required - I can't be the only person struggling?!?
Women being able to see Men's pay
at 15:37 14 Nov 2019

Can we assume that the suggested law change would allow you to request to see 'anyones' pay regardless of gender?

I mean, if we are talking inequality, then that doesn't just apply to gender. Two women could be doing the same job and be being paid differently, does the suggested law change cover that?

EDITED: for dimwits and pedants. ;)
[Post edited 14 Nov 15:43]
Very sad but.....the fact that his friend, a 9 year old, tried to administer CPR
at 16:53 5 Nov 2019

for 10 minutes is amazing.
Anyone catch the Radio 4 piece this morning about Reprieve taking
at 10:28 5 Nov 2019

legal proceedings against the UK Gov.

It appears there has been something that allows MI5 and agents to commit 'illegal' acts in their anti-terrorism work.

Somewhat scary as there is no oversight or judicial review. In effect, it would appear an agent 'could' murder, torture in the name of National Security. This was countered by saying that each and every case is reviewed on merit to see if said agent is allowed to 'undertake' each illegal action but - bloody scary all the same (although I am not entirely surpised).

Looks like this has been rumbling around for a while.
Polls (utterly worthless as we all know) but...
at 14:19 1 Nov 2019

Evening Standard has Johnson 17 points ahead

The Guardian is showing a 14 day tracker of all GB the most recent (last few days) the Tories are between 11 and 17 points ahead.

My vote is going to be another 'wasted' vote this election and now, more than ever, it needs to count.
Simon Milton has been busy
at 14:15 1 Nov 2019
Been reflecting on tonight.
at 23:56 23 Oct 2019

1. Credit to Rotherham...whilst we gifted them 2 goals...for 85 mins they closed us down...denied us time and space...out muscled out played and out thought us.

2. Basics were missing tonight. 2nd ball...if we can't win the first about the second? Nope.

3. Playing out from the back...Rotherham closed us down but that doesnt mean we cant play out from the back. Simple basics...3 central midfielders yet only 1 coming short and then not one other player offering a pass or out. Not playing as a team.

4. Formation and rotation...too many changes on both counts.

5. Slow and lethargic. Look at the urgency George injected when he came on. We had that in the opening 5 and then stopped.

6. It's all a bit perverse. We havent actually played all that well or dominated a match for so long I cant remember the last time. Lambert stoll hasnt stamped his authority and style on this team. Yet look where we are...perversecand puzzling. Says more about other teams and the quality of this league than us!

7. We are still there and will bounce back but the last 2 games has exacerbated some of known shortcomings.
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