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I see MaySixth is in with the usual 3 posts and run.
at 20:19 5 Dec 2021

Some things don't change.
Left field potential appointments for Town
at 09:21 5 Dec 2021

Joe Seehan
Emma Hayes
Ipswich Town.
at 08:53 5 Dec 2021

Now foreign owned by business orientated Americans and backed with funds from a pension fund.

Previously owned by Marcus Evans and his 'business conglomerate'.

Before that, taken into administration by Sheepshanks and left a lot of local businesses high and dry.

We haven't been the Ipswich I know since then....and we will likely never go back. Certainly with our current owners that are only in it to get a return.

So, let's all step back from this blue tinted view of a reality that hasn't existed for over 15 years.

We've drifted and sleep walked into L1 giving most managers to much time when the evidence was clear it wasn't working. We are a shell of what we were. Under Cook it wasn't improving but sadly regressing again.

I like Cook...on paper he was my second choice and I wanted him and it to work. It wasn't and therefore this is absolutely the right decision and the right time.

Gives an incoming manager the time and opportunity to turn it around this season and that 'must' still be the aim. Promotion this season...that is what we must strive and aim for. Staying in this division playing some decent football isn't good enough and it certainly isn't good enough for our new owners.

This is a competition...this isn't some weird non-competitive sports day where you get a prize for taking part.

Promotion into the Championship and then go and a build a run for the Prem and Europe again. I'm sick of 'settling' for more improved football and match day experience. I want to see Ipswich win, even if it means sh*thousery or being cut throat.

What's the fecking point otherwise?
Who would be the absolute worst appointment for us now?
at 21:43 4 Dec 2021

And you can't choose previous managers.

I'll start...Megson.
Any manager would want this gig
at 19:38 4 Dec 2021

Quality L1 owners....investment there rtc etc
It's the right decision for the Club. (n/t)
at 19:20 4 Dec 2021

I mean, we didn't lose.
at 17:41 4 Dec 2021

But that's about it.

It's not working for Cook & Co and each game that passes it looks less and less likely.

With the Pack it out coming up...performances like the last few will have the opposite effect of what is trying to be achieved.

Pack out PR continues to not be good enough. We are regressing, losing confidence and looking increasingly like we did under Cook when he first arrived.

I like him....I wish it was isn't....time for Cook to move on.
Obligatory three words to describe todays match please. (n/t)
at 17:02 4 Dec 2021

Covid, scientists may have found the “trigger” behind extremely rare blood
at 07:53 2 Dec 2021

clot complications stemming from the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

If so, that's good news indeed.
[Post edited 2 Dec 8:02]
Just so I know
at 21:26 1 Dec 2021

How patient do we need to be with Cook & Co and how many more players do we need in the summer?
Progress then? (n/t)
at 21:24 1 Dec 2021

I mentioned Jackson a few days ago....
at 21:11 1 Dec 2021

Piggot and Bonne up top together by homer_123 24 Nov 14:35
I'm not convinced that they would make a good partnership as a front two.

A touch harsh, granted, as they haven't had the chance to really develop a relationship but I just don't see them complimenting each other - a bit too similar for my liking.

Rotherhams front two was a good mix of strength and hustle but with some proper ability in Ladapo.

Oddly, I can see Jackson as a foil to Piggot or Bonne, playing off the last shoulder of the defender for the flicks ons etc.

Or, maybe even Chaplin next to either of them - as a more tricky, skillful forward.

[Post edited 1 Dec 21:12]
Let's have your three words to describe what you hope will happen in
at 13:51 1 Dec 2021

tonight's match then?
Noting Geoffs post below about someone not self-isolating....
at 09:01 1 Dec 2021 Germany they are debating making vaccines mandatory.
Finidi vs Celina
at 08:34 29 Nov 2021


I posted this in early October....
at 18:13 28 Nov 2021

Well....having reflected on our start to the season by homer_123 2 Oct 17:53
and the period following Cooks appointment.

That'll do for me, time for a change.

The squad assembled is ridiculous for this level...the backroom is questionable and that really needs to be addressed.

For whatever reason he cannot seem to get us into any kind of consistent form.

I like him, he seems utterly genuine and clearly wants it to work...he has the pedigree but it's not working.

I think we need a change now though.

Let's have your three words to describe todays performance
at 17:39 28 Nov 2021

I'll start...

Not good enough
3pts and
at 17:02 28 Nov 2021

Bonne was wasteful sadly.

Edwards also should have had scored as well.

However.. that's a generally worrying performance as we looked capable of letting Crewe back in.

Why, when we make subs, do we look worse?

Switching off and falling asleep in that second half.

It's 3pts but not convincing at all.
Afternoon...just got in and missed the first half...can I get your three
at 15:43 27 Nov 2021

words to describe the match so far?
No Micheal are wholly wrong
at 08:52 27 Nov 2021

"Clearly we're in different times now," Vaughan said.

"That was three years ago - that's how much times have moved on in the three years."

And he states he never said anything racist....

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