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Thank you God/Fixture Computer.
at 10:37 23 Jun 2022

The two things I have booked up for Autumn and we’re away at Sheffield Wednesday on September 17th and Morecambe October 10th.

A right result
A Taste From My Childhood .
at 14:19 22 Jun 2022

While toiling in the afternoon heat, was offered a cold drink and a bit of shade. Delighted to be offered dandelion and burdock and/ or Vimto.
Not had either of those for donkeys years and an iced jug of each was kindly served up.
Taste buds are on overload. All that is missing are some Smiths crisps with the little blue salt shaker bag.
June 16th, Angling Past and Present.
at 19:47 16 Jun 2022

Love a day on the bank. Always have and will do until i meet my maker.
Was having a trip down memory lane earlier and remembering the anticipation we felt as kids and well into adulthood of the start of the coarse fishing season after what seemed an eternity when the season ended on March 15th.
Rod and landing net handle tied onto the bicycle crossbar, wicker basket with tackle, bait (usually maggots) and a few sandwiches over the shoulder, landing and keepnet on each side of the handlebars, off we'd go, sometimes several miles to some stretch of the river waveney or a murky pond.
Remembered the day when six of us didn't have a bite all night only for my float to bob about at first light and a very angry newt was swung in, nothing else caught at all.
Another memorable first night of the season was sitting on the park bank at Diss Mere, tilly lamps glowing in the dark, my daft mate thought it would be a laugh to et fire to his trainers with parrafin, only problem, he was still wearing them. Mad dash into the water and luckily only singed trouser legs. Caught very little that night too. A couple of crucians or a few roach were considered a right result back then.
How things have changed over the years. Only rivers are subject to the close season, lakes and canals are open to legally fish 365 days of the year, commercial style fisheries have sprung up the length and breadth of the country, many stocked with vast numbers of "mud pigs" (carp, a mythical beast when i was a youngster) where not a great deal of water craft is needed to catch all day all for the price of a packet of Bensons. Most swims you can park behind, for those you can't, a vast array of the latest gear can be transported on specially designed trolleys (i got one last year, idle git) to your peg of choice and the array of baits and flavourings is mind boggling.
It will only be a matter of time before the closed season is abolished on rivers. Will be a bit of a shame that the anglers of the future won't have the glorious 16th to look forward to.
Time, methinks, to put on an episode or two of Mortimer and Whitehouse, fishing like it used to be, grab a beer and reminisce a little more.
Tight lines.
[Post edited 16 Jun 19:50]
Strange Noises At Home.
at 17:34 14 Jun 2022

Got back from my day toiling, am a bit weary and heard a rustling noise in the living room. Further investigation and a sparrow was banging against the wood burning stove glass.
Opened the door and one startled bird immediately flew upstairs. Have managed to catch and release it unharmed to return to the large resident flock that live in my hedge.
How the heck did it get down the chimney?
Anyone else encountered this?
Some Desperate But Fantastic Defending.
at 18:58 5 Jun 2022

Hennessy, some cracking saves and defenders blocking shots left right and centre.
Feel for Ukraine but well done Wales qualifying for the first time in 64 years.
Queen Elizabeth II. 70 Years The Monarch.
at 00:14 2 Jun 2022

I was born in 1960. She has been Head of State for 8 years longer than i've been on planet earth. She has served the nation with dignity, wisdom and been a great ambassador for the UK and Commonwealth during her reign.
at 14:41 25 May 2022

Looking for somewhere warm to go first week of October with Mrs SSB, preferably a destination neither of us has visited, and I quite like the look of Funchal. Going to be on a fairly tight budget so is Madeira a good place to go to?
Wickham Skeith Anyone?
at 15:58 18 May 2022

Nice little village about 5 miles west of Eye.
Could solve the 20 goals a striker problem and at about 850 years old is probably more mobile than Connor.
Foreplay For The Over 60's.
at 23:02 14 May 2022

A glass of red wine or 3.

Watch Eurovision and comment on skimpy outfits, tight trousers etc.

Scrape and file hard skin off partners absolute disaster of feet and toes while commenting on above.

Mmmm, might get some decent brownie points for foot filing *

*Said partner falls asleep on sofa and snoring like a herd of comatose wilderbeast.

Better just finish the red then, there's always tomorrow.

Upsetting The Missus.
at 18:01 9 May 2022

Yesterday, i sat in the armchair, the rant began......
"I,ve been ironing clothes, washing windows, scrubbing the floors, and you just sit there waiting for me to bring you a beer and a snack, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU?"

I replied, "I'm patient"
Enjoyable Afternoon Part 2.
at 16:54 30 Apr 2022

Budgies are relegated
Enjoyable Early Afternoon.
at 15:15 30 Apr 2022

Pint with the lad, an entertaining 90 minutes football from the lads and some good performances all over the pitch. Future looks good and am excited to see who we recruit in the summer.
Stocked up with some fishing stuff from Angling Direct on the way back to the car.
Happy days.
Uppa Town.
Bressingham Gardens/Steam Engines.
at 15:22 24 Apr 2022

The missus appears to be fine and dandy again so we took our grandson (nearly 2) there this morning. ‘‘Twas a most splendid three and a half hours spent riding on the trains and roundabout.
Lovely smell of the engines and spring has sprung in the wonderful gardens. Little man had a grin like a Cheshire Cat. But..I was a tad sad to see the old nursery decayed and polytunnels derelict as one of the steam engines chugged around, as I had spent my teens and early working life toiling on probably the most famous horticultural establishment of that era.
Memories, mostly fond, of the many characters that I encountered and worked alongside cane flooding back.
Going to return soon to take in the huge array of plant life at a leisurely pace, minus an excitable child.
If you haven’t been before, and have a spare day, give it a look.
at 09:02 22 Apr 2022

It’s really rather a nasty variant.
Mrs SSB can hardly put one foot in front of the other by late afternoon ten days after testing positive although she has gone back to work this week. She’s probably the most stoic person I’ve ever known, so she must be feeling grim.
Several of my customers have also been very poorly with it the last month or two and this morning, I’ve just turned up to find my client still struggling after two weeks and looking completely washed out.
All have been fully vaccinated.
It’s a great deal more than “just having a cold “ for a lot of folks, isn’t it.*

*No one has been hospitalised I know of though.
Been A Nice Day (Under The Circumstances).
at 17:53 16 Apr 2022

Watched two football matches on the tv and enjoyed them both.
The sun is out and now relaxing in the garden with an ice cold beer.
Mrs SSB is nursing quite a nasty bout of Covid after testing positive on Wednesday morning.
So far, I’m showing no symptoms and testing negative each day.
Count your blessings.
Town lost but hey ho. It could be a bloody site worse.
How Bloody Good Are Liverpool.
at 16:18 16 Apr 2022

What a half of high pressing football.
Blowing the Mancs away.
Favourite Beaches.
at 14:58 8 Apr 2022

The holiday thread a day or so back has got me thinking of long lazy sunny days on glorious swathes of sand (or pebbles ).
Xi beach on Kefalonia, red sand and warm shallow sea. A few tavernas selling cold Mythos beer is probably mine. Bliss.
Where are yours.
I'm "Biting Of My Nose To Spite My Face" Apparantly.
at 16:25 7 Apr 2022

I'm a self employed gardener, for those of you that didn't already know. I have many qualifications and 47 years experience in many facets of horticulture, work hard and am in my opinion very fair on pricing, both hourly and day rate.
I reluctantly increased prices modestly from the beginning of this month to cover fuel and the other overheads incurred. This is the first time i've done so in 5 or so years and the majority of customers have been very supportive and appreciate the work i do for them.
One, however, has told me "You're biting off your nose to spite your face". I have a bit of a dilemma as his monthly standing order has gone into my account today at the old rate and i am due to do the garden next week. Don't want a big falling out as been working there for several years and the working relationship has been good, but now feel that i should just pay the money back and take up one of the other offers i've recently had.
Advice needed and gratefully received
Terms Of Endearment (rude edition) Embarrassment.
at 18:18 4 Apr 2022

At work at an elderly clients (she's 91 and very religious) garden today and she called me for elevenses, yes, it is still a thing around these parts.
I'm sitting by the back door, she in her utility room and my phone rings. Don't recognise the number but answer it and a booming Dutch voice on the other end says......

"Hey Steve, you big vvanker b0ll0ck chops c##t, how's it going".
I've got the bloody speaker phone on and the lady sat there in stoney faced silence as i scuttled out of her earshot.
He'd only called to tell me he's got a new number and always greets me with a profanity of some sort.
She hasn't mentioned it and i've been paid so hopefully no long term harm.

Chins Up Fellow Blues.
at 17:24 2 Apr 2022

Play offs now out of reach but some exciting times ahead. Some new additions in the summer and we go for it with an excellent young progressive manager and back room staff.
Bad day at the office today and it happens every so often so I’m going to enjoy the rest of the season and look forward to the next one.
Uppa Town.
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