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Cracking Performance.
at 15:57 13 Jun 2021

Well done all the players. Hot conditions, kept Croatia pretty quiet throughout. Lovely balance.
Big game for Mings. Solid as feck.
Footballs coming home. Believe.
England v Croatia Score Prediction and Beverage Consumption.
at 07:43 13 Jun 2021

I’m going for a 2-1 England win.

Washed down with a couple of away days beers.

Doing Sweet FA.
at 16:56 12 Jun 2021

Did my “to do” list Mrs SSB very kindly left me this morning while spending 3 hours having her hair done by the “lovely Cr##g”. She was delighted on her return. “Hair looks great love”, though I couldn’t actually see much difference from the hairdo she went out with.
“What are you going to do this afternoon “ She asked.
“F#ck all” says I.
And I’ve done f#ck all, all afternoon.
I’m actually very good at doing f#ck all as it turns out and am determined to do it again soon.
Happy Official Birthday Liz.
at 08:34 12 Jun 2021

95, looking very sprightly at the G7 meeting.
Once again a wonderful ambassador for our country.
A Few Belting Tunes To Get You Off To Sleep.
at 23:22 11 Jun 2021

That's a feckin mosh pit to end all mosh pits.

Night night.
Hey Dude.
at 12:58 11 Jun 2021

Just received my latest pair of the worlds most comfy footwear. A rather fetching farty blue suede slip on.mule suiting gentlemen of a certain age.
They are so light i hardly know i have them on.
Any other brands the TWTD collective could recommend to supplement my meagre shoe collection.
Montezuma's Revenge.
at 20:10 10 Jun 2021

Mrs SSB is clocking on for 60 and has never had the bum squits. This despite her love of spicy curries, Guiness, Adnams etc. This also has the added advantage of being able to let rip without the worry of any fart related accidents.

Can any of you lot claim to have this rather fortunate disposition.
Festivals This Summer.
at 10:07 9 Jun 2021

One that caught my eye in August is the Sign of the Times shindig in Herts. Decent looking lineup including Adam Ant, Ash, Cast, Futureheads, Wilco Johnson among others. *
Anyone else heading to this or any other festivals this summer?

Things should be better by then hopefully, shouldn’t they?

*Echo and the Bunnymen also playing.
[Post edited 9 Jun 10:43]
Time, New Drama Now Starting.
at 21:01 6 Jun 2021

Been looking forward to this, Stephen Graham and Sean Bean starring. Been some good drama on this year.
77 years ago, Operation Overlord...
at 16:03 6 Jun 2021

...Neptune, D-Day.
The American, British, Canadian, French, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Greek and many other allies landed on Normandy beaches to drive back and ultimately defeat the tyranny of Nazism.
Lest we forget the sacrifices made by many thousands of young men and women and civilians who lost their lives in the following days and months of the battle.
There were estimated to be over 425,000 casualties from both sides between June 6th and August 30th when German forces retreated across the river Seine. Five times the capacity of Wembley.
Sobering thought.
Grass cutting early morning.
at 18:29 30 May 2021

Really pissed off the neighbours this morning at about 8.30. Got my industrial strength mower out and woke up every fecker in about 2 square miles. Very satisfying and the grass looks amazing. Happy days
Satellite Train.
at 23:54 22 May 2021

Just went outside for a smoke and Elon Musks satellite train went overhead.

Diana Ross Rocks.
at 18:26 19 May 2021

A one off showing the Motown star with a rather different style.

Any other singers or bands anyone can think of who have done a toon or two totally different from the norm.

Friday Toons Dedicated to The Yoofs Win.
at 22:38 30 Apr 2021

Forgot we were "playing" tonight.
at 19:42 20 Apr 2021

Just logged on to have a little peruse only to see we are losing at the mighty Northampton.
Genuinly forgot there was a game on.
I really have become apathetic to this bunch of charlatans parading as footballers.
Think i'll take the dog out.
at 19:04 13 Apr 2021

Different day, same sh1t.
A Lovely Afternoon..
at 19:37 10 Apr 2021

Had a few family around in the garden. Bloody lovely, A couple of bottles of red and a few beers shared. Saw we had managed a 0-0 draw against the mighty MK. Well chilled atm and dinner will be served in a minute, a rather nice leek and potato pie.
We're not good enough to go up this season, not going to stress over our current form. Paul Cook will get his team in and sort out the mess. Investment is going to be made available, and next season will be a different ball game.
It's Finally Sinking In.
at 19:39 7 Apr 2021

The takeover has happened. My son rung me at 11.10am to tell me the news, it's his 21st birthday today and he said it was as good a present as he could of wished for.
Will be opening a very nice bottle of red later this evening that was a moving in gift and raise a glass or 2 to my boy and our clubs new owners.
Dog Breeders In Frenzy.
at 13:08 7 Apr 2021

Prices of greyhounds have rocketed in sleepy Suffolk this morning as the takeover of Ipswich Town was announced in the media. Local sales of the timid pet went up tenfold in just a few hours. One local pet supplier, Dane Whippet said “It’s gone barking mad here today”.
Popular TWTD poster greyhound was unavailable for comment, but it is believed his definite information prior to the announcement was the key to the incredible interest in the canine sales.
Next seasons sponsors are due to be revealed soon, with Winalot the front runner.
[Post edited 7 Apr 13:09]
Disinterested In The Club Right Now.
at 18:55 5 Apr 2021

For the first time in 52 years of supporting this once revered and respected club, i really can't be arsed at the moment to get emotionally involved with what is going on both on and off the field.
I was pleased with the appointment of Paul Cook, thought he may get a tune out of some of the vastly inflated squad he has inherited and that the run in to the end of the season might spark a degree of excitement, but alas, nothing has managed to rouse any interest at all.
Not putting any blame on PC, as he obviously has one hell of a rebuilding job on his hands, but the fact i have gone and tended some gardens on Good Friday and today rather than stay in the warm and watch on i-follow with a beer or three speaks volumes.
Don't even feel sad either, that feeling left me a while back.
I hope Mr Evans and the prospective buyers can come to an agreement and the club can once again get our pulses racing.
I live in faint hope.
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