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Substitution questions 14:10 - Mar 9 with 416 viewsGavTWTD

1) we made 4 changes at 60' against Bristol and it dramatically changed the whole dynamic of the team. We only made 2 just now and maybe it takes 3 or more? How many do you think it takes to change the whole direction?

2) do we not have a name for this let's-chane-the-whole-forward-line thing we do after 60 mins?

Ii would haven't Moore off. Shows what I know.

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Substitution questions on 14:12 - Mar 9 with 376 viewsNthsuffolkblue

Nothing to say Al Hamadi wouldn't have done the same but McKenna certainly got it right!

Suggestions for 2: "rolling the dice" or "freshening it up" or "you're in for it now!"
[Post edited 9 Mar 14:17]

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Substitution questions on 14:17 - Mar 9 with 312 viewsOldsmoker

Are you asking how many Ipswich subs does it take to change a lightbulb?

None - they're on fire so you can see everything without a lightbulb.

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Substitution questions on 14:18 - Mar 9 with 298 viewsRyorry

I was thinking Kieffer might go off too, was holding his head worryingly after he scored

What a strike though, thought he’d lay it back!

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