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Conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories
at 10:47 29 Nov 2020

ME has always been a closet Budgie & PL is still secretly in the pay of NCFC.

Explains everything.
Je Suis Phil
at 17:51 28 Nov 2020

I'll shave my head (had 8 months of bad hair day anyway) and PRP won't know the difference; he can deal with me while Phil sneaks into the room & under the table.

Right, I'll take the mutt for his walk then
at 15:24 28 Nov 2020

Maybe that'll help ...
Interesting; "This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic"
at 00:07 28 Nov 2020


Japan (constitutionally not allowed general lockdowns) dealt w. Covid_19 very successfully by "cluster-busting" ie shutting down "3C" venues (crowds in close contact in closed spaces), esp where chanting/loud talking went on - churches eg.
What a great idea - 'Kitmas' (kids' charity) appeal -
at 18:20 24 Nov 2020

[Post edited 25 Nov 11:46]
'Bury - Bringing Football Back' just started
at 23:56 22 Nov 2020

on BBC1.
"Doxing/doxxing" - scary stuff
at 12:47 22 Nov 2020

Came across this expression for first time, looked it up, something like it was mentioned by a few people in another thread here recently. Sorry about the implicit ad, but if you ignore that, it's a good article.


Only a year to go then ...
at 18:07 15 Nov 2020


* "Coronavirus vaccine innovator suggests return to normal by ‘winter next year'*

One of the scientists behind the first Covid-19 vaccine to clear interim clinical trials has said the impact of the jab will kick in next summer, and normality should return by next winter.

Professor Ugur Sahin, chief executive of BioNTech, said it was “absolutely essential” to have a high vaccination rate before autumn next year to ensure a return to normal life next winter.

He acknowledged that the next few months will be “hard” and that the promising preliminary results on the vaccine, created in partnership with Pfizer, will not have an impact on infection numbers in the current wave.

Interim results from the jab were found to be more than 90% effective, the two firms announced last week, but safety and additional efficacy data continue to be collected.
“If everything continues to go well, we will start to deliver the vaccine end of this year, beginning next year,” Prof Sahin told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

“Our goal is to deliver more than 300 million of vaccine doses until April next year, which could allow us to already start to make an impact. "
Wonderful docu on The Queen Mary just finished on BBC4 (rpt)
at 23:39 12 Nov 2020


Her origins on the Clyde & various roles, incl transporting Jewish refugees from Germany & Austria to New York in the late 1930s. Particularly moving was the story of how Commander Robert Irving, one of her captains, held up her sailing for 6 hours at the request of one particular refugee family, the Katzensteins, who were on a train heading to board her at Cherbourg but who were held up when some Gestapo officers boarded the train and stated their papers weren't in order. Ludwig Katzenstein, then age 4, recounted how his father made his way to the front of the train & personally asked the driver to telegraph the ship, which he did - and unbelievably, Cdr Irving did wait for them. Ludwig recounting how it felt to see the Statue of Liberty as they got into New York harbour was something else - "miracles do happen".

Followed by a Timeshift docu 'The Men who built the Liners' - just about to get onto iPlayer - superb stuff.
Lockdown 11.00 11/11/2020
at 10:55 11 Nov 2020

Live & learn when the supporters return Mr Evans -
at 19:28 9 Nov 2020

R.I.P. the king of food for footie fans -

The kit being used for the blanket Covid testing in Liverpool isn't fit for
at 12:08 8 Nov 2020

purpose, apparently. Well there's a surprise ...

Pschitterbouger n/t (n/t)
at 17:29 7 Nov 2020

Well look who's back!
at 19:32 6 Nov 2020

Dropped by to celebrate a win for the blues GB?

Nice to see ya, have a pint on me

[Post edited 6 Nov 19:33]
Nearly got caught out by this look-alike jungolic place scammer in my junk mail
at 16:05 1 Nov 2020

Actually got as far as opening it, which is pretty rare for me - but spotted in time, reported as pfishing -

"Amazon <amazon@a.com>
Sun 01/11/2020 15:08

To: Recipients

It has come to our attention that your Billing Information records are recently changed.
That requires you to verify your Billing Information, To verify your billing information,Please click on verification below to confirm your billing information.
Failure to abide by these instructions may subject you to amazon account restrictions or inactivity.

Help | Support | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy
Copyright © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliate.All rights reserved."
Bearing in mind several teachers on TWTD expressing concerns re
at 22:27 31 Oct 2020

conditions in their own educational establishments, what does the TWTD Brains Trust make of tonight's statement by the Prime * saying that schools, colleges & Unis will be allowed to remain open despite the lockdown?

Further mix of views here -
Yay, The Royle Family is back :)
at 21:35 30 Oct 2020

BBC1, now 👍
When did we last score the winner in the last 5 mins?
at 10:14 28 Oct 2020

My memory's saying, possibly incorrectly, that we've conceded plenty in the last 5 mins to either draw or lose - can't rmember when we last scored an equaliser or winner in 85-95th minutes - any stattos about to help out?
at 20:59 27 Oct 2020

But tempered by seeing Bish subbed "due to injury"?

Any further info on this?
Four Notes - Paul's Tune
at 10:03 25 Oct 2020

The orchestrated version played by the BBC Philharmonic in the opening minutes of 'Broadcasting House' at 09.00 this morning, will be available shortly on iPlayer

[Post edited 25 Oct 10:14]
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