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If you bought an Apple or Samsung phone after 1/10/2015, you may be owed ££
at 19:51 25 Feb 2021


You don't really have to do much except complete a very short questionnaire to see if you're eligible - took me 2 mins & I am - 'Which' will do the rest as part of a group action. NB not sure if this applies to non-members.
I knew I should've stuck with watching the grass grow at 1C at midnight in Feb
at 17:10 20 Feb 2021

Infinitely more exciting & pleasurable
Oh my ...Queen & Adam Lambert, on Sky Arts now
at 00:12 15 Feb 2021

The tribute to Freddie gig in front of 80K ppl - were any TWTDers there? Amazing stuff.

Started 20 mins ago, the docu goes on to 01.30 approx, so still plenty of legs in it if you're up now.
Cripes, hadn't realised Andros Townsend was still playing!
at 23:15 13 Feb 2021

Yeah I know, I should keep up more! Feels like at least 20 years ago that we had him on loan ... TWTD
De-stressing & meditation boost the immune system - clinical study
at 16:08 8 Feb 2021

Fascinating prog on BBC World Service early this morning on how de-stressing & meditation are proving (following clinical study) to boost the immune system, esp against viruses, and particularly so if practiced just before and after Covid vaccination -


Posted it on BL's thread earlier, but not everyone will have opened that thread, & the prog is well worth the 28 mins listen.
Line of Duty series 2 being repeated on BBC1
at 19:40 6 Feb 2021

9pm tonight + subsequent Sat eves
BMJ: "politicians and industry are guilty of “opportunistic embezzlement
at 05:45 4 Feb 2021

“..science is being suppressed for political and financial gain” in the mould of “some of history’s worst autocrats and dictators” -

I know most here knew anyway, but when the BMJ spells it out like that it really drives it home. Beyond shock, anger, disgust. French people would have started a revolution by now, yet some Brits are still saying 'poor BJ, hes' doing his best'
[Post edited 4 Feb 6:00]
Outrageous scam to end all outrageous scams
at 15:55 25 Jan 2021

"Invitation to accept or reject your coronavirus vaccination" - arrived in my junk mail this morning.

"NHS - National Health Service" (complete with usual NHS logo)

"Confirm your coronavirus vaccination
You are selected
The NHS is performing selections for coronavirus vaccination on the basis of family genetics and medical history.
You have been selected to receive a coronavirus vaccination.

Use this service to confirm your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

You will need to:

have 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccination at 2 appointments
book both appointments at the same time
get the 2nd dose 3 to 4 weeks after getting your 1st dose
Who can use this service
You can only use this service if you have received an email/SMS regarding this invitation. You can not use this service for anyone other than yourself.

You are also free to reject this invitation, your appointment will be issued to the next person in line in that case.

Please confirm or reject your invitation by selecting an option below."

Well of course I was initially delighted, but when you click "accept" as I did, you're then taken to a new window where you fill in ALL your personal details - full name, geog addy, DOB, mother's maiden name. You then continue via another new window - where you're asked for your credit card & bank details!! at which point I obviously hit the back-button & deleted every bit of info before closing the window.

Then copied the email address it had come from <info@takebuchi-sr.net> . Please warn your older rellies/friends, as they may well be expecting vacc invitations fairly soon. I'll also be reporting this to 'Which' mag, who are currently keeping a watch on this tye of scam in particular.

Any recommendations for PAYG mobile providers (Simcard only)?
at 14:18 17 Jan 2021

Was going to change to 02 but have no been on hold 22 mins just waiting to speak to an adviser, looks like this potential new customer's business is not important at all!

Horrified to find yesterday that Vodaphone who I was with, will now be charging me £365 annually for just switching my phone on whilst out walking the mutt for an hour daily, even if I make 0 calls & send 0 texts!! (complaint in the offing to Ofgem).
Dolly Parton at Glasto 2014 currently on BC4
at 00:42 16 Jan 2021

Accidentally switched stations, hadn't intended to listen, not previously a fan of hers - but by heck has she got a great voice, and it's a great listen!
Nominations for the alt government run by TWTD members
at 23:35 4 Jan 2021

Inspired by a post of BryanPlug's - "I’m sure we all would be so much better at running the country" - who would people prefer to have in the cabinet room at 10 Downing St?

My list -

Guthers (PM)
Stokie (deputy)
SteveM (Chancellor)
HennikerBlue (where did he go to? hope he's OK) - Foreign Office
ITFCJoe - Home Office
Newcy - Defence
Badger - Health
Mullet - Education
Gordon - Environment
No.9 - Energy policy & industry
Facters - Work & Pensions
WeWereZombies - Culture, Media & Sport
Anyone had contact with Zombies recently?
at 18:23 22 Dec 2020

Hope he's OK, hasn't been around lately except saw his name briefly on Sun night - sent him a quick PM but by the time I'd posted it he'd gone offline, & my PM hasn't yet been opened.

Why did this mutant strain originate from SE England? 🤔
at 18:14 20 Dec 2020

Whilst a couple of other European countries (Denmark, which may have been down to mink? & the Netherlands) have a small number of cases, the numbers have obviously been considerably more here.

Is the mutant version here down to mink too? or something else - anyone know?

Whilst out walking the mutt a couple of hours ago, met neighbour who's a NHS medic who assured me that the vaccine being rolled out does also protect against this mutant strain, which is at least something.
[Post edited 20 Dec 2020 18:15]
Anyone got links to studies showing strong correlation between mask-wearing
at 18:28 16 Dec 2020

Of ppl in public, and reduction of Covid_19 infections pls?

Asking for someone who's got himself into a spat with Peter Hitchens (mask naysayer).

Found this, but whilst basic text says "effective", the detailed PDF conclusion calls the correlation "weak" (but it isn't peer-reviewed).


https://royalsociety.org/-/media/policy/projects/set-c/set-c-facemasks.pdf?la=en (nb - it's a very long read & I haven't read it all yet).

This re SARS says further research is needed -

https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02801-8 - not peer-reviewed, short on data, vague.

https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30352-0/fullt - Interesting, but again vague & focuses on mitigation rather than providing any hard data.
While Blue Action are in the news , a shameless plug for their ace goodies -
at 11:24 15 Dec 2020

I particularly like the scarf - soft, warm, v. reasonably priced. Keyring also exceptionally good quality, bigger, chunkier & more solid than expected. T-shirt (M) a good fit for slim tall-ish f. All arrived quickly (about 5 days after placing order) & well packed. Cheers BA! 👍

[Post edited 15 Dec 2020 11:24]
Outstanding - the last in the Small Axe series
at 23:28 13 Dec 2020

If you missed it this evening -


Absolutely shocking issue, which I'd previously been completely unaware of.

Hope there's another series, brilliant stuff.
Well, walking the mutt worked last week ...
at 15:50 12 Dec 2020

See you in an hour
"Oven-ready" -
at 04:44 10 Dec 2020

Still in the freezer then

Or maybe not even that advanced -

[Post edited 10 Dec 2020 5:34]
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