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Meanwhile in the land that time forgot... 09:28 - Apr 13 with 481 viewsBanksterDebtSlave

(couldn't find the dedicated thread, it's been that long)

"They break our legs and tell us to be grateful when they offer us crutches."
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Meanwhile in the land that time forgot... on 09:56 - Apr 13 with 407 viewsSuperKieranMcKenna

“ The 'special military operation' continues to reach new lows” (for reference).

It’s a worry the US are wavering on their commitment to supply weapons.

Ukraine’s overall position has deteriorated markedly since the start of the year, after military aid from the US dried up and Donald Trump allied Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to put a $60bn Ukraine aid package to the vote.

Likely to only get worse if the big orange turd gets into office. A figure of $60bn sounds a lot in isolation but is less than the UK paid in furlough, and less than our annual cost of servicing our debt. Therefore it’s even less significant to the world’s largest economy. A small price for Ukraine’s freedom.

What I would say is there is an element of alarmism from Zelensky (it’s his job right). There’s little prospect of Western Ukraine falling to Russia. There is no rush from western institutions to pull trade finance or assets out. The Russian’s simply do not have the firepower or manpower. But every little bit they chip away will embolden Putin.
Meanwhile in the land that time forgot... on 10:05 - Apr 13 with 388 viewshoppy

Thought you were talking about what was happening in Norfolk for a moment.

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Meanwhile in the land that time forgot... on 10:08 - Apr 13 with 369 viewsCheltenham_Blue

Trump's cronies will lose Ukraine the war. They'll give up the Donbas, and then in three years Putin will go again.

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Meanwhile in the land that time forgot... on 10:26 - Apr 13 with 326 viewsZapers

Wow, that’s some revelation.

Always know who to go to for breaking news.
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