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Keane: Result Was Fair
Keane: Result Was Fair
Tuesday, 14th Sep 2010 23:10

Boss Roy Keane admitted that his Town side were very much second best to QPR as Neil Warnock’s men left Suffolk after a 3-0 victory. Despite his team’s comfortable win, Warnock felt Portman Road had changed for the better this season.

Keane had no argument with the scoreline: “It was probably a fair result. I don’t think we turned up tonight, we never got going. The second goal killed the game for us.

“I took a few gambles in the second half, which was the only way we were going get back into the game. It was either that or we were going to lose by four or five, it was one of those nights.

“Credit to QPR, they took full advantage of that and they did a good job on us. That’s what good teams do.”

The Blues boss says few of his team impressed: “It was one of those nights where I don’t think many players can say that they were at their best. Márton made some good saves, Connor did well when he came on, but other than that we all looked like we were at 90% and we’re not good enough to get away with that.

Despite the defeat, Keane says there’s no need for too much gloom: “It’s important that we chill out and stay relaxed. Over the last few weeks we haven’t felt that we are that good a team and all of a sudden this evening I don’t think we’re that bad a team. It’s football, it happens.”

Keane says there should be news on the targeted loanee, believed to be Sunderland's Jack Colback, on Thursday.

A buoyant Neil Warnock felt it was important to begin the game strongly: “I knew we had to start well today. Ipswich have had a great start to the season and there’s nothing better football-wise than playing an evening match at Portman Road.

“I was pleased to see the rain bucketing down, it was a great evening to be a forward tonight I thought. We started well and took the game to them and I was delighted when the first goal came and I think it calmed us down and gave us that belief.

“I think we played very well tonight and I don’t think anybody could have coped with the way we played."

Warnock says he expects the Blues to bounce back against Cardiff: “I think you’ll see a different Ipswich performance on Saturday, but on the night we played very well and Roy will be the first to say that.

“But you can see the club has changed this year, you can see the optimism, you can see the fans raring to go and I think it’s a far better place now down here than it was last year.”

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Luke8644 added 23:15 - Sep 14
warnock seems to be very positive towards us, still a complete bell.

choprawontcome added 23:16 - Sep 14
we were totally outplayed from start to finish,wont be goin back in a hurry i tell ya!

Frase1987 added 23:17 - Sep 14
PR really isn't gonna help us this year I don't think.

We were quite lucky to score vs Bristol the ball was in the air a lot of the time.

No need to panic tho, roll on Sat.

Bluearmy added 23:22 - Sep 14
chropawontcome what a complete clown you are after our 1st lose you say you won't be coming back in a hurray i know it was terrible game by us but where is you support FFS i hate fans like you

vulcher added 23:22 - Sep 14
complete waste of time tonight, outplayed for the whole game. we were completely predictable, long ball and nuffin to show for it, where is the creativity in this team. there has been no improvement from last season and any1 who honestly thinks there is then they r deluded. with the money we have spent over the last two seasons we shouldnt be outclassed by any1. yeah its our first defeat of the season but in all seriousness who have we reli beat that is worth noting, boro away we thought was a good start and every1 has been beating them. on a positive note connor wickham looked good when he came on, shame he didnt start!

Bluearmy added 23:25 - Sep 14
Amazing one bad game and these people like vulcher come from there hiding and post this

ITFCBlues added 23:28 - Sep 14
Vulcher, you sir re a complete MORON...

No better than last season???? 1 defeat in 7 games and 5th in the league suggests were much better than last season...

Boro won tonight didn't they??? They will come good...your rather short sighted...

And yes, we should of started Wickham, a player who has played 20mins football over the last 6-8 weeks...

vulcher added 23:28 - Sep 14
why is that bluearmy, because im not sad enough to comment on every single story on the website. we were terrible tonight, and u kno we were, thats if u actually went tonight. but no surprise u r defending the team judging by your picture, keane has been a complete flop!

under_the_sun666 added 23:31 - Sep 14
Well played QPR, showed us how to really play football.

Priskin has to go, even as a sub he dus sweet f*ck all!

442 saturday plz

vulcher added 23:33 - Sep 14
well yeah atleast we have won a game, and that is better than last season but tonight we have seen that a year down the line we r still not in a position to beat title challengers in this league. surely this was the two years plan that keane set? we have got a long way to go. but seems u r happy with tonights result so fair play, but im not, i expect better!

Skip73 added 23:38 - Sep 14
Vulcher, not sad enough to comment on every story?? you haven't commented on any this season until, surprise surprise, we have our first lose. You also say that with the money we have spent in the last 2 years we shouldn't be outclassed by anyone, well QPR have spent as much if not more as we have in the last 2 years in this year alone so they should be better than us.

Bluearmy added 23:38 - Sep 14
vulcher of course i am not happy with the way we lost tonight but reality check here it was our first game we lost tonight

NathItfc added 23:39 - Sep 14
First lost, had to come sometime, i'd rather loose to Qpr than Cardif, so roll on the weekend :) COYB!

vulcher added 23:42 - Sep 14
yeah i totally agree, it is our first loss,but its against a team that surely keano has tried to build his team as good as. a club like us, with the ambition, we should be good enough to beat teams like this, but it just dont look like we have gone forward from magilton! yeah i mite be wrong, and it might be a one off, but we will c i guess

Bluearmy added 23:46 - Sep 14
vulcher as you say we will c i guess

vulcher added 23:50 - Sep 14
yeah. anyway roll on saturday, hopefully will get another 3 points and wipe the smile off bellamys face!

Frase1987 added 23:53 - Sep 14
I don't think u should jump on vulcher, we were absolutely terrible and it's how we played that concerns me.

As long as we come out with something different on sat we'll be fine.

We'll always get loses thats fine, but we shouldn't be getting hammered, especially not at home.


vulcher added 23:57 - Sep 14
yeah very true skip73, but after watching tonight qprs money looks like it will win them the title, i not sure if ours will be enough to reach the play-offs, but i guess if we r around them in january, then maybe he will finally get it right in the transfer market and all will be forgotten

bedsitfc added 00:00 - Sep 15
tonight proved we are still short in terms of quality, dont get me wrong i honestly think we are at least a top 6 side but we do need a bit more cutting edge.

vulcher added 00:00 - Sep 15
lol cheers frase. im not trying to annoy people, just it didnt look good tonight, but a win on sat would be quality. looking forward to it!

Martus added 00:10 - Sep 15
Blue Army, do u think the football we played toonight was good, it was a disgrace, i necer liked the style we play under Keane, and tonight showed how bad it is. Every pass was long and 50 50 no plasses we played on the floor, we didnt create any chance and it wasnt the style i associate with Ipswich, it was a discrace, QPR passed it and played it round us with clever passes and flicks, we were taught a lesson. Look bak at the style Burley played and you will see how it should be pplayed.

So i think people should be concerned, look at the past world cup winners Spain, Italy and Brazil, all won with attractive flowing football, who didnt win, England or the home nations, because we have muppets like Keane playin that type of football

ChambersM added 00:10 - Sep 15
Don't tempt me guys

goat_man added 00:21 - Sep 15
Honestly, that was dissapointing! A bright start to the season and then QPR send us down to the reality that we probably arnt at the moment a championship winning/automatic promotion side! However this is not to say that we arnt a top 6 side though. Our floor today was starting with only 1 up front, allowing them to steel the ball all the time from our lone striker and counter. Hopefully this is the last time we see a 4-5-1 formation ever! We have made good improvements this season so far considering the shambles of a team we were last year, keep behind the team everyone no need to panic!

ChambersM added 04:46 - Sep 15
Can I just say one thing, does our idiotic skipper have a brain? He's on four yellows and he goes and puts in a performance like that, rash challenging never winning the ball and then reacts pathetically when derry tackles him. He doesn't use his head.

WickedBlue added 04:52 - Sep 15
Knock Warnock all you want he is a terrific Manager. His side played us off the park tonight, having said that, people going on about hoofing the ball that is what happens when to can't go through or around the opposition you try to go over and that is what happened to us tonight. I have even seen it happen to Sir Bobby's team on occasion. Full credit to QPR they are the team to beat this year so am not going to be to down hearted about it. Cardiff on Saturday win that and all will be right with the world again.

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