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Team for Brentford...
at 11:25 16 Sep 2018

I’d personally like to see the below. Think this is the best team we have available at present.


Donacien Pennington Chambo Knudsen

Skuse Edun

Edwards Nolan Graham


I’d bring back Bart. Gerken has done nothing wrong, but we know Bart’s the better keeper & we need to be playing our best players. Donacien was playing well before this work permit issue had kicked in. He’s better than Spence from what we’ve seen. As esterday highlighted, he’s just not good enough. Edun should also start. He showed against Exeter that he’s got the ability to play forward and we’re missing that. Downes was poor yesterday - not good enough at present and doesn’t have the ability to play forward.

The only other potential change is Jackson or Walters & I guess that depends on Walters fitness. I realise that’s 3-4 changes, but we need to play the best side we can & then keep it settled & at present, this is it for me.
WHat was said on Huws/Bishop?
at 15:22 13 Sep 2018

They’re still some way off as well by the sounds of it?

Will they ever return...
Hurst on Dozzell....
at 14:36 13 Sep 2018

Very well said. When he starts ripping it up for the U23’s give him his chance...
Team for Hull....
at 12:44 5 Sep 2018

I know it’s early still with over a week until the next game. But the team I’d go for & expect in some ways would be


Knudsen Chambers Pennington Donacien


Graham Nolan Huws Edwards


I’d like to see Bart return as he’s clearly the better keeper – although I can’t see that happening. Is Huws fit? I guess we shall see – but I think he should be. You’d think that both Huws/Bishop not featuring in the U23 game on Monday would probably have been with a view that they’re joining in with the first team training this week fully which wouldn’t of happened had they played Monday. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing a mini pre-season this week with perhaps more work on shape etc next week. I can see Huws playing some part in that game – how much remains to be seen. Skuse I suspect will be OK after the 2 weeks break.

Did Graham do enough Sunday to warrant another start? Probably not – but we’re not really littered with all that many options on the left & he might be better after the two weeks training with the rest of the squad. Rowe has been very good for the U23’s – but will he play? Can’t see that happening. Walters I suspect will start up front. Jackson did OK Sunday but think we’ll opt for more experience. Unless Walters moves to the right and Jackson starts up front with Edwards on the left? He played that role for Posh.

The other main question would be do we revert back to the 4-1-4-1 formation? I’d like to think so myself. PH should try and stick to his principals. I can see why he changed things Sunday and went more direct, especially 2nd half with Godfrey at CB & It worked to some degree. But I’d like to think that with a couple of weeks on the training ground we’d have a good chance to work on things and might see an improvement with what we were trying to implement initially.

Will certainly be very interesting to see what happens for that game. I can’t wait myself! These International breaks just get in the way of things although will of hopefully come at a good time for us!

[Post edited 5 Sep 12:45]
I keep seeing people questioning the turnover in players...
at 10:48 4 Sep 2018

So how would they have avoided that situation?


Below loans ended

Total of 12 players who have left the club since the end of the season. So which of these could/should we of kept on?

If I look at that list, the top three I’d of kept. However, they all wanted to leave - so how does that play out? Stopping players earning more money. I’ve seen comments the last couple of days about players questioning the new regim and PH. Would keeping these players of helped that squad harmony?

McGoldrick would’ve been nice. However, his injury situation over the last couple of years doesn’t justify a big contract. Would he even want to stay?

Of the loans, CCV & Connolly perhaps. CCV we appear to have tried to resign.

For me, when it’s all in black and white, I’m not sure how it could of been avoided - although interested in seeing what other people think could’ve been done to avoid it.
Phil...what is happening with Tilt!?
at 19:19 28 Aug 2018

You’re reporting it’s gettiny closer...EADT saying things have taken a backwards step?
You’ve got to presume that Graham wasn’t first choice...
at 19:14 28 Aug 2018

PH been saying that we’ve been waiting for clubs to sign replacements so not a lot happened. Must’ve decided time to move on!

EADT reporting that move for Tilt is "moving closer"
at 16:33 23 Aug 2018

Blackpool now willing to sanction move...
at 15:57 20 Aug 2018

Still no real update on how he's progressing.....

Another season on the sidelines awaits then?
It’s fair to say, they’re OBSESSED with attendances...
at 18:37 19 Aug 2018
Carter-Vickers...what we thinking?
at 12:33 19 Aug 2018

He’s a very good player. But I think I’d rather someone who we know is going to be here next season so we can start to build a settled squad.
Worried about Chambo in this picture...
at 13:36 18 Aug 2018

Why is he smiling on game day? It’s like he’s taking the mick out of PH and not taking what he said seriously Tuesday night...

Alan Nixon saying we’re back in with another bid for Tilt...
at 17:53 16 Aug 2018

“Should happen” is what he’s saying...
Team for Saturday....
at 11:23 16 Aug 2018

A few decisions to make for the weekend. I suspect it’s look something like;


Knudsen Chambo Toto Donacien

Edun Chalobah

Edwards Nolan Ward


I guess the real decision is if Skuse comes back into the side. Not sure you can really drop Edun – which means that it’s either Skuse/Chalobah. I like Chalobah but just wondering if PH might opt for a little more experience in there with it being Villa.

Not sure there’s really much else up for debate unless perhaps Harrison starts again – although I think we’ll go with Jackson myself….
Just seen the highlights...
at 12:37 15 Aug 2018

Was it really that bad? PH clearly has high standards! We need to be testing the keeper more but it didn’t appear to be that bad aside from Chambo’s awful mistake!

Perhaps these aren’t comprehensive highlights that miss a lot of Exeter chances & also miss a lot of bad stuff? But I’ve seen a lot worse!
It’s funny how everyone was clamouring for a change....
at 23:20 14 Aug 2018

We get a new “Young and hungry” manager with “Young and hungry” signings who’s trying to get us to play some good football as well. Something different, fresh ideas. Just what everyone asked for last season?

We’ve had a slow start and after THREE games, because we’re not running away with the league and in the next round of the cup people are seriously panicking?

Why didn’t we just stick with Mick? A nice safe pair of hands because people don’t have the bottle or patience for change.
Just watched further highlights...
at 12:13 12 Aug 2018

Lots of encouraging play. Good passing and getting into good positions on numerous occasions without actually having a shot or creating that clear cut chance.

Harrison should’ve done better with his chance. Nsiala got the ball, was never a FK. Not sure Nolan’s pen appeal in first half was a pen. Didn’t show the Roberts one.

There’s plenty to be encouraged about. It’s just the patience side that a lot of people will struggle with. They think that now Micks gone we will instantly play free flowing attacking football and score lots of goals in the process when in reality, it takes time.
What is the situation with the Donacien loan?
at 19:58 11 Aug 2018

I read somewhere that he will become permanent as soon as his work permit issues are sorted. Assuming that’s not going to take all that long? So what’s the issue signing 3 loans?
Hurst saying that we need 3 players in...
at 18:43 11 Aug 2018

But only have room for 2 more loans so likely to only sign 2 more players.

How long is Donacien work permit issue likely to to rumble on for!?
at 14:14 11 Aug 2018

Pretty disappointing that he’s not been involved as yet. I hope it’s more of a case of easing him back in as opposed to not being likely to feature.

Think it’s obvious that Emmanuel & Nydam are likely to be loaned out. Could possibly see Downes follow them as well. Probably for the best in all 3 cases. A season on loan for each of them could really benefit them.
[Post edited 11 Aug 14:17]
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