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Edwards Pleads Guilty
Edwards Pleads Guilty
Monday, 10th Oct 2011 10:58

Town right-back Carlos Edwards this morning pleaded guilty to charges of driving whilst disqualified and without insurance at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court. The case was adjourned until Thursday when, after pre-sentencing reports, the 32-year-old will be sentenced.

Edwards was arrested close to his home in Kesgrave on September 26th after driving his daughter to school.

The Trinidad and Tobago international’s wife gave birth to twins weighing 2lb on Saturday at Addenbrooke’s with the babies currently being cared for in incubators at the Cambridge hospital.

Edwards, who was joined in court by Town chief executive Simon Clegg, cited the complications with his wife’s pregnancy as a factor leading to him drive despite his ban earlier in the year.

Prior to being taken to Addenbrooke’s, his wife had been admitted Ipswich Hospital on September 25th and was subsequently moved to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and then the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital with Edwards spending much of the night at her bedside after the West Ham game, the day after he committed the offences.

Photo: Action Images/John Marsh

Photo: Action Images

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JewellintheTown added 11:09 - Oct 10
I feel sorry for him to be honest. If I was put in the same situation I'd have done the same for the family. Not easy to get a taxi at that time and very quickly, and not practical to hire a chauffeur 24/7 - even on Carlos' wages. Congrats to the guy and hope the little ones do well. Need their dad as does his missus so hope a big fine and slap on the wrist is all he gets again. Hope the judge sees it for what it is.

ThatMuhrenCross added 11:18 - Oct 10
Although not unheard of, a custodial sentence would be extremely harsh here. With all the evidence on the table, it is quite apparent that whilst he has done wrong, it was extenuating circumstances that led to him committing the offence. A fine would be appropriate here - perhaps even an extension to his ban. But as a father of young children, with a wife, and a job, he's hardly a threat to society and is most certainly needed at home. End of.

MarcFowler added 11:19 - Oct 10
Without a doubt, I would have driven if my wife needed the hospital, especially if she were pregnant with my children.

KenDubZ added 11:23 - Oct 10
Edwards all the best mate we need you and your children need you. Everyone would have dont the same thing Carlos so dont worry mate hope they just give you a fine and no centence. All the best!! :D

CavendishBlue added 11:26 - Oct 10
I don't doubt that I too would have done the same in the circumstances.

Edwards however does have a very poor record previously so would expect a heavy extension to his ban.

However, I was clocked doing doing 83mph on the A14 around Cambridge and given 3 points when returning from the fertility clinic at Bourne with an incubater in the passenger footwell.I wasn't and didn't expect to get off that under the circumstances.Although the WPC was a hard cow....

Bergholtblue added 11:28 - Oct 10
If you read the previous report, it says his wife was already in hospital. If he was rushing to the hospital or rushing to be by her side in an emergency, then there are some mitigating circumstances. If however, he was simply driving because his wife wasn't about to do the driving for him, he wants the book thrown at him.

I do agree however, that his wife and new born children need him more than society needs him put inside, so a custodial sentence would be extremely harsh.

irishtim added 11:37 - Oct 10
an extension 2 his ban would be enough. alot worse crimes being committed & people still walking d streets.Hope his wife & kids will be ok.

boltzak added 11:47 - Oct 10
He's a twit if he had not have been disqualified in the first place he could have drove his car as much as he liked!

Johnhoz added 11:52 - Oct 10
A custodial sentence should be in the public interest.

Clearly that is not the case here.

bobble added 11:55 - Oct 10
i am deeply concerned for the 1lb babies will they make at such a tiny weight ?
as for the driving without all the legal blah blah who cares we will alll be dead in a few years why are the police so uptight ?

Hunterssecondball added 11:59 - Oct 10
Let's hope Addenbrooke's can do the business for the family. Being born that early and only 2lbs in weight will present big problem's. Some survive, some don't, and in this case there's 2 to deal with. Yep, he should have been more sensible before, but are any of us perfect? In the eye's of his 2 children let's hope he is perfect for them, as they are to him.
Good luck to the family.

HarryfromBath added 12:02 - Oct 10
I have little sympathy for the disconnected lives which many famous footballers live these days, but hopefully common sense will prevail in this instance. I hope that he and his family are all doing okay.

bobble added 12:02 - Oct 10
surely if there are twins and they weight 2lbs then they weigh one pound each ? that sounds serious

Superfrans added 12:20 - Oct 10
Clearly extenuating circumstances. Says a huge amount about the man that he has still been playing throughout this. Must have been a very worrying few weeks - and it also makes even more sense now why we have brought Reece in on loan.

tractorgirls added 12:23 - Oct 10
stop having sympathy for him you halfwits... the court are reporting stronger than mentioned above.. if he had of killed your family member then what? should not have been driving, simple....

distractored added 12:27 - Oct 10

... he could have _driven_..., please.

my brain hurts

UsualSuspect added 12:51 - Oct 10
Extended sympathy for his wife and twins, hope all goes well.
Shouldn't have been driving though, even more so with his track record.

@distractored, there are people from many different walks of life on here, not all with the same command of the English language as others, if you feel the need to criticise or correct people on their Grammar your brain will always hurt.

WoodfordTim added 12:52 - Oct 10
Do wish him & his wife & babies all the best. Must be very upsetting & stressful. He has, though, driven whilst disqualified & therefore he was driving without insurance cover. In the event of a serious accident, it could have ruined him financially & put him away for several years. Doesn't bare thinking about. Hope the court just fine him as he cannot have been thinking clearly at the time. Why did he not use a not a taxi? !!

BartsGreatBeard added 12:54 - Oct 10
tractorgirl its not about feeling sorry for him its about using common sense if my girlfriend was in hospital because she was having problems with my child whether i was allowed to drive or not i would do the same thing and u say about killing someone he wasnt driving recklessley he was just driving when he shouldnt of been so cut the guy some slack he has done what any man would do whether it was the wrong thing for the right reason a custodial sentence would be very harsh just fine him give him a further warning that IF it happens again then he will face jail

blue_em_away added 12:59 - Oct 10
"if he had of killed your family member then what?"

Yeah but he didn't you halfwit.....

To my knowledge this is NOT and drinking and driving issue or dangerous driving, so get your argument in to context please.

simonsays added 13:08 - Oct 10
You always have choices in life. He knew he was breaking the law when he did it. I think a small custodial sentence is warranted here.

barnettractor added 13:11 - Oct 10
A custodial sentence costs the tax payer money, and will cost his wife and kids his presence at a time they need him most. A very heavy fine, will hit him in the pocket, and make a positive contribution to the government. Let common sense prevail....

bobble added 13:12 - Oct 10
he should be getting some sort of civic award

blue_em_away added 13:14 - Oct 10

OMG man get a grip

BartsGreatBeard added 13:16 - Oct 10
simonsays are u telling me that if your wife and child needed u but the only way to help would be to break the law u wouldnt do it ??

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