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Jewell Amazed at Furore
Jewell Amazed at Furore
Friday, 13th Jan 2012 14:59

Blues boss Paul Jewell says he wasn’t just surprised but amazed by yesterday’s furore regarding his misquoted post-match comments at Birmingham. Last night the FA confirmed that they wouldn’t be taking any action against the Town manager for the criticism aimed at assistant referee Amy Fearn after the penalty incident towards the end of Wednesday's game.

Jewell said: “I wasn’t surprised, I was amazed because there was just absolutely no comment that I thought that could be construed as sexist.

“I answered a question. I think it had been reported wrongly that I went into the press conference and came out with that opening gambit. I answered a question. I think people know what the question was – ‘I think everyone to a man saw that it was a penalty, Paul’.

“I thought that the linesman or woman or assistant referee had a really good view of it. If the lady had been a man I would have said exactly the same thing. I thought it was a poor decision by the officials. That she’s female doesn’t make any difference for me, she got that decision wrong.

“I went in the referees’ room after the game, which I’m entitled to do half an hour after the match, and asked them how they saw the penalty decision. She and the referee gave their point of view, I gave mine, while listening to the assessors and the fourth official. I said ‘goodnight’ and there was no problem.

“I think there are a lot of people who haven’t got anything better to do than write about stuff that wasn’t true, people who weren’t there and who are ill-informed.”

Jewell says he’s not expecting to talk to Fearn about the matter: “I’ve no plans to speak to her unless she gives me a ring. I think it’s gone. She hasn’t taken offence to what happened.

“She’s an official at a Championship game, she knows it’s a passionate game. She’s there on merit, she’s not there because she’s a woman. I have no issue with women officials in football.

“I think Amy’s a good assistant referee. She got that one wrong, the referee got it wrong, I get lots of things wrong.

“It was a game-changing event that I was upset about and just the fact that she’s a woman had no bearing on it whatsoever.

“I spoke with David Allison yesterday, who is in charge of the referees’ association [Professional Game Match Officials Board], and he said he’d spoken to Amy and she had absolutely no problem with it.

“There was no intent and if you look at the comments and if you were there you know that it was blown up out of all proportion.”

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roytheboy added 15:09 - Jan 13
You've said and done nothing wrong there

walberswick added 15:09 - Jan 13
I suppose he'll also be suprised when he's relieved of his post at ITFC?

EastTownBlue added 15:14 - Jan 13
Has Amy now become a Hearn instead of Fearn ?

PhilTWTD added 15:19 - Jan 13
Sorry, my error. Amended.

john_itfc added 15:20 - Jan 13
We Dont care about this. Can all the jernos so pestering Jewell over it and let the man concentrate on our squad and the transfer window

SomershamBlue added 15:21 - Jan 13
I'd like to be "amazed at four" - goals by 'Town tomorrow please.

DiamondGezzer added 15:26 - Jan 13
^^^^^I wouldn't mind two !!!!!

DiamondGezzer added 15:28 - Jan 13
^^^^^^Long as the opposition only score one !!!!!!!!!

roytheboy added 15:38 - Jan 13
If we can avoid leaking any early goals, then I think we can and will beat Blackpool, we must stay tight and together in defence though, good luck Paul and the team.

SomershamBlue added 15:49 - Jan 13
That's a big 'IF' roytheboy, but I like your thinking (hoping, praying..)

tractorboybig added 16:27 - Jan 13
Just another day at the office.

Evans " what are all those idiots out there shouting about?"

reply." take no notice they are only the supporters"

Marcus added 16:33 - Jan 13
This is so silly but fun to watch.

Popcorn anyone?

Facefacts added 16:42 - Jan 13
Still the best quote I've seen about all this = "The officials bottled it". Terrible refereeing which cost us points. No penalty, no red card and suspension for their defender, so I would say it cost all three points.

It means we end up having to score 'great' goals, but let 'silly' goals in.

jas0999 added 16:52 - Jan 13
I am amazed at the abysmal results and the fact PJ is still allowed to be in charge. It's about time all managers stopped blaming officials etc for defeats. Fair enough errors are made, but sometimes they go for you and sometimes they don't. The fact is we conceeded two sloppy goals AGAIN. PJ needs to ask himself why that is and sort it out.

fourth added 17:32 - Jan 13
PJ is somewhat redneck here. What does Mrs PJ say?

Cotton_eyed_joe added 17:41 - Jan 13
'Jewell Amazed at Furore' I got excited and thought for a minute he had unearthed a young, fast, hungry player who wants to play for town. My mistake just another load of Jewell comments about how we should of won had it not been for silly goals, poor reffing blah blah, Shut up Jewell and start managing the team, lose on sat and it should be farewell Paul. I hope for a win but have no faith in PJ to deliver

Len_Brennan added 17:42 - Jan 13
PJ is under serious pressure to keep his job, and rightly so. It is hardly a surprise then that he is highlighting/blaming the officials in this case.
There is a fair chance that had the penalty been given, we would have scored and gone on to the win the match (although our last minute defending is always a worry), having played well, away, against a pretty decent side, that have a good home record. That kind of result can breed confidence and inspire a mini-run etc. That must have been with PJ was thinking and hoping at the time of the challenge. Remember that the most successful manager of all time was minutes away from getting the boot at Manchester United before some bloke, who went on to play for some unmentionable club, got a break, scored a goal and saved his job.
The officials got it wrong, PJ was gutted and felt that he was robbed at a time he needed luck like never before - we all would have in his position.
There are enough things that we can justly criticise him about, I'll allow him his moan on this one.

TractorRoyNo1 added 18:43 - Jan 13
shut up you scouse %$£& and concentrate on getting a clean sheet tomorrow, here's a clue - play a midfielder in front of them - here' another one, play a defender at right back

TractorRoyNo1 added 18:49 - Jan 13
please don't use Jewell in any sort of comparison with Ferguson or for that matter Robson, he wouldn't win a european trophy even if someone gave him the Barcelona squad

Len_Brennan added 17:42 - Jan 13
Remember that the most successful manager of all time was minutes away from getting the boot at Manchester United

Cheshire_Blue added 19:16 - Jan 13
Pity Mr Allison didn't appraise himself of the facts and speak to Ms.Fearn before shouting his mouth off. Perhaps he should consider resignation in view of his unprofessional conduct.

Tractastic added 22:20 - Jan 13
I'm amazed your still here Jewell.!!

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