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Trust Petition Handed to Clegg
Trust Petition Handed to Clegg
Monday, 20th Feb 2012 22:11

Ipswich Town Ist, the Supporters Trust, handed their 5,000-signature petition calling on the club to opt for Category One Academy status to chief executive Simon Clegg prior to Saturday’s 3-0 home victory over Cardiff City.

Trust chairman Carl Day and committee member Graham Steel met Clegg and Academy sponsorship manager Simon Milton for half an hour in the chief executive’s office to discuss the issues surrounding the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan.

Day outlined to Clegg the Trust's view of the Blues youth set-up: “The Academy is the cornerstone of all things Ipswich Town, has a proven past and in a very short space of time over 5,000 fans have signed up to urge the club to commit to securing a Category One Academy as the best way of securing the future of the club.”

A summary of the meeting can be found on the Trust’s website here.

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itfchorry added 22:39 - Feb 20
Great work by the Trust -

Clegg Out

MattinLondon added 22:42 - Feb 20
As soon as he was left alone bet Clegg chucked the petition in the bin.

On a serious point is the official supporters club also calling for category one status?

budgieplucker added 23:09 - Feb 20
Actually I think we do need to take some time to evaluate this and not blindly make a pitch for Category One status. The reality is that Ipswich once led the way many years ago but the modern game has changed and lots of clubs will end up operating the same model that a "prima donna" footballing elite are trying to foist on to everyone. Perhaps time to think "out of the box" and come up with our own original "Youth policy" - say why not invest or agree some partnership deals with clubs in other leagues, e.g. Holland or Scotland and be able to tap in or have first offer on youngsters who are getting regular games elsewhere and continue our own local youth policy. Also be able to place our own youngsters with teams on loan to get games. If investing large sums of money into Category one status means that we cant afford a Cresswell or two either then whats wrong with coaching our own local talent e.g. Dyer, Wright, Butcher, Bramble, Scowcroft, Hyam, and make sure we employ the best coaches mixed with some of the other options. I am half inclined to say get stuffed to the powers that be who keep creating these elitism establishments.

Happy2bBlue added 23:30 - Feb 20
I think It's important that there is an independent trust to keep ME and Cleggy on their toes. I've heard Carl Day on a few occassions and he speaks alot of sense. The supporters of Ipswich Town will be around long after the current owners and mangement have moved on.

itfchorry added 23:48 - Feb 20
Well said Happy2bBlue

Clegg Out

Tractorboy24 added 00:03 - Feb 21
Just wondering how many have taken time to read the plans which have been laid out. For those which haven't here are a few key points.

Cat 1 & 2 academies can bring in players from around the uk, this even includes cat 1 poaching from a smaller cat 1 academy.

The difference in compensation due between cat 1 & 2 is max £60k

The cost of running a cat 2 academy is roughly £1m where as a cat 1 is £2.3m

To me, there seems to be a lot of people frustrated with eppp, like any fan of a club outside the pl, that are lobbying for the cat 1 option, without knowing the full facts. If itfc were to opt for a cat 2 academy, it would not spell the end for itfc, it would mean we'd carry on as we are, only be able to bring in players from further afield. As far as the compensation scheme hoes, once again we could benefit by stealing from other academies, and the compensation schemes are only for players under 16. I don't think we've lost a player under the age of 16 to the bigger clubs, well not in my memory.

Please, if you have spotted something I've not, point it out, as I'm currently at a loss to explain the argument for a cat 1 academy, apart from keeping up with the jones'.

piersmorganisatool added 06:11 - Feb 21
petition or no petition, the decision has already been made some weeks ago i believe.

itfc1981 added 07:22 - Feb 21
Clegg Out!

Mark added 07:55 - Feb 21
Thanks to the Trust for keeping this to the top of the agenda and not letting us sleepwalk into category 2. Any discussion about this is look as we all want to know the facts (the compensation prices look to be the biggest problem). I am pleased that Day and Clegg met, anyway.

brittaniaman added 09:22 - Feb 21
I think Clegg left the game early last Sat. to go home and study the petition.?????????????

Doctor_Albran added 09:40 - Feb 21
Keane Out - Right, that's that one sorted
We've gone 6 games unbeaten, Play-offs here we come
One Paul Jewell - Now 7 straight defeats, you haven't got a clue Jewell
Jewell Out - wait, we've won 4 on the 4bounce - Play offs here we come - woo hoo

Who's next on the list Dave?
<Dave scratches head> say's pie lady...
Didn't they win a prize or sumthink?
<Dave scratches his arse> Yeah, nice pies too, but she probably still deserves to go - bet she's on a Banker style bonus with the cost of them.
Nah, who's next?
Clogg, Slegg, Clegg, say's Clegg - but didn't he win the olympics or something?
Bugger that, Clegg Out - who's with me?!?!?!

bobble added 10:40 - Feb 21
not with anyone dr.....anyone who only practices their profession is to reckless for me i vote for option n....category 17 with lump payments made to each individual alphabetical letter to be shard equally, if more than one club starts with same letter in that letter grouping.

simonsays added 13:17 - Feb 21
I would like to propose another petition entitled CLEGG OUT!

tractorboy2434 added 14:57 - Feb 21
As if the club will take any notice of any petition or fans views, its a business and they will do whatever is the most cost effective ( and cheapest) they are not interested in what any of us think.

bedsitfc added 17:28 - Feb 21
marcus and simon will do what they believe is right for the club. now i dont know them two but i feel confident in saying they are trying to do the right thing.
unlike me they dont let there hearts rule there heads.

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