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No Summer Slacking for Blues
No Summer Slacking for Blues
Saturday, 5th May 2012 09:01

The Town squad left Portman Road earlier this week with their own individual fitness plans ahead of an usually long close season. The Blues' Championship campaign was over by the end of April, while 2012/13 is delayed due to the Olympics and kicks off with a Carling Cup clash on Tuesday 14th August with the Championship programme starting four days later.

Manager Paul Jewell says he and fitness coach Andy Liddell have worked out schemes for each of the players: “It’s a long summer, so we can’t just give them 10 weeks off, we’ve got to give them an individual plan.

“I’ve sat down with the fitness coach and gone through all the data and there are certain players who need to improve on certain things and that’s what they’re going to be working on.

“Players need a rest, there’s no doubt about that but you can’t just give them 10 weeks off and each and every player knows what’s going to be expected of them before they come back in."

Jewell feels that certain members of his squad need to be sent away for additional work: “There will be at least a couple of players who will be going away, shall we say, for holidays in inverted commas, but that’s only to improve their fitness and their mental strength.

“It’s not punishment, it’s to make them better players. I want them to embrace it. We’re doing it for their benefit because we’ve got some good players here and the fitter you are the better player you’re going to be.”

One of those will be striker Michael Chopra after a difficult first season at Portman Road in which he spent time in the Sporting Chance Clinic as he addressed his gambling problems but still managed 14 goals: “We will be sending him away to a retreat to get him in better shape.

“I have told him it is a huge close season for him. We can send him places and do all we can and we will always have someone helping him 24 hours a day, but he has to want to do it.”

The Blues boss says his and Liddell’s assessment of the squad was partly drawn from the team’s impressive recent Prozone statistics: “It’s quite unbelievable. We had all the Prozone stats through from March and I wish the Prozone stats were the league table because we were top in all aspects of physicality except one, where we’re third.

“Each and every player is going to be monitored and have a programme selected for them on their performances on Prozone.

“Every month we get the data through and we’re never out of the top four, but there’s a bit more to it than just that."

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cooper4england added 09:13 - May 5
Nice work with Chops PJ.

Have a good summer Michael and don't listen to those demons on your shoulder.... or offers of a "quiet weekend away" with Jimmy B!!

ipswichm8 added 09:13 - May 5
good we need alot of players to get better and fitter

walberswick added 09:17 - May 5
“Every month we get the data through and we’re never out of the top four."

PJ, it's the league position that is the important statistic.

strikalite added 09:24 - May 5
This is no doubt as to how we stopped generally conceding goals at will, hunting in packs, closing down from the front and working harder off the ball...it's the reason were weren't relegated no doubt.

Good work, now lets bring in some quality over the summer and start the season strongly..


BehindBlueEyes added 09:29 - May 5
Walberswick, do you actually call yourself a supporter of ITFC?

If so, why on earth do you feel the need to constantly snipe at every news story? The club really doesn't need your sort of "support" so please, do us all a favour and go away!

sereneblue added 09:41 - May 5
I wouldn't want to be in the trenches with you. Your the sort that talks everyone down but when it comes to the crunch would bottle it if you had to make the decision.

earlsgreenblue added 09:41 - May 5
" I wish the Prozone stats were the league table " is exactly what he is saying, no one is more aware than PJ what needs to be done, cut him some slack & let him do his job.

darkroonsitfc added 09:43 - May 5
just hope the players dont over do it during the close season and end up burning out having no rest........But it sounds encouraging to be honest........Lets hope we can keep some momentum next season and not have our usual blip in form.....i Feel only a few signings are needed, a couple of 1st teamers and some better reinforcements and we'll be pushing for playoffs next season :).........In Jewell we trust COYB!!!!!

jas0999 added 09:57 - May 5
Good news about Chopra - with such a long break it's essential they keep an eye on him. Chopra has been okay since he joined, but his personal issues have sadly been a factor. He's certainly not in the 'good signing' bracket as of yet - as in many ways he has been very disruptive. Hopefully he can continue to sort himself out this Summer and do well for us next season. I still think he plays better alongside another striker - but clearly PJ doesn't prefer a 4-4-2. Best of luck to Chopra.

righty added 10:02 - May 5

brian_a_mul added 10:05 - May 5
I think this is another good example of PJ good man management skills.

Good work PJ and staff, keep it up, I hope to see the lads firing on all cylinders come August!

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 10:18 - May 5
Righty - u little fibber. U told me the other day that u didn't post anti PJ rants ! . I don't get y some of u turn every news item into a dig at him. Surely this is good management. Strange.

bedsitfc added 10:19 - May 5
walberwick and righty should have there internet connection taken away now.

Lukeybluey added 10:29 - May 5
Good work PJ and co! I'm optimistic with a few more signings. I like the look of Michael Bostwick from Stevenage, a goalscoring defensive midfielder. He's tall also, add a bit of height in the middle with drury. COYB's!!!!

Len_Brennan added 10:36 - May 5
As jas has gotten more reasonable in his posts, righty seems to have taken up the slack on the Jewell Out stuff, with posts at similar times & a similar writing style. I just wonder if young Jason has split personality issues.

BillBlue added 10:39 - May 5
This is another sign of good management, Well done Paul. Walberswick, you are not only wrong but an idiot as well so can join righty in that club. Good post Jas. COYB

Mark added 11:08 - May 5
Chopra and Carson were the two that I thought of when I saw this story. Both are clearly excellent players but they seem rather unfit and over weight. We need Michael to get back to being the top Championship striker we know he is, and Josh needs to repeat the form of late last season when he outshone Wickham.

algarvefan added 12:24 - May 5
Is it me or is PJ finally starting to get it?

We need a fit squad a just a few key signings and we'll be in a position to make a challenge for the play offs. If I'm honest I think we are a few years away from where we need to be but it took us quite a few to get into the mess that was compounded by Roy Keane, the damage that man did was HUGE!

Looking forward to a fitter, leaner squad next season, just hope the summer signings materialise?

ClassyCranson added 12:24 - May 5
Perhaps the article meant to read "unusually long close season".

Given the last 3 seasons I am not sure though.

irishtim added 12:24 - May 5
Good plan with giving the players fitness regimes for the summer. What concerns me is who we sign & if we leave it till a week before kickoff what condition will these additions be in??

buryblue77 added 12:48 - May 5

buryblue77 added 12:53 - May 5
Algarvefan, you talk of a leaner, fitter squad and you're definitely correct, we do need to have just that. But to say Jewell has finally got it, well wasn't Jason Scotland a bit more overweight under Keane than PJ, I think PJ got it when he came in, it just takes time to sort out, these things don't happen overnight.
I was taken on in my work to revive an underperforming business, and have taken losses into profit, but 20 months in I've still a long way to go, I know very well that things don't happen overnight.

pennblue added 12:53 - May 5
Someone will offer him better money and he will go there. Can we move on please, nothing to see here.

StowTractorBoy added 12:59 - May 5
Very interesting stats and proves to the anti PJ brigade that we are doing something right. My worry is that because we leave it so late to sign players they will not come in as fit as our lads. This has happened time and time again, Scotland and Stevenson being prime examples. Already looking forward to the fixtures on June 18th.

statto72 added 13:12 - May 5
As soon as i saw the headline containing the words 'No' and 'Slacking', I immediately thought of the Chuckle Brothers. Have we hired actor Jimmy Patton as a motivational coach?

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