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Leicester City 6 v 0 Ipswich Town
Barclays Premier League
Saturday, 17th November 2012 Kick-off 15:00
McCarthy Hurt By Hammering
Saturday, 17th Nov 2012 18:19

Town boss Mick McCarthy pulled no punches after the Blues were hammered 6-0 at Leicester. The Blues manager admitted that he was hurt by the "embarrassing" display, the second away thrashing in the first few weeks of his Town tenure.

McCarthy told the media after the game: “If you want to put awful, abject, poor, I’m quite happy if you want to put that. It was poor from giving the penalty away.

“We talked about being hard to beat and not giving anything stupid away because we’re brittle, we’re timid at the minute.

“You don’t get used to being beaten, but it just develops and you lose one and then another and the manner in which we conceded the goals today was dreadful.

“The penalty should never have been, it should have been cleared, and then somebody runs from midfield and we don’t pick him up and he ends up shooting and it hits Nugent and goes in. It’s embarrassing.”

Whether the eighth-minute spotkick which was awarded for a foul on Lloyd Dyer by Stephen Henderson should have been given was debatable and the Blues boss admitted he wasn’t sure that it should have been: “I wasn’t certain at the time.

“I’ve only seen it the picture from the other side, so you can’t actually see whether there’s any contact.

“But it makes no odds. If we’d have gone across and cleared it – no penalty, throw-in. I’m not going to argue about it, he’s given it. We could have avoided it.”

He says the manner of the loss was difficult to take given that he builds his teams from a solid base: “It does hurt me, of course.

“I take pride in my teams being organised, hard to beat, tough, resolute and, if we can, if we get that organised, good football as well because I’m relying on that, as two Championships will prove. We’ve had good teams.

“We’ve got to sort the first one out. We’ve had two games and, although Crystal Palace wasn’t awful, this one was.”

McCarthy now moves his thoughts on to next week’s home game: “We’ve got Peterborough coming up. I can’t do anything about this one, I’ll look at it on Monday and we’ll take the bones out of it.

“Analyse it, look at it and try and make sure it doesn’t happen again. But if we keep making mistakes it’s going to be difficult.”

The former Ireland boss says confidence is the biggest issue in the squad at present: “When it is a little bit brittle, which it is at the minute, everyone’s feeling that way.

“It was a great feeling last week, and then to concede one the way that we did, you can almost see everyone go ‘Here we go again’. We’ve got to get shot of that.

“If there are any positives, I’d have taken the six points that we’ve got. Were we expected to beat Crystal Palace and Leicester? Probably not the way we were in the team, but I expect us to play better and not to be humiliated like we were.”

Leicester assistant manager Craig Shakespeare was unsurprisingly delighted, feeling that early performances might have resulted in similar scorelines: “You hope that if you put in the performances, you turn out a result like that.

“But over the course of the season I think some of the football, some of the attacking play, has been outstanding and in all honesty we’ve missed the chances, there’s no getting away from the fact.

“I think it’s important in any Championship game to get the first goal and when we got that it seemed to settle everyone down a bit.

“And then to go and score the amount we did, and share the goals around, I thought we were very professional today from start to finish. I thought it was a very accomplished performance.”

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AbujaBlue added 18:25 - Nov 17
Don't get too ahead of yourself Craig Shakespeare, a Sunday League reserves side could have got a similar scoreline against our rubbish side day.

I trust MM to turn this mess around. Time is needed.

tractor57 added 18:25 - Nov 17
If we're in the bottom 3 at Xmas I think we'll
Really be in the sh•t!

Michael11 added 18:25 - Nov 17
Humiliating. This is without doubt the worst ITFC team of all time. However, Leicester/Palace away are not games that will decide your fate so we really need the 3 points against Peterborough next week!!

TractorBoy666 added 18:26 - Nov 17
God, just to think that the Leicester fans were singing 'come on Ipswich' at 5-0 just embarrasses me. A lot of hard work to be done in January if we last until then. MASSIVE game next week now...

NoCanariesAllowed added 18:26 - Nov 17
Wonder whether Richie Wellens is still tempted to come back...!

It seems blatantly obvious to me that Mick McCarthy has inherited a random bunch of disinterested, short term players and not a team. Our boys did not seem bothered right from minute one of today's game, and after what I can only assume was a half time rollicking from Micko, they still trudged out of the tunnel at 1mph for the second half because they'd obviously given up long ago.

It's simple. They don't care. Mick needs to slice through this squad with a scythe in January, and Evans and Clegg need to LET him do what has to be done.

floridaboy added 18:30 - Nov 17
He told ME that he would give his assessment of the squad after two weeks. That must be due now. I think he may try and bring in a couple of players before next weeks loan deadline.
I would definitely send Henderson back. Very unfair on Loach. Would lose Reo Coker and put Hyam alongside N'Daw. I would like to see another big man alongside Campbell. Just not Murphy I am afraid

Metcalfe added 18:32 - Nov 17
come MM your the man to get us out of this mess!

NoCanariesAllowed added 18:32 - Nov 17
On a further note, big praise for our fans today. Yes, it all became a laughable affair of making our own entertainment after a while, but they stuck around in their numbers and created more atmosphere than the whole Leicester crowd. I went with two Leicester fans today and they couldn't speak more highly of our support.

Ipswich don't deserve us lot sometimes, they really don't.

kuyski added 18:35 - Nov 17
4 words



algarvefan added 18:39 - Nov 17
MM needs to get rid of most of the loan players and give our squad players a massive kick up the arse!!!!

jamesmostevens added 18:41 - Nov 17
We need to stay within reach of safety by scrambling results at home. January may be crucial but also an important time to not rashly bring in similar losers and chancers to the ones we have. I must say that this reaction itself is not as frustrating as others this season and might just be a positive to take away from today, that and being just 2 (effectively 3 unless we win 15-0) points from safety. I really do expect to see significant names missing from next week's squad though, enough is enough.

howdonblue added 18:42 - Nov 17
well said kuyski


Taricco_Fan added 18:46 - Nov 17
The thing that worries me is will the club be able to attract good players in January if we are still in the bottom three? I trust Mick to turn things around but it's going to be an incredibly hard-sell to convince potential signings to join Ipswich Town at the moment.

Let's hope we see a reaction against Peterborough. Establishing some kind of home form is going to be absolutely crucial.

neillrumsey added 18:51 - Nov 17
It was refreshing to hear MM after match press conference where he was honest and no lame excuses were made. I'm sure MM has already demonstrated that he is acting to strengthen this team and I thinks we will see some quick changes made.
He will have seen that the GK is not upto scatch , he has addressed both of the full back issues and I think 2 cbs will be next as neither Chambers or Higginbotttom good enough to start. I did kid myself for a few weeks but both are seroiusly lacking in certain areas.
Midfield still a big problem with no creativity and no pace (Edwards exception).
Bad luck re Taylor as he showed some promise. DJ will get goals but Murph for me is an honest worker who lacks quality and should be replaced.
MM will have seen all of these issues and I fully expect him to address them .
Hats to Chambers for acknowledging fans at the end although I wasn't there myself fans expect this...

nitroblue1970 added 18:55 - Nov 17
hmmm had a little tinker didnt we Mick? changed a winning side?....Wellens I understand of course.....but still FFS!!!! some of the gutless useless spineless and downright disgraceful performances today were unacceptable, same old same old, carrying too many passengers again...unlike the Burnley game were everyone played their part...get these overpaid uncaring tosspots out of my club, give em away if need be...come on Mick you can do it!!!!

Bob7881 added 19:02 - Nov 17
When Mick came in i said 4th from bottom will do for me this season. I think its our turn drop down the last 6 years have brought us to this. Hang your head in shame Sheepshanks. We will rebuild of that im sure but be prepared for more pain fans.

Notts_tractor added 19:06 - Nov 17
The problem is so glaringly obvious: the team is rammed with people who have no long-term interest in playing for the club. Put simply, they don't give a sh*t. I reckon we could have put out a team of youth and reserve players today and they wouldn't have lost as heavily as that. I think the worst amongst them is Daryl Murphy. He was truly shocking today. Then you've got people like Bradley Orr, who says he wants to make his loan permanent, but if that's his idea of impressing his new manager God help him. Reo -Coker obviously thinks he 's still Premier class (!!) and is hoping to do a Keith Andrews on us. At least Andrews actually achieved something. Then what can you say about Henderson? Absolutely atrocious in every aspect. ALB has to be a better bet. The only people performing for the club at the moment are the fans, who were marvellous today.We shamed the Leicester crowd, who unbelievably were streaming out of the ground with their team 6-0 up. They are a disgrace. And their ridiculous "Poznan" celebration was laughable. When you consider the size of the city and the position of the team in the table it's pathetic that they can only pull in 19,000.

martleshamitfc added 19:17 - Nov 17
Notts Tractor - well said - seen your profile somewhere too? lol

Mr_Jingles added 19:20 - Nov 17
When George Burley took over and we were getting thumped 9-0 at united.... It wasn't as bad as this - Worst GD in England by a mile. MM with deserve every penny of thet £1m WHEN he sorts this mess out.

francisb123 added 19:20 - Nov 17
We were diabolical today, real 6 pointer next saturday!

SickParrot added 19:22 - Nov 17
I cannot believe that we have got walloped again. Following last Saturday's gritty display, when we closed down quickly all over the pitch, every Town player gave 100% and we looked pretty solid defensively, I actually thought that we would now be more difficult to beat. Silly me!
There seems to be a pattern here. We have won 3 league games this season and each win has been followed by a thrashing: Beat Watford 1-0 and lost next game 6-0; beat Birmingham 1-0 and lost next game 5-0; beat Burnley 2-1 last week and lost today 6-0.
I was not at the game today, so I do not know whether this latest thrashing is because of a lack of ability, lack of effort, or a lack of understanding. However, I remain of the opinion that having so many loan and short-term contract players in the side cannot be good for team spirit or understanding and is not condusive the siege mentality required in a relagation battle. It is not McCarthy's fault that we have so many loan players and I can understand why he has picked most of them - he has gone for players that he knows and experience. As he has delivered 6 points from 4 games he may be right. However, we have been thrashed in 2 of those games. There is no doubt that it will be difficult to avoid relegation and it will only be achieved if we achieve a much greater level of consistency and regular gritty performances like last week. Personally, I would rather see a team comprised mostly of our own assets supplemented only by loan players who we could sign permanently in the January window and who are significantly better players than our own assets.
The short term objective must be to remain in touch with the team 4th from bottom when the transfer window opens when Mick can bring in his own permanent players.

StuartBrett8 added 19:26 - Nov 17
Today was horrible... it's never dull being a town fan.
I guess we suck it up and trust Big Mick, hopefully we can hang in there till the Jan transfer window.

As much as it sticks in the throat you have to congratulate the budgies on beating Man Utd, I've always rated Chris Hughton as a manager.


megamoth added 19:34 - Nov 17
Me to wife: (despondent, shakes head) we lost 6 nil today
Wife to me: OMG who were they playing? Manchester United?

Point is, even if we were playing Man U, I would have expected a better showing than that. Heaven knows what can be done before we are too far adrift to sort this out when the transfer window opens and then, who in their right mind would want to sign???

Keaneish added 19:37 - Nov 17
Fairly sure you came out a week ago and said that a display and scoreline like that would 'never happen again'. Well, you're kind of right because this was far worse!!

We may as well forfeit games if Nugent is playing against us.

Nothing to add. Get Loach back in. He's made too many silly little errors and his kicking is abysmal. Not for me.


fussysnake added 19:43 - Nov 17
Disapointment all over the place. Peterborough next week is a MUST WIN otherwise we really are heading towards league one...

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