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Police Praise for Fans
Sunday, 1st Mar 2015 21:17

Police have praised fans for showing a “good spirit” at today’s East Anglian derby at Carrow Road. Only four arrests were made before and during the game, while 14 Town supporters were given direction to leave notices by British Transport Police at Norwich railway station before the game.

Matchday policing commander Chief Superintendent Nick Davison said: "Overall there was good spirit between both sets of fans resulting in minimal disorder.

"The policing operation was firm in places and these tactics were used to ensure supporters enjoyed the game and journeys to and from the stadium in a safe environment.

"Fourteen away fans were given direction to leave notices at Norwich train station as a result of their behaviour; enough to cause concern to officers who took this reactive measure in a bid to prevent disorder.

“These supporters had been spoken to by police during their journey from Ipswich and were fully aware of the standards of behaviour expected but sadly their conduct fell short of this resulting in police taking action.

"Additional road closures were put in place to ensure the safety of those attending before and after the match and I would like to thank motorists for their co-operation during this time.”

Two of the arrests were for breaching direction to leave notices, one man was detained for causing criminal damage at the ground, while the fourth person was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Photo: Action Images

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Steve_M added 21:35 - Mar 1
Does this praise encompass the crowd of feral Norwich fans at the station after the game? That looked as fas they ever get outside Norwich.

guildford_blue added 22:59 - Mar 1
I thought the Stewards were a disgrace

shoopdelang added 23:27 - Mar 1
Sh&it turn out from Norwich they're a joke. Bunch if divs wearing hoodys with football shirts over the top

WindsorBlue added 23:58 - Mar 1
The police were worse than the fans. Norfolk constabulary should hold their heads in shame. Breaches of civil rights, no common sense. Heavy handed tactics. They are bound by laws as we are, and are not above them. Same rubbish every time. They were the only fuel to any fire. Ps does that "arrest figure" include those "de-arrested" for being innocently/wrongly knicked?

dirtydingusmagee added 06:54 - Mar 2
Well at least 14 Town fans, managed to miss a half hearted effort from the team .

oscarwhiting added 07:34 - Mar 2
oh good, we had no passion, class or determination on the pitch but at least we had well behaved fans. :/

skusesrightpeg added 08:39 - Mar 2
The police were poor, everything they done was against the book ans regards to the 14 sent home, I witnessed a Norfolk police man grab someone and swear every word under the sun to him, in front of children too shocking

kingcarloss added 08:51 - Mar 2
All these posts justified my decision not to go, the Stewards continuously treat our fans despicably and I know for a fact this is not replicated when they come here. Cannot comment on the policing but from what I've read it doesn't sound great, sounds more like they thought they were policing the Tottenham riots. #completelyunprofessional.

chevvymalc added 10:49 - Mar 2
The comments above echo my feelings as the disgraceful way our away fans have been treated every visit . i go to nearly every away game no matter the distance but i refuse to go there and be treated by ignorant bias stewards intent on disrupting things with the police devoid of organisation tactics but happy to wave the big stick.
Its a shame the team could not match the obvious premiership flair or Norwich but brute force and the hoof are not the answer to that we must improve our mid-field.

Michael11 added 11:24 - Mar 2
The stewards were tossers making themselves awkward all game and the 2 policemen stood with them were both laughing and having a great time when both goals went in! Very unprofessional of them. Thought our fans were brilliant and still sang more than they ever did at 2-0 down.

blueblood66 added 11:40 - Mar 2
Letter going off to Norfolk Police re the indiscriminate charging of Town fans at the stairwell of the station side entrance they pushed us down. Women and children caught up in this and the copper on the horse was smiling and loving what he was doing. Disgraceful.

WindsorBlue added 12:19 - Mar 2
@blueblood66 If you can put how they only antagonise a situation rather than diffuse it. Don't leave out BTP, I was shocked at how they were pushing people for standing on the platform, rather than get on the train. I for one was waiting for my dad. I even heard one guy got arrested for stroking a police horse (I hope he was just stroking the nose) before being de-arrested because apparently he was not intimate enough for it to constitute an offence...either that or bestiality is allowed under local bylaws.

Praise to Suffolk police though. I was having a chat with a nice one on the platform as everyone was being manhandled. He couldn't understand it either ...turns out we went to the same school. He was not in the melee, probably because he was being respectful, and treating people like human beings, and was treated the same in return.

Ipswich_Loyal added 14:08 - Mar 2
Absolute bollocks with regards to the 14 fans being sent back. There was no violence and no poor behaivour in the build up/the morning of the game. A complete overeaction from the police.

alfromcol added 14:37 - Mar 2
Moan about the team, moan about the police, moan about the weather, some people moan about everything.

Plenty of thuggish behaviour about, wouldn't like to imagine what might have kicked off but for the police.

81andallthat added 14:45 - Mar 2
As 1 of the 14 sent back, the police are a disgrace, there was not one bit of bad behaviour, we were in the same carriage as John wark & I bet he agrees with my words, also I did NOT receive a notice & I'm sure the others didn't get 1 so more LIES coming from them, we were turned back on the platform & I heard 1 fascist plod say fuc# off back to Ipswich, unfortunately I did not get his number, I can assure the policing scum they have not heard the last of this.

81andallthat added 14:48 - Mar 2
Alfromcol u know what you can do

alfromcol added 15:45 - Mar 2

What's that?

swarby_7 added 16:15 - Mar 2
I wasn't at the game (although in some ways its a relief after that showing) but often go to away matches. I quite frequently notice how poorly us fans are treated by the police ans stewards in most places. Some do a great job dont get me wrong, but others do like to abuse their power. In regards to the fans sent home, I know nothing about this except what ive read above, and if people were treated in this manner then a complaints should certainly be filled. What I would like to add is that, although the result annoyed us all, and i'm sure most of us are getting concerned as to where we will actually finish this season after such a good start, this should not be a reason for fellow Town fans on this site to start having a go at each other. The current season is agitating us all but lets not turn on each other. We are Ipswich! COYB!

sproughton_blue added 16:56 - Mar 2
I was also on the 9.46 train and can confirm there was no bad behavior from any Town fans and actually sat opposite 1 lad who was called to stand up and have a word from one of the police travelling on the train, who informed him anyone they considered a risk would be sent back to Ipswich. All these guys wanted was a pub to go to and have a beer ! The Police at no time did they warn any Town fans abt bad behaviour as they wasn't any. A total load of rubbish that the police reported on this incident .

therein61 added 17:13 - Mar 2
Driving up from Bath on Friday to my old Mums at Caister i decided to get the train from Great Yarmouth for the match on Saturday a.m within seconds my innocent scarf was ripped off my neck and trampled in the mire on the platform with added filthy abuse!!!!! which they found very funny indeed, these people are(I'm in my 60's and not a threat!!) not fit to be out in public I can only think that Norfolk has stopped community service on a Saturday!!! the rest of the afternoon did not improve(result included with a hoof and hope attitude for much of the game) with the hostility towards our fans in and outside the ground, when I finally got back to my Mums local I vowed never again will I visit Norfolk(apart from seeing mum) as these people have blinkers on and no common bloody sense.

blueboy1981 added 18:45 - Mar 2
Guys and Gals .......... you know what you are going to get once you get anywhere near the place, that's why I will NEVER go there.

That unfortunately will NEVER change - and makes it all the more gut wrenching to lose to them.


blueboy1981 added 18:51 - Mar 2
........ next time (if / when there is one) BOYCOTT IT COMPLETELY - and make the ultimate point.


toxtethblue added 21:21 - Mar 2
OMG, it get a little uncomfortable so people vow never to go again?? Never to follow the Town there again?? Grow some balls

yorksblue added 21:25 - Mar 2
Dear Ch Supt Nick Nick Davidson - Forget the praise, and get yourself and your band of thugs in uniform, over to Russia, China or North Korea, where you'll be welcomed with open arms.

toxtethblue added 21:27 - Mar 2
therein61 - not a good idea to wear colours there. Asking for trouble from some village idiot. What do you gain from wearing colours to a game like that vs the possible disadvantages? For some games colours are alright, the derby isnt one of them..

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