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McCarthy: Be Careful What You Wish For
Friday, 8th Apr 2016 06:00

Town boss Mick McCarthy says Brentford’s less successful campaign having jettisoned manager Mark Warburton and undergone major upheaval last summer might be a case of ‘Be careful what you wish for’. Some Blues supporters have called for a change at Portman Road after recent results and performances. The 14th-placed Bees visit Suffolk on Saturday afternoon.

While Town are eighth, seven points plus goal difference off the play-offs with six games to play having finished sixth a year ago, Brentford, fifth and like Town losing play-off semi-finalists in 2014/15, have been less successful this time around, having announced in mid-February last year that Warburton and his staff would be moving on at the end of that campaign.

A new management team led by Dutchman Marinus Dijkhuizen came in during the close season, but after a disappointing start to 2015/16 he moved on in September last year with current boss Dean Smith taking over from caretaker boss Lee Carsley in December.

Warburton’s exit came as a shock even to someone who has been in the game as long as McCarthy.

“I shouldn’t be surprised by anything in football, but it does continue to surprise me,” McCarthy admitted.

“It surprised me that with 20 games to go Mark was leaving, and even more so now he’s gone and won the league with Rangers. It was a bit of a surprise considering how well they did last year.

“It’s happened at bigger and better clubs. Manchester United did it with Alex Ferguson and that went particularly wrong.

“Then he said, ‘No, I’m not going’, and they won the league. Manchester City have done it and it’s gone particularly well for them.

“Brentford were amazing, I think Mark Warburton kept his counsel and his dignity, and the players and the way they did it last year was amazing.

“But then to lose him, I think that upset the apple cart completely, and some big players also left, so it was always going to be difficult.

“But they’ve had a bit of a pick-me-up just recently, they won 3-1 [at Nottingham Forest] and 3-0 [at home to Bolton] in the last two games, so it won’t be easy.”

Last week’s opponents Wolves, who were seventh behind the Blues on goal difference, are also some way from the top-six fight this year.

“I don’t tend to look at anybody else’s downfall just to try and make me feel any better about it,” McCarthy added.

“We’ve continued to do well, we’ve had some bad results recently but over the piece I’ll look back on it and reflect on it and think it’s been good.

“Wolves, as I said on Saturday, they lost players, Benik Afobe, Nouha Dicko, Bakary Sako, Jordan Graham.

“Anybody who loses those players in a season is going to be affected, as anybody who loses Daryl Murphy, David McGoldrick, Ryan Fraser and Teddy Bishop is equally going to be affected.

“Brentford were different altogether, they ended up in the top six and changed it all, I guess expecting to be better. Maybe it’s a case of ‘Be careful what you wish for’.”

McCarthy says his will to win is as strong now as it was when he was a youngster coming into the professional game, something his wife pointed out to him earlier this week.

“I sometimes wonder if that sense of wanting to win is still as acute as when I was 18 and then on days like Tuesday night and Wednesday remind me that it is,” he said.

“On Wednesday afternoon when I finally spoke to Fiona, she reminded me that maybe that is the case.

“She said I’d been grumpy. I didn’t think I had. I hadn’t spoken to her, so I wouldn’t know!”

He says that desire to win continues to be what drives him on: “Absolutely it is. It’s not anything else.

“I want to win games. I don’t like being ordinary, I don’t like being 10th, ninth, eighth. Sixth, I don’t like that, but it’s a lot better than eighth, ninth and 10th and seventh.

“And, of course, in relation to a lot of other clubs it’s not ordinary what we’ve done this season, but it’s disappointing because we finished sixth last season and we’re not doing as well. Winning really drives me on.”

The level of entertainment and enjoyment provided by games at Portman Road this season has been the subject of much criticism from fans in recent weeks but McCarthy says they’re something which is important to him.

“It’s been in my mind always,” he continued. “I didn’t come away from the last three games thinking I enjoyed any of those. Wolves was good, I thought we played well there.

“Unfortunately, the opposition that come don’t have any bearing on whether they want to entertain our fans, like I don’t when I go away anywhere else.

“And I thought Charlton played particularly well. If we’d nicked a goal it would have changed it, obviously, the game might have opened up.

“I’m still interested in winning, though. I went away fuming on Tuesday night, and Wednesday. It doesn’t make me feel any better.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy continues to be linked with the vacant manager's job at Aston Villa and is now second-favourite behind Nigel Pearson with most bookies, some quoting his price as low as 5/2.

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flashblue added 06:11 - Apr 8
So, Mick it was a mistake for them to change managers, but you are already making excuses for our inevitable loss on Saturday?

Keaneish added 06:17 - Apr 8
How is there such a disconnect between what fans think and what Mick thinks? To say it's "been good" overall this season is a joke and an insult. I'd have a lot more respect for this dull human being if he apologised and admitted he's made major mistakes this year and that he needs to do better.

To say the opposite we've all been thinking since September holds us in contempt. I'll take my chances thanks Mick. Do the honorable thing and leave. You've killed my enjoyment of football you dreary man.

Hegansheroes added 06:45 - Apr 8
MM read 442 magazine-are you proud of that accolade

peteswindon added 06:47 - Apr 8
Well said Mick, This is why you are our manager not a TROLL pretending to be a true supporter. If you lot are so great why are you not managers? oh you probably are on FIFA16 won the premier league and think you are gods.

TR11BLU added 06:48 - Apr 8
Will to win' ???

Do me a favour cos it doesn't come across in your team selections.

jas0999 added 06:51 - Apr 8
The grass isn't always greener for sure. But equally we can't continue playing boring negative hoof ball whilst bringing in fewer players than we release in a transfer window, particularly when our competitors strengthen. Something needs to change.

Mick_Mills_Tache added 06:52 - Apr 8
Hahahaha, Mick saying this sums it all up! The major problem with MM is his stubbornness and his arrogance. These comments of be careful what you wish for coming from a manager clearly says that he knows he's lost the fans, knows he's doing a poor job but also knows that he's safe and secure in this job and that he finds it acceptable to play terrible football and mid table finishes are fine.

The manager trying to scaremonger the fans is brilliant! 😂

Why he's used Wolves as an example is beyond me? They've got the same manager and yet have gone backwards? Surely this point argues against himself? Deluded old dinosaur!

footyblue added 06:54 - Apr 8
stubborn one dimensional hoofball thats not a way to win games play some football man

HKBlue added 07:05 - Apr 8
1. Brought us from the brink of relegation...
2. Team spirit and togetherness all time high...
3. Our players working their socks off and showing bit of pride compared to recent ITFC teams of seasons passed e.g Leadboots, Jay Emanuel to give a little reminder.
4. Pushing lets face it a very average team towards the playoffs once again...
5. Doing this all with his nuts firmly tied down without a penny to spend....

And please please please remember what the f*ck happened to our football club before Mick got here and dug us out of that massive hole.
Yes hasn't been the greatest of seasons but in the time he has been here he has only done us well in every aspect. Even if we don't make it this year which I doubt we will, I still believe Mick is the man to take us back to BPL let him build this club around him and lets not take this situation for granted.

Just a gentle reminder of two previous legends who braced the reigns at Portman Road.

Sir Paul Jewell and Sir Roy tit Keane.

I don't ever want to go back there.

Mick_Mills_Tache added 07:11 - Apr 8
So what you're saying, hkblue, is that you never want MM to leave for the rest of his life? Jesus, Ipswich fans are as bad as Liverpool fans for living in the past. That's just one more reason as to why we'll never get promoted because nobody is looking to the future.

guentchev added 07:17 - Apr 8
Well said HKBlue
Like all managers Mick has made a few mistakes but most of the time he gets it right. He's turned us into a top 10 side using frees and loans from other clubs. Yes, the football isn't football most of the time. But this is a sport where results count more than pretty passing, flowing football etc.

Keane and Jewell made a serious mess of things but the days of Taylor, Chopra et Al are now a long time behind us. When was the last time you heard scandals about our players?

I have complete faith in MM and believe that if we keep behind him we will once again be fighting for that 6th spot next season.

COYB and lets get 3 points against Brentford to make things interesting again!

PJewellisaGod added 07:35 - Apr 8
Jas0999 said this some time ago but I will say this again. Our investment in our squad in the January transfer window this year was beyond pitiful. We had a really good chance to make the play-offs but we blew it by signing 2 players who should not be in the Championship. If we had been willing to spend a little money we wouldn't be at the end of the season already.

Keaneish has made a moot point about our tactics. Launching rocket balls from the back isn't entertaining and isn't creative. Rather watch my toenails grow Mick, seriously. And why would anyone pay to watch that? 442 magazine emphasises this. We've won the title already for most boring team in uk. Between now and end of the season we'll get the world title. Something Norwich fans will bang on about forever!

guentchev and HKBlue: not to insult you, but both of you suffer with lack of ambition. Winning the Championship should be the aim,not fighting for mid-table mediocrity. The way we went out of both cups this year is also unacceptable; I will never forget Portsmouth fans mocking us after the second leg. Mick-Mills-Tache is spot on. Some of the players playing that day are nowhere near fit to wear the shirt again. This is no longer a minority of fans thinking this,it's the majority. We are the laughing stock of East Anglia, Norwich fans are having a field day.


prebsa added 07:38 - Apr 8
Mick it is getting ridiculous now! It has not been good all season and you don't set up to win. You go out there with the philosophy of if we get a point thats fantastic, hey you probably even tell the players that in the changing room! Read Micks excuses in EADT about why Foley hasent played and they were:

1) The back 4 have been has been incredible for the past 3 years. (If that was the case why as everyone above us and some below us got a drastic lower goals against column?!)

2) Skusy and Dougie have been different class in the middle there so its hard to get in there too. (No they have been sh1t!!!, Douglas especially he is conference different class!!! Do not give us that cr@p Mick they have been awful and you know it, neither can pick a forward pass to save their lives all they do is kick people and pass it back to our defence to hoof it up the pitch!)

Yes be careful what you wish for and yes the grass is not always greener, but is about time the football (football very loosley put in micks case) that we all watch got a little better! And I for one am being very careful in wishing that you go up to Villa Park!

PJewellisaGod added 07:50 - Apr 8

Forgot to mention Foley. I cannot for the life of me understand why he is not starting every game. Easily our best passer of the ball. Great delivery from both sides and engineers the midfield like an old midfield-general.

essex57 added 08:05 - Apr 8

prebsa added 08:12 - Apr 8
PJewellisaGod - Must admit when he first came in I was not his best fan but after the start he had and the performance he put in against forest I dont see what else has to do. MOTM i believe he was? Like you say passed it well and also made the defenders give him the ball, refused to let them hoof the ball up the pitch!

Agreed he got an injury but when Douglas gets injured/suspended he gets to come straight back into the team so why dosent Foley? It one rule for some and one rule for others with Mick, he has his favourites and when they are fit they will start.

HKBlue added 08:15 - Apr 8
@Mick_Mills_Tache can respond by saying definitely not lack of ambition pal or living in the past. My main point to what I had to say is... What is your plan then? And WHO is going to step in and then turn this club around with the owner not giving any money and keeping the current squad we have?

I feel people really forget how hard getting out of this league is, build a foundation and just keep making it stronger, and the counter part to that is get a new manager and then the quick fix and magical ride to the BPL begins? Nah mate, Jewell and Keane days all over again. It's so funny how the topic of this article is bringing out those exact fans, or shall i put it "fans" who expect glory after barely scraping it into the top 6 last year.

RegencyBlue added 08:22 - Apr 8

Cant believe you are still using the term Leadboots. Have you seen how he is playing at Boro? Far better midfielder than anything we have or are likely to have under the current regime!

Woodbridgian added 08:22 - Apr 8
HK Blue what you say may well be correct but unfortunately all achieved by playing the most boring turgid one dimensional football known to man and that's my problem not the results !

TimmyH added 08:26 - Apr 8
Mick slowly being swallowed up by his own backside...how arrogant can one man be?. Comparing us with Brentford as well is a bit of a joke, they hugley over achieved not sure we did with Murphy scoring 27 and Mings arguably the best Championship player of the first half of last season.

KiwiTractor added 08:33 - Apr 8
Brentford played good football last season and the fans didn't want Warburton to leave ..... how is that similar to our situation?

cornishblu added 08:40 - Apr 8
...like a turkey warning against Christmas....be careful what you wish for ...you might end up with one trick Mick ...COYB

tractorboybig added 08:49 - Apr 8
The last time this club played football was under magilton, and evans sacked him.
All of evans managers have never been the right people for this club.
Evans does not give a toss about us fans and if he replaced mm it would only be with the same.
Until evans goes, and nobody would buy this club with its debt, nothing is going to change or improve. I am not a mm supporter by any means but an evans replcement will make no difference.

essexboy added 09:07 - Apr 8
OK Mick,when you first came to the club you did a great job to pull the club up and save us from relegation,and yes you did a very good job in getting us to the play-off's last season.But please be honest with yourself,the football you have served up this season has been dire to say the least.Very bad team selections,and you cannot blame it on injuries all the time,because if you had bought in better cover in January and had support from the owner we could have been pushing for promotion now instead of having to rely on teams above us slipping up.To me you seem to set up your teams so as they don't loose,but don't win either,to me that is bad management.As a manager I have a great deal of respect for you,but this season leaves a lot to be desired.Lets just hope our style of play,team tactics and playing staff shows a lot of improvement next season,and hopefully Mr,Evans shows his face and explains his intentions and future investment in the club.COYB.

LordMamu added 09:09 - Apr 8
"Be careful what you wish for"? .....as far as I am aware none of the Brentford fans wanted Warburton to leave only the owner so the whole premise of Mick's argument is completely wrong.....as usual...

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