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Burton Albion 1 v 2 Ipswich Town
SkyBet Championship
Friday, 14th April 2017 Kick-off 19:45
McCarthy: Huge Win and Good Performance
Friday, 14th Apr 2017 23:02

Boss Mick McCarthy hailed the Blues’ 2-1 win at Burton Albion as a “huge win” with the three points all but confirming Town’s Championship status.

“It’s a huge win, it was a good performance by us and an even better result,” he reflected.

McCarthy said he was pleased with his team’s display even if the final minutes were nervy: “As ever we do it the hard way, if we can give a penalty away, they hit the cross-bar and it looks like all and sundry is going on. It just keeps my heart-rate going anyway.”

Regarding the system in which his side started, he added: “We played 4-3-3, I matched them up, I knew they’d be playing 4-3-3 at home and I wasn’t going to get outdone in midfield because Irvine runs from there and he’s particularly good.

“Kightly’s been different class playing in behind Woodrow, so we had to take care of them.

“And then with Didz, Freddie and Tom Lawrence up front, well they’ve got to take care of us, and to be fair I think we did it better than them. It was 4-3-3, another system change, I can’t make my mind up.”

Just before the break, McCarthy switched his formation back what’s been his preferred system: “We matched them up 3-5-2, stopped them playing. And we won.”

McCarthy wouldn’t go as far as saying Town are safe with relegation still mathematically possible but believes that with the Blues 15th, nine points off the bottom three with only four to play, they are virtually there.

“We’re not [absolutely safe], I can’t say that because statistically we’re not and I’d just be stupid if I say that,” he added.

“I don’t think [sides below the Blues] will [catch Town] but am I certain, no I’m not.

“I’m talking about two teams in the bottom three, if they can get nine points and a better goal difference. They’ll have to get 10 points, they’d have to have three wins and a draw to get above us.

“But Wolves are beneath us, QPR are beneath us and Burton and Nottingham Forest. There are a few other sweating tonight like I was when I saw the results coming in today.”

He admitted that results elsewhere in the Championship earlier in the day added pressure for both camps going into the game, although appeared to have more impact on the Brewers.

“When this game was going to be Saturday afternoon we both wanted to change it because we don’t want to play Saturday-Monday, which is just bonkers, which we used to over Easter, of course,” McCarthy said.

“They made it Friday night under lights, it’s always a better atmosphere, you get better performances for whatever reason.

“But maybe it worked against them because Wigan won, Blackburn won, Birmingham drew. Maybe we’ve had all day to think about it.

“Don’t tell me anybody hasn’t been doing that because I have been doing it and maybe they were as well and it added a bit more pressure to them. But our lads have handled it well today, we’ve played well.”

He added: “We were all talking about the fixtures on Monday, these have got Birmingham and Bristol City are up at Blackburn and this might happen and that might happen and I’m saying ‘Hold on a minute, we’ve got the damned hardest game on Monday, we’ve got Newcastle to play, so it might be wise to put it to bed tonight, which I think we probably have'.”

Did McCarthy have any sympathy for ex-Blue Luke Varney for scoring his own goal? “You know where it is in the dictionary, don’t you? It’s between shit and syphilis! I’ve got no sympathy at all.

“Maybe it’s a charitable penny, we put him up for 12 months, we got him fit. I didn’t expect him to score the goal that probably keeps us up though.

“But then he got the penalty. Varns is a wonderful, wonderful lad, I love him to bits. But come on, sympathy? I don’t give it out and I don’t expect it back.”

Did McCarthy feel Burton might have been awarded a penalty when they claimed skipper Luke Chambers had handled in the first half?

“I thought we could have had one as well, to be honest, if he was giving them out," he added. "Let me tell you, he’s disallowed the goal, which was a goal, it wasn’t offside.

“I’ve not come in saying that, but if we’re talking about penalties, there could have been a penalty the other way [when David McGoldrick was shoved over].

“They said there was a dodgy package [which delayed the start of the second half], I said ‘Yes, I know what it is, he disallowed the goal!’.

“It took so long that, what happened with that? It wasn’t offside, no way. I’ve looked at it since and it wasn’t offside.

“So, that’s the game, isn’t it? Maybe it could have been a penalty, it should have been a goal, there could have been another penalty. If my auntie had you-know-what, but we’ve scored two and we’ve won the game, so I’m not really bothered.”

McCarthy had praise for David McGoldrick: “He’s at his pomp again. We all know what a good player he is. He’s had some terrible injuries and it’s cost us, but he’s been very good tonight.”

The Blues boss was also impressed by Myles Kenlock, aside from the penalty he conceded late on.

“He was brilliant and I can’t say dopey in equal measure because he wasn’t, but giving the penalty away, I think he’s working on my ticker, keeping it going.

“He was brilliant, I thought, he had a really good game today, probably as well as he’s played for us.

“But I looked at our full-backs, Josh and him, have had 21 starts between them this year and that’s pretty much all they’ve had in their careers.

“I thought today he’s done really, really well. I thought he was very good, and we’re delighted with him. He’s signed a new contract and he’s developing nicely.”

McCarthy confirmed that the squad suffered no new injuries ahead of Monday’s home game with Newcastle.

Burton manager Nigel Clough felt his team didn't play well enough but might have claimed a point.

“We didn’t play well enough, I’ve complaints about that, and we scored an own goal," he said.

"The crucial first goal was an own goal from a corner. That’s the biggest complaint of the night.

“I thought we possibly deserved a draw. On balance of situations and chances tonight we deserved a draw.”

Clough believed his team ought to have been awarded a first-half penalty for the apparent Chambers handball.

“Yes, it’s sod’s law that we get one when we’re 2-0 down, we’d had one in 67 games before tonight, so that’s two in 68 games now and we get it when we’re 2-0 down. The one in the first half was handball certainly.”

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Mark added 23:11 - Apr 14
I was very pleased to see such a positive line up, and it paid off with us getting the win. An important result with Blackburn and Bristol C winning, but this evening we can be feeling pretty safe and relieved.

MM promised to play the youngsters when we are safe from relegation, so I look forward to seeing our academy lads getting a run out in the remaining fixtures, which could be good for their development and thus the future of ITFC.

StringerBell added 23:19 - Apr 14
You're a footballing genius McCarthy, don't know why anyone ever doubts you.

Stourbridgeblue added 23:30 - Apr 14
"between Sh!t & Syphilis" I enjoyed that ;-)

Stourbridgeblue added 23:31 - Apr 14
And how come Phil can say sh!t and I can't ?? ;-)

Karlosfandangal added 23:34 - Apr 14
Next season I think we let Berra go and put Smith and Webber and Chambers at the back with Kemlock and Spence, buy better than them or at least decent back up stick Drowinga and Ward in the middle and get Bishop and Dozzell playing, again buy better or at least decent back up, get rid of McGoldrick and Sears and Pitman and buy two proven goal scorers and another decent back up, and play attacking football and we won't be far off the top 6

bluelady added 23:34 - Apr 14
Clough what about our disallowed goal? We deserved that win tonight when the chips were down we wanted the win more. Sadly something we have lacked for much of the season. Also tactically Mick managed more than a plan A for a change... why oh why then have we spent all season with no plan b and the players looking like they would rather be at home than playing so often?!! At least we are (hopefully) not going to face a fight for survival last game of season v forest. I don't think we stand a chance Monday but even losing and other results going our way we could be 100 percent safe by cop

bluelady added 23:35 - Apr 14
Karlos get rid of mcgoldrick - Really?!!!

Karlosfandangal added 23:37 - Apr 14
Six goals in 3 games are we in dream land and 2 wins in 3 and not a draw in sight

Daz added 23:44 - Apr 14
Much needed Win well done town

carsey added 00:10 - Apr 15
McCarthy is an arrogant potty mouth git. We're fighting for points against Burton because of his ineptitude and he claims the glory. I can't see any change next season even if Evans gives him a few quid because McCarthy knows no other way. If he were really any good there would be Premier League clubs after him.

bobble added 02:45 - Apr 15

christiand added 05:39 - Apr 15
You're right Carsey. Look at MM's track record in the Premier League, pretty poor. His style of play is so one dimensional good sides work out how to play against it and then that shows up his limitations.

So pleased about the result. I believe that's us safe, now for the much needed wind of change to sweep through the club during the summer.......not holding my breath!

bluemike1969 added 06:17 - Apr 15
Bravo, Bravo! The way you talk about tonight's much needed win you would think that this was a massive club we played. With all respect to Burton Albion this was not Newcstle or Leeds etc. Beating these clubs should surely be a formality for us but the way McCarthy talks we should be congratulating him on a huge win. I realise it was a huge win knowing our circumstances but we should NEVER have been in this situation.
Stop bigging yourself up, stop patting yourself on the back and stop telling everyone how good you are. In truth you are a mediocre manager who is too stubborn or stupid to realise that you are not bigger than this club and should do the right thing and resign.

blue75 added 07:00 - Apr 15
Well done McCarthy you managed to change formation in the middle of the game!! Hope you thanked Cloughie for showing you how!! At least we won tonight hopefully we'll be safe after mondays game and then you can be relieved of you duties!! Season ticket sales need a boost!!!!!

jas0999 added 07:33 - Apr 15
Just relieved to win. Changes nothing. Expected to beat Burton. Glad we did. But massive changes required at a club who's goal was play offs, but took until mid April just to get enough points to survive. Nothing to celebrate. Must now draw a line under abysmal season.

H1960 added 07:35 - Apr 15
All hail the great messiah Mick who has saved us again from the armageddon known as league one (division three in my book) j am sure he will continue to tell us in wonderful he is and what a great job He has done, nothing he can do will change my opinion of him and if he stays as he says he is going to we can all look forward to another uninspiring season of turgid dross!! Happy Easter

casper16 added 07:48 - Apr 15
Ok so we won. It was against Burton! However those 3 points surely means we are safe from the drop. Now keep to your promise Macarthy & play some youngsters. You say you are going to rebuild for next season. Let's see some evidence of that. No need to play the loan players any more. I'm not holding my breath. Still want Macarthy out

dirtydingusmagee added 07:48 - Apr 15
it was only a ''huge''win because McCarthy has put us in a position where beating a lower placed club is almost a life or death struggle to survive. That's as good as it gets.How about winning huge games at the other end of the table, to CHALLENGE FOR OR WIN SOMETHING. He is one dimentional ,arrogant ,stubborn, and totally boring even to listen to.If Evans has any balls or ambition he should get a new man in NOW, AND show how much he wants success by investing NOW......will either happen I DOUBT IT .

H1960 added 08:34 - Apr 15
How sad it is that we have to rely on a huge who against the mighty Burton Albion at this stage of the season to virtually ensure survival, it shows how far our once great club has now sunk, change is required now starting with getting rid of Mccarthy otherwise by this time next season our position could be even more dire

Karlosfandangal added 08:42 - Apr 15

For me McGoldrick as a striker is not scoring enough goals to make us top 6, plus for the last 3 seasons we are lucky if we get half a season out of him.
His wages will be high so use that money for a proven goalscorer who will not spend so much time in the treatment room.

Town have to make bold changes or they will always be a mid table team and the fans want to keep players that are their favourites.

leahcar88 added 08:44 - Apr 15
Well done Mugabe you've "put out" your own "fire."

leahcar88 added 08:47 - Apr 15
McGoldrick has had injuries tarnish his career. He does show flashes of the player he could've been. Feel for the guy. He is still OUR best, forward thinking player.

martin587 added 09:00 - Apr 15
What a shame MM says it was a "HughWin" at Burton.Ok,it was a grateful three points that has just about saved us from the abise but it should have never got to this in the first place.
We were and still should be a team playing in the Top Flight,but we are not and who is to blame for this.
The owner who did not invest money back into the squad when we sold players,and a manager who insists on playing boring defensive football week in,week out and happy to scrap for a draw.
We don't want this at Ipswich.Now we are safe,or thereabouts let's now hear from the Owner as to his plans for the future of OUR club and the destination of MM.
We need to hear positive intentions NOW.!!

Bildestoned added 09:05 - Apr 15
For once Varney's selection totally justified.

Pilgrimblue added 09:35 - Apr 15
Job is now done Mick so off you go. Can't believe he needs the money or would want to stay in current atmosphere.
As for McGoldrick, I'm convinced he's found another club. He's still got his skills but lacks pace and the strength needed at this level. Hope we get something for him to reinvest.

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