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Ipswich Town 3 v 1 Newcastle United
SkyBet Championship
Monday, 17th April 2017 Kick-off 15:00
McCarthy: Fitting Tribute to Sir Bobby
Monday, 17th Apr 2017 18:16

Town boss Mick McCarthy felt the Blues’ 3-1 victory over Newcastle United on Sir Bobby Robson Day was a fitting tribute to the clubs’ legendary manager. Goals from Freddie Sears, David McGoldrick and Emyr Huws saw Town to the win, with ex-Blues striker Daryl Murphy netting for the Magpies.

“I think it was a great tribute to Sir Bobby and Lady Elsie, who was here and all the family,” McCarthy said.

“I’m not sure which side he’d be on, I think he must have favoured us today.

"I think the game was a fitting tribute to him, it was a good game. It was a lovely thing to do and it’s nice to be part of it, I have to be honest.”

Was the win and performance against one of the division’s top sides and the Blues’ first back-to-back victories coming at this late stage of the season to some extent bittersweet? “No, it’s just sweet!”

But McCarthy agreed it was Town’s best performance of the campaign: “I would say so, especially with beating Newcastle at home, so I would guess it makes it even better. It’s the best one.”

Did he sense some nervousness from the visitors as they close in on a return to the Premier League? “You get nervous at either end, we were talking about that before the game.

“If you’re in that top two and you start looking at the games and wondering, and likewise for us on Friday night [at Burton], we were nervous. But thankfully we held it together and won.

“But we deserved to win today, we’ve just been better than them all-round, I think. And if anybody goes away talking about Newcastle being nervous and not playing very well, I think that would be an injustice to my team and my players today.”

With their Championship status having been all but secured by beating the Brewers 2-1 on Friday night, did he feel the shackles were off for his players? “Maybe, that’s a good story. But I thought we played well on Friday night when the shackles were on good and proper and if we’d have lost we’d got Newcastle coming. We played well on Friday night.

“That’s a little bit unjust to say that, although it may well have happened. They are feeling it a bit and I did say to the lads there are 25,000 coming here to watch.

“I said, ‘Not us by the way, I’m sure none of the f****rs are coming to watch us the way we’ve been playing here. So if that’s the case, I’m not bothered about that but make sure they’re talking about us when they go home, in a positive manner, and make sure they’ve come and they’ve enjoyed watching us’.”

“So for whatever reason it’s a good performance. I can’t get to the bottom of it and tell you why. Maybe it’s the fact that David McGoldrick’s in his pomp and playing great and Freddie and Tom Lawrence and Wardy, I thought the front four were excellent. Anyway, I’m not really bothered about the reason why, I’m just delighted we did.”

Regarding third goalscorer Huws, who is on loan from Cardiff, McCarthy reiterated his desire to keep the Welshman at Portman Road but says there’s nothing new to add on that front: “I’m only repeating what I’ve said before, but yes.”

McCarthy said he was pleased to send everyone happy and with what was an excellent Portman Road atmosphere, which hasn’t always been the case in recent times.

“That’s because we’ve been shit!” McCarthy added, referencing terrace chants at recent matches. “I’m cool with that, I’m fine. But it’s not been helped by a shit atmosphere as well.

“It cuts both ways, doesn’t it? Cuts both ways. I said when we were struggling and maybe could have got relegated, I said the crowd are part of that as well if it happens.

“And they’ve been a great part of a fabulous victory today and I love to send them home feeling that way.

“And we did for a long time, we had 13 victories on a Tuesday night here. It was fab, it was great. Like I said to you before, I kept the club up, three top 10 finishes and I’ve had a bad year this year.

“Isn’t it great when everybody turns their back on you and sneers at you and actually wants to stop you coming to the game and things like that. I’m glad they’ve enjoyed it today. Good. I have as well.”

Keeper Dean Gerken missed out on a place on the bench again due to a shoulder injury, while Jonny Williams was in the squad but not included in the 18.

Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez was disappointed with his side’s display which he felt was significantly worse than their showing in Friday’s 1-1 home draw with Leeds.

“I am concerned about the change in the team in terms of the performance against Leeds and the performance today,” he admitted.

“We know we still have to win games – and we must improve a lot. We knew it could be this kind of game today and I felt we were ready but it seems we were not.

“We were not focused or mentally ready. It is difficult to explain that but that is the reality. As soon as we scored and had control of the game we made another mistake.

“We are paying for our mistakes and we have to learn from that. But it is still in our hands.

“This was not us at our best and we have to change quickly. We all have to take responsibility – we win and lose together.

“Was it our worst display of the season? I don’t know and I’m not worried about that. We lost and that’s it, and I am disappointed because of that.

“We know something is wrong and we have to analyse the situation. We have had a lot of very good performances this season and we need to do it again.”

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BlueMachines added 18:21 - Apr 17
Horrible foul mouth again.

Mark added 18:24 - Apr 17
"I’m sure none of the f****rs are coming to watch us..."

Sorry, did McCarthy just call us "f****rs"?!

Outstanding display today, every Town player excellent. What a brilliant and unexpected result - well done lads! We certainly all went home very happy as it shows we do indeed have a talented squad of players and that gives us optimism for the future as well as enjoying the result today.

However, very disappointing to get home to read McCarthy has another pop at the Town fans. Why do that? Why not just be happy with the result like we are? A key part of the manager's role is the relationship with the supporters, but Mick seems to want to turn this into a spat at every opportunity. The fans were very patient for a long time and finally snapped due to the negative football and tactics we were being subject to, despite paying premium prices to attend. I would say the Easter weekend vindicates a more attacking approach, as we got the maximum 6 points thanks for going for it rather than sitting back. This is what fans want to see and it can pay dividends. Why not just be happy and try to rebuild bridges with the supporters, especially if Mick plans to stay at least another season?!

jas0999 added 18:24 - Apr 17
Sir Bobby Robson would I suspect been less than impressed with this interview. Dig at the fans. Foul and abusive language.


Hamish1979 added 18:25 - Apr 17
I like Mick and want him to stay. He's obviously been hurt by the vitriol from fans but I'm not sure that excuses some of today's comments. Calling fans 'f@#$#@s' is not likely to improve relations.

MooseJuice added 18:25 - Apr 17
Again, the fact that you don't know why we played so well is a statement about your aptitude (or lack of) Mick. This result also proves what this squad of players have been capable of all season so who is to blame for where the club sits in the league??? YOU saved us from relegation, YOU lead us to top 10 finishes Mick in your own words, so it must be YOU who are culpable it is not? But nice to see you still laying the blame at the feet of the supporters again! Classy. Great result though today, Sir Bobby would be proud. (Of your language and conduct though Mick... not so much)

Brownie added 18:26 - Apr 17
Whatever yours or my views on Mick excellent performance by all today. Congratulations to all concerned. Excellent support as well.

DJpatrovers1 added 18:28 - Apr 17
Of all days, He just can't help himself can he? He really can't - a game which without doubt all fans have enjoyed and he seems to think none of the criticism he has received is deserved. He's right we have been sh*** but who's fault is that? MickOut.

martin587 added 18:29 - Apr 17
MM why are you such a,foul mouthed arrogant man.Please ask yourself why we the supporters have been against you.It's self explanatory old chap.
Grow up and don't spoil a great day for us.In future just hold your tongue before you speak.

Pencilpete added 18:29 - Apr 17
We've been sh1t because MM persisted with Skuse and Douglas as his central midfield partnership when it was painfully obvious to everyone but him that it didn't work and sadly by the time the penny dropped the season was over. If Mick plays this line up with this mentality he is more than welcome to stay as far as i am concerned. Why we have had to wait until 40 games in and were part of a relegation battle before we opened up and played anything resembling football is something that needs to be debated in the summer big style !!

carlo88 added 18:29 - Apr 17
Wow this man's got the hump hasn't he. Chill out a bit.

jcITFC added 18:31 - Apr 17
He could've won the champions league for us today and I still would want him out after them comments. Spoiling a good result.

therein61 added 18:34 - Apr 17
Play to win fill the ground and a great crowd behind the team it is so simple, why has it taken you this long to get it!!?? as always we are subjected to another foul mouthed tirade lets club in together and buy him a Chambers(no pun intended!!) Dictionary!

Tony88 added 18:35 - Apr 17
I don't know why anyone is surprised at MM having a pop at supporters, would any of you take the comments made by some people. IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT DON'T HAND IT OUT.

Pip50 added 18:36 - Apr 17
The fcukers Mick were people coming to pay their respects to SBR plus a sizable Newcastle contingent.
Absolutely no class, please in your own limited vocabulary fcuk off now!

BontyBlue added 18:37 - Apr 17
First Keane, now this charmless chianti. How we miss Bobby's charm. COYB.

TractorBeezer added 18:38 - Apr 17
Mick, it was a great and entertaining win but if you want to earn the supporters respect you have to continue to earn it. Selecting a positive team and going for goals (like today) will go a long way. Cleaning up your language when in public and discontinue making things about you will also help. Think of Sir Bobby and Sir Alf.
Lecture over. Well done today and enjoy your beer tonight mate.

littlestoneblue added 18:38 - Apr 17
Mick: One swallow doesn't make a summer, the team has been diabolical nearly all season, and its all down to you fella, your the coach, your the one who makes decisions on who plays where, and the tactics of the game, if you want to keep playing dour sad football, and expect the fans to turn up in their droves, then like most games we've played this season, you sussed out pretty quickly, and the fans are a we bit miffed off, and now refuse to pay good money to watch very poor performances, todays game attendance against Newcastle was more out of respect for Sir Bobby Robson not you, and if you've got any respect for your position, you will confront the invisible owner Marcus Evans and say, Right Marcus I've had enough now lad, either you put up or I'm off, the fans would respect that decision from you.

itfchorry added 18:40 - Apr 17
Think he knows he is going and can't help at
having yet another pop at us.

Happy Days when you leave

StringerBell added 18:40 - Apr 17
Disgusting, tasteless language from a man with no class or decency.

joepublic added 18:42 - Apr 17
MM - You want the credit when it goes well but it is the fault of those f##k@@s when it goes bad.

Today of all days why not say nothing about the fans if you had nothing nice to say.

Mick out

And well done all the players and fans today!

Michael11 added 18:45 - Apr 17
“I’m sure none of the f****rs are coming to watch us the way we’ve been playing here."

Did he really just call our paying fans f****rs?? What an absolute disgrace he is. I know if I called the people who pay my wages something like that then I wouldn't have a job tomorrow. This is exactly why he's lost the fans. We beat a team destined for much bigger things than us with a very positive performance, but he's more bothered about winding the fans up and being a hate figure.

Just leave.

DoseOfReality added 18:46 - Apr 17
Arrogant W**ker

I was one of those f***ers today

Evans you're spineless sack this pr1ck

Only decent day of season thanks to a genuine ledgend Sir Bobby, great gate, great performance & biggest arsehole ever to be associated with club ruins it

Who does this man think he is calling 25,000 Town fans f****ers !!!!!!

Bluetone added 18:46 - Apr 17
You can trust McCarthy to spoil the day with his usual foul mothed rant and again having a go at the fans. How he hasn't been dismiised for his constant verbal abuse of his paying customers the Lord above only knows.

Whether or not he is the worst manager we have had might be debatable but he certainly is the most arrogant, egotistical, illbred and foul mouthed.
A really nasty individual

Bluesquid added 18:49 - Apr 17
"The f***ers..." - Wow, McCarthy sinks to a new low.


stowby added 18:50 - Apr 17
MM should be sacked with immediate effect for his disgraceful comments!

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