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McCarthy Ready for a Holiday After Disappointing Season
Sunday, 7th May 2017 16:01

Town boss Mick McCarthy admitted that he is ready for a holiday after the Blues’ disappointing season ended with a 3-0 defeat at Nottingham Forest. The Blues manager added that his side, like Forest, who escaped relegation to League One on the final day have "not been good enough all season long".

McCarthy felt the final-day scoreline was harsh on the balance of the first period: “On the first-half performance it was. They guy on Sky just said we held them out, I didn’t think that was the case at all, I thought we were equally as good as them in the first half.

“They had a very good start, we got into the game and I was really pleased, then we just gave the most stupid penalty away.

“I’m not blaming Bart, he couldn’t do anything other than come for it. The defenders that allowed [Jamie Ward] to get in behind us from a throw-in, that was ridiculous.”

Did he think it was a penalty? “I haven’t looked at it that closely, but he’s given the penalty. He’s had to come out to try and punch it, as I remember. He shouldn’t have got there, it shouldn’t have been thrown in behind us, that’s the ridiculous nature of it and Bart’s had to come and deal with it, or try and deal with it.

“There’s no point in me arguing about it, he’s given the penalty. I’m more annoyed at the third goal. He’s given us a freekick, we fan out and try and play it, they get the ball back and he sticks in Assombalonga and he goes and scores. That was a bit annoying.”

What did he feel changed after the second half, did Forest have more of an edge as they were battling for their survival? “Probably. I tried to change it and went two up front and matched them, but it didn’t work. I thought Myles Kenlock had had a really tough first half so I gave Josh Emmanuel 45 minutes.

“They were [on top], certainly when they got the second goal, we gave it away and it ended up in our net.”

He added: “They were playing two up and I thought we’d match them up. It just didn’t manifest itself like that. But we gave the second goal away at that point, so we never really got a chance to get into it at all.”

Young full-backs Emmanuel and Kenlock have conceded three penalties between them in recent weeks, is that something they’ll have to learn from?

“We have been very fortunate with them that they’ve come through and got themselves in the team,” he added.

“But they’re still learning very much. They’ve only had about 15 starts between them or something, maybe a few more than that, I don’t know if they’ve had 20 or 30 starts between them, and that’s not a lot.

“They’re both very, very young, inexperienced but have got good potential and I think overall they’ve both had good seasons.

“But it starts to get to the end of the season and they get physically tired, mentally tired and they’ve both got to come back and be ready for a tough year next year.”

Might Town have had a penalty late on when Dominic Samuel looked to have been fouled by Matt Mills?

“I know Matt Mills has pulled him down because I’m a defender,” McCarthy said. “He messed it up and he threw himself across him.

“It’s a foul but it was at 3-0 that, so it was hardly going to change the scoreline dramatically. But I would still have taken the penalty, I would still like to have scored. I think it was a foul.”

McCarthy says he switched Christophe Berra for Adam Webster in the second half in part to give the former Portsmouth player some minutes on the field after his injury and partly so fans could pay tribute to the Scotland international, who could return home this summer.

“It was more a gesture to Adam to put him on and let him have 10 minutes and get a feel for it having had such a horrible injury,” he said.

“But also if it is Christophe’s last game it was nice that fans did give him a nice ovation and he’s deserved it because he’s been terrific.”

McCarthy included second-year scholar Flynn Downes on the bench but said it wasn’t the game to blood youngsters. However, he says the midfielder will have a chance of being involved with the first-team squad in pre-season.

“A very good chance, him and Tristan Nydam,” he said. “I’ve just said to him in the dressing room, it wasn’t a day for those guys. We had it all on with the experienced players on the pitch. But he’s got a really good chance.

“All-round, technically he’s a really good football, he’s athletic, he puts his foot in, he’ll compete, he’s a real competitor and he’s a winner on the pitch.

“He comes over and he shows no respect for the first team, he comes and dumps them on their backsides if they need dumping on their backsides. I love that about him.

“And Tristan the same, there are a number of them. Unfortunately they’re all central midfield players coming through. Dozzer’s still having to grow up in a tough year for the club. But they’ll be good players in the end.”

What did he say to his players after the match? “The general gist of it was ‘Thank you’. It’s interesting, isn’t it? We’re here today and it’s a bit like Nottingham Forest have won the league today. It’s like their FA Cup final, it’s their league, it’s brilliant. It was either going to be a wake or a celebration and up until the penalty it could very easily been a wake.

“And good for them, good for Mark Warburton, but we had our day at Burton and we had our day against Newcastle. Why are they where they are, why are we where we are? We’ve not been good enough all season long.

“That game’s probably summed our season up, to be honest, some good, some bad, some indifferent.”

Is he now ready for a holiday? “I certainly am and I think everybody else is. That was the gist of the conversation and ultimately to say thanks to them. We’ve done what Nottingham Forest have done and we’ve done it earlier than them. We could have been looking for points today.

“Chambo as a captain and the rest of the lads, I’m not saying they’ve been great playing and results and performances-wise but as a squad of lads, as a bunch of lads they’ve been great. They’ve stuck together and made sure we weren’t in Nottingham Forest’s position today.”

Forest boss Mark Warburton was delighted that his side escaped the drop with Tony Mowbray’s Blackburn relegated despite their 3-1 win at Brentford.

“We showed a lot of character, we deserved the win and the victory and I am delighted for the players and the fans; their support today was outstanding,” he said.

“The vow is we must never allow Forest to be in this situation again. It can’t happen. The last five or six weeks, the relegation dog fight, is not what we are about. Remember the feeling and the relief we feel now and that must not happen again.”

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cartman1972 added 16:07 - May 7
Still awful.....whole structure needs changing. Doesn't matter if the game had nothing for us but we were on show and yet again were inept......Embarrassing.

Fen69 added 16:07 - May 7
Been on holiday the past two seasons, think the results prove this!

_superblues_ added 16:08 - May 7
Do everyone a favour and don't come back

Rentaghost added 16:09 - May 7
He can have a permanent vacation to all I care.

blue75 added 16:10 - May 7
Please just go you're embarrassing. Myles was tired really more like you c****d him off at halftime and as punishment you subbed him!! If only you'd had dougie on the bench then you really could've stuck 2 fingers up to the fans guess you didn't have the balls for that!!

bluemike1969 added 16:10 - May 7
I've got an idea dino , take a long holiday, say .... indefinitely and better still clean out your drawers and hand the door key back on your way out!!!
FECK OFF you waste of space!!!!

OwainG1992 added 16:11 - May 7 why don't you resign and let us move forward with the young players we own with a boss up for a new challenge.

jas0999 added 16:12 - May 7
This interview pretty similar to the one Joe Royle gave prior to leaving. Mention in this of inexperienced players etc.

But the bottom line is MMs tactics have been very negative. Yes, he hasn't spent millions, but neither did Joe and he on the whole managed to entertain. Even if it was 5-4 defeat!

chrishants added 16:14 - May 7
Isn't ironic that the club which started the big spending got relegated . I know it was Jack Walkers dream but he bought the premiership for Blackburn. Unfortunately in days when big money is everything our lovely hometown club can't compete

howdonblue added 16:15 - May 7
Yes don't come back !

Enough is enough Evans grow a pair and get rid !

muhrensleftfoot added 16:16 - May 7
I'm envious of Forest. They've now got a decent manager who likes to play the game properly and possibly new owners soon. Us, I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel with Mick's boring tactics and Evans lack of investment . Mick would rather stick with the same old unadventurous midfield when we have enormous talent coming through from the under 23's. Mick will never change his views as he is always convinced his way is the right way.

Daleyitfc added 16:17 - May 7
I believe Syria's nice at this time of year ...

Granthamblue62 added 16:19 - May 7
Can't see how the man can cling onto his job. Utter shambles all season. Yes, he has been massively constrained by budget. However, as an experienced manager his tactics have been woeful. Big changes needed at ITFC if we are to stop the rot. It must start with a P45 for this antiquated joke of a manager!

cat added 16:20 - May 7
The only exciting thing the DINO brings to ITFC! is his post match interviews, love them or hate them they are usually packed full with two fingered insults, passing the buck and stupid nicknames!! GOD, he couldn't even deliver that today, let alone a decent game to add a slight positive to the end of the season of discontent! If he stays it will be a disaster, more of the same, mind numbing tactics, hoofball, park the bus, backs to the wall and the old chestnut hard to beat!!!.

Enjoy your holiday, as BrittannaMan said "hope it rains everyday!! (Lol)


TimmyH added 16:21 - May 7
Someone put him on the space shuttle and fire him out to space...

jpring89 added 16:23 - May 7
Enjoy your holiday but please just do the right thing and leave.

ash_itfc added 16:24 - May 7
Why have we always got to 'match the oppostion' with our formation?!? Every game he wants to match the opposition. They are below us in the table and you want to nullify them! That's what I hate about McCarthy. We should have a style and a system that other teams worry about us.

yorksblue added 16:24 - May 7
If he's staying, why's he going on holiday? Should be out there getting some decent players to replace the shower of shi*the we've watched all season.

Mark added 16:24 - May 7
I feel sorry for Blackburn, as that could well be us this time next year if we stick with McCarthy and continue not to invest. Ending a poor season with 3 straight defeats should be ringing alarm bells in Marcus Evans' ears. We are a million miles from promotion, and that is the only way Evans can make a profit. Put some money in man, and appoint an entertaining manager so fans can enjoy it again.

Bluetone added 16:24 - May 7
The Cobbolds ran a good football club and a decent brewery the current crew can do neither.

yorksblue added 16:26 - May 7
No doubt recruitment will start in august, after were out of League Cup

BlueandTruesince82 added 16:27 - May 7
Mick out and all but some of the comments on here are just nasty today.

Rowe looks like he could be a good aquisition but broadly a new broom needed.

walberblue added 16:27 - May 7
Mick you've been on holiday all year. What have you been doing all 2017? PL21 W4 D10 L7 That's relegation form. So have you been trying to change things around since January, because you've failed. When do you intend to get things improved, Complacent guff is all you've got. Are you to afraid to be judged?? Come out and set a target and tell us you'll leave if you can't deliver?? Silence i thouhjt not. You haven't got the ability or bottle to turn things around and so its really just about £1m compebsation, The football gots nothing to do with it, you're just a greedy failure. Pack your desk and clear off back to Bromley. Loser. MM OUT!!

northstand78 added 16:36 - May 7
In my job as a manager, if I'd performed like MM has and his team I would have been sacked... ME, MM you are a disgrace..

floridaboy added 16:40 - May 7
Really get fed up with comments like they are tired after a long season. What cobblers! They are professional athletes who get the best treatment etc. They train for a few hours a day. If they are not fit enough that is down to the manager and his team who are supposed to be training them.

Please do the right thing for the club and the fans. Leave. You will still get a very very healthy pay out and cant be short of a couple of quid.

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