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McCarthy Confirms Duo Set for Rotherham Loan
Saturday, 8th Jul 2017 16:56

Town boss Mick McCarthy has confirmed that striker Kieffer Moore and right-back Josh Emmanuel are set to join Rotherham on loan. TWTD revealed the Millers’ interest in the duo last month.

Moore, who scored the Blues’ fourth goal in this afternoon’s 5-0 thrashing of Drogheda, was taken off towards the end but McCarthy says that was essentially as a precaution as he is close to making his move.

“Pretty much because he’s probably going to go out on loan and I don’t want him to get him injured,” he said.

Confirming that Rotherham is the club he will be joining and that Emmanuel would be joining him at the New York Stadium he added: “They are and that will probably go through.”

McCarthy says the pair need first-team football, which they’re not going to get at Portman Road:
“They both need to play games and I don’t want Josh here as a substitute coming on and playing a bit part, he needs to go and play to improve, as does Kieffer.

“Neither of them will start in front of Jordan Spence or whoever else is starting up front. I think it’s really important that they get football.

“You benefit from getting week in, week out football. I remember it myself when you start and you play. Thankfully I got in the team and I was in every week and it just improves you every week.”

He added: “[Josh is] going until the January window and we’ll see how he does. Hopefully he’s ripping it up and we want to have him back. The only way he’s going to get better is by playing.

“They’re season-long loans but there’s a break clause in them. You’ve got to put that in because if you don’t then they get stuck there if they’re not playing or if they’re ripping it up and I want them back.

“Why would I even think about not having something to bring them back. But I’ll only bring them back if I want to play them.”

McCarthy also confirmed that midfielder Kevin Bru, who wasn’t with the squad at Drogheda, can leave Portman Road: “He was injured but if he can get a club then he can move.”

Photo: TWTD

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BlueandTruesince82 added 17:06 - Jul 8
I see no issue with this. Moore needs a season of straddling the step up from L2 to Champ.

Emanuelle has promise but will benefit hugely from a season of first team football in a rough and tough league. Hopefully we will reap the benefit the way Bournemouth and Leicester have over recent seasons.

This is normal for developing footballers and does not mean that Mick does not rate either.....

Cue hysteria......

midastouch added 17:08 - Jul 8
Poor ol' Emmanuel, he's not done much wrong yet Mick sees him as a Spence force :-(

jas0999 added 17:08 - Jul 8
With these two leaving, Pitman and Bru likely to follow - the squad looks even weaker. I really do hope we don't send our youngsters out on loan and then sign and play other team youngsters on loan. We have lost a considerable number of squad players since last season. Signed only three new players. Huws has re-signed as part of last years squad - good permanent deal though. I hope there is a plan to sign more.

essextractorboy93 added 17:19 - Jul 8
Good decision to loan these both out, both would have had very limited game time. As much as everyone wants Emmanuel to do well because he is home grown, this loan will benefit him. He isn't yet as good as Spence defensively or going forward, Spence has been really impressive since he arrived here. But a season of playing every week in League 1 for Emmanuel and Moore is probably right for them to develop their careers.

Mark added 17:24 - Jul 8
I take the point about regular football being beneficial, but had thought Emmanuel and Spence would compete for the right-back position. I hope we make another defensive signing therefore as none of us want to see Chambers return to right-back.

cat added 17:39 - Jul 8
Destroyed about this situation with Josh, another youth eats the DINO'S DUNG. His at the age where he needs to progress, and this season could have been it. Maybe the Dino has someone lined up? Chambers (lol)

iaintaylorx added 17:41 - Jul 8
I don't understand why we are keeping Moore on the books but letting Pitman leave. As for Emmanuel, I'm glad he is getting some game time, but would rather see him stay and fight Spence for that spot.


carsey added 17:41 - Jul 8
I get all the arguments about regular football but we need cover for both full backs which Emmanuel gives. I shall be disappointed if McCarthy goes out and signs some has been or worse sticks Chambers out there again.

phillo added 18:02 - Jul 8
Agree with the majority of sentiments here ..... no problem re Moore but Emmanuel worries me.
Surely he is the perfect back up for Spence - young, developing, not expected to play every game but rather odd runs/games to build on experience of last season & u23 games.
I am afraid (& I'll be called hysterical I know 😀) in my opinion this smacks of Mick not trusting/prepared to develop youngsters. Whose cover now ? Do we sign someone rather than develop our own ? Back to Chambo ? (all backward/short term steps I am afraid)
I hope I am proved wrong but I fear we may not see Emanuel playing for us again .... and that would be sad 😞

GREYBLUE added 18:38 - Jul 8
Most players who leave on loan hardly ever return and play again

Lathers added 18:44 - Jul 8
The correct decision. Neither are good enough. At least JE will put himself in the shop window for a L1 or L2 team which will be his standard in years to come. Good luck to Keifer Moore, he's done well to get himself to ITFC but think he will struggle in full time football.

cat added 19:05 - Jul 8
Lathers - not to sure if I completely agree with your views yet, but fair play to you for posting your 'frank' opinions, have a upper on me!

mojo added 19:07 - Jul 8
Jas i get what you are saying but what other realistic options are there besides a loan cover for JE given he is only going until January?

We could try Skuse there I suppose.

Lathers added 20:17 - Jul 8
Cat - I appreciate the upper my friend! I'm just at the point as a Town fan of being so frustrated that I can't and won't see the positives in things which aren't going to take this club forward. I went to the play off final in 2000 after years of us being a decent/fairly decent team and who would have thought that after an amazing 5th place the following season, we'd be heading in to our 16th season in the Championship... And have deteriorated rapidly through the following seasons. Personally, I don't think JE is going to make the grade (I would love him too) but if we are going to ever go back up we need better. Fact. Same as my comment on today's game. Yes for fitness it's Ok, but my point was around playing a 2nd rate team the day after they've played a league game... Standards! Where are our standards these days? Should we not be expecting more in terms of our signings, friendly matches and greater expectations in general? Apologies for wanting more from my club.

BlueandTruesince82 added 20:55 - Jul 8
Lathers, so many teams do this. Luton are playing Bedford town, The Dons are played Newport Pagnell FC, Motherwell lost to Gateshead today, Brisol C played Guernsey, Bolton played Chorley.

It means nothing beyond a warm up, it is as you say, for fitness. That's it.

Pre season has changed and it's now about a personalised programme of preparation for each player of which warp up games play a small part to shake off ring rust, get used to playing with each other again, work on things from training in a match situation without fear of things going wrong and as such fear to try.

I don't understand why this bothers you so much.

Taricco_Fan added 21:16 - Jul 8
Not sure why Josh Emmanuel has been put out on loan. He's got plenty to offer the first team.

Kieffer Moore, on the other hand, will hugely benefit from regular first team football at a lower level. From what I've seen I don't feel he's up to the Championship - maybe not even League One - but I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong and he comes back a better player or secures himself a move.

KiwiTractor added 21:56 - Jul 8
McCarthy has picked his first XI for this season already, as usual he will not take into account form - good or bad - and his favourites will play every match. I can't see this season being any more successful that last year. And another year of listening to his inconsistent, contradictory, drivel.

I don't usually start feeling like this until October! One day he will be gone from this club, one day....

Lathers added 22:11 - Jul 8
Blueandtruesince82 - Thanks for pointing out the benefits of pre season football and for listing a string of friendly matches :) Serious question to you my friend, do you think it was a sensible decision to play their 1st team today, the day after they played a premier league game? Maybe, we should have waited a few days for a more competitive game against them? That was my main point, surely not too difficult to understand? I'm talking about standards. Do you think Sir Bobby, George Burley or Joe Royle would have taken a team to Ireland for a week and agreed to play the worst team in the Irish PL the day after they played a league game? Standards blueandtrue.... Not difficult to understand my man.

BlueandTruesince82 added 23:11 - Jul 8
Your missing the point lathers.

I neither think it to be a good or bad idea because it will have absolutely no bearing on our season what so ever. I can't tell you who our friendlies were under said managers. Will have to lava that one to Phil. It doesn't matter. The standard has improved all the way down the pyramid so it's a competitive first warm against a team who are not season and therefore match sharp, better than another lot fresh of their holidays don't you think?

Had we played Barcelona today do you think that would result in a better season.if we go down we'll be saying if only we'd played Juventus we'd have won the league!

If a bunch of footballers can't run around for an hr and a half 2 days in a row there is something wrong with them.

My point is that pre season prep is now a science and this, very literally the first warm up for a season still a month away, is mearly a tiny spec of all the work that goes into that. It is almost insignificant.

Comparing to the good old days of Alf, Bobby or whoever is pointless because it's a different time where the build up is planned and tailored. You might as well be complaining that the Rolling Stones are no longer top of the pop charts.

Why you are obsessing over such a meaningless match that is nothing more than a training exercise is beyond me.

BlueandTruesince82 added 23:12 - Jul 8
*mid season

Lathers added 00:23 - Jul 9
I can't be bothered to get in to one with a low IQ. My point was simple. Set your standards high from the start. Short term memory, low expectations... I'd love to be like you, getting over-excited about a 5-nil friendly win against rubbish. What was it you posted earlier after the game.. Football, football, footy o> ... Pah :)

shakytown added 02:54 - Jul 9
I'm with Lathers on this one. We start every season looking tired unfit and lacking cohesion. We should be at least playing league I or 2 teams and using what Mick thinks will be his starting team for part of the game.

PortmanTerrorist added 06:13 - Jul 9
Surely we need 2 quality players per position. Oh I forgot, Chambers is a RB. Poor Emmanuel. Not really a kid anymore, seemed like he proved his ability last season, and is Spence really that good. Another strange decision from MM.

BlueandTruesince82 added 09:07 - Jul 9
Thanks for resorting to insults lathers, really classy of you. That's the medium to which those who have lost the argument have to stop I suppose.

Again you miss the point, I am neither excited nor unexcited about it because it means nothing other than a run around for the lads....

Why are you letting yourself get so wound up over a nothing game? So uptight over something So insignificant?

Who are we playing next Pertrborough. Oh right a leave team Still means nothing other than getting the lads a bit fitter....


BlueandTruesince82 added 09:08 - Jul 9

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