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Crystal Palace 2 v 1 Ipswich Town
Carabao Cup
Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 Kick-off 19:30
McCarthy Extremely Proud of Youngsters
Tuesday, 22nd Aug 2017 22:40

Town boss Mick McCarthy said he was “extremely proud” of his young side after their narrow 2-1 second round Carabao Cup defeat at Crystal Palace. The Blues manager fielded a side with an average age of 20, the youngest of his 25-year management career.

“I’m extremely proud and they should be proud of themselves, that was one of the things I said to them,” he said. “Some of those lads might get one game, they might get 150 games in the first team.

“They all wanted it, they all wanted to play in the first team, but I said to them, ‘If you get one, don’t make it one of those occasions where you’re careful what you wish for and you get it and you don’t live up to it’.

“Well, I think all of them more that lived up to it. I said, ‘Your mum and dads are here, make sure that they’re proud when they’re going away.

“They will be because they played but they can be proud about how they played, and I certainly am.

“They only scored because we were knackered, I think. We gave the ball away, we just got tired and they got it in midfield and it was a fabulous goal. But [James McArthur] cost a lot of dough, didn’t he? They’ve got a lot of good players. Premier League punishment, I’m afraid.”

Regarding the late fightback which saw Bersant Celina net his first Blues goal, he added: “It was nice to give them a scare, a little bit of a flutter. And the header, there were one or two thinking that might just drop in towards the end.

“Thank God we didn’t go to extra-time, we’d have had to send the nurse on, I think. They’re all due in bed anyway. Far too late for them - health and safety.”

McCarthy had praise for the Town support, which numbered 1,904, and said he was careful to outline his plans to field a young team in advance so they would know what to expect.

“My relationship’s not been great with our fans for a long time,” he admitted. “I wasn’t going to con them.

“I thought if they’re coming, they should know what’s happening. I don’t want them turning up and feeling cheated and feeling conned and being disappointed.

“But there’s none of them that can be feeling that, they can feel proud that they’ve got some players that surprised me, that I think could contribute to the first team now, where I probably had my doubts.

“And the fans were great. TC said beforehand they gave them a great welcome onto the pitch. They’ve had a night they can enjoy.”

Asked if they’ll all be telling him they should play from now on, he responded: “They’re always telling me who I should play but I don’t take a blind bit of notice of anybody else except TC.”

McCarthy was loath to pick out anyone in particular: “I’d be a little bit unfair if I just mentioned a couple because all of them have [impressed me].

“Ben Folami, I’m always on at him, ‘You’ve got to work harder’. You should never not be a footballer because you don’t work hard enough. And he put a shift in today, he was great.

“All of them, the younger ones. I’d expect it from Bersant Celina and Danny Rowe, but Woolfie I thought was great at the back, and Pat Webber.

“Pat Webber, who was off to Aldershot and he’s not good enough, he comes here and he’s had a great game.

“And, of course, we’ve got two outstanding keepers, and Gerks only doesn’t get in the team because Bart’s so good. And I feel for him at times. He’s been brilliant tonight and he was the captain. Nydam at left-back. It was a good evening.”

Told rested left-back Myles Kenlock was spotted in with the away fans, McCarthy added: “He’s a South-East London boy, so he’s probably gone home as well. I’ll check what state he’s in when he comes in on Thursday morning.”

Does a player coming along to cheer his team-mates on illustrate the mood in the camp at present? “It’s lovely, Skusey was ill today, so that was another one off my list. There was a great spirit among the players and staff last year, but it helps when you’re winning games.”

McCarthy says he has greater belief in the players coming through following tonight’s game, but wants them to show similar form in the less high profile games to come.

“I’m optimistic for them now having seen that performance,” he said. “I’ve just stressed upon them that I don’t want to turn up and watch bullshit U23 tippy, tappy football and see performances like I’ve seen with them.

“That’s the standard that they’ve set. All of those players that will have to go back and play U23s, because they’re not all going to play in the first team, I want to see that kind of performance and not dropping from that.

“I know it enthuses them and excites them and they can play above, but they’ve got to keep that level if they want to be in the team. I’m really pleased.”

Palace boss Frank de Boer was delighted with his first win since taking over as boss at Selhurst Park after back-to-back defeats in their opening two Premier League matches.

"Winning gives you confidence, of course, it is always nice to win even if maybe Saturday is more important," he said. "I'm very pleased with the spirit I saw from the players. Some are coming back from injury, some are waiting for their chance.

"You have to show yourself and make it as hard for me as possible. I think a lot showed they are ready, so for that spirit I am pleased.

"In the first half we couldn't really get the pressure on them, that's why we changed the system in the second half to 4-3-3 after about 15 to 20 minutes. From there we had total control and scored two fantastic goals."

Regarding double-goalscorer McArthur, he added: "You are always waiting for that moment and I'm very pleased for the team and the fans and for everyone who loves Crystal Palace to finally score a goal.

"Quality shots, good composure, accuracy. There is no need to hit it hard if you have the accuracy to put it in the corner."

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Corrick91 added 22:44 - Aug 22
So you should be Mick! Unsure what's happening with us at the moment, but it's almost surreal! Up the town

EssexTractor added 22:51 - Aug 22
This loss actually as good if not better as some downbeat victories in the recent past
Let's hope MMs total change of tactics, openness and deserved smiley face lasts beyond August.

PavlovsCat added 22:56 - Aug 22
Robson said, you don't know how good a kid is until you put him in the first team. Mick claimed he sees kids in training every day and knows they're not good enough for the first team. Tonight he had no choice but to take a leaf from the great man's book.

Keep your eyes wide open Mick, learn from it. You may yet be surprised!

Raymond added 22:57 - Aug 22
Skusey is ill again! He must be on unpaid leave by now.

Bert added 23:00 - Aug 22
It's great to hear a manager speak so passionately about young players . Time to forgive and forget last season and rejoice in the knowledge that lessons have been learned and the club is going in the right direction with a manager who knows his stuff but sometimes misplaces his words. None of us are perfect.

budgieplucker added 23:52 - Aug 22
"Tippy Tappy under 23 football" ? I have actually seen some great performances from the under 23s since Gérard Nash has taken over, the fewer 1st team players involved actually the better performances, these lads are taught and know how to play good football. The fact that many of them play together probably gave us the cohesion tonight. Yes Mick perhaps they have to learn the harder uglier side of the game but tonight's winners for me were Brian Klug and the academy for providing the framework for these lads to develop and encouraging them to play football the right way.

LondonBlue73 added 23:52 - Aug 22
Just home as other than Brentford my nearest game. So proud of the team tonight and the support was superb. The future looks bright, let's keep being the 12th man and make a difference. Well done all that played, keep focused and progress. Special mention for Flyn Downes thought he looked absolute quality.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 04:58 - Aug 23
budgieplucker: I don't usually bother with all this "marking up or down," but I wish I could give you 10 "ups" for your comment on Brian Klug and the Academy.

Sam added 05:40 - Aug 23
The thing is, you can't win everything, with 5 wins on the trot and if we beat Palace, that would be six wins. I actually think we have more chance of winning on Saturday now that we have lost. However, I said this because you win some, you lose some.

chrishants added 06:45 - Aug 23
Really pleased to see the youth given a chance. But Mick Gerken is not an outstanding goal keeper. Average at best. You will be saying next that Ireland were the best team in the 1994 world cup!

Crawfordsboot added 06:50 - Aug 23
To those who can't bring themselves to give MM any credit and still feel the need to lecture him it is worth reflecting that it is MM who provides the environment in which Brian Klug and the academy operate. So yes credit to Klug & Co but the main man is MM.

renoble added 06:50 - Aug 23
Fair play to MM, I along with many others have been critical over the past two seasons but we could not have asked for a better start to the season. The young kids have done the club and town proud last night. MM will not have more faith in them when we need a bigger squad over the winter months. Tough games to come but today we should. E happy with the confidence levels in the club and remember to keep the faith if a bad run does occur later in the season.

stormypetrel added 07:27 - Aug 23
Agreed it is surreal at the moment and a great feeling....but no, not forgive and forget....mick is stubborn and has a fixed belief about young players in the championship....MM has had his hand forced this month and has played the hand his has worked wonderfully and it is brilliant hearing about last night. Brian Klug and the Academy should take significant accolades today. Last night is another resounding endorsement of the set up there. But will MM utilise and deploy that youthful resource in the combat of the championship in the cauldron of games over the winter?

But I am intrigued, putting it politely, as to how McCarthy will play once players are available, the transfer window is closed and the better resourced, more fancied teams get into their stride. There are elements of play in games, that have been duely noted by various commentators, from the naysayers, solacious detractors and statisticians to the more keen eyed commentator, that are reminiscent of last seasons weaknesses. I am not sure, I haven't seen a game thus far, merely voraciously soak up the detail and revel in the moment..and enjoy it....but it leaves one pondering especially with the indelible scars of last season and the freakish circumstances of this season

martin587 added 07:42 - Aug 23
The whole team were a credit to the club.Hero's everyone of them.They should all be very very proud of themselves and the quality of football they produced last night.For me they were fantastic and I'm proud to be an IpswichTown supporter.

NBVJohn added 07:43 - Aug 23
A really good news story.

The sort of thing that the club has excelled at in the past - developing young players into the first team, and watching them become good professionals.

I hope that when they all wake up this morning, they feel proud of what they achieved. The score is almost irrelevant - they did themselves proud. Well done, to all - I particularly agree with the post about Bryan Klug, who has done a superb job, I suspect not always in the easiest of circumstances.

Mr Milne - think what he could do if you were to cough up to achieve category A status!

Swn98 added 08:38 - Aug 23

itfcserbia added 08:40 - Aug 23
So proud! Bring on Fulham (who lost to Bristol City at home last night btw)

itfcserbia added 08:41 - Aug 23
* Bristol Rovers

jas0999 added 08:41 - Aug 23
Completely agree with Mick.

BlueSwede added 09:12 - Aug 23
Spot on there by Steve McGavin.

Ferguson added 09:22 - Aug 23
Thank you for your new openness Mick. Soemhow I just think some battles were fought and won behind the scene last season and we're reaping the reward going forward at every level.

Blue ARMY ! The Pride of Anglia's back.

Len_Brennan added 09:34 - Aug 23
Normally when I see news stories that are full of twitter comments it annoys me, but reading those posts from young players who've just had the experience of their lives can only put me in good form for the day.
Sometimes the result is not the most important thing, very rarely but sometimes. This was one of those occasions. Although the unbeaten start to the season has now gone, the confidence it has brought will not have and in a strange way may even have been added to by knowing we have some more young players capable of performing when called upon.
Nice to see Myles Kenlock there supporting with the fans too.

Bluetone added 10:01 - Aug 23
Well done lads you did us proud.

leftie1972 added 10:19 - Aug 23
Even though it was a loss the young men have done the fans, the club and their families proud. To lose to a premiership side with oodles more money at their disposal is no real loss. I hope they enjoyed their experience and use it to kick on to gain (and hold onto) places in the first team.
Well done lads!

Lightningboy added 10:27 - Aug 23
Great effort..let's hope the "kids" have inspired the first team this weekend to kick on and carry on a fabulous start to the season.

If only we'd been drawn at home.....

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