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McCarthy Yet to Consider Future
Friday, 12th Jan 2018 16:35

Boss Mick McCarthy says he’s not yet spoken to owner Marcus Evans about his future with his Town contract up in the summer.

The Blues manager said in October that he’ll “finish [his] contract and see what happens” and the situation still appears much the same.

Town have an option to keep McCarthy and his assistant Terry Connor at Portman Road for a further two seasons if they decide to do so.

McCarthy, who is 59 next month, says the uncertainty regarding his position post-May isn’t a concern when talking to potential January recruits.

“I’m trying to get them on loan, so they’re short-term deals anyway,” he said. “If somebody wants to come and play, they want to come and play.

“If they want to get out of team where they’re not playing, they want to come and play. I’m not offering anybody any long-term deals, I’m offering them to the end of the season to try and help us and, a symbiotic deal, I’ll try and help them get back in their team or get back in their squad.

“And, who knows, if they do well and we do well we might be able to have a chat about staying on longer.”

Have players already at Town whose contracts are up asked him about the situation? Has he had that conversation with Evans?

“No, I’m not interested in it,” he insisted. “I’m not interested in speaking to you about it either, I’m just getting on with it and trying to get results.”

He added: “Howsabout trying to beat Leeds? Howsabout trying to beat Bolton? Howsabout trying to get back in the top six and that’s really what I’m thinking about.

“If anybody came and asked me that I’d give them exactly the same answer: ‘Keep your head down, let’s get a result on Saturday and things will be a lot brighter for all of us’.”

He says ultimately players just get on with their own careers, whoever their boss is: “How many times do we see one manager go and it’s a case of the king is dead, long live the king?

“Somebody comes in and the results pick up and everything’s great and nobody’s bothered. Mick who? Quique Flores who? Martin O’Neill who? Just because I’ve been seeing those two on the television, they’re the names that come to mind.

“It just doesn’t matter. Football seems to go on pretty seamlessly whether the manager’s here or not.”

When will he speak to Evans about his future? “I’ve not considered it and if I had it would be private and I wouldn’t tell you or anybody else. Leeds tomorrow, that’s the only thing that’s occupying my mind at the moment, not whatever else I do.”

Meanwhile, it appears likely Flores will be appointed Stoke boss ahead of O'Neill, ending speculation that McCarthy might replace the former Nottingham Forest and Norwich man as the manager of the Republic of Ireland, at least for the moment.

Yesterday, it emerged that McCarthy was a bookmaker's favourite to return to his old job if O'Neill moved to the Potters.

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Lightningboy added 16:42 - Jan 12
I want a manager who doesn’t sound like managing Ipswich is a chore.

I know it’s a difficult job but it was difficult for Lyall,difficult for Burley,difficult for Royle and difficult for Magilton (pre Evans),yet you got the feeling they all loved the club.

I’ve never got that impression from McCarthy.

This May needs to be the 1st step in “trying” to get the Ipswich most of us know & love back.

FinidiCentenary added 16:57 - Jan 12
There are all sorts of reasons why, if Mick was leaving, he might suggest otherwise - getting the best out of the players being one.

I feel though, sadly we are at the stage where even if Mick knows he's 100% leaving in the summer in his heart of hearts, he would still suggest he hadn't decided just to wind the fans up. He seems to take genuine pleasure from doing so.

12th_Man added 17:03 - Jan 12
Lets consider it for him. Err, pi55 off !!!

Karlosfandangal added 17:04 - Jan 12
Why would you love a club where the fans just slag you off all the time.....

jas0999 added 17:18 - Jan 12
The whole thing with MMs future and those players out of contract is turning into a complete debacle. The whole club is in a sorry mess. Surely there is a plan and Evans knows what direction we are heading? Surely ...

Radlett_blue added 17:19 - Jan 12
Mick gets tetchier every week.
The Tommy Smith fog becomes more impenetrable every week.
Adeyemi has gone missing.
Another training ground muscle injury (or Bart is off).
The only players we are going to sign are short term loanees.
Mick neither knows (or cares) if he will be here next season.
Woe, woe and thrice woe!

therein61 added 17:20 - Jan 12
There's only one way for you to go big man(I know you saved us when you came in but have taken us backwards ever since) out of the door and if you can sit comfortably on your fat wallet that must be bursting at the seams with our hard earned for being a complete failure then that sums you up(i'm a great manager me I fill my pockets wherever I go for putting a club in trouble) if you were the honest Yorkshireman you claim to be you would have done the right thing and beggared off long ago!!

StuartBrett8 added 17:25 - Jan 12
The way things are going we're going to be in a worse state squad wise than when he turned up, although there may still be a plan???

Skip73 added 17:26 - Jan 12
I don't think he finds managing Ipswich a chore, I think he finds some of the fans a chore.

cat added 17:29 - Jan 12
Yeah right Mick, you tell us once you’ve decided, REALLY! In the meantime, carrying on winding the fans up and have your fun, cause I can’t wait to see the back of you, and your water carrier Chambers & the “premier class no.8” (lol] as well.

keighleyblue added 17:39 - Jan 12
I don't believe MM is in any way dishonest, but this reads like he's coming to the end of the road with ITFC. I doubt whether what he was sold materialised in any way shape or form either.

1RWR added 17:53 - Jan 12
Karlos: A tad unfair I think?
He has brought much of it on himself to be fair!

itsonlyme added 18:02 - Jan 12
He worked wonders when he first came in and definitely saved us. Sadly, since then, apart from a blip, we have steadily got worse. Not all his fault, but a change would be good for him as well as us fans. I still say ME must take the lions share of the blame.

dukey44 added 18:31 - Jan 12
Just give us some good news and say goodbye bye so we can put together a team that plays football using the transfer window to start with!! Bye Mick close the door behind you...

warktheline added 18:54 - Jan 12
How anyone can put a positive spin on this article is beyond me! No doubt some will try!!!

CalmoreBlue added 19:06 - Jan 12
Kept in the dark, drip fed information no Vision or drive for our future and yet ME and the board you’ll be asking us for season ticket holders to give away our hard earned cash next. All this with a manager who seems set to say whether he stays next season or not.
Come on ME show some Leadership

Bluesquid added 19:15 - Jan 12
Thats right Mick! Howsabout trying to beat a mediocre QPR at home then?

“I was prepared to take a draw [at that stage], to be honest. They changed it and put all the big fellas on."


prebbs007 added 19:26 - Jan 12
We’ve considered it. Go away !!!!!!!!!!!!!

brittaniaman added 19:36 - Jan 12
Do not be surprised if Dino takes up his options just to wind up the fans ???
By the way he say's that the players do not get injured in training, so what has happened to Bart who has now got a Calf Strain ??? Dino will put his Gerks in, although he has been carrying a Hip injury for the past few weeks, is he fit now ??

Sheaver26 added 19:40 - Jan 12
I think MM gets a lot of unwarranted grief! The guy isn’t. Given anymore money to spend but has still done some very good business. Of course I’d like to see us play free flowing football, but with the players and manager we have that’s not going to happen. Marcus Evans is the issue, he either needs to invest properly and go for promotion or sell to someone who will. On the current budget I don’t think any other manager would do any better.

Karlosfandangal added 19:42 - Jan 12
I disagree as I feel the fans have brought this on he is just been pushed to far and starting to push back.
It not special to Town it’s at every club the amount of abuse fans throw at their team is seen week in week out. Look at Hughes at Stoke last week because they are not playing well.
How many fans would let someone shout and swear at them in the street and not react.

BlueBlood90 added 19:59 - Jan 12
How convenient that the first managers that came to his head were O'Neil and Flores after being linked with Ireland if O'Neil goes to Stoke. He was just begging to be asked if he'd be interested in the Ireland job. Self obsessed prat.

dukey44 added 20:13 - Jan 12
Sorry I can actually say I hate the man as our boss!! Before anyone says anything that’s my opinion he’s just a total bell end now. Please just go Mick..... anyone else would be better as our manager!!

pragmatic added 20:20 - Jan 12
Karlosfandangal totally agree whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion maybe some fans not just here but at other clubs learnt about some respect before shouting bile & abuse at said managers/players !!

happybeingblue added 20:32 - Jan 12
I think town fans are probably the most patient and realistic in England tbh just look at Norwich up the road lose a few and want delia out etc .we have had years of pretty woeful football and most fans in our situation would have booed Mick out by now so to those who tell us we are on Mick/Evans back well I think you are a tad deluded

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