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McCarthy: A Good Chance I'll Still Be at Town Next Season
Friday, 9th Feb 2018 15:28

Town boss Mick McCarthy says there’s a “good chance” he’ll still be at Portman Road next season but is yet to make a decision on his future.

McCarthy, who turned 59 on Tuesday, is out of contract at the end of the season, although with the club having an option to keep him for two further campaigns.

The Blues boss says he is planning for next season, looking at players and setting up the pre-season programme, but says that doesn’t necessarily mean he will still be at the club, although says there’s a strong possibility he will.

“Not with some certainty but I can say there’s a chance I’ll be here, yes,” he said. “There’s a good chance I’ll be here, if [owner] Marcus [Evans] wants [me to be] if we can come to terms with it.

“I enjoy doing what I’m doing. I’ve no great desire to leave, but I’ve always said, it could be my decision, it could be the club’s decision. Until we get together, I’m sure we’ll be able to meet and then we’ll see.”

Asked whether that should suggest he’s already made his decision, he responded: “No, not at all.”

He says his future is still up in the air as things stand: “Yes. But my job’s not. I could go, ‘I’m not sure what I’m doing, I’ll won’t look at players and I won’t bother with looking at loans and transfers’.

“I could do, but that’s never going to happen and whether I was [going to be here next year] or not, even if I’d made my mind up I’d still keep doing that job and planning for next season because I’m the manager, I’ve got to do it. But that’s not the case, it’s still open.”

Last season McCarthy pondered whether fans have got bored of him, his spell at Portman Road having started in November 2012 almost six years ago now. Is he not bored of those fans? Might a change benefit all concerned?

“What do you think?” he retorted. “That I’m entitled to make my decision? And I will! You say you’re happy for me to make my decision, and I will.

“Have I made a decision yet? No I haven’t. I’ve said that and the more I talk about it that’s not going to make me say anything else. I haven’t. I’ve had a chat to Marcus and that’s just ongoing.”

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jpring89 added 15:33 - Feb 9
Another exciting season awaits then.

clint_eastwood added 15:37 - Feb 9
Oh, bloody hell. Really??? can't be serious! You've got to go, mate! Don't you think we've suffered enough!

Ndaw added 15:37 - Feb 9
Apparently this all depends on whether we can land Karl Henry in the summer

bahri added 15:39 - Feb 9
Dog training on Saturday's it is then.

yungblue added 15:40 - Feb 9
There is an equally ‘good chance’ my season ticket won’t be renewed then.

StringerBell added 15:43 - Feb 9
Doesn't that just put an extra little spring in your step on a Friday............

dukey44 added 15:44 - Feb 9
Jesus you couldn’t write a story could you he really must realize most people want a change?

SheptonMalletBlue added 15:46 - Feb 9
He's just fooling around with the us, he loves it. I don't believe a word he says, the man is full of bullsh*t and contempt for the fans!!!

BobbyBell added 15:48 - Feb 9
Record crowd tomorrow then? Record low that is, and a record low on season ticket sales for next season.

jayceee added 15:49 - Feb 9
I know I'm a minority perhaps, but I'd be glad to see him stay. Just cannot see how anybody can do any better with the resources at hand. And he has secured some good free or very cheap players that not many could pull off.

CalmoreBlue added 15:51 - Feb 9
How many other businesses offer a product that is being less and less well received, losing money Year on year, offer little communication to it’s loyal customers and then allow the manager to remain and potentially stay at the helm?

essextractorboy93 added 15:51 - Feb 9
I'm a fan of Mick but this surprises me. Just have to wait and see what is decided in the summer!

DurhamTownFan added 15:56 - Feb 9
But he DID talk about Barnsley in the interview, even when asked about Burton, he turned it into something about Barnsley...

nineteenseventyeight added 15:57 - Feb 9
another weekend ruined

MoscowBlueMule added 15:57 - Feb 9
Good news if this is the case.

BullardsMagicMullet added 16:01 - Feb 9
If he stays I hope he is given a proper transfer budget and bigger wage structure.

If not he has to go, as the crowd will drop another 5-10%.

Was the betting he doesn't go and isn't given more money.

Evans is as much to blame as McCarthy.

Gcon added 16:08 - Feb 9
How else was he going to answer that question? Means nothing, besides offering folk another opportunity to whinge.


blueboy1981 added 16:11 - Feb 9
....... proof to you all - that nothing will change with the ambition of this Club.

You have what it is people - and Evans / McCarthy / Milne, couldn't give a monkeys what ANY of the paying public think.

Ipswich Town FC - of 2018.

vanmunt added 16:14 - Feb 9
Another season to write off and a bye to any team drawn in the cup, not sure I have the stomach to put up with this dross for another year.

dirtydingusmagee added 16:15 - Feb 9
now lets sort my social calendar out, mmmm Saturdays now free for next two years ,oh and Tuesday evenings i'll be available for darts . LOL , If he stays ,the happy clappers will be cheering their way to League One .

blueboy1981 added 16:15 - Feb 9
....... and still the Wombles sing his praises. A no hope Club, if ever there was one of today.

After all as he says - HE SAYS - if he stays, no one else.

ricardo55555 added 16:16 - Feb 9
I liked Mick
Until I travelled to Burton then got told that our chants for Celina made him not want to sub him on.
Than mans a prick who hates the fans and match-day picks are simply idiotic

Although I do think he makes great use of the 10p he gets given on his budget

brittaniaman added 16:20 - Feb 9
Well that is that then, !!! more or less he has said he is staying, Planning for next season as well ??
makes one wonder what season ticket sales be like ?????
Dino players do have christian names as well !!!!! Don"t need your Quirky odd names.

Tony88 added 16:23 - Feb 9
If he stays it is all you moaners who are to blame, you know how stubborn he is and he will stay just to annoy all the people who have been have been foul mouthed on this site and at matches. You may not like what I am saying but it is true.

jas0999 added 16:24 - Feb 9
This is disappointing news. How on earth the club can continue to justify this is beyond me. Mick has been good for us but past eighteen months has been poor resulting in fans walking away. The relationship is beyond toxic. If he stays I think it would be the wrong decision for everyone concerned. Evans probably hopes Mick signs a free and makes some money when the asset is sold. Evans clearly doesn’t care about the fans.

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