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Town Extend Adidas Deal for Four Years
Friday, 25th May 2018 18:38

Town have confirmed that they have agreed a four-year extension to their deal with kit suppliers adidas to the end of the 2021/22 campaign with next season’s two kits set to be revealed next Tuesday.

The current contract, signed in 2014, was due to end this summer and a lack of news regarding next season's strips led to speculation that the arrangement might be coming to an end, however, MD Ian Milne attributed that delay to a change of management at adidas.

Town’s director of retail operations Lee Hyde told the club site: “I’m absolutely delighted to extend the club’s relationship with adidas.

“The partnership has been a huge success throughout the last four seasons – and long may that continue!

“The quality of the adidas product range is second to none. Over the last four years, not only have the fans fed back their delight at us working with adidas, but the dressing room has too.

"The players and coaching staff have loved being able to pull on the adidas brand.

“Supporters have been patiently waiting to hear news of the kits for next season, with many fearing we may be moving away from adidas. I’m pleased to finally be able to put their minds at rest.”

Ashley Swain, director of clubs at adidas UK, added: “The extension of our partnership with Ipswich Town was an easy decision.

“The reaction from the fans and players alongside the relationship with the club has been nothing but positive and we’re pleased to look at the future together.”

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LWNR2013 added 18:49 - May 25

Nazemariner added 18:51 - May 25
Excellent news.

Far more exciting than all the managerial non news of late.

shefkuqi32 added 19:06 - May 25
Not overly happy with this. Adidas just use template shirts for us and there isn’t anything personal and custom to ITFC. Small fish in a big pond. Would much have preferred a Macron/Errea style deal where a little more thought goes into the shirt & merchandise.

shefkuqi32 added 19:06 - May 25
Not overly happy with this. Adidas just use template shirts for us and there isn’t anything personal and custom to ITFC. Small fish in a big pond. Would much have preferred a Macron/Errea style deal where a little more thought goes into the shirt & merchandise.

BaddowBlue1 added 19:07 - May 25
Good day to unveil the new manager as well as the new strips. Glad we keep the three stripes heritage going

TheTrueBlue1878 added 19:33 - May 25
Agree with Shefki on this. Adidas just produce template kits distributed to the colours of the team. Look at Birmingham kit, just a carbon copy of ours. Would much rather a small brand who spent real time designing something custom for Ipswich Town.

banners added 19:58 - May 25
What ever happened to shirts made by Core? If I'm not mistaken I thought they were our own brand, so making the shirt then selling it would produce more revenue for the club. Or is it the buying public prefers to see a named brand on their shirts.

ashp19 added 20:07 - May 25
This is good news! A decent kit supplier no matter which way you want t slice it. Anything that can outshine the poor commercial deal re sponsor is a bonus and aligns itself to the clubs history.

robmonkey007 added 20:15 - May 25
That’s good news. Really like the Adidas gear. I too remember the punch and core brands meaning we could keep more of the profits......the only issue was the shirts looked appalling. Can’t wait to see the new shirt.

robmonkey007 added 20:17 - May 25
Would love an Adidas replica of the old style town shirts. Like white away shirt with thin strips.

Blue_75 added 21:26 - May 25
I’d be happy this.....

Charlie_pl_baxter added 21:35 - May 25
I've still got one of the Punch Powergen shirts and it looks pretty crap!

Currie10 added 21:57 - May 25
Tell Magical Vegas to F off please.

Adidas or not, won't be buying another town product until that ' sponsor ' does one.

JCTractorboy added 21:57 - May 25
Yeh but you could vote on the punch kits in the evening star back in those days. Absolutely loved that as a child at the time haha.
Do live the Adidas stripe still the best of the recent ones imo

bernie added 22:19 - May 25
Happy with the Adidas kit

Bad_Boy_Mark added 22:21 - May 25
Very pleased with this news! The current Adidas shirt is real quality and the cut is excellent, whether it's a child size or a larger adult size.

Looking forward to seeing the new kit too!

Pity about the nature of the new sponsor though...

Mark added 22:29 - May 25
I doubt they will sell many with that awful online casino on the front. Who wants to be seen wearing that?! Buy a classic retro shirt instead.

Jonnosdreadlocks added 22:35 - May 25
can they release the 78 and 81 replicas instead of those crappy ones with two stripes and without Adidas trifoil logo. Oh and can we lose the stupid 3 stars from above the badge too, very cringey.

Gforce added 22:52 - May 25
It's two more stars than the scrum will ever have !!

Bert added 23:45 - May 25
They all look the same with only tweak seach season. However, as a life long objector to gambling sponsorship I won't even be considering it. Gambling ruins families and relationships, preys on those who are already disadvantaged and has no place in a community club. I don't expect everyone to agree but that's how I feel.

midastouch added 00:31 - May 26
I won't be buying the shirt this season, not with the awful tacky sponsor on the front. However, I will buy at least one shirt for my lad as thankfully that horrible logo sponsor won't be on the junior shirts. And Adidas is a cut above Punch or Mitre or any of those makes. And Errea, not a chance, that's what Norwich have and it's a pants make. Errea may as well just be done with it and rename their brand Error! And Macron!!!??? Not a chance. Makes me think of that puppet muppet leader in France that seems like a clone of Tony Blair.

midastouch added 00:35 - May 26
Mitre do make very nice footballs though.
Mitre is definitely a lot better than Errea and Macron too. But for a shirt sponsor and looks, give me Adidas over any of those thank you.

cat added 08:03 - May 26
Great news on this deal, Adidas almost feels part of our heritage. We can disagree with the sponsorship all we want, but I doubt many will be moaning when/if that 2 million gets invested in the squad.

shefkuqi32 added 08:17 - May 26

You can guarantee the shirt will be the same as the the Adidas World Cup shirts coming out. Check out the Morocco and the Iran shirt for example, other than the collar just the same boring shirt. I just think we deserve a little better. Unless you’re a big boy and almost commission Adidas to do something special for you, it’s just templates. It’s the training stuff that gets me...literally Adidas training gear, with an Ipswich badge printed on...not even stitched, printed and some even wonky.
Can clearly see I’m a minority on this.

midastouch added 08:42 - May 26
I agree about some of the training gear @ shefkuqi32 but template or no template, those Adidas shirts look a hell of a lot better than anything Errea could knock up. Just personal taste at the end of the day though, totally respect your opinion still.

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