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Radio 4 Appeal - Chance to Shine cricket charity
at 15:43 17 May 2022

I know there are a few other cricket fans on here so thought you might want a listen of the appeal I wrote for Mark Nicholas to read out on Radio 4.,y

Chance to Shine is a great charity taking cricket into state schools and more deprived urban communities. Especially at a time when cricket is facing some real questions over inclusivity, I love working somewhere that helps all children get involved in the game.
McKenna pre Bolton
at 17:18 13 Jan 2022

Just watched McKenna's interview. Things I really liked:

- Clear sense of how Bolton play and what that means for our approach
- Talked about the performance against Gills rather than the result even though we won
- When asked about players "righting some wrongs" because we lost the home fixture, he seemed almost annoyed by the idea they wouldn't approach each game with the same intensity

The final point is the biggest one for me, I think too often we've been complacent because it's only [insert tinpot L1 club here]. Hopefully McKenna has got the players treating every game with respect.
Some musings on why Labour haven't called for Johnson's resignation.
at 13:41 11 Jan 2022

I've been wondering this for ages, but the longer Labour go without doing this, the more I think it must be in service of a larger strategic goal. Even Angela Rayner didn't call for his resignation when asked fairly directly on TV.

I think Labour are already confident he will be gone before the next election and don't want to give his replacement time to repair the damage. Also, the longer the Conservatives let Johnson stay in post the more collateral damage is done to their reputation rather than just Johnson's.

Just my musings but I'd be interested to know what others think.
Swindon / City
at 20:10 7 Jan 2022

Anyone else watching this? Swindon look good value so far. Simpson looks a proper unit.

Edit - Not looking such a good take this now, trying to play out from the back against City isn't going so well...
[Post edited 7 Jan 20:31]
McKenna watching the oppo
at 09:05 7 Jan 2022

Small point from McKenna's interview ahead of the Gills game. Love that he went to watch them play MK Dons on New Years Day (not sure I was capable of watching let alone travelling that day!).

I guess it's not that surprising considering our game was called off but love his attention to detail and taking any opportunity to gain an advantage.
Postponement signings
at 21:50 4 Jan 2022

Interesting that Gillingham and Lincoln are getting in those signings ahead of their postponed fixtures. Anyone else think this should be banned?
[Post edited 4 Jan 21:56]
No Home Kit - Shelter
at 15:32 22 Dec 2021

Does anyone know if the club are supporting Shelter's "No Home Kit" campaign on Boxing Day? I saw something on Shelter's site saying that Town fans are being encouraged to wear away kits but nothing from the club.
Slightly more upbeat managerial rumours on twitter...
at 11:34 15 Dec 2021

Seen a few rumours on twitter that it might be someone that no-one is expecting. The words, young, hungry and premier league ambitions used by one. Anyone in the know hearing anything similar or do we think this is just twitter nonsense?
Safe Standing
at 11:07 8 Nov 2021

Looks like they've finally given the go ahead for safe standing trials in the Prem. Like them or loathe them but Spurs new single tier South Stand will be something else!

Do we know if the new owners are considering anything similar at PR? Surely the North Stand has to be under consideration?
PL ambitions just got harder, Saudi takeover of NUFC done.
at 17:28 7 Oct 2021

I'm sure their fans are bouncing but this is a bad day for English football. Even setting the money aside (and we are in no real position to criticise that now) the ethics of this stink to high heaven.

Edit just seen the other thread!
[Post edited 7 Oct 2021 17:29]
Yellow kit dilemma
at 15:45 8 Sep 2021

Baxter junior just had his kit arrive for this season, it's yellow, canary yellow. Do I:
a) Burn it
b) Let him wear it but shout abuse at the team
c) Grow up and just let him enjoy his footy

Decision, decisions...
Downes £1m+ according to BBC Wales
at 16:52 9 Aug 2021

I wonder if that is with or without add ons? Presumably with, given earlier, lower reports.
Empty shop front on the Cobbold
at 17:15 21 Jul 2021

With all these photos of the Cobbold it makes me wonder what could be done with the empty shop front. I assume this used to be the club shop at some point? Ten points for the best idea of what the club could do with it.
Shortest odds on Bale move now Cardiff apparently
at 20:43 19 Jul 2021

Just imagine that. Gareth Bale playing for MM...
Sweden Ukraine Extra time?
at 21:34 29 Jun 2021

I'd be very happy to see this go to extra time and put 30 minutes more in these teams legs before Saturday...
Harper signed (maybe!)
at 18:02 10 Jun 2021

Edit thought I saw this on WBA official might have seen the wrong account though. Sorry all! £500k up front up to £1.5m with top ups.
[Post edited 10 Jun 2021 18:09]
Pitch comment
at 14:00 1 Jun 2021

I'll be interested to hear the bit about the pitch. Did he say "not in time this season." Or "Not in time. This season."
Roy Keane, That Peter Crouch Podcast, Collecting p*ss for a living.
at 12:40 19 May 2021

Just listened to That Peter Crouch Podcast.

A listener wrote in to say that he had been the anti-doping official at a Town game when Keane was in charge. Apparently he ended up sitting through a post team talk after a 2-1 loss, where Keane shouted at the whole squad. Keane suggested one of the players wasn't cut out for football and suggested he look for other jobs, finishing up by saying "you could be like him and collect p*ss for a living."

Wonder who the player was?
[Post edited 19 May 2021 12:49]
at 08:47 11 May 2021

Rumours we have offered Jordan Rhodes three years. Thoughts?
Current state of play - thought this might be helpful!
at 18:31 10 May 2021

1st team squad

In contract
GK - Holy
GK - Cornell
DF - Woolfenden
DF - Vincent-Young
DF - Kenlock
MF - Nolan
MF - Lankester
MF - Dobra
MF - Downes
MF - Dozzell
FW - Norwood
FW - Hawkins

DF - Nsiala - Option taken
DF - Donacien - Option taken
DF- Chambers - Gone
DF - Wilson - Gone
DF - Ward - Gone
MF - Bishop - Extension triggered
MF - El Mizouni - Option taken
MF - Nydam - Gone
MF - Skuse - Gone
MF - Judge - Gone
FW - Jackson - Option taken
FW - Drinan - Option taken
FW - Sears - Gone

Out of contract
MF - Edwards - Contract offered
MF - Huws - Gone

(Forgot Skuse and Ward)
[Post edited 10 May 2021 21:31]
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