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Hurst: Positive Conversation With Evans
Thursday, 20th Sep 2018 16:55

Town boss Paul Hurst says he had a positive conversation with owner Marcus Evans at their Tuesday meeting.

Evans was at Portman Road all day prior to the match against Brentford speaking to staff from throughout the club in long-planned meetings.

“We had a good chat and we went through a lot because it’s the first time we’ve spoken properly in terms of everything we’re trying to do here and just checking on things, and I have to say it was a positive conversation.” Hurst said.

Asked whether anything out of the ordinary was discussed, with the Blues currently bottom of the table still without a win under their new manager, he said: “No, no headlines for you!”

Previous Town managers have said Evans has been patient and calm in similar circumstances and Hurst says he has found him much the same during the current winless run.

“Yes, I have to say that,” he said. “He’s employing me for a reason, which ultimately is to try and win games of football, which we haven’t done, but to do that in a certain way, and in time.

“What I would say is that he mentioned the fact that we need to do what we need to do short term if I feel that’s changing [the] overall [situation], but we know we’re in a clear direction, there’s a plan there and he’s fully supportive of that.

“I think that’s always nice to hear, he hasn’t made me feel any different at any point, in truth. It’s more just being in football and seeing what happens sometimes.

“We spoke on Wednesday morning as well about the game. I think he said the second half was as well as we’ve played and I disagreed with him, but it was nice that he was in a positive mood and nothing’s changed in truth, so we carry on and hopefully we’ll start to see the results that we want.”

Hurst says meeting with Evans face to face only rarely isn’t a problem: “I think as long as we speak often. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it’s nice to sit in the same room and look someone directly in the eye and I think you get a better feeling, but overall it’s not an issue.

“As I say, we talk often anyway. I think we were probably both ready for a little breather from each other after the transfer window because we were on the phone constantly and probably both relieved when that did shut and could just concentrate more on what we have got and how we’re going about our business.”

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Michael101 added 17:00 - Sep 20
That's a first,all he ever says is bah humbug

TimmyH added 17:15 - Sep 20
Asked whether anything out of the ordinary was discussed, with the Blues currently bottom of the table still without a win under their new manager, he said: “No, no headlines for you!” - I'm not anti-Hurst and wish him the best and hope he can turn things around but this about sums up Evans, even if we were bottom near Xmas he still wouldn't do anything. Not sure how there can be a positive conversation when we have a win % of zero. There is a plan (apparently) there but not the 5 point plan we were told under the McCarthy regime...

Bluearmy_81 added 17:34 - Sep 20
Evans is the worst thing to happen to town in decades. Penny pinching stagnation. Town fans who defend Evans mystify me, I just don't understand how any town fan can back someone who has chronically and consistently under invested in our great club leading to the point we are at now.

norfolkbluey added 17:52 - Sep 20
Bluearmy 81
Evans saved this club from a financial disaster. He initially had his fingers burnt and is therefore cautious. We don't want to be bankrupt and if it takes more time in the championship so be it but I do agree that we are getting to the limit of patience comparing ourselves with other clubs who have owners from the far east with loads of dosh. Christmas is the time to take stock before unleashing our anger on the owner.

ihatecanaries added 17:54 - Sep 20
He is employing me for a reason......... yes Paul because you were the cheap option. Hurry up Evans and sell the club to someone with ambition

jas0999 added 18:00 - Sep 20
No real surprise. Evans is always patient with managers. Hurst will be here for some time. We know with Mick and also Jewell, that even if results remain poor, he’s unlikely to pull the trigger. If anything, ME was too lenient with the previous two managers.

Note: I’m not for one minute suggesting Hurst should go. He should be given time. But, so far record isn’t very good.

TimmyH added 18:04 - Sep 20
Probably saved himself a few quid this season on wages with McG, Waghorn and Garner leaving and league 1/2 players coming here plus one of the higher paid managers in McCarthy exiting. £4.5M made on transfers in the summer. Yes Evans continues to count his 'positive' it is.

Bluearmy_81 added 18:05 - Sep 20
I like Hurst and just wish Evans would back him better financially. He will never sack him and pay him off so people who want Hurst out are living in cloud cukoo land hoping for that.

aas1010 added 18:06 - Sep 20
Evans out !

Bluearmy_81 added 18:09 - Sep 20
"and if it takes more time in the championship so be it.."

17 years!! We will not leave the championship in the right way with Evans and his current level of investment, mark my words. It simply won't happen. More chance of me putting a scum shirt on.

carlo88 added 18:35 - Sep 20
I actually thought that was a really good interview, I remain impressed with PH. Remember it took Booby Robson FOUR YEARS for things to really click (not two months).

Daddio added 18:36 - Sep 20
When MM left the general consensus on here was that we needed a young upcoming manager. When Paul Hurst was seen to be a front runner the feeling was that he was 'The One'. So we have got the direction we wanted. Marcus Evans is going nowhere until all the people condemning him on here pool their saving together and buy him out.

I will not hold my breath as I am sure that will not happen. Remember, if you can scrape together enough to buy the club then you will need to find another £6m per year just to stand still. Plus you will have people complaining that you have 'No ambition' if you aren't spending £5m+ on players.

So unless you are prepared to put all your money on the line, give it a rest or find someone else that will invest.

mickeyjb added 18:42 - Sep 20
Sorry all I can read is bottom of the table with no wins!! Not even looking like we can grab a win. Uninspiring transfers and we really think Jon walters will be our savior? Kids that seemed good enough under the previous regime shipped out.

I was happy with hurst as I thought it would be a different aproach, a new exciting start. We’ve waited until Norwich are the worse they have been in years and still manage to be worse than them.

I know he’s sold some decent players for decent money but he has had money to spend and what have we managed to get? We’ve pretty much relied on a star loan signing each year to get us goals and makes us mildly competitive. chebolah? Walters?

Maybe he will turn it round? I can’t see it at the moment as we are relying on teams playing even more sh1t than us !!

blueboy1981 added 18:48 - Sep 20
Words are always cheap - fact is - we need to go on a run of wins now to claw back the already dropped points (against some of the easier opposition it has to be said).

If we continue where we left of on Tuesday night it's possible - BUT, how often can we continue to give 45mins of play away as we did first half ? - and make headway.

It just cannot happen - therefore get your tactics right from the start Paul Hurst, and it may just happen.
Otherwise, we all know where we'll be .... !!

Bluearmy_81 added 18:48 - Sep 20
Daddio, I can't afford to buy town, like you. That doesnt mean I have to like our demise or just sit and accept it. No other fans in the league would!!

Daddio added 18:57 - Sep 20
Bluearmy not liking it is one thing but do you think ME reads this forum? So whinging on here does nothing! If you want to get your point to him why not contact him directly. All I see on here is how its ME's fault everytime something doesn't go our way.
I have followed the Town since 1975 so have seen the good times and now are in a prolonged period of poor times. Will complaining on here change anything, no.

TimmyH added 19:01 - Sep 20
ah! comparisons with Bobby Robson brought up I said the other day entirely different industry now to the late 60's/early 70's and even then we were in the top division when he took over unlike now.

Bluearmy_81 added 19:16 - Sep 20
Prolonged?! That's one way of putting it. Other clubs fans would make concerted effort to put pressure on the owner to invest properly or sell. Fans should get together to organise action. Writing to him is the stupidest suggestion I've heard in a long time. So you are one of the put up and shut up brigade? Sorry but if you just accept our pitiful fate you are part of the problem and the antithesis of a town supporter.

HARRY10 added 20:20 - Sep 20
So Evans was at the ground all day ?

Pricing up what could be sold off.

Cut the programme numbers and sellers ditto the catering staff.

Cut the spend on the pitch and cut the maintenance on the ground.

14,000 or so home fans for a game that had the overtones of Beatties untimely death hanging over it should tell anyone what they need to know.

Assuming they haven't looked at the league table

wayway added 20:55 - Sep 20
I despair of the majority of the fans of ITFC, even now there are fans who bemoan the fact McCarthy has gone. Why are most fans willing to put up with the mediocre and owners like Evans PLC who have no interest in the club whatsoever, only for their tax deduction purposes. Why is there not a concerted campaign to get rid of these absent faceless owners. One word, apathy, I can just see fans of Leeds putting up with what we have to. Wake up now before it is too late.

Daddio added 20:55 - Sep 20
Bluearmy, writing to him is as stupid an idea as whinging on here and expecting things to change

Bluearmy_81 added 21:02 - Sep 20
Well said wayway. Someone with some passion for their club, good to see

muhrensweet4thijssen added 21:19 - Sep 20
Christensen Ex leeds boss new boss within next 3 games? Let’s see

RobClark added 22:31 - Sep 20
To change the mindset from hoofball to playing the ball on the ground takes time. Also takes time for all of the new faces to gel, they have had to move to Ipswich with families moving home as well. After our 2nd half display against a good Brentford team gives me hope. Jackson reminds me of Marcus Bent and Nolan like Matty Holland. All my opinion so dont have a go lol

jutever added 00:47 - Sep 21
well said Rob - we will win at the weekend COYB

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