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Lambert: Club Needs to Be Rebuilt, Some Players Will Go
Saturday, 5th Jan 2019 18:08 by Nate Williams

Blues boss Paul Lambert didn’t mince his words after Town’s embarrassing 1-0 FA Cup defeat at League One Accrington, stating that the “club should never be in the state it’s in”, that it “needs to be rebuilt” and that “players are not good enough and without a doubt some will go”. Billy Kee’s 76th minute goal saw Stanley into round four which Town last reached back in 2010.

"Sometimes you've got to play football with desire," he said. "We never had that. I thought we turned up and thought we were going to be [the better team].

"There was nothing really in the game. We give too many fouls away, freekicks, and balls come into our box and, as I've said before, we're not the biggest of teams. We've got to defend it better. But we give so many crazy fouls away, it just puts pressure on everybody.

"The second half was mostly us, we had most of the game and should have scored a few chances, but you can't keep making the errors and think it's good enough."

Reflecting on Town's current situation - bottom of the table by 10 points and dumped out of both cups by lower division sides - more widely, he added: "This club needs to be rebuilt. Players are not good enough and without a doubt some will go. You have to hit that level.

"I didn't say we were outfought, it was the desire, but I never said we were outfought because we had a go in the second half, but they dealt with the crossed balls better than we did.

"You have to be clinical in both boxes and that’s what they did, it's part of the game. I know exactly what will happen here."

Asked whether he learnt anything from the match, he responded: "Not overly, I know exactly who lets us down and who doesn't but that's the reality of the game. The game won’t wait for anybody, you have to step up to the plate and hopefully one or two guys will come in and help us."

Lambert reiterated that he doesn't take cup competitions lightly and aims to win every match he is involved in.

“Anybody that knows me knows I was really successful as a footballer and I know what it takes to win things, to play in big level games and any competition you go and try to win.

“It's not right, we had unbelievable support today and to go out again, nine years is the last time the club was through to [round four].

"This club should never be in the state it’s in. It should never be in the mess it's in."

He added: "It’s an absolute disgrace what’s happened here. It should never have happened, it's too big a club. But it does happen to clubs if you take your eye off the ball.

“I’m not going to stand here and say it's a bed of roses because we have to get the club out of the position it’s in, that's the reality of it.

"All the niceties sometimes go out the window. I'll certainly not put up with that.

"I certainly won't put up with some of the things [I saw today]. It’s not good enough for this club and that’s the reality of it. I’m not going to hide behind any rocks or smoking jackets. It's not good enough. That’s the bottom line.

“We have to be stronger as a football club and get more nasty with it as well.

"It’s my job to get players in here that can help us. We can't do an influx because of the way it's happened but we'll try and get one or two in that actually know what this [level of] football is all about."

Were there a few home truths in the dressing room afterwards? "I’ll always tell them the truth in the dressing room. I protect them to an extent with [the media] but I'll tell them the truth in the dressing room."

Regarding the seven changes he made to his team: “We had one or two injuries. Trevoh [Chalobah] hasn't recovered from the knock against Millwall and Luke [Chambers] has had a bit of a calf problem, had been carrying it and decided I think [he needed a rest].

“Bart [Bialkowski], I was always going to play. Myles [Kenlock] has done great for us but I had to have a look at Callum [Elder], who I thought did well.

"I think Will Keane is going to be a really good player for us. I thought Andre [Dozzell] did well in the centre of the pitch. The team is mine, I pick it, no problem. Where we let ourselves down is in both boxes."

Lambert confirmed that Flynn Downes was subbed at the break as he was concerned that the midfielder might get sent off having been booked in the first half for a clash with Accrington's Sam Finley.

“I think if you raise your hands you give the referee a decision to make," he said. "I had to watch that situation so he didn’t get red-carded.”

Why did he wait until the 80th minute to add a second striker to his attack when Ellis Harrison was introduced? “We did it at the end but then it becomes this long ball game at certain times and I don’t want to be that type of team.

"But we had chances to score not just with two up top, we had chances in the second half without a two. We just never defended the box.”

Lambert says more new additions could arrive early in the week to come with Cardiff winger Anthony Pilkington believed to be among the players currently in discussions.

“We’re trying to do a couple and hopefully they will come at the start of the week. We’ll see,” he added.

“If I need to, I’ll get half a dozen players that know what this club needs to succeed in Championship football.”

Accringtn manager John Coleman was delighted with his side's winning goal and is now eyeing a trip to Anfield in the next round.

"Billy took his chance, it's something we have worked on in training and I am delighted for the lads," he said.

"The finances from a cup run, and a good draw, can change this club not only for this season but next season too.

"It means we can strengthen for this season if we do get a plum draw in the next round.

"As a Liverpool fan, Liverpool away would suit me but I would also like anyone at home. Realistically we are never going to win the cup, although fairytales do happen."

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RobITFC added 18:12 - Jan 5
I doubt you will be able to give them away, P45's are the only answer!

Blue_Again added 18:13 - Jan 5
Sack the whole first team and play the under 23’s

JimmyP45 added 18:14 - Jan 5
Paul Lambert says all the right things. Evans needs to act on what is being said because the players simply aren’t good enough and a complete rebuild needs to happen and happen fast.

footballmad added 18:14 - Jan 5
Lambert get out of are club your worse then hurst!! #LAMBERT OUT

Wickets added 18:14 - Jan 5
Needed saying and its not before time .

billlm added 18:15 - Jan 5
About time someone has the balls to call it

positivity added 18:15 - Jan 5
not much to disagree with, but lambert needs to be part of the solution.

i wish he'd stop picking players who fail week after week like spence, smacks of mick's favourites

i wish he'd stop dropping young players like kenlock after decent performances.

Mark added 18:15 - Jan 5
"It’s an absolute disgrace what’s happened here."

You can say that again. To think McCarthy was starved of transfer fee signings pretty much his whole time here, and with a wage budget one of the smallest in the division, then Hurst had to sell our key players to get a budget to play with (waste). So far under Lambert we have seen two loan signings. The under investment is killing us and there are no signs this will end. Will next season see us struggle in League One with a League Two budget?

Today hurts more than normal however as we can't use money as an excuse against Accrington. Every one of our players should have been better than every one of theirs, yet we hardly had a shot on target. Disgraceful.

Accrington must wonder how their previous star player Donacian can't get ahead of Spence!

blue86 added 18:16 - Jan 5
glad you admit it now paul, I still have faith in you, but feel relegation is now nailed on. I hope you stay to rebuild us in league one, But marcus evans can do one, he needs to go asap he cant run a football club! a blind man could see that! its so bad is laughable. what next?

Karlosfandangal added 18:16 - Jan 5
Lambert is the man for the job, but it’s going to take time so we need Lambert here for 5 years or so.
Lambert will get the players let’s hope he stays with us and not tempted by a better offer so we need to give him the money to spend

MoscowBlueMule added 18:17 - Jan 5
The buck stops firmly at Evens door. MM worked magic on the budget, and frankly we would have been in this position after Jewel if he hadn't papered of the lack of investment cracks.

I'm right behind Lambert and he's as good as anyone to rebuild ITFC but it is only going to happen with huge investment. Sorry Mr Evens, football is a big man's game now, if you don't have or don't want to invest the millions (I'm not talking the 6 to keep the club afloat I'm taking 36) then you need to sell to someone who can.

Sad as it is, football is down to cash and cash only.

Mr Evens, please sh1t or get off the pot!

londonben added 18:17 - Jan 5
Good to hear that he's under no delusions about where we are at, not that I'd expect anything else from Lambert. I genuinely think he has the attitude and ability to do something about the state we are in at the moment, rather than a bullying egomaniac like Keane or Hurst. Relegation is pretty much inevitable, but we have a good bunch of youngsters coming through and I genuinely think Lambert has the right idea about how this club should be run. I hope he is able to make a few decent signings this transfer window and get rid of some of the rubbish that we've ended up with and then at least give us a bit of pride to finish the season with. Our chances of bouncing back up will be so much higher if we can get a bit of confidence back in the second half of the season...

Hopefully things can only improve from here, because this has got to be about as low as we've ever been as a club.

StringerBell added 18:17 - Jan 5
At last someone with the nuts to call out Evans total mismanagement of OUR club. That man is poison.

pennblue added 18:17 - Jan 5
It's bad enough we keep losing these games, but the players just don't seem to have that competitive desire to go out and win a game of football. No one in that team appears to be willing to throw their bodies on the line to win a game of football.

You either play MM style of football and run the club on a shoestring, and get nowhere. Or you play PL style, but we are not going to be playing that style in the Championship, because we can't afford the players that are able to play Barcelona football out of the back 4.

blueconscience added 18:17 - Jan 5
And what does he expect to replace them with? Evans won’t pay for players that are any better

Carberry added 18:18 - Jan 5
Your tune has changed Paul. Not playing such great football and just needing a little bit of help then?

thejock added 18:19 - Jan 5
Lamberts record against Hurst with the same players is worse he is part of the problem

thejock added 18:19 - Jan 5
Lamberts record against Hurst with the same players is worse he is part of the problem

brittaniaman added 18:20 - Jan 5
Jackson has turned out to be another Priskin each of them cost the same amount of money 1.6mill is the figure ????

GFH added 18:21 - Jan 5
It's an effing disgrace they are lucky anyone turns out to watch that horse crap.

Sergio added 18:25 - Jan 5
You can go as well Lambert

essextractorboy93 added 18:25 - Jan 5
The majority of the squad are an absolute disgrace to this club, the fans and anyone who has played for this club in the past. They don’t care about this club, all they care about is picking up their ridiculous wages week after week. Let Lambert start the clear out now, he’s not stupid, he knows we are going down. Certain players have been given chance after chance and wouldn’t look out of place in non league. Disgraceful

MooseJuice added 18:25 - Jan 5
I've got a lot of time for Lambert, and I hope he stays long after the end of this season. But, he made his first big mistake today as Town manager for me... We needed two up front, from the start, and to have taken the game to a shaky Accrington side. Take responsibility for that one Paul.

LWNR2013 added 18:27 - Jan 5
So basically all Hursts signings are crop. Agree, sadly.

tractorboyjim added 18:28 - Jan 5
We don’t need a relagation in order to rebuild. A team can be rebuilt over a number of transfer windows - starting now! If ME doesn’t invest properly I think is fans should step up and start making some noise and protesting his ownership. His unwillingness to face the music with the media of late is infuriating

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