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Chambers: Clubs Whose Fans Attack Players Should Face Points Deductions
Monday, 11th Mar 2019 17:12

Town skipper Luke Chambers believes the football authorities need to punish clubs whose fans attack players during matches by deducting points and making them play games behind closed doors.

At the weekend Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish was punched by Birmingham City season ticket holder Paul Mitchell, 27, who was sentenced to 14 weeks in jail earlier today after pleading guilty to assault and encroachment onto the pitch, while there were a number of other incidents elsewhere in which players were confronted by supporters on the field of play.

“It was scandalous what happened in the Villa game,” Chambers told the club site.

“I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. Well, I think it has happened before but people just forget about it. 

“The abuse that players take has got worse over the years but it’s been allowed to get worse. I think it’s the society we live in now.

“The way to stop fans coming on is to punish the clubs because that punishes the fans. A points deduction and playing behind closed doors would stop it.”

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runningout added 17:16 - Mar 11
Wouldn’t work as you’ll get fans from teams in ropey position disguising themselves as other fans

positivity added 17:41 - Mar 11
30 points should do it...

ashp19 added 17:43 - Mar 11
has he just come up with a plan for us to stay up! just need three idiots!

ITFCsince73 added 17:53 - Mar 11
The amount of goals given to the opposition, from Chambo howlers.
I would imagine Chambo would only be in danger of love and kisses from other teams fans.

Saxonblue74 added 18:35 - Mar 11
Not sure I agree here Chambo, any idiot may attend a game without even being a fan. Apparently this guy was from Wiltshire (?) Although geography isn't necessarily a factor in your chosen team I know. Would hate to see games being played behind wire fencing again....or worse behind closed doors?


Saxonblue74 added 18:39 - Mar 11
Also, very disappointed with the coverage this idiot received. Should have been reported on by media with no visual coverage whatsoever. He got his 15 minutes of fame which is just what a mindless thug like him was looking for. It'll be forever a badge of honour for him, unless by some miracle he one day grows up!

Cakeman added 19:06 - Mar 11
To be fair what else could Birmingham have done? It could happen at any ground at the moment including ours.
If idiots such as the Birmingham one encroaches the pitch it is difficult to stop.
The only effective deterrent is a jail sentence which thankfully he received.

bluejake78 added 19:15 - Mar 11
Said idiot is a marked man.
Basically unemployable.
I don't think he will ever be constipated again....and probably get ripped a new one.

Linkboy13 added 19:34 - Mar 11
I shall be running on the pitch at carrow road next week wearing me Norwich city scarf on no don't think it will work. Players need to play their part as well the home game against Aston Villa was a disgrace never seen so much play acting in my life mostly led by the lovely Mr Grealish and who remembers Eric Cantona kicking a Crystal Palace fan he got delt with very lightly duel standards here i think but don't get me wrong all fans who run on the pitch should be banned for life .

ITFCsince73 added 19:56 - Mar 11
He might have the sense to leave it off any future CV.
But then again...

bahri added 20:20 - Mar 11
30 points deduction and a whole season behind closed doors. A message needs to be sent to these 'people' and make the clubs more accountable, otherwise it will only a matter of time before a player is seriously hurt. It's a game of football for goodness sake.

leftie1972 added 20:41 - Mar 11
Lifetime ban from football matches where payment is required.

Dissboyitfc added 21:04 - Mar 11
Don’t agree with Chambers, as others have mentioned fans will pretend to be supporters of other teams!

It’s the individual that needs punishing big time and I mean big time!

Here’s a scenario, what if a team gets relegated for a point deduction, lots of people within that club could lose their livleyhoods because of the actions of a moron! Plain wrong, I wouldn’t want us relegated because of the stupid action of one person!


chorltonskylineblue added 21:30 - Mar 11
Saxonblue74 - he's from Rubery, in Birmingham. Don't doubt that he's a Bluenose, but I agree that penalising the club with points deductions could be counter-productive. Improve security around the pitch - and put clubs on a warning if they don't. Financial penalty increases with each incident, a bit like happens when players/management get out of control.

Gcon added 22:49 - Mar 11
You should hear the abuse they give you on here. And supposedly these are your own supporters...

ricardo55555 added 23:53 - Mar 11
We just need 3 town fans to dress up as a reading, Rotherham and Bolton fan and we might just still stay up!

Fen69 added 00:28 - Mar 12
The abuse players get has got worse, must be like their wages over the years! Emergency/Security services get daily abuse etc, do they get their violins out (or) get pay to match the real risks in their lives.

CraigEdwards added 04:44 - Mar 12
He looks like the Muppet that decided to enter the sir Alf lower a couple of seasons ago 10 mins before the end and give it the bigun before being thrown out , although he got a slap as he was chucked down the stairs . Not for the first time a Birmingham so called supporter entered the field of play and attacked a play , think it happen to a goalkeeper once there. 14 weeks in 5* hmp hotel will sort him

Saxonblue74 added 06:28 - Mar 12
Chorltonskylineblue, I stand corrected! Wasn't sure about that when I wrote it, fake news!😂

Suffolkboy added 07:48 - Mar 12
We certainly need to find a way of severely sanctioning these actions and transgressors : LC demonstrates how passionately he feels and the moral standards he supports .
In that respect he thoroughly deserves our RESPECT.

Bergholtblue added 08:52 - Mar 12
There already is a points sanction! Look at the number of points we have had taken away from us through the mindless actions of some idiot on the pitch.

JewellintheTown added 09:57 - Mar 12
String the idiot up from the stands and give both sets of fans baseball bats & use them on 'em like human pinatas. Will be good to unite both sets of fans in a common cause.

SouperJim added 10:10 - Mar 12
I agree with Chambo's sentiments here, but as a lifetime ban doesn't deter these idiots, nothing will.

ChrisR added 10:56 - Mar 12
Even worse the 1000s who applauded this twerp when removed from the field .
Hillsborough disaster basically caused by the fixed fences installed to keep half wits off the field of play.

BlueySwede added 11:46 - Mar 12
These thugs have nothing to do with "supporting" or "being fans", so I disagree with Chambers on this one. What scares me is that nothing 100 percent can protect the players and staff from single idiots running onto the field. Football, and society in general, need to work with attitudes, especially the male ones. Sorry for my poor English.

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