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Mings Completes Villa Move
Monday, 8th Jul 2019 20:16

Former Town defender Tyrone Mings has completed his move from AFC Bournemouth to Aston Villa, netting the Blues an immediate windfall in excess of £1 million with perhaps more to come.

Mings is understood to have moved for an initial £20 million with the fee potentially rising to £26.5 million after top-ups

Town, who made almost £800,000 from Matt Clarke’s move from Portsmouth to Brighton earlier this summer, are included a 10-per-cent-of-profit sell-on clause in the deal which saw Mings join the Cherries for £8 million in the summer of 2015.

That will see the Blues receive £1.2 million now with their share of the fee perhaps eventually reaching £1.85 million.

The additional cash for Mings, who the Blues signed from Chippenham Town for £10,000 in 2012, makes him Town's record sale eclipsing the £8.1 million - probably plus a few hundred thousand more in top-ups - Sunderland paid for Connor Wickham in 2011.

Town could also receive further financial boosts via sell-ons this summer with Adam Webster, currently with Bristol City, understood to be interesting Aston Villa, Leicester, Southampton and a number of others.

The Robins are reported to have set his value at £30 million, however, it seems likely they would have to settle for a fee somewhat lower than that with it having been reported that Villa had a bid of £12 million rebuffed.

Webster, 24, joined the Robins from Town for an initial £3.5 million last summer with the fee potentially rising to £8 million.

The Blues are likely to have a sell-on of 10 per cent included in that deal which, depending on how many top-ups have been paid already, could bring in up to £850,000, although Portsmouth would be due 20 per cent of anything the Blues receive as a result of their sell-on from Webster's 2016 move from Pompey to Town.

Ex-striker Kieffer Moore, now with Barnsley, is also believed to be interesting Bristol City with a 10-per-cent-of-profit sell-on also understood to have been part of the deal which saw the 26-year-old move to Oakwell for £750,000 in January 2018.

However, with the club, which already made significant annual losses in the Championship, facing a £9 million loss of revenue due to relegation to League One, the additional income from the sell-ons is unlikely to give manager Paul Lambert a transfer kitty to work with this summer.

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BlueandTruesince82 added 20:19 - Jul 8
And 5, 4, 3, 2........

blrmy added 20:22 - Jul 8
... 1.......

blueconscience added 20:23 - Jul 8
Shame only Evans will benefit from these transfers and not the club.

jas0999 added 20:34 - Jul 8
Good for Marcus. A nice little bonus after leading the club to relegation. Cue plead poverty and no money to spend. We are going nowhere under the atrocious Evans ownership.

Bluearmy_81 added 20:49 - Jul 8
How any 'fan' can defend not spending extra, unexpected windfall funds on the squad in a season where it is vital we go straight back up (surely one of our most important seasons ever in our history) is simply beyond me.

Kingfisher49 added 20:53 - Jul 8
5 4 3 2 1 Take off towards the Championship. Have faith everyone. A couple of quality loans in the next week or so with the Mings windfall. ME has backed loans in the past and PL said himself we will not have a team of lots of loan players but a couple could add to the quality we already have and then even the doubters will be happier. My guess is PL is looking at the squad in the pre season games to watch how players like Wolfenden, Nydam, and the new youngsters adapt, as he has not seen them play in first team matches as they were either on loan or in the Under 23’s. Once he has a clear view don’t be surprised to see a couple of experienced players come in.

Cakeman added 21:57 - Jul 8
Aside from the inevitable let’s have a go at Evans comments, it’s a great move for Mings. I was sad to see him leave us. He was certainly the last good left back we have had.
Good luck at Villa Tyrone as you deserve some good fortune.

ilkleyblue added 22:40 - Jul 8
Notwithstanding sell ons, the depressing thing is that the transfer fees achieved on pretty recent town players would have massively cut the debt to a much more realistic level.

ITFCsince73 added 06:40 - Jul 9
To think I became a Rams supporter for a couple of weeks.
Willing them on through the play offs. Devastated when they didnt make it
Of course now in hindsight, it made no difference.
The 1m that would have been received as part of the Waggy deal. I stupidly believed would go straight back to the squad.
How stupid.

ITFCsince73 added 06:46 - Jul 9
Kingfisher. The only loans these days we are likely to get.
Will come from the likes of Reading and Blackburn.
Mick the mouth could afford loans from the premier league.
Paying upto 20k per week in wages.
PL will have to make do with loan players on closer 3k per week wages, for players who cant break into average Championship sides.

Saxonblue74 added 07:27 - Jul 9
Good for all concerned. He belongs in the premier league and could have added another 10m had he stayed fit. Yes, the money will go into the club coffers, as it should. Lge1 is the place to grow our young squad, not fill it with average players looking for over inflated wages. We have enough quality for the season ahead. There have been so many compaints over recent seasons about loan signings propping us up and our youth not getting their break, now it's happening and we need to back it. This is the Ipswich way, always has been. If the opportunity of a decent free comes along I'm sure we'll look into it, quite rightly so. Just look at the money spent last season by buys success????!! Shrewd business is what we need, full circle back to this article about Mings.

Dissboyitfc added 07:49 - Jul 9
saxonblue...agreed with most of your post! although i dont think we do have enoughquality about us as the team stands now to have a successful season.

runningout added 08:36 - Jul 9
We need very results pre season.. That’s my opinion

WhoisJimmyJuan added 08:53 - Jul 9
I agree with Diss Boy. I'm not sure that the academy has given us sufficient quality in recent years. But it is the answer long term.

Kingfisher49 added 09:29 - Jul 9
ITFCsince73 I take your point about lesser quality loans being what we may have to get to bulk our squad. But if players like Hutton were available on free transfer and not likely to get fixed up with a club, they might well be tempted. Live in hope as believe you me PL is well respected and could draw a few experienced players in on a free transfer.

braveblue added 09:33 - Jul 9
Saxonblue. Last summer Evans made c£5m profit on players. Hurst did not spend a fortune. The money does not go into the club’s ‘coffers’. That was last century. Goes straight to group treasury. Evans should be a politician. He can get lots of people to believe almost anything. With the total lack of any investment I will be amazed if we achieve mid table.

Bluearmy_81 added 09:41 - Jul 9
Agree brave blue, was going to write the same about a net 5-6m minus spend on players...

vanmunt added 09:59 - Jul 9
Something does seem a bit iffy at PR these days. How none of this unexpected bonus money coming in this summer won't get reinvested in the squad is taking the urine to be honest. 12'000 season ticket holders get royally shafted.

SouperJim added 10:11 - Jul 9
The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, I'm not convinced either way until I see us play, but if the squad we already have turns out to be too good for this league as some informed posters suggest, will the rest of you currently having a moan admit you were wrong and apologise?

We'd all like to see Evans buy us back into the Champ, but did anyone realistically think it would happen? From where I'm sat, we have little choice but to get behind the team we've got as they're going to need our support more than ever this season. If it starts going pear shaped, then have a pop at Evans, but it makes little sense before the window has shut or a ball has even been kicked in anger.

hampstead_blue added 10:25 - Jul 9
Do Chippenham get any cash?

It would seem the right way to structure the deal so cash flows into the lower leagues.

TheJam added 10:34 - Jul 9
Isn't 10% of £20m = £2m ?

Bluearmy_81 added 10:42 - Jul 9
Jim, absolutely, if we go up next season I will be the first to hold my hands up. History and form tells us this is unlikely without at least some investment though.

Oldozblue added 10:53 - Jul 9
Not a bad team that went - Mings, Keifer Moore, Marriott, Webster, Clarke, Waghorn etc. Probably challenge in the Championship!

Lightningboy added 10:58 - Jul 9
You have to hand it to Big Mick for signing him for just 10k (think Russell Osman tipped him off? - if so he deserves a lot of credit too).

Shame Lambert won’t see any of this cash - don’t think anyone’s asking or expecting us to spend millions this summer but if there are a couple of players around that could transform next season from being a middling one to a play-off one then it seems very stingy that our mega-rich owner can’t cough up a few hundred thousand or so.

Penny pinching is why we are where we are Marcus.

rosseden added 13:08 - Jul 9
@ THEJAM - its 10% of the profit not the fee

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