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Chambers: Any Social Media Abuse is Unacceptable
Friday, 13th Sep 2019 16:02

Blues skipper Luke Chambers has added his voice to those calling on social media companies to take stronger action against online abuse in football.

In the wake of racist abuse aimed at Manchester United pair Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba, and Chelsea pair Kurt Zouma and Tammy Abraham among others, the PFA, anti-racist organisation Kick It Out and clubs have met with representatives of Twitter to discuss racism and online abuse in general. There has also been talk of players boycotting social media in protest.

“It is unacceptable, any form of abuse - not just racism," Chambers writes in his column in Saturday’s programme. "These people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with saying what they want on social media.

“There is talk of people having to give identity details now to use the social media platforms and I can’t see anything against that as long as the data is protected.

“The abuse on social media has always been there but it’s getting worse, particularly the racism. It’s going to get worse if no one does anything about it though.

“It looks as though clubs are beginning to put pressure on Twitter to do something about it now and rightly so.

“People seem to be able to say what they want. I’m not sure there have been too many examples of where people have been prosecuted for comments so there doesn’t seem to be a deterrent. The social media companies need to do more. That’s obvious.”

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wiggy71 added 16:06 - Sep 13
Abuse by any means is unacceptable

Dog added 16:09 - Sep 13
The irony of TWTD reporting on this and allowing the forms of abuse that Chambers has been subjected to on here over the last couple of years has not been lost on me. Cannot be long, before TWTD get their house in order.

Tellitasitis added 16:21 - Sep 13
So called football fans that post silly, sad comments about footballers and their families, children need to take along hard look at themselves, footballers are just normal people that happen to have a well paid job that most young kids growing up would love to be.
You can't tell me that in a course of a working week people don't make mistakes in their Jobs but because you work in an office or warehouse nothing gets said imagine if you got mocked at work every time you made a Mistake you would be running to the doctors suffering from depression remember these footballers are just people no one goes to work or goes onto a football trying to make mistakes we are all human.

alfromcol added 16:41 - Sep 13
Totally agree Wiggy, over to you Phil.

braveblue added 16:52 - Sep 13
Massive difference between a player getting rightly criticised and racial or family abuse. Let’s not get all snowflake over it!!!!

ActionMan added 16:54 - Sep 13
I agree - some of the TWTD forum stuff, the personal attacks on board members, as well as some of what's said about players sometimes is OTT at times - TWTD should make users use their real names like Facebook at least then the abusive fans can be reported to the club. The political extremism on the board at times is very worrying given the bullying of people with different views that goes on - but they seem to get away with it here.

SouperJim added 17:04 - Sep 13
ActionMan there is a difference between abuse and the entitled snowflakery that some people spout when their own narrow worldview is not popular.

TWTD do a good job of clamping down on actual abuse and users have been banned for racist or bigoted comments. As for giving players stick, it's a fine line, are we asking them to moderate comments and censor anyone who criticises a player? This is a free to use website, who is going to fund the man hours for that?

Suffolkboy added 17:32 - Sep 13
Honesty , tolerance , integrity and humility coupled to a thoughtful approach would always help, however emotions do take over when enthusiasm turns into frustration and anger : BUT the unmitigated cynicism and criticism which has gone unchecked is both disturbing ,unjustified and demeaning to our club and its players and staff .

Bluewelshman added 17:51 - Sep 13
Turn off your social media if you are easily offended or don't like what is being said...just an idea?

DifferentGravy added 17:56 - Sep 13
Spot on Chambers. Abuse is not just referring to Sexism/Racism. For example, every day people make insulting comments about left handers....but thats ok is who determines what is acceptable and inappropriate? There will always be a minority but hopefully introducing an identification requirement will reduce the number significantly.

Dog - I agree that the hatred/bile that Chambers has received (particularly during the game and out with his family) is unacceptable. However, i am a critic of Chambers as his last two seasons have been dreadful. I dont know the guy, never met him, im mindful of the language i use and base my opinion solely on his performances alone(out of position, continuously giving the ball away, losing his marker, failing to inspire players around him, rarely have a clean sheet when he plays). This website gives the fans/people/public an opportunity to voice their opinion. Exactly like every political programme, daytime chat show.....or even match of the day.

ITFCsince73 added 19:25 - Sep 13
Footballers get applauded and criticised its part and parcel of the job. Most jobs in fact.
The worlds best players face no different.
The man in the street faces no different.
This is the times of social media, those easily offended, famous or not, should spend there time elsewhere.

runningout added 19:48 - Sep 13
Might be me being a reserved or old git but I don’t see the appeal in any social media. So I don’t have it

chrisswailes added 21:22 - Sep 13
Are people really saying if you’re offended by racism then just don’t read it?

Fcuk me. These stories always bring out the bigots.

BerlinBlue added 21:54 - Sep 13
ITFCsince73: what does "criticised" mean in your book out of interest?
Social media does not mean people can have a free pass to absolutely slaughter other people however they see fit. Victims have killed themselves because of it.
It very much looks to me that you're saying "anything goes" on there. It doesn't mate, it really doesn't.

Paramedic added 22:45 - Sep 13
Chambers has had his unfair treatment by so called fans on this very forum.

Saxonblue74 added 08:30 - Sep 14
Criticism is acceptable as long as it's constructive and carefully worded. It can even have a positive effect at times. As long as it takes the form of a performance review or player rating and not a personal attack I see it as ok. This site is as close to social media as it gets for me. I caught a couple of minutes of the documentary on the girl from little mix who has suffered online abuse through social media, she quoted "you can't get away from it". Yes you can! Don't use it!!!

rabbit added 09:55 - Sep 14
Saxon I totally agree with you and this should be a self regulating site, it is quite clear that libelous comments should be reported, although personally I don't report them.
In my opinion the foul and abusive comments are probably from the immature who are, sadly, the prodigy of very poor role models.
None of this name calling would happen in a face to face situation and in my opinion if you don't have the courage to say it face to face don't say it.
TWTD is an excellent site and it is a shame it has a few very negative posters who are unable to discuss rationally and then hurl abuse at others when they have no answers.

bedsitfc added 11:19 - Sep 14
Agree here BUT I was called a racist on here for criticism of a player that happened to be non white!!!! Not once did I mention race, colour or anything apart from name.

We now live in a time where the people that screamed out for tolerance have now become intolerant themselves. Liberal fascists.

juniorblue added 13:41 - Sep 14
I think the real issue here is that the people who use social media to abuse others are cowards. Sitting at a PC or banging away on a mobile phone anonymously is very easy. It is the modern day form of bullying. To say 'just don't look' or 'switch off' or call people a snowflake is also as bad. I don't actually know what snowflake means to be honest but I assume it is not a compliment. If we all ignored things that are fundamentally wrong, the society we currently live in would be even worse. Can't people just be kinder to each other. It doesn't cost anything and makes you feel pretty good.

TimmyH added 15:33 - Sep 14
Totally agree with braveblue on this one - one thing to criticize a player for playing poorly and another to start abusing a player for other things or personal problems etc...

We are living in a 'snowflake' society in general pushed by media outlets...

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