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Lambert: The Good Teams Always Bounce Back
Sunday, 20th Oct 2019 15:33

Town boss Paul Lambert wasn’t too downcast after the Blues’ 2-0 defeat at Accrington Stanley, their first league defeat since April, but says they now have to bounce back when they face Rotherham United at Portman Road on Wednesday.

“We’ve been unbelievable, but I said we’d lose at some time,” Lambert said. “We’ve been absolutely fantastic, I’ve got nothing by praise for the team. I’m proud of the way they’ve gone about it, we’re still top.

“If I’m disappointed when we’re top of the league, then there’s a lot worse things to be disappointed about. I knew we’d lose at some stage and today I don’t think we did enough to win.

“I don’t think we started well at all, I don’t think we started the game well and that was the catalyst to us losing the goal.

“I thought we were too slow, we never moved it the way we normally moved it, never had the same intensity and we lost a goal and then we lost a penalty. The second half was better without it being great.”

Regarding Toto Nsiala, who conceded the penalty which led to Accrington’s second goal on his return to the team and was subbed at half-time, Lambert added: “Toto’s been great, he’s trained really hard to get back in the side and obviously down to James Wilson’s suspension we put him back in, but no blame attached to Toto.”

Town twice had the ball cleared from the line with appeals that it had crossed on both occasions, but Lambert couldn’t comment definitively.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’ll have to have a look at them again, I’ve not really seen them. It’s difficult to see them from where we were.”

The Blues boss was similarly unsure about the incident in which Armando Dobra was sent off.

“I don’t think he’s kicked out at him, people were saying he’s kicked out, I don’t think that’s happened but I’ll need to see it again,’ he said.

“It was far away from where I was standing, I haven’t seen it, only from our angle, I’ve not seen the Sky angle so I can’t really comment until I’ve seen it again.”

Quizzed on Sean McConville’s two-footed challenge on Gwion Edwards, which yielded only a yellow card, Lambert said: “I think there were some tackles there that merited a booking, some that didn’t.

“I thought the referee was maybe inconsistent with a lot of things there, but that’s the game. Thankfully [Edwards] didn’t get a bad one, which can happen.”

Asked whether his squad should have been able to manage better when the likes of Wilson, James Norwood, Flynn Downes and Kane Vincent-Young are missing, he responded: “You cope with it, because we have coped with it. One defeat we’ve had, we’ve had one defeat. It’s an unbelievable run we’ve been on and the club’s in a really good place.

“You take your medicine, you dust yourselves down and you go again. We don’t have a divine right to win every game, you take your hit and you go again.”

He added: “The lads that came in, Andre, Toto and Gwion, I trust them 100 per cent. I don’t have any problem with those lads playing at all.

“They’ve done great for me in the past and they will do great for me in the future. It’s the game, sometimes you get injuries, but that wasn’t the reason we lost today.”

Wilson will be back from his one-match ban on Wednesday - although Dobra is now suspended for three games - and Lambert says Norwood (groin surgery), Vincent-Young (also groin) and Downes (hip) will be assessed.

“We’ll see how they are, the guys,” he added. “James did a little warm-up, he’s doing well, he’s doing great. Kane we’ll have to have a look at and Flynn as well.”

With Downes absent, Emyr Huws had seemed the most likely option to come into midfield but Andre Dozzell instead started.

“I’m not sure Emyr at the minute can play two games back to back because of the injuries he’s had, and to keep him to the maximum level [when he does play],” Lambert explained.

“That’s why I played Andre, he’s been playing really well, I don’t have a problem with Andre playing at all.

“It’s the same with Will Keane, can we get two games out of him back to back? It’s a big ask for the two lads and I’ve got to be fair to the lads themselves, I don’t want to reinjure them.”

Keane was perhaps surprisingly left on the bench in the second half but Lambert says the former Hull man could be involved against the Millers.

“As I said, we’ve a massive game again on Wednesday,” he said. “Whether James is going to be fit yet, Will will come to the reckoning for that and back to back games would be a big ask, he’s not done that for a long, long time.”

Overall, he says he’s not too downbeat despite the Blues’ first league defeat since the penultimate day of last season at Sheffield United.

“Disappointed to lose, but my God, we’ve been in incredible form, we’ve been relentless, we’ve handled everything that’s come our way,” he continued.

“There’s no team alive, look at Man City the other week, it happens to the best of teams. We’ve been in really relentless form. And we’re still top of the league. It’s not doom and gloom, that’s for sure.”

He added: “You bounce back, that’s how you do it but our form has been unbelievable. We’ve been in really good form, we’re a really good side and we’ve just been beaten on a given day, which I knew would happen, whether it was going to be here or in 30 games’ time.

“I’ve been involved in football a long, long time. I’ve lost games and bounced back, bounced back every time.

“If we go another run like we’ve just been on, we’ll be right in the mix. But I’m not going to turn around and say ‘We lost one game and everybody’s downbeat’, nothing like that whatsoever.

“The challenge is there, we’ll have a challenge again because we’re a big club. Whether we win, lose or draw we’re a big club.

“When you lose people say ‘Are you disappointed?’. But we’re top of the league, I can’t be too critical of the team they’ve been fantastic for me.

“I said a few weeks ago there’s got to be a realism. If anybody said Man City would lose to Norwich or lose to Wolves, nobody would ever think that. But that’s football. It’s how you bounce back and the good teams always bounce back.”

Accrington boss John Coleman felt his team thoroughly deserved the victory.

“I don’t think anyone could argue about the win," he said. "I thought we were the better team.

"We were on the front foot and I thought we looked as though we had more energy.

“Ipswich are a top side and they’ll go up deservedly but they had three of their key players out.

"That doesn’t detract from the fact we’ve played well but we had to against a really good side.

“Colby Bishop’s a physical presence, he held the ball up and won his headers and he has got a good return so far and, by his own admission, it could be better.

“On the sending-offs, I don’t think he has to send either player off. We’ll have to see whether we’ll appeal the red card. It makes us a bit thin on the ground defensively.”

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Mark added 15:44 - Oct 20
Very disappointing, our double-curse of being on Sky TV and it being after an international break both struck. The whole team were poor really, and the only positive of Dobra looking bright on his debut turned into a negative with his red card.

It did seem odd not to use Huws or Keane at all, especially Keane from the bench when we needed some physical presence up front. Surely we have to use those two against Rotherham.

Oh well, 3 points on Wednesday and this will be forgotten. COYB.

Len_Brennan added 15:47 - Oct 20
Huws & Keane being held back for the perceived tougher game against Rotherham it seems; a mistake.

dukey44 added 15:59 - Oct 20
Sorry but we were rubbish it's that simple and too leave Keane on bench and play judge.. Sorry mistake but we move on..

FPL_Tractor added 16:01 - Oct 20
I don’t get that. Surely it makes more sense for Keane and Huws to play today and Saturday (2 games) rather than Wednesday (1 game).

warwickblue added 16:05 - Oct 20
Roll on Wednesday.... but I hope Kane Vincent - Young is fit. Toto might well be doing the business in training but he had an absolute mare in the first half. Thought Chambers was the Blues MOM today.

ArnieM added 16:13 - Oct 20
Did anyone notice Chambo’s eye before half time....I’m surprised he could see anything out of it. It was practically closed. He really is a brilliant captain , leading by example.

Dissboyitfc added 16:22 - Oct 20
And good teams should be better after a break. Angry about the unnecessary postponements! But for lambert to say we have been fantastic is an exaggeration to say the least. Many times this season we have only played for one half.
A loss was coming because we haven’t been as dominant as our league position suggests!

Woodbridgian added 16:24 - Oct 20
Said this 2 weeks ago and got criticised for it but major mistake to cancel last weeks game. Momentum is everything and we looked like a team that hadn’t played for ages.

ipswichdave added 16:26 - Oct 20
Well if you were a good manager you would know we are an ok team in League ONE,

budgieplucker added 16:49 - Oct 20
That was coming and very predictable.

This could be a real taste of things to come as winter draws in, the pitches get heavy and cold winter nights visiting grim northern towns and struggling teams who want to show a strong physical presence.

Granted we have done well up until today and we have made our own luck without being able to dominate any team other perhaps Tranmere in the second half.

I accept we are going to lose matches but rather to an outstanding screamer of a goal or in an end to end cracking match against one of the better teams in this league.

However, Accrington got their tactics spot on and we quite frankly got bullied. Inept performance and very poor selection from Lambo for this type of match.

Probably the most important action for the coming week is getting James Wilson to sign a new contract as what we need most of all in this league is no nonsense defenders and not clumsy defenders who don’t know their left foot from the right foot.

Tactically Lambert was way off here, Dozzell was never going to impress in a game like today and somewhat unfair to throw him in when you have the far more experienced and physically stronger player in Emyr Huws on the bench. What utter tosh about him not being able to manage two games in succession, He’s had 10 days to recover!!! He must be a p*** poor athlete if he not up to that.

Kayden Jackson is probably a good striker at this level but he is not outstanding at this level neither is he a target man. Will Keane Should have been brought on in the second half.

Hopefully young Dobra will learn from his rashness on what otherwise may have been a more promising league debut.

Think I will try and get a bet at the bookies on Alan Judge not scoring in his next 29 games for us. At the moment he looks more of a liability to the team and to keep persevering in the hope all will come good is NOT the right think to do.

TimmyH added 17:10 - Oct 20
To say we've been 'unbelievable' is a tad over the top in my opinion BUT we have excelled more than many supporters would have believed come the start of the season and would have taken only 1 defeat in 12. If I had to be nit picky I feel the performances on top of the points so far have been 'sporadic' and occasionally in some games fortunate to nick all 3 points.

Well here is the litmus test if we 'are a good team' against Rotherham in mid-week, today we were anything but.

Carberry added 17:40 - Oct 20
''I’ve been involved in football a long, long time. I’ve lost games and bounced back, bounced back every time.'' PR Paul at his very best, he certainly knows what it's like to lose and have to bounce back but not much evidence of that last season. And to make comparisons with Man City - that's incredulous or perhaps that's the world he believes he inhabits. Sorry Lambert lovers but I can't stand this BS.

bomber21 added 18:28 - Oct 20
With you on this one Carberry,to come out with statements like ,we've been unbelievable and we've been absolutely fantastic,Toto's been great in training,is ridiculous,does he actually believe that,it's a head scratcher.

martin587 added 18:33 - Oct 20
Perhaps we needed a knock to realise this season won’t be easy and most teams want our scalp.we are still top with a game in hand so plenty of the season left.This squad is young and Still learning so it’s hard to criticise our first loose in 12 games.My only small criticism is playing just one striker.Two puts pressure on your opponents nothing less.

prebbs007 added 19:00 - Oct 20
Shocking team selection. Even worse performance. Move on !

Steve_D added 19:02 - Oct 20
Hope this is for the fans consumption , and a different tone set in the privacy of the dressing room

DanSuperTown added 20:01 - Oct 20
We've been playing with 10 men every time Judge has played this season and it's only been the outstanding KVY and our solid back 4 that's hidden that. Today was awful, 10 yards too deep from the off, no spark going forward and Jayden was dire, and as early as the first 20mins his body language was awful (you'd think he'd be bang up for his old club). Still move on, beat Rotherham and all will be forgotten

tractorollson added 20:04 - Oct 20
Terrible performance, proof we dont have strength in depth, poor formation . PL got it wrong, lets bounce back on wed we MUST!

TR11BLU added 21:26 - Oct 20
We lose one game and the predicted meltdown!
Top of the league and games in hand
Calm down....

Beattiesballbag added 22:32 - Oct 20
I think It's understandable that fans are dissapointed with this game & Lamberts response, as it has been evident for most of last season & this, that Jackson & the rest of the team are not suited to playing with one up front, I think we were fortunate earlier in the season that Norwood & Jackson were both scoring as it made it difficult for Lambert not to play them both as every other time one isn't playing he will revert back to his favoured one up front.
As others have already stated, If he had kept the teams shape & played Huws & Keen instead of Dozzell & Judge we would surely of had a better chance of picking up some points.
We were unlucky, as that so called goal line clearance had clearly crossed the line in the second half & I can't remember a mid air challenge like that resulting in a penalty before.
The bad luck aside, stating that Keen & Huws couldn't manage 2 games in a row so far apart ?............they both came through the last one unscaved so should have been more than ready for this one.
With all the feel good factor he has brought back to the club the biggest threat to that is his trying to keep a big squad happy & in doing so not always playing his best eleven

Guthrum added 23:48 - Oct 20
Jackson was too isolated paired with Judge. Much more effective with Dobra (until we lost him).

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 00:03 - Oct 21
Concur 100% Carberry = so so fed ud with this by & large perpetual BS from Mr. Lambert.

BS as in the Spin Doctor & PR Maestro extraordinaire tells yet ANOTHER fairytale ...on top of the proverbial mountain of J.K Rowling-esque ones he has already spurted off in about his 1 year time here.

"I’ve lost games and bounced back, bounced back EVERY time"

Sure matey, that coincides perfectly with & why you had about a toe-curlingly poor winning percentage of around 13% at Stoke and ITFC over approx your last 50 matches... BEFORE finding your apparent current "good" level of managing **League One**!

(Alas, no offense but imho you are blatantly obvious not *quite* the manager or SOUND tactician you once was... injuries and quality of "inherited" squad not withstanding. Hmmm as just partly evident of this little trifecta of examples here : 1) Both your eons long "lone striker obsession" in must-win games + 2) certain uber calamitous players nevertheless finding their uncanny way in to starting XI week after week after week + 3) your very own fabulous (NOT!) January-window "reinforcements", all last season.)

Fatamorgana PR stunts aside, you are however definitely a truly well-mannered and fan-respecting (unlike the strangely still massively sorely missed MM. Uhuuu :-) )"nice & proper bloke" especially off the field. And I for one predicted that your rag-tag minuscule financially backed team (despite a owner with a net worth of £ 800+ mill!!!) wouldn't have too big problems with finishing top 3, maybe even top 2, in THIS season's version of ...**League One**.

And thus for the sake of ITFC I'm very pleased I haven't been wrong on this somewhat bold prediction far.

However as Dissyboy and also others already allured to , and by my own assessment too = Dear Mr. Lambert, SERIOUSLY, "it" (or "we") seen upon not just as raw results but rather as an entire 95 minute team performance and oh! ALSO being diligent enough to furthermore consider the state of the opposition we have faced in this 3rd tier, well OBJECTIVELY hasn't been neither quote "unbelievable" nor quote "absolutely fantastic" a long stretch!!!

26% into the campaign we haven't conceded as many as I originally feared, so the overall D has actually been my personal biggest positive thus far in.

And apropos if we can keep that particular part of our game up, even if we continue to often only really show up "creatively" for spells or about 1 half all-in-all, I believe we will make it back to the 2nd tier on the very first attempt ... aye EVEN with the nice Mr. Lambert "little" array of managerial shortcomings & aforementioned bi-weekly BS fairytales! lol

Cakeman added 07:00 - Oct 21
Rotherham is an important game and one we must win to ensure self-doubt doesn’t creep in.
Indeed good teams do bounce back so we won’t have to wait long to find out.

DurhamTownFan added 08:22 - Oct 21
They’re all important games though. I’m disappointed we didn’t use Huws and Keane second half. It’s almost as if PL conceded that game At half-time in preference for Rotherham. Each game is worth three points, and we have another game three days after Rotherham, so I think the manager is guilty of making it over-complicated here.

Just play each game as it comes and try to win!

DJ27 added 08:36 - Oct 21
I see all the negative p**** are back. 1 defeat and they can't wait to get on here and moan. We are top of the table with a game in hand, sort yourselves out. All the posters saying we shouldn't have cancelled last weeks game. This game and defeat shows exactly why we should have postponed last weekend! We would of been taking on Wycombe who are 2nd in the table, without Norwood, Downes, KVY and Wilson. So it makes Lamberts decision to postpone it absolutely correct. Our squad is nowhere as strong as people make out, so any absentee's let alone 4 of our better players make us significantly weaker. Roll on Wednesday.

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