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Lambert: We Lost to the Better Team
Saturday, 1st Feb 2020 18:29

Boss Paul Lambert admitted the Blues were beaten by the better team after Peterborough left Suffolk having defeated Town 4-1.

Posh, who are up to third having won four in a row, were victorious at Portman Road for the first time in the league with their only previous win a 3-2 defeat of the Blues in the FA Cup in 1960 when a non-league club.

“We lost to the better team, the better team beat us. The goals were the most disappointing thing about the whole thing,” Lambert said.

“The first goal was really poor because I thought we should have won the ball in the middle of the pitch and then the penalty, it looked like a penalty from where I was standing.

“The second goal [when Sammie Szmodics took the ball off keeper Will Norris], you can’t legislate for that, that was probably a big moment in the game.

“But Will’s been great for us and he probably knows himself if you make a mistake as a goalkeeper you tend not to get too many second bites at it. We tried to rectify the mistake and the ball ends up in the net. That gave them a position to hold on to.”

With the scoreline 2-0 at the break Lambert brought on James Norwood for Alan Judge ahead of the second period.

“Just to change something and we started the second half not too bad,” he added. “For the third goal, Will [Keane] controls the ball great in the middle of the pitch, then the pass just gets cut out and they score a good goal, and that puts you on the back foot from there.

“We kept on going. The fourth one was similar to the third one but we kept going. We got the penalty, whether it was a penalty I don’t know.”

Lambert said the mood was unsurprisingly downcast in the dressing room but pointed out to the players that the overall situation the Blues are in is positive.

“Yes, but as I said to the lads, you’re four points from the top, you’ve got 15 games to go, there’s a helluva lot of football to be played and we’re going to have to handle the expectancy level at home, we’re going to have to handle that,” he said.

“But they shouldn’t have been too downbeat, yes, downbeat with the game definitely, but we’re five points from the top, there’s nothing in it and there’s a helluva lot of games to be played.”

Town had appeared to have turned a corner after their poor run during November and December but the defeats to Rotherham on Tuesday and now Peterborough have brought that revival to an abrupt halt.

“Yes, that happens,” he reflected. “If you’re going to go negative, negative, negative you’re going to kill the guys, the guys are going to get killed.

“We’re four points from the top, we have to stay with it. Peterborough are ahead of us, they’ve played a game more, there’s a helluva lot of games to get played and, as I said before, let’s see what happens in May.”

One again Town have come up short facing a team currently in the top eight with their results in their 10 matches against those sides, drawn six, lost four.

“In the six draws there are some games we should have won, we definitely seen them through. That’s the disappointing thing,” Lambert said.

“What’s put us in this position is the the whole season, not just the [games against] the top six or eight teams, everybody will say the same.

“It’s a difficult league, you’re not going to get it all your own way. If it was that easy, a massive club like Sunderland would have done it.

“You have to take the bumps. Five points is nothing really, that can easily be brought back.”

Lambert has admitted that the Blues were beaten by the better team in their last two games, should that be a concern for fans?

“It shouldn’t because the lads will bounce back as quick as they can,” he insisted. “We’re five points off it, it’s not a major disaster because we’ve so many games, even though teams are going well.

“Fifteen games is a helluva lot of football, the Easter games will determine a lot of stuff. There’s really a long, long way to go.”

Large numbers of fans left at 4-0, while there were sarcastic chants of second-choice keeper Tomas Holy’s name after Norris’s error and boos at the end.

“They pay a helluva lot of money to come and watch,” Lambert said when quizzed on the crowd’s reactions. “It won’t help the guys when things like that happen, but the guys under stand it.

“They’re young guys playing in front of big crowds every single week and it happens. You have to be big enough and brave enough to take it on the chin.

“All the fans want to do is see us win, everybody wants to see us win. The guys are big enough and brave enough.

“It’s not nice to hear because it’s our team and our player, but the fans pay a helluva lot of money and they’ve been brilliant, 22,000 in here is absolutely brilliant.”

Asked what Norris had said in the dressing room afterwards, Lambert said: “Obviously apologetic for what happened. He’ll know himself, he’ll be down, that’s for sure. But, as I said before, he’s a big enough character to bounce back from it.

“But he knows himself that if you’re a goalkeeper and you make a mistake, you’re the last man.

“An outfield player somebody’s back, if you’re a goalkeeper you’re the last line and you make a mistake things like that can happen.

“But I’m not going to chastise Will Norris or any of the guys because what they’ve done for me has been absolutely brilliant.

“We’re in a really good position, I’m really happy with the guys. OK, we’ve lost a couple of games but I’m not going to sit here and chastise anybody because they’ve been brilliant for me.”

Lambert says he’ll make a decision whether to stick with Norris at Sunderland next Saturday over the course of the week.

“I’ll do what I normally do, analyse, speak with the guys next week and see from there,” he said.

Regarding Luke Garbutt’s injury, he added: “Looks like his thigh at the minute. We’ll see how he feels, I don’t know about him.”

The Blues will be without Gwion Edwards at the Stadium of Light, the Welshman having picked up his 10th booking of the season.

“Yes, for two games,” Lambert said regarding his right wing-back. “I thought Gwion did alright today, he did OK.”

Lambert is hopeful that Emyr Huws (ankle) and Teddy Bishop (knee) will be fit for the visit to Wearside, but defender Josh Earl (cheekbone) is more of a doubt.

“There’s a good chance of they keep progressing,” he said of Huws and Bishop. “If there was a game midweek, I’m not sure but Saturday might give us that time.

“Josh Earl, we’ll see how he is. At the minute we don’t know about him yet, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Posh boss Darren Ferguson said: “To come to Ipswich and score four goals and win 4-1 is a fantastic result for the team.

“It was a real team effort, I thought my team were excellent, right from the off.

“The opening period of the game in any match is very important but today we thought that if we could get the first goal it would give us a right chance and that was the way it turned out.”

He added: “We went through a bad phase, which happens to most teams, but good players don’t become bad overnight.

“We have now won four on the trot and beaten the top three – the belief and confidence is back.”

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londontractorboy57 added 08:29 - Feb 2
Lathers I accept your second post my reply was to your first post where you claimed Evans was asset stripping when in actual fact there are very few if any assets to be stripped.

lightingblue added 08:39 - Feb 2
Please don’t tell me, you and the players stayed in the changing room for a chat, cup of tea and a custard cream. Chambers will then come out spouting his mouth of about this that and the other and the teams home form. The chat was honest, no arguments etc!! Maybe they need the fergie tea cup treatment now !!

Jonaldo added 08:46 - Feb 2
Guys I was as disappointed as anybody with our lacklustre error ridden performance.

But I am a big fan of the positivity that PL has brought to the club. I think he deserves our support and the opportunity to finish what he has started.

However he does need to work on our strikers who appear to be waiting for things to happen rather than making things happen. Peterborough's front line oozed confidence and endeavor but I doubt they are technically more gifted.

ChrisFelix added 08:57 - Feb 2
We have just played the 2 best teams in the division. Although we wont have to meet them again this season i expect these 2 to fill the automatic place.
A play off is possible but please pick Holy & Norwood & get some attacking flair in midfield along side Downs.

Lathers added 09:08 - Feb 2
Fair enough, clumsy wording with ‘asset stripping’... more ‘asset stripping by proxy’.... Evans failure to invest in the squad means we fail to progress, and in fact regress, leading to the sale of our rising stars (Downes and the Woolf will be next). Therefore the few assets we do have are stripped to facilitate this horrible and perpetual downward spiral Evans has created. I hope that makes more sense!

Blue_Meanie added 09:17 - Feb 2
P. W. D. L.
Paul Hurst record at Scunthorpe: 38 12 10 16 31.6% win rate

Paul Lambert record at ITFC: 71 20 22 29 28.2 win rate

Hurst sacked/left by mutual agreement.

Lambert handed contract extension.

Evans has no idea about running a football club, he brought us to ‘speculate to accumulate’; unfortunately a football club is not like any other business.
He is now stuck with us and hasn’t got a fuc*ing clue what to do.

Dolphinblue added 10:09 - Feb 2
'When the troubles of the whole wide world come knocking on yr door'
'When teams of a different kind come battering at our door'
'When we play against a gale force wind and it changes at half time and you feel yr dreams deserting you and an emptyness inside'
'It time to sing, time to sing, sing that Ipswich song' 🐬😧

inghamspur added 10:57 - Feb 2
We not only lost to the better team, we were stuffed by the better team. Shambolic.

Dissboyitfc added 11:16 - Feb 2
Linkboy do you think that Gerken was preferred to Bart by the town players? players dont pick the team especially where arrogant managers are concerned! The reason Norris is picked ahead of Holy, the better keeper who hasnt cost us games is not based on ability!

“It’s not nice to hear because it’s our team and our player, no Lambert Norris is not our player, but Holy is!

For me the game was effectively over with that howler from Norris! So drop him, playing him ahead of Holy could cost a lot more than the supposed fine from Wolves.

PL needs to sort this out and soon as i cant see us winning the play offs when we cant beat the teams in the top 8.

Walk_the_Wark added 11:44 - Feb 2
Why are they better than us Paul....? And what are you gonna do about it?

nick8 added 12:08 - Feb 2
With the squad we have we should walk this league. Simply not good enough, Lambert hasn't got a clue. Stop with the excuses. LAMBERT OUT

dirtydingusmagee added 12:15 - Feb 2
people keep knocking Evans .......nothing wrong with him, ask any Naaarich supporter.Think they are even beginning to like Lambert too.

dirtydingusmagee added 12:20 - Feb 2
time for a where will Town finish this season poll i think that would be interesting .

dirtydingusmagee added 12:24 - Feb 2
the good news is that April fixtures dont look too tough, the bad news is we have February and March to get through.

hype313 added 12:42 - Feb 2
And in other news, Rains wet.

londontractorboy57 added 16:40 - Feb 2
Well Mr lambert welcome to the real world of Ipswich Town and it's devoted fans doesn't take long for the worm to turn ask Mick.

londontractorboy57 added 16:43 - Feb 2
Lathers may I suggest you Google the definition of aasset stripping.

Dolphinblue added 18:31 - Feb 2
I will start poll.....1ST PLACE!!!!!!

TractorBeezer added 19:14 - Feb 2
Paul what are the lessons learnt? In the space of less than a week we were seriously out defended and attacked by Rotherham and Peterborough.

BlueBlood90 added 19:18 - Feb 2
“Will’s been great for us”......WHEN? He’s been absolutely terrible in almost every game he’s played. We were unbeaten in our first 10 games when Holy was in goal and he got dropped to appease Wolverhampton by playing their dodgy keeper! Lambert is clueless. Hope the penny’s dropped with Evans that he’s giving us 4 more years of dross with this clown!!

eddiespearitt03 added 22:21 - Feb 2
QUOTE " We lost to the better team,the better team beat us" "The goals were the most disappointing THING about the whole THING"
My son of 13 could of been a bit more constructive in describing that game and would certainly use a better command of the english vocabulary.
To think we,ll have another 5 years of waffle similar to McCarthys little quips after a piss poor game is going to be another long nightmare. Wake up Evans.

madmouse1959 added 22:27 - Feb 2
For crikes sake get rid of the rubbish sitting on these daft contracts.

OldClactonBlue added 09:33 - Feb 3
You've got that right!

Razor added 10:35 - Feb 3
Lets be honest the club is in a mess----the owner has let it drift in to Div 3 and let the debt rise to nearly £100m and seems to be making no effort to stop the decline.

Then to say we have no money is lets be fair, misleading the fans at the very least.

Gates have been over what must have been budgeted for (21,00 plus o Saturday) which gives new money provided by the fans and I presume we got a fee for Bart and have obviously saved on his wages.

We are not idiots and some honesty would be nice.

roytheboy added 11:28 - Feb 3
Less of the bull Paul Lambert, you know what the problem is, we cannot score goals from open play, free kicks, or corners, well not nearly enough anyway, Holy and Norwood have to start, I am bitterly disappointed with the owner for keeping his money in his pocket during January, I am equally disappointed that you Mr Lambert tried to justify him not bringing in some quality players, if the current standards continue then we will not be promoted this season and a lot of those several thousand supporters who left the stadium at 4-0 will think seriously about renewing their season cards, the writing is on the wall.

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